KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 6

Sorry for they delay …

Episode starts with Abhi sitting near a tea stall and drinking the tea.. at another side pragya is still struggling to find him

Pragya while walking says: Oh ho abhi where are you? Please come back i never knew you can be that much posessive in my case, i also do not have your number neither i asked from alka di i thought it will be awkward to ask her about your phone number but please come back i don’t want you to feel bad , Neil is just my bestfriend.. Pragya was looking here and there , finally her sight fell on a tea stall, she thought to buy some water as its been 1 hour she was struggling to find abhi, she went near tea stall but didn’t realised that the person sitting at bench was abhi..Abhi finished his tea and asked the person about bill.. pragya realised his voice and looked at him.. she folded her arms and started staring abhi.. abhi’s head was down so he didn’t realised that pragya was standing just at top of him, aftersometime he looked up and saw pragya , he got up and said pragya?
Pragya replies yes me

Abhi: leave me alone for sometime
Pragya: i didn’t said Yes for our marrige to leave you.
Abhi: but i don’t want to talk to you or to anyone else
Pragya: Why is that so?
Abhi: i don’t know , i just dont want to..
Pragya in fake anger replies okay then i m going.. she starts moving , abhi stops her and says don’t go from this side , it can be dangerous, take right and then 2 times left you will reach at resort..

Pragya says no i will go from this side, you don’t want to talk to me na so you should also not care about me.. i m leaving.
Abhi says okay go i don’t care…

Pragya instead of following abhi’s direction goes into the direction which could be dangerous for her because the side was all occupied by goons.. Abhi again sat at bench but was continuously thinking about pragya. He was waiting for pragya to come back and like this 15 mins passed.. he couldn’t hold anymore and went to the direction where pragya went.. it was almost like forest … he screamd pragya’s name but there was no response.. time passed night was all set to show its color but there was no clue of pragya which frightened abhi.. soon he listened to some noises…

Screen shifted to pragya…

Pragya: you.. the one in red shirt say sorry 100 of times.. and you(pointing at a person in blue shirt) count if that red shirt person is saying sorry 100 of times or not… and you(pointing at a tall person) go and bring me water.. and you oh hello mister (pointing at a fat person) go and bring me a chair… all the goons were frightened as if their boss is ordering them to do work.. Abhi was already looking at what so ever was happening, he was dumbstruck as these goons were not normal goons but more of a maafia type. Abhi thought Abhi beta you are gone , she can also handle goons… but soon seeing the opertunity of attacking pragya the goons sighed eachother… pragya was all set to leave the place but a goon held her hand, pragya smiled and twisted goon’s arm, abhi gets shocked..

pragya continues to beat him, she was already in jeans so it was easy for her to handle these goons.. One by One she was beating all the goons. Abhi says to himself: waisay toh hero herioen ko bachata hai yahan toh ulta h heroien khud ko khud bacha rhy h.. ( Most of the times hero saves the heroien but in our case heroien is saving herself without any help).

A goon takes a wooden stick and with all force hits pragya in front of head.. it makes pragya more angry though blood starts to come out but she doesn’t stops fighting.. Abhi also came out of bushes and starts to fight with rest of goons.. soon the goons ran away, abhi went to pragya and cupped her face , pragya said now why are you here?
Abhi:how can I leave you alone?

Pragya: who said you to leave me alone?
Abhi: Your Bestfrienf Neil

Pragya laughed at silly anger of abhi
Abhi: and now you are laughing, see how much it is bleeding Oh my God..Now you na Don’t you dare to talk to me, I asked you not to go there but you… Huh…You know I can not live without you but still you went there…. saying this Abhi was about to go from there but pragya held his hand and said are you sure you can not live without me?
Abhi: what kind of question was that?
Pragya: That’s not the answer to my question, we just met 2 days before and seeing you this much possessive gets me into the world of thinking..
Abhi: its because I…

Pragya: You?
Abhi: its because I..I…. I can not see
someone else proposing my to be wife..
Pragya: But your to be wife didn’t accepted the proposal…
Abhi: What if she would have accepted that!
Pragya: She has never loved anyone so how can she accept someone’s proposal..
Abhi looks into her eyes and then goes at his knees, he forwards his hand and says will you marry me? Will you accept this proposal?
Pragya also goes at her knees and says let me think…

Abhi’s mood gets off , he gets up and was again about to leave while pragya was at her knees, she in loud voice said.. Mr Abhishek Mehra Will you marry Miss pragya Sharma?abhi was stunned to listen that, he stoped moving and looked back, pragya got up from her knees and tightly hugged abhi… Abhi hugs her back and says Yes…Tu meri jaan h song plays in bg…soon they broke hug, pragya got somehow nervous as she really didn’t expected that she would end up saying that to abhi while abhi trying to calm down situation said Hey pragya now let’s go it is already late and we have to dress your wound too.. pragya smiled and held his hand.. they walked back to the resort…

As they entered the lobby of resort , all of the family members were waiting , pragya whispered to abhi now answer them.. abhi smiled in hesitation…
Raj said oh So mister you are back..
Abhi said actually dad….

Samarth said Pagal h kya? (Are you mad)
Alka said blkul paagal h gadha (he is seriously mad)
Geeta said exactly
Saanvri said hold on hold on , enough see how tired he is, abhi beta go and take rest and (she looked at pragya ) what is this pragya? This wound? How?
Pragya said maa its nothing just a minor wound..

Abhi in taunt said yes Minor wound…
Alka said or tun abhi , aa mere saath mere kamrey m or pragya ka haath toh chor de bhai mere ( and you abhi, come with me and leave pragya’s hand now)
Abhigya really felt embaraced and they quickly left eachother’s hand..
Screen freezed at abhigya’s embaraced face…

pre recap: This Engagement can not take place.. don’t do this you know I love you….

Oh ho again a blunder… who’s saying that engagement can not take place? To know this stay tuned..
Btw sorry for all spelling mistakes.. i just typed it in hurry..
Love you all thanks and bye

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  1. Haha?..hero saves the heroien but in our case heroien is saving herself…pragya fighting semma..again confusing precap..eagerly wairing for next epi

  2. Its is nice i liked heroin herself saved

  3. ????? Alka nailed it I love her this character is my fav and your Hindi totally Delhi UP accent may I know from.where you are ??? leaving that question aside your story is really really different and I am enjoying a lot ???????? hanth to chhor de bhai mere lol Alka nailed it love you dear

  4. super dear lovely epi yaaaaaaa

  5. Prathi

    Heroine saving herself!! Nice one!! And Alka Nailed it!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. ?????? OmG truly amazing it was ?????

  7. Awesome episode yaar…

  8. Awesome Alka !??????? I Loved the whole update yaar !???? Keep Writing elsa di ! ?Love U Too !????

  9. Asmithaa

    Superb yaar…

  10. Sandy

    Hey dear ??
    Am not sure if I left a comment before but am reading regularly. Abhi’s possessiveness was supperrr ma.
    Sorry to say I didn’t like the scene pragya fighting. Maybe am used to normal cinemas Hero saving heroine and getting hurt then romance bla bla bla bla….
    Sorry if I hurted u

  11. Mukundraj

    pls upload regularly

  12. Im his chashmish

    Excellent episode yaar great fight i luv heroin to b brave

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