KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 5

somiya, prathi, surbhi, Lokha, Asmitha.. di… lucky.. Haritha… Riya (sorry i misstyped your name) Hemu Sampath..Ninni, Priyanka, , Mukund Raaj.. Thank you so much.. Thank you…
So lets jump to epi…………………. ………..
Abhi listen I m sorry Abhiiii…
Abhi=Sorry? Alka dii Sorry? You commited a big sin and you are sorry for that?
Alka: Sin? Oh hello mister i just ate your chocolates nothing else .. Is it a sin?
Abhi: Nothing else? You know they are my favorite chocolates and you ate them
Alka=we will buy them again

Abhi= Papa brought them from Turkey dii.. They are not available here in Mumbai
Alka:okay then i will buy you other chocolates
Abhi says no no no i want my chocolates
Alka says but i ate them how can i give you back
Abhi=how can you eat them? I asked you not to eat
Alka says i will show you how I ate them.. Alka had a chocolate in her hand , she unwrapped it and ate it…
Abhi screamed Nooooooooooo.. my last chocolate
Alka laughs and runs from there
Abhi follows her and chases her… while abhi was running to catch Alka, pragya came in between , abhi bumped into her and both fell over floor, alka stopped running after seeing this, suket samarth and saanvri also entered the home as they were coming with pragya…Abhi got lost in pragya’s eyes while pragya was struggling to get up.. Pragya guestured him to get abhi but abhi was still over her, Alka said Oh romeo get up…abhi came in senses and got up, he gave hand to pragya, pragya also stood up, her arm somehow got twisted so she slightly screamed Ouch.. Abhi says Sorry i didn’t knew you were coming, saanvri comes to pragya and says Are you fine? Pragya said Yes ma,i m fine but my arm i think it got twisted.. Abhi says Sorry . Suket says its fine Abhi , pragya says yes its fine.. Abhi greets suket and saanvri and takes their blessings, alka does the same, Abhi sighs Alka that i won’t leave you, alka shows her toungue, samarth greets abhi and alka..

Suket says Abhi where is Raj and bhabhi jii?
Abhi says they went to temple they would just come in 5 min and then we can proceed towards our journey to Lonavla.
Alka says Uncle Aunty pragya please take a seat..
Pragya says but dii why were you running like this?
Abhi says Iss moti ne mere saaray chocolates harap liyea moti kaheen ki ( This fatty ate all my chocolates)
Samarth laughs harder and says… Alka moti

Alka says samarth stop laughing
Suket and saanvri laugh at them
Abhi says Mujhe pata tha dii k teri nazar mere chocolates per h iseeliyh m ne pata h kya kiya.m ne na saare chocolates cup board m band kr k rakh diyea or side table per 10 chocolates rakh diyea ( I already knew that you were thinking to eat my all chocolates , thats why I hid my all chocolates in cupboard and placed 10 of them at side table)
Alka says cheater, you! Wait i won’t leave you.. Alka gets vase and says i wont leave you
Abhi says pagal hogayi h buddhi( Old women has gone mad)
Alka says Buddhi kis ko bola teri toh ruk ( Whom did you called Old women? Now you are gone) alka runs behind abhi and again Abhi starts to Run in Tv hall .. Tv hall was much bigger as it was a huge bunglow, abhi was about to go out of Tv lounge but Raj and Geeta came, abhi forcefully applied break, alka was still running to catch him but when she came near abhi she saw Geeta and Raj standing, she hid vase behind her back, pragya looking at them laughed a bit, samarth whishperd to Pragya : pearl they exactly fight like us.. Pragya laughs.. Raj says Alka Abhi again you both started, you have grown up now behave like adults.
Abhi says Exactly papa but bubble never understands that she getting older
Alka says Abhi…
Abhi says okay sorry
Geeta said now both of you stop and see pragya and her family has came and you are fighting like kids

Alka and Abhi together say Sorry…
Raj greets Suket and sanvri, Geeta does same…
Raj says so we must leave.. its already 10 am in morning , it will take 3 hours to reach at Lonavla..I have booked a van which can accomodate 15 persons so Ready?
Suket says of coarse lets go…
All of them left from there and started sitting in van..
Suket and Saanvri sat with eachother, geeta and Raj set with eachother, Abhi with samarth and Alka with Pragya…

All the way long, samarth and Abhi were having random convo, same goes for alka and pragya but then Pragya started to listen songs through ear phones, Alka was reading the novel she brought with herself, abhi was looking out of window, smarath was looking at the boring scenario of Van, he thought: if picnic is for abhi and pragya then they should sit with eachother na, Cool samarth you have got much brain haan… Samarth then goes to Alka and whispers to her something, Alka says great idea, suket saanvri raj and geeta were in half sleep and were sitting in front seats so they were unknown to the things happening behind them…Abhi was all lost in looking out side of window, pragya was all lost in listening to songs and reading some magzines, meanwhile alka and samarth came to abhi , abhi looked at them and guestured What? Alka guestured him to sit with pragya, abhi said Sure? Alka guestured Yes, samarth said Go na… Abhi gets happy and sat with Pragya , pragya didn’t noticed that abhi is sitting beside her as now she was looking outside through window and still ear phones were in her ears, Abhi thought How cute she is… Abhi aisay toh tun Office jayega hee nhi sara din isee ko dekhta reh jayega, haye itni cuteness toh meraa Qatal kr deghi (Abhi if this continues you won’t ever be able to go to office and would whole day keep looking at her, Oh God this cuteness would kill me)
Pragya turns her head and removes ear phone and then she says: Ab m itnee bhi cute nhi hun, or office toh tumhn roz jana padega ( I m not so cute and every day you have to go to office)
Abhi feels awkward and says How?

Pragya:: Once i learned how to read others mind!
Abhi: Are you serious?
Pragya laughs and says no , i was joking actually the way you were looking at me told me what you were thinking..
Abhi slaps himself menatlly
Pragya laughs but then she says: Is it okay if I m that much frank with you i mean…
Abhi pats his head and says pragya pragya pragya, i know this is arranged marrige but before life partners why don’t we become crime partners.. I mean friends…… and about frankness then you can also call me by any nickname yaar i m not conservative neither i belong from narrow minded background…

Pragya smiles
Abhi says So i think you won’t ever ask such stupid question
Pragya says Okay Boss…
Abhi says usually all girls are shy at first and second meeting but you are different
Pragya says Mister , i love to be different, ans i dont like those girls who are shy i mean A girl is going to spend her whole life with a stranger so why should she feel shy instead she should be much frank…
Abhi says So my to be wife is different…
Pragya says yeah
Abhi laughs and they then start talking about random things… they sometime share laugh, sometimes hi five.. it seems they had became friends ….
Time passed and they Reached at a resort, they had booked for 2 days… The resort was quite luxurious… all got down from Van.. samarth and abhi started taking bags from the van.. pragya stretched her arms and said so finally …. Saanvri says yeah finally.. pragya says Maa… actually Can I go and change this suit, Can I wear Jeans and Top? Please…
Saanvri says but beta… Geeta cuts her off and says surely beta , wear whatever you want to , we are not here to put limitations over you, pragya smiles and hugs geeta, pragya says you are best mom, but see maa always scolds me…
Saanvri says Hoo, very bad pragya
Pragya and geeta share hi five…
Saanvri too laughs…
Time passes it was 5 30 in the evening, all of them were sitting in lawn of resort… Abhi got a call so he took excuse and went to attend call..
Abhi said Hello
The caller said Abhi today I m at the same resort where you are
Abhi said That’s great Neil
Neil said I m going to propose pragya

Abhi was dumbstruck..
Neil comtinued: I m already in the lawn
Abhi said hello… Neil are you mad?
But before abhi said it neil ended call, Abhi looked back and found Neil already near pragya, he went there , Pragya stood up, Neil was at his knees …. Alka samarth including all elders were there… Pragya wasn’t knowing what’s happening she just stood there and said Neil? What are you doing?
Neil said Pragya I waited for this day since I met you in college, but i never had courage to say it, But today when I came to know that your parents have selected a boy for you.. I just couldn’t hold anymore and came here…
Raj was about to say something but suket stopped him and guestured him to wait.. Saanvri smiled , Abhi was all worried and nervous.. Samarth mentally slapped himself..Alka was too worried

Neil continued:: I want to say you That….. That I love you pragya.. I love you…
Abhi’s expressions were like someone is asking for his life, he was hell worried , he in slow voice said No pragya.. No please.. Please don’t accept his proposal…
Pragya folded her arms
Neil guestured her to say Yes
Pragya twisted his ear and said Enough or will you continue this drama?
Neil shouted no no i won’t continue this drama, its paining leave me , i mean leave my ear…
Raj including his family members were all unknown for what is going on.. Abhi came forward and said What was That?
Pragya said Neil answer them…
Neil said okay…. Wo actually Abhi my friend I m pragya’s best friend… i just thought to play this prank

Abhi got angered and shouted Prank? Was this prank for you?
Pragya was stunned at this reaction of Abhi. Not only pragya but all were amazed…
Abhi without saying anything left the place… pragya didn’t knew what was that… Raj says actually he is posessive , i dont mean that he is possesive but he doesn’t likes prank done with his favorite people or things so i think that’s why he got angered… Suket said I m so sorry, Neil you spoiled everything… Neil said Sorry Uncle.. Pragya said Tujhe toh m baat m dekhungy pehle abhi k paas jaun ( I will see you afterwards let me go to Abhi now) saying this pragya left…
And screen shifted to Abhi walking at Road inbetween the greenry all around… He thought: I can not afford to lose pragya, I… can not… 10 years before I was about to lose her but now i can’t face that again.. It kills me….
Screen freezes at pragya’s worried face and abhi’s rage face…..

Pre Recap: Don’t you dare to talk to me, I asked you not to go there but you… Huh…You know I can not live without you but still you went there….

Who is scolding whom? To know this please comment so that I can know how many of you really like the plot….

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