KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 4

Somiya…Haritha.. Sugan..sabeenia.. honey..prinyanka.. Roya.. reshma.. Ninni… Di thank you so much for the comments…

So lets jump to epi..

Pragya says Yes ma, papa, bhai i m sure….
Raj says toh dairi kis baat ki…(So what are you waiting for)
Everyone congratulate eachother…
Geeta says For me pragya is best for my Son so i think further if you want to know about us then what about arranging a picnic!
Saanvri says excellent Idea. This will help pragya and abhi to know more about each other…
Suket says Okay so Raj lets plan the picnic now itself? What say?
Raj says Awesome idea .. The more we will quickly know eachother the more quickly thos marrige can Take place…
Pragya smiles , somethibg struks into her mind and her smile vanishes, tear comes into her eyes…
Abhi smiles and thinks Finally… He looks at pragya then, pragya looks at him and wipes her tears, abhi senses it and without wasting a minute he says Pragya You are crying? The attention of everyonr gets diverted to pragya, pragya nods no, saanvri comes to her and says if you do not want to marry Abhi its fine we are not forcing you beta… suket comes by pragya’s side and says what happend? Pragya starts to cry more bitterly everyone gets tensed, samarth comes to her and makes her sit at sofa, he asks her what happend pearl?
Pragya while sobbing says: I m going….to… to get married..

Samarth cups her face and says If you do not want to get married its fine… Abhi comes to samarth and asks him to get up so that he can ask pragya something.. samarth gets up.. abhi sits near pragya and says You dont want to get married then there is nothing wrong why are you crying so hardly?
Pragya while sobbing says I m …I m ..not crying because of it..
Abhi says then why are you crying?
Pragya says My Job
Abhi says Job? What Job?

Pragya while sobbing says After…. My marrige i have to leave my job… I… I can not leave it.. its my passion… My passion… I.. can not leav….. Inbetween this pragya cried much harder… Abhi couldn’t control his laugh so he laughed as much he could, he held his stomach.. alka and samarth too joined him.. they laughed as much as they could.. saanvri suket raj and geeta too laughed meanwhile pragya wiped her tears and said Wh…What? Why are you all laughing?
Abhi while laughing says In which centuary are you living?

Samarth says exactly pearl … samarth starts laughing again and says pearl you were crying for this?
Saanvri says Uff ho you both stop taunting my princess.. Geeta says exactly , geeta goes to pragya and says you were fully independant and you are fully independant and you will be fully independant.. do whatever you want to.. we are here to make you our daughter in law not a servant that we will put restrictions over you… now stop crying and give a hug to your mother… pragya smiles and hugs geeta.. saanvri says oh so you forgot me i knew whenever you will get mother in law na you will forget your own mother. Pragya says maa its not like that you both are equal to me.. saanvri says really? Then come give hug to mee too… pragya smiles and hugs saanvri… Raj says Pragya you are lucky to get my wife as your mother in law… geeta says Miracle.. saanvri questions Miracle? Alka says yes aunty its a miracle in all these years for the first time dad has praised mom.. Raj says its not like that…. everyone laughs…. Time passes like this… soon Raj says so suket we must leave as i have important meeting and its too late also… alka says aunty thank you so much for this delicious dinner… Abhigya look at eachother and pass the smile.. Saanvri says this delecious dinner was made by Pragya not me.. geeta says wow pragya you cook so well.. pragya says Thanks Aunty… Raj says so we must leave , they bid bye to eachothet and mehra family leaves
Screen shifts to Abhi in room:

Abhi says Today my happiness has no limit my crush, my love, My pragya agreed.. Oh ho… i m ..i m just so happy she agreed…. he takes pragya’s pic from drawer.. and says 10 years and you are still same. With the shalwar suit.. freshness in your face… the calmess in your eyes.. The same nature that attracts me to you.. The attractiveness is still same.. I do believe that one day you will also love me the way I love you.. abhi’s happy face soon truns into sad face.. He says What… What if she comes to know that She has already seen me 10 years before i fear I will loose her! No i can not lose her she is my princess i m her prince.. i hope she never comes to know that she has seen me before….

Scren shifts to pragya
She is looking at the moon from balcony. She folds her arms and remebers the laugh of abhi.. she pats her head and says crazy I m.. I just cried for simple thing… So tomorrow is the day… the day we will spend with eachother , i hope the day will be beautiful for me as it is the first step towards our beautiful journey . He is perfect man for me in every way… A song plays in bg
Judne lage, lage, do dilon ke jab kinare
Udne lage, Ishaqzaade,
Ishaqzaade.. Ishaqzaade..
(when the corners of two hearts start joining,
these mad lovers start flying..).. Screen gets freezed at both of their smiling faces…

Pre recap= I love you pragya… I love you… please no pragya no dont accept his proposal…

Proposal? Who is proposing pragya? Abhi? Then who is asking pragya not to accept it? So many questions and one answer Stay connected to this ff….

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    Ohh… Again suspense yaar…. What had happened 10 years ago…. Omg.. So interesting.. Loved it….. U r awesome yaar…

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    Really too nice dear.. waiting to knew how they met first

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  6. Roya??? ROLF!!!! Elsa Di it’s Riya. I know it was by mistake.but then that’s too funny.
    Awesome it was. Ohhh Pragya cried others laughed. Seriously Superb.
    And and the precap…. I am waiting….



  8. Awesome….

  9. Hemu sampath

    I loved it super

  10. Superrr..i loved it

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    Superb Elsa! Really in which century Pragya thinks she is living now? ??

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