KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 3

Abhi just control your excitement and dont be nervous, and make her feel like you are meeting her for the 1st time! Okay (abhi takes deep breathe and parks the car)
At another side!
Suket hugs raj, saanvri hugs Geeta, samarth and alka greet eachother, pragya who is already looking at scenario from upstairs takes deep breathe and goes back to Room, she closes the door and walks from one corner into another corner in nervousness, she folds her arms and walks more quickly, she says okay pragya take deep breathe, behave fine with them and without nervousness ask unlimited question from Kabhishek.. oh oh I mean Abhishek!
Screen shifts to Abhi, he steps in the house and greets everyone, samarth hugs him and says or bhai jeeja ban nay jaaa raha hai mera?( You are going to be my brother in law?) Abhi laughs and says it is not yet decided… samarth laughs and they continue their conversation time passes, pragya comes with tray of tea cups , she serves everyone and then greets them. Abhi looks at her and gets nervous, he thinks: dulha h tun dulhan nhi nervous kyun ho raha hai?(you are groom not bride, then why are you being nervous) alka shakes abhi and says Abhi where are you lost? abhi says no where! Pragya sits between Geeta and alka, geeta questions her about random things, alka jokes with her and time passes like this, soon after ending refreshment, Raj asks Suket : If you do not mind can Abhi talk privately with Pragya? Suket says Of Coarse why not! Pragya beta go with Abhi to your Room… Pragya says of coarse dad, she says Come to abhi, abhi nods his head and then soon they reach to pragya’s room, pragya says Please Sit.. Abhi smiles and sits, after a long silence abhi breaks it and says You can give me your introduction i mean your full name, hobbies , likes dislikes, proffession! Pragya smiles and says My name is Pragya Suket Sharma as you already know, i have many hobbies so i can not conclude them, and about likes and dis likes then there is long list of my likes and dis likes and by Proffession I m Business women! Abhi smiles and says Great , he accidently puts his hand in hot water, which was placed in mug at side table, he shouts, pragya gets panicked and says wait let me bring something, pragya brings cold water, and ointment, pragya starts to apply it at Abhi’s hand, Abhi gets lost in her and a song in bg plays….
oo… Haan…
Ik Khoya Khoya Chaand Tha Jo Tha Khafa Khafa
(There was a lost moon which was upset)
Ik Toota Toota Khwaab Tha Jo Tujhse Tha Juda
(There was a broken dream which was connected with You)
Ik Aadhi Aadhi Aas Thi Jo Poori Ho Gayi
(There was an incomplete desire which became complete)
Tum Mil Gaye To Jaane Kyun Ye Doori Ho Gayi
(When I achieved/attained You, I don’t know how these distances (between us) happened)
Piya Laage Na… Jiya Laage Na…
(My beloved, my heart doesn’t attach to anything else)
Tere Bina… Tere Bina… (x2)
Without You… Without You…

pragya waves her head infront of him but still abhi was all lost in her, Pragya says Suniyea, abhi then gets out from his lost world and says yes yes? Pragya says where were you lost? Abhi stammers no where no where! Pragya laughs and says oh, i already gave you introduction, give me yours, abhi looks at his hand which was still held by pragya, he got overexcited and in nervousness he replied: My name is Raj Mera.. No sorry i mean Raj, ah ha No Mehra Raj, no no Abhi Raj, i mean Raj Abhi, i mean Abhi Mehra Raj, No i mean Mehra Raj Abhi, annnn No I mean Abhi… Abhi Mehra…. pragya laughs harder and sits at bed , she says You are funny , your expressions hahahaha, abhi smiles and mentally slaps himself, abhi says sorry actually i was ….. pragya says Nervous? Abhi no i mean yes, pragya says okay actually i want to ask some questions, will you answer me? Abhi says surely.. pragya says Will You marry me abhi without wasting a minute says Yes… pragya gets stunned she says its been just half hour we met and you are ready? Abhi curses himself and says actually my mom wants to marry… Prgaya says what? Abhi says i mean i mean My Mom wants me to get married soon so… prgaya says so you are doing this marrige for your mom, abhi says yes for my mom, my dad and for my bubble! Pragya questions Bubble? Abhi says alka dii… pragya says oh fine,are you sure of we got married then you will be happy? Abhi says Yes! Pragya says Reason? Abhi says You! Pragya says Me? Abhi says actually i already know how hardworking you are, how much loyal you are to your work, you are a decent girl and i m sure that we can lead our life… pragya says in this era arrange marrige is something that a boy hates… Abhi says Arrange marrige can be turned into Love marrige…. pragya gets stunned ….a song plays in bg
Tu meri adhoori pyaas pyaas, tu aa gayi mann ko raas raas, ab toh
ab toh tu aaja paas paas, Hai guzaarish….
(You are my unquenched thirst, now my heart likes you
at least now come to me, this is a request..)

Abhi says I mean i mean , see marrige is beautiful journey may be destination isn’t same or much beautiful but we can make this marrige beautiful.. If you ask about which quality i need in my wife then it is faith! Trust! I want my wife to trust me and i will do same I will trust her more than myself, I m not conservative! And…..Abhi was going to say further but samarth came and asked them if their convo is over they should come down. Abhi smiles and leaves… pragya smiles and says i have seen him somewhere… but where?
Everyone gather in Tv lounge, Raj says So Abhi beta Yes or No? Abhi says Yes! Alka gives him side hug.. Geeta says what about you pragya? Suket says if you will give her sometime? Raj says Surely.. Pragya Smiles and says Yes…. Suket, Saanvri and Samarth get stunned they look at pragya , samarth says So easily she agreed? Suket says Not possible may be i heard wrong statement, Saanvri says Pragya Are you Sure? Pragya Nods her head… Screen freezes at pragya’s face..

Pre recap::::: if she comes to know that She has already seen me 10 years before i fear I will loose her!

Thank you so much everyone… I didn’t expected the response you gave me and i m so much hapoy after your response… and why will abhi loose pragya? Stay connected to ff for that…
And here are the replies for all comments at my last update….

Riya: haha thanks for your energetic comment! Love you…
Surbhi di= haha Thank you di, i m happy that my ff made you laugh.. Keep rocking with your rocking ff and one shots….
Di… Thank You so much
Vimal Sanjana=Thanks and i will always try to update soon ..
Ani: its fine , i m happy that you commented in 2nd epi.. Thanks
Vidhya= Thank you so much i m happy that my ff makes your day, i m happy that my ff contributes in happiness of your life, and you can call me buffy haha but tell me why you chose this name for me? Haha Thanks
Prathi= okay Dii order accepted i won’t ask questions from now but i want to tell you your one shots are always rocking! Okay fine if you can not comment i understand….Thanks

Sabeena= haha i m happy that you read my update…Thanks
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Reshma= Thank You So much dear…
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Sugan== Thanks Friend!

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