KKB….. Journey of Souls….. Episode 28


After the heart-breaks, after all the worst things that could take place happend, all 4 of them were still having hopes with themselves, it was next day, sam in sharma mansion was having breakfast , alka abhi and pragya were having breakfast in mehra mansion, still some things were unclear to them, alka still had hope in sam, sam was feeling bad for regecting alka, and for pragya after so much blame , so much hurting words she was still having hope, hope for what? Hope that abhi would realise his mistake, she wasn’t angry but was hurt to depth, she knew abhi loves her and somewhere it was her mistake that she didn’t told abhi about Ravi yet she was hurt that how could abhi, the one who loved her most can doubt on her? While these thoughts were running into pragya’s mind some flow of thoughts were also flowing into abhi’s mind and that were how can he doubt on pragya? May be there’s something that is unclear to him, may be he took step in losing himself into emotions, may be his love for pragya in these 10 years has became so blind that he couldn’t even trust pragya but what if pragya loves ravi, but her words that she said last night were containing immense pain, before last night abhi was determind to leave pragya so that pragya could enjoy her rest life with ravi but after pragya confronted abhi , abhi was lost in thoughts that whether what he did was right? Or he commited a great mistake, the pain in pragya’s eyes was being shown because of her expressive eyes, her eyes were expressing so much but abhi like always wasn’t able to identify those feelings, the thing that hurted pragya was abhi was going to slap her, even abhi never thought that he would end up raising his hand but he did, he was feeling guilty and was feeling that he did right, mixed emotions were flowing into his mind, all trio of them were lost into their thoughts, geeta and raj felt it and so geeta called Alka but there was no response as alka was in deep thoughts, geeta now called abhi but again there was no response as abhi was all lost into his thinking world, geeta called pragya now , pragya for a moment didn’t realised the voice of geeta so geeta again called her, pragya came out of her thoughts and said: Yes mom?
Geeta: where are you lost?
Pragya nods her head in negative direction and says: no where,
Geeta: what happend? Why your face is giving dull look?
Pragya touches her face and gets flashback of last night:
Abhi laughed, he was hurt to extent,: last question… just last….. You Love him more than me…..
Pragya; Abhi….
Abhi in rage: Answer my question damn it!
Pragya: Yes I do love him more…
Abhi was about to slap pragya as he was full in rage but stopped, pragya got afraid…
Fb ended…
Geeta came to pragya and jerked her, pragya got back into her senses
Geeta: where are you lost?
Pragya; i think I am not feeling well
Geeta being concerned: Is it? Wait I will ask abhi to take you to doctor
Pragya; No mom, its fine, even I am fine
Geeta; yes yes its looking how much you are fine, Abhi.”geeta calls”
Abhi gives no response
Geeta: what a weird family, everyone is lost into their thoughts… , geeta once again calls abhi: Abhiiiii
Abhi realised geeta’s voice and came back to his senses: yes mom?
Not only abhi but alka too came into her senses and asked; Yes mom? You called me?
Geeta: where are trio you lost? I have shouted your names so many times but no response.
Abhi and alka at same time: I guess I am not feeling good.
Geeta; waoh? All three of you are not feeling good? What’s wrong?
Raj: What’s wrong abhi alka and pragya? And alka we have important meeting today with Sharma company so you have to attend it
Alka: No
Raj: what No?
Alka: dad I will not go for that meeting
Raj: Why?
Geeta: what why? Aren’t you seeing my trio children are feeling weak, in this condition how will alka go and attend meeting? Alka you should take rest.
Raj: Geeta?
Geeta: what Geeta? You are getting late for office, go go go go
Raj; but
Geeta: Go…
Abhi and pragya smiled at their childish behaviour, but soon their sight fell on eachother so their smile faded of…
While screen shifts to sharma mansion.
All family members were standing near sam, looks as if sam isn’t responding to their call…he was all lost in the thoughts.
Disha: Saanvri aunty….
Saanvri: hmmm
Disha: Sam bhai always gets lost like this?
Aadesh: No dishu, it is his second time that he has got lost like this.
Preet: Second time?
Suket: first time he got lost when he had divorce with Ronita and now its his second time that he is lost like this.
Disha: It is his 3rd time uncle
Saanvri: 3rd time?
Disha: yes, you know previous day when he was pouring the water into glass pragya called him infinite times but he didn’t responded.
Aadesh; Leave 2nd or 3rd time , what to do this time?
Saanvri screams….
Suket gets stunned: what was that?
Saanvri: a way of getting Sam out of his thinking world.
Suket; I am not sure about sam, but I am sure that one day your this scream woukd get all of us out if this world
Everybody laughs….
Sam realises the voice and comes back to his senses: why are you all laughing?
Preet comes and checks his forhead.
Sam: what happend?
Saanvri: are you fine?
Sam: Ye..yes
Suket; where were you lost?
Disha: In memories of your love?
Sam: Dishu…..
Disha: okay sorry
Sam: No where dad, actually I was bit tensed due to project with JK company
Suket; oh ho, i already told you do not worry we will rock it.
Sam smiles
Suket: Okay now its getting late, we also have meeting with sharma company
Sam: what?
Suket: what? What, you know that you have to attend the meeting.
Sam thinks; Its good chance to meet her
Suket; okay if you do not want to attend i will myself….
Sam: no I will go
Aadesh: Sure?
Sam: yes….
Suket: okay then, its already getting.late come
Sam stood and went with suket.
Screen gets shifted to Mehra mansion:
Pragya ignored abhi, abhi also in rage stood and said: Mom, I am also going to get ready I have meeting.
Geeta: okay
Pragya: Mom, I also want to go Mandir so can I?
Geeta: but you weren’t feeling well?

Pragya: No I am fine
Geeta: okay then…
Pragya stood and went to her room, abhi also went to the room, while alka got a call so she also went….
Abhigya’s room:
Pragya took a bag, and started packing her stuff, abhi was in wardrobe looking for his clothes, he realised that pragya is packing her stuff, he pretended if he doesn’t cares but inside him it was looking as if soul is being snatched from his body, pragya was trying her best to control her tears, while abhi got into last night’s flashback: Pragya wipes her tears: Okay, okay…. Mister abhi i don’t care what you are thinking about me, If you think I am cheap then Shame on your thinking, if you think I do not deserve to be in your life than shame on your thinking, if you think I have betrayed you by loving ravi shame on your thinking, If you think i have affair with Ravi then Shame on your thinking….. you want me to be out of your life right? Then you won’t be able to see me from tomorrow’s morning…. pragya turns to opposite side and says: Bye Mister abhi, Tumahre jindagi tumhein mubarak ( stay blessed with your life)
Fb ended
He was controlling himself, while pragya came to him.
Pragya: side please
Abhi was lost in her
Pragya: I said side please, i have to take out my belongings
Abhi came into his senses and took a side.
Abhi: You said that you would leave….
Pragya: in morning right?
Abhi: yes
Pragya: for your kind information my relation is not only with you, I am someone’s sister in law, someone’s daughter in law, i have other relations too, because of you I Can not betray them.
The tune of Humari Adhuri Kahani played in bg….
Time passed and screen gets shifted to Sam in office, he was in cabin and was again and again looking into his watch.
Sam: when will alka come..
He looked at door and again at watch, he realised something.
Sam: Mad person, are you mad or you act so? If alka would come infront of me how will I face her? And now I am waiting for her , I bet no one would be mad like me, Shit!
He was thinking all this, while the door got knocked..
Sam was getting nervous, he took a file and hid his face into it: Come in
Raj entered: Good morning
Sam realised Raj’s voice and said: Uncle you? Come..please sit.
Raj comes in and sits
Sam: should I order something for you?
Raj: this is office not a restaurant, and i akready had breakfast.
Sam: oh yes sorry, but alka was about to come so….
Raj: actually she wasn’t feeling well.
Sam: what? What happend
Raj being stunned: what happend? Why are you being so concerned?
Sam: actually she is my bestfriend…so….
Raj: okay leave it, let’s start meeting
Sam: yes, fine……
Screen gets shifted to pragya going in Mandir, ravi sees her and follows her…
Pragya enters mandir, she clads herself in stole and sits near Gopal, she bends her head down and starts to narrate what so ever happend last night(we also do same , thou we know that God knows everything what’s in our heart yet we explain every thing to God, like wise pragya starts to narrate what so ever happend with her last night) she was crying bitterly, Ravi listened to all this and was getting enough angry, he without disturbing pragya left the mandir.pragya wipes the tears and looks at God: I don’t know what should I do? Should I leave him? I should have left him but the promise that I did to him is stopping me , he asked me for a promise and that was I should never leave him no matter how hard the situations get, I can not even tell this to anyone else then you, please God show me a way that I could follow, you are the only one Who could show me the actaul and right way……..
Screen shifts to Abhi, who was walking at Road and was remembering all the incidents that took place last night, he was in bewilderment , all confused. He was walking further but a strong hand held his arm, he came out of senses and slightly turned his face to look at the person,
Abhi: You?
Yes me!
Abhi: leave me, Ravi
Ravi: I won’t bhai
Abhi: bhai? Bhai my foot
Ravi held abhi’s arm tightly and dragged him to a garden, abhi was trying his best to lose himself from the grip but the grip was too tight that his all tries were of no use, finally ravi stopped and losed his grip.
Abhi: what the hell? How can you do this? You cheap man
Ravi: and why am I cheap? You even do not know me personally so how can you conclude that I am cheap, not me but you are cheap who doubted on his wife!
Abhi smiled: oh so she told you everything?
Ravi: No she didn’t, she was telling this whole incident to God but I too heard it
Abhi: so? I don’t care if you heard it or not let me go
Ravi folded his arms and said: okay go…
Abhi was about to go but Ravi in loud voice said: But if again you came back into my elder sister’s life ever I will kill you!
Abhi freezed at the moment and turned back while screen shifted to Sam, who was standing at footpath, his car was parked at another side, so he was waiting for the signal to turn red, till the signal turned red he saw alka at another side of road, who was talking on the phone, he without wasting a minute screamed her name,: Alkaaa
it was loud enough to reach till alka, alka ended her call and looked here and there, finally she saw Sam waving his hand, she thought: what’s wrong with him? Now what he is trying to do by calling my name.
Sam guestured her to wait as he is coming, signal still didn’t turned red but he stepped to go at another side, he was all lost in going towards Alka while Alka realised that a car in its maximum speed is coming towards him, alka in tensed way guestured him to go back, sam nodded no and stood there my folding his arms, alka patted her head and again sighed sam to go back, but it was of no use, sam was coming to her , she without thinking anything went at road, she looked at sam and at same time sam met with accident, the car hitted him with full force…
Alka screamed: Sammmmm
The people over there saw sam and made crowd over him, alka rushed to sam…
Screen shifted towards Ravi and abhi..
Abhi came to Ravi and said: what? What did you said?
Ravi: Yes, Mister Abhi your wife Pragya is my elder sister.
Abhi: what?
Ravi: and more over bhai, you know me already
Abhi: already?
Ravi: I am Ravi suket Sharma, we were in same music school…
Abhi: Centimeter?
Ravi; Yes that’s me! Centimeter
Abhi; you are pragya’s brother ?and moreover Pragya never mentioned about you!
Ravi: Yes I am pragya di’s real brother, pragya tried to mention about me several times but her family stopped!
Abhi: what?
Ravi: Abhi you did a great mistake by doubting on pearl, and that is only because of me, Ma and papa are right I am unlucky to everyone, who results to be a disastour in everyone’s life.
Abhi broke down and sat at bench: Pr…Pragya is your sister!
Ravi sat beside him: Bhai, years before my truth got exposed to everyone and….
Abhi: just tell me first of all, why is not your family accepting you and why pragya used to meet you hidingly? Why she used to hide this from me? And what truth are you talking about?
Ravi took a deep breathe: I am not one of you!
Abhi being confused:what do you mean?
Ravi stood: I…mean I am…
Abhi: you are?
Ravi: neither I am intrested in male nor female
Abhi: so?
Ravi; So I am change from you, understand it!
Abhi understood it: You…You mean….You are……
Ravi: Yes, I am homos*xual
Abhi was shocked at first but then managing his expressions he went and tapped ravi’s shoulder, Ravi turned back
Abhi: there is nothing wrong in being it!
Ravi: I know but what about Ma and papa? And more over what about Samarth bhai and society whose thinking kills me every second!
Abhi: So you mean because of your this truth, ma papa asked pragya to not tell me about you!
Ravi: exactly! Pragya even several times tried to tell you but the situation stopped her!
Abhi: and I doubted on her!
Ravi; You don’t know bhai how much you have hurted pearl, you could have directly asked her but what you did? You just…. You asked her to get put of your life!
Abhi broke down and sat at bench,
Ravi: now why are you wasting your time? Just go to your house or else pearl would leave you forever!
Abhi got up and immediately left the garden!
Screen freezed at abhi feeling guilty,,pragya leaving the house, alka crying , sam in unconsious state at road…

So 1=Abhi came to know about real truth
3= Sam met with accident, wait for the last two 2=abhi cheering up pragya 4=sam realising his love….

Pre Recap: It depends upon you souls, Should pragya forgive him? Or should Abhi try several ways to seek forgiveness?

Lucky: Don’t be sorry dear, your point of view was correct and Thanks for reading the update.
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