KKB….. Journey of Souls….. Episode 26 and 27

Both Episodes are merged so its gonna be super long update.. Enjoy….
…….. ……. .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . .
Episode starts with Alka leaving the venue of Awareness day, she is quite excited and has a very big smile over her face: I love him? No how can I? May be its a kind of attraction… but this kind of attraction is something else, i have never felt like this, and again getting into love… Again? I have never loved aadit, it was arranged marrige.. ughhhhh
Screen gets shifted towards Sam who is still in the hall, he was constantly thinking about alka and a smile was at his face: why is she so cute? Why do I just… I just want to…. ahmmm i don’t know what’s wrong with me, i don’t know….

Here screen gets shifted to pragya sitting at bed with a smile at her face; I know what’s wrong with me… I am in love… I am in love with him, I love abhi…. I…… love him

Screen again gets shifted to alka , who has a bright smile at her face: I love him…. no….. yes…. no … yes no…no no…yes… Alkaaaa….
Alka looks at her left side and finds Sam there..
Alka: Sam?
Sam: Are you thinking about me?
Alka controlled her smile and said: No…
Sam: Accept it that you love me….
Alka was about to touch sam but sam(imagination) dissappeard….
The music of Kuch toh hua h song from Kal hona Ho movie started to play….Alka laughed and patted her head… she started to move further and again imagined Sam at her left side, but sam again dissapeard… she folded her arms and started to sing; : Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai
Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai
(Something has happened Something surely has happened Something has happened)
[[[[[[[Screen gets shifted to Sam who is still in venue , seated at his chair sings]]]]: Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai
(Something surely has happened Something has happened)
[[[[[[[[All the persons over there turned their faces towards sam, sam smiled and got up from his chair , everyone clapped, sam held one old lady’s hand and started to dance with her singing:]]]]] Do chaar din se Lagta hai jaise…..
(Since two to four days I feel that..)….

He imagines Old lady to be alka, and the imagination sings:
Sab kuch alag hai Sab kuch naya hai
Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai
(I Feel everything is different, and everything is new ,
Something surely has happened Something has happened)
[[[[[The imagination dissapears, and he finds old lady to be there, he pats his head and laughs, he leaves the hall with happiness at his face….(music was in bg)
Screen gets shifted to pragya, who is trying to find something, she isn’t able to find the thing so she smiles , and sings]]]]]]:
Cheezein m rakh k Bhool jaati hoon
Bekhayali mein Gungunati houn
(after keeping things I forget about them, In unguarded moments I keep humming)
[[[[[[She takes abhi’s picture and while looking at it she sings:]]]] Ab akele mein Muskurati hoon
(Now when I’m alone I keep smiling )

[[[She lays down at bed while looking at picture: Badli hui si Meri ada hai
Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai

(Changes have come To my grace Something surely has happenedSomething has happened)

[[[[Screen gets shifted to Sam, who has briefcase in his hand, he is continuously smiling, he twirls around and sings]]]:

Pighla pighla hai Dil mera jab se
Achcha rehta hai Mood bhi tab se
(It feels melted This heart of mine
It stays happy Even this mood of mine)

[[[He was about to go out of venue but his sight fells over the guard smiling at him, sam smiles back and hugs him, he sings]]]]: Haske milta hoon Aaj kal sab se
( I meet happily With everyone nowadays)
He pulls the cheek of guard and continues: Khush ho gaya hai Joh bhi mila hai
Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai
(All are happy Whoever have met me
Something surely has happened
Something has happened)

[[[[He leaves from there, and screen gets shifted towards alka, who is walking at footpath, she sees a garden and enters, she looks at sky and twirls around, she sings]]]]:

Rang chamkeelay Saare lagte hai
Raah mein bhikre Taare lagte hai
(Sparkling colours They all seem
Laid on the path They look like stars)

[[[[She goes to the flowers and while touching them she sings: Phool ab zyada Pyare lagte hai
(Flowers now Seem more lovely)
[[[[She lays down at grass and sings: Mehki hui si Jaisi hawa hai
Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai
(There is a fragrance In the breeze
Something surely has happened Something has happened)

[[[[[She gets up , and pats her head, the screen gets shifted to abhi who is driving the car but due to traffic, he is looking around , he imagines pragya by his side at front seat and sings: ]]]]]
Dhyaan ab apna Zyada rakhta hoon
(Now caring about myself I do that more)

[[[[[The imagination dissapears so he starts looking at his rear view mirror and sets his hairs, while singing]]]] Sochta hoon main Kaisa lagta hoon
(I keep thinking How do I look)
Aaina ho toh Dekh leta hoon
(If there is a mirror I look into it)

[[[[Abhi realises that there is no traffic ahead so he starts his car while singing:]] Kaise yeh chehra Aaisa khila hai
Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai

(How has this face Blossomed like this
Something surely has happened Something has happened)

[[[[[Screen gets divided into 4 parts, in which abhi, pragya , sam and alka are shown with their happy faces while this is in bg: Hmm … kuch ho gaya hai
Hmm … kya ho gaya hai
(Hmm … something has happened
Hmm … what has happened)

[[[[The screen gets focused to sam, who is walking at road, he imagines alka by his side and starts to sing:
Yeh nasha jis mein Dono rehte hai
(The intoxication in which Both of us are living)

The imagination (alka) sings: Yeh lehar jis mein Dono behte hai
(The wave in which Both of us are flowing)
Sam continues: Ho na ho isko Pyar kehte hai
(Be it or not It’s called as love)

Alka(imagination) and sam stopped walking, alka sings: Pyar mila toh
(When I got love)
Sam continues: Dil kho gaya hai ( I lost my heart)

Again screen gets into 4 parts and all 4 them sing::::: Kuch toh hua hai Kuch ho gaya hai
(Something surely has happened Something has happened)

Screen gets focused at Alka, who enters the mehra mansion, with excitment she starts to go into her room, but she bumps into pragya,
Alka: Sorry
Pragya: where are you lost?
Alka smiles…
Pragya jerks her
Alka: oh yes no where
Pragya: No where?
Alka: yes no where
Pragya laughs and says: I want to go to sharma mansion so can I?
Alka: why are you asking permission sunshine?
Pragya: actually mom is really very tired and she is sleeping so i thought to ask you
Alka: You shouldn’t ask me but inform me, you can go
Pragya hugs alka and says: So trapped in that feeling?
Alka breaks hug: What?
Pragya controls her smile and says no nothing, bye….
Saying this she leaves immediately
Alka smiles: Yes I am trapped….
Screen gets shifted to Sam who is in his room, he is removing his tie, while looking at mirror he smiles and things about moments with alka, he smiles and sits at bed… some thoughts were running into his mind: What’s happening to me? Since the day I met her there is unkown feeling into me….
Sam’s smile faded of while the flow of thoughts continued: This feeling can’t be of love, love is nothing but the synonym of betray… No I can’t love her…. No way…..
While the thoughts continued to run into his mind, screen gets shifted towards abhi who is in a cafe with a person…
Abhi: So what did you find out?
Person: Sir, your wife always goes into a house and comes out with a person age of 20+.
Abhi: did you noticed something else?
Person: yes i mean sir they used to hug eachother, sometimes the boy used to kiss her at forehead and they used to have limitless nok joks too…
Abhi was lost into some thoughts while the next person shook him
Person: Sir my payment? I have another party too waiting for me
Abhi: oh yes Thank you… but did you ever heard I Love you?
Person: Yes, your wife used to say it to that boy and the boy too used to say it.
Abhi getd sad and pays some money to him: Thank you.
Person takes his brief case and leaves…
Abhi gets tear into his eyes: I know its wrong to doubt on her but…. The circumstances are forcing me to do so….. Last step , i mean after this it would get cleard that pragya loves that Ravi or me….
Abhi leaves the cafe and screen gets shifted to pragya entering Sharma mansion, she looks around and finds no one except of sam who is pouring water into the glass, she goes to sam and taps his shoulder but sam doesn’t responds, she waves her hand infront of sam but gets no response as sam was lost somewhere, pragya nids her head in disbelief so she pinches sam…
Sam: Ahhh
Pragya laughs
Sam turns and sees her: Pearl?
Pragya: where are you lost? From past 5 minutes i am calling you…
Sam smiles and says no where.
Pragya; I think today is Lost Day, everyone is lost somewhere.
Sam: everyone?
Pragya: Yes everyone, you… bubble
Sam smiles: Alka?
Pragya: leave bubble, where is everyone?
Sam: i think they left for Mandir but except of Ma papa and disha, they are in their rooms…
Disha; But I m here.
Pragya turns and hugs Disha: hey how are you
Disha: I am fine
Pragya breaks hug and says So everything is fine?
Disha; yes muffin bhabhi
Sam laughs and says Muffin bhabhi.
Pragya: You ca just call me muffin disha.
Disha laughs and says: by the way I have a good news for you…
Pragya: Yes?
Disha: I have got a job
Pragya; Wow congrats….
Sam: Congrats dishu.
Pragya; where is treat?
Disha: Treat? What is treat?
Sam: Treat.. Treat is treat
Pragya; Treat is which you are going to give us
Disha: haha surely I will.
Pragya: you both continue, i have to meet ma and papa
Sam: okay!
Pragya leaves to meet Suket and saanvri…., their room door was already opend , pragya was about to knock it but stopped as she heard something…
Suket: Ravi is not our family part anymore
Saanvri: But pragya doesn’t understands it
Suket: Exactly, her relation with Ravi can affect her relation with Abhi
Saanvri; Ravi has always been a bad luck for us but……
Stop it Maa papa…..
Suket and saanvri stopped talking and looked at door, while pragya entered.
Suket; pragya…
Pragya: What’s wrong with you both? Just tell me what’s wrong? I really want to know
Saanvri: we just want you to end your relation with Ravii.
Pragya folded her arms in anger and said; Why? Any special reason?
Suket: Ravi is just a bad luck beta, he is affecting your and Abhi’s relation
Pragya: Enough is enough! Bad luck bad luck bad luck…. why don’t you both change your thinking….
Sam enters and says: what’s happening here?
Pragya: i don’t know why you both think Like this? You are parents right and still…. have you ever thought Your this behaviour hurts ravi…
Suket: we don’t care about ravi
Pragya shouts: Why the hell you don’t care about him
Sam: Is this a way to talk pearl?
Pragya laughs: wow, what a weird family i have got, sam bhai you are elder son you should make papa and maa understand about ravi
Sam: pearl, Ravi can spoil your and abhi’s relation.
Pragya shouts: Why the hell you think like that?
Saanvri: pragyaa
Pragya: no maa, its enough … ravi is part of our family but since the day you have realised the truth about Ravi, you trio have made his life hell, and what’s mistake of ravi? What is his mistake…. His mistake his that He is……….. (pragya takes deep breathe) If abhi would regect me because of Ravi then I will leave abhi forever
Suket: pragya
Pragya: If abhi won’t accept Ravi , then I will leave abhi
Sam: pragya
Pragya: Its enough… Bye…
Saying this pragya left, while suket saanvri and sam looked at eachother helplessly…….

Screen gets shifted towards mehra mansion…..
Alka is wandering into hall with earsphones in her ear, she mumbles the song: Itna maza kyun aa raha hai
[Why I am getting so much fun]
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya
[Have you mixed bhaang in the air]

She smiles and thinks for sam, while abhi enters the mansion with full rage at his face, alka without noticing steps back and ends up hurting abhi.
Abhi shouts: have you gone mad? .
Alka removes her earphones: I am sorry
Abhi: everytime you are listening to songs, don’t you have anyother work
Alka: Calm down abhi, what’s wrong what happend?
Abhi; why would you care? Everyone is busy in their own lives, there is no one who could ask me about my life
Alka keeps her hand at his shoulder: what happend?
Abhi in disbelief closes his eyes and says: sorry, no nothing .. I am fine
Alka: Sure?
Abhi smiles: yes…
Alka: go and take rest, you will feel better
Abhi nodd his head and leaves to his room,
Alka feels something weird, and again sees pragya entering the house, .
Alka: you are back so soon….
Pragya with heavy voice; Yes, i was tired so i thought i should come back
Alka: oh, well abhi too is back
Pragya: I am also leaving for my room
Pragya leaves…
Alka: Don’t know what’s wrong…..
Alka leaves for her room, while screen gets shifted towards abhi’s room….
As pragya enters, she find abhi laying at bed, she goes to him and says; are you fine?
Abhi looks at her and says: yes i am fine….
Pragya: oh, ahm well I want to tell you something.
Abhi: but I am not in mood of listening to anyone but where were You?
Pragya; I went ti sharma mansion
Abhi: oh…
Abhi’s sight fell over mangalsutra , pragya was wearing, so he thought something and said: why don’t you go for bath?
Pragya: What? I had bath already
Abhi: sure? Because there is dirt over your hairs
Pragya; what? Oh ho, okay wait i should go and take bath…
Abhi: Okay…
Pragya goes to dressing table qnd removes her mangalsutra and her acessories, ahe leaves for the bath, abhi made sure that pragya went to bath and then he went and took the mangalsutra… he looked at it and said: no it won’t work,….. he rolled his eyes over the things placed at dressing table and saw a necklace.
Abhi: This is fine, it would work.
Screen gets shifted towards alka….
She was wandering here and there, while some thoughts were runing in her mind: Should I? Should I not? I should…. No I shouldn’t…..
She sits at bed: oh God its getting complicated, okay so do it… Alka do it… You can do it! Com’on…. there’s nothing wrong in it, if he regected it would be fine but if I kept it hidden it wouldn’t be right….

At another side:
Sam: I don’t care, I should hide it , I should hide these feelings, they have no place in my heart, its fine to burry them then to confess them….
Sam’s chain of thoughts got broken by a call… he takes his phone and finds alka’s name at screen, he takes deep breath and attends call…..
Alka: Sam…
Sam: Yeah
Alka: actually
Sam: actually?
Alka: Can we meet somewhere?
Sam: I am tired right now
Alka: no i mean right after 8 pm, its just 2 hours take rest, we will meet at xyz park.
Sam: okay then…
Alka: okay bye..
Sam: bye….
Alka ends the call,
Sam looks himself in mirror and screen shifts to abhi looking himself in mirror,
Abhi: What is in that Ravi? That pragya loves him and not me, look at me I have fair skin, rocking hairs… rocking hairs? What?
While abhi was looking himself at mirror pragya came out of wardrobe… she went near dressing table, anhi took a side… she applied the vermillion, and wore Mangalsutra, she combed her hairs, while abhi came from her back and made her wear the necklace..
Pragya smiled: what’s this?
Abhi; necklace
Pragya : I am not blind, I can also see its necklace but why?
Abhi: actually I love this necklace.
Pragya: so you should wear it, why are you making me wear it?
Abhi: bad joke pragya.
Pragya laughed , and turned to abhi..
Abhi: its looking beautiful.
Pragya: I want to tell you something
Abhi: what?
Pragya : I want to tell you that….I lo…
Abhi: what?
Pragya thought to herslef: these are three special words , how can I confess them so broingly? I should seek tips from ravi…
Abhi shook pragya
Pragya: Actually, I want to go somehwere
Abhi: where?
Pragya: actually, shalini is waiting for me and I need to go there…
Abhi: when will you be back?
Pragya: its 6 30 right now… ahm so minimumly just in 1 hour
Abhi: okay…
Pragya smiled, she wore her stole and left…
Abhi: shalini or Ravi?
Abhi helplessly shook his head, he took his laptop and sat bed…..
Abhi: now i will see Shalini or Ravi….

Time passed and screen gets shifted towards pragya talking to someone…
Pragya: sure Ravi?
Ravi: 100% sure, this plan would work.
Pragya : Its so hard to propose him,
Ravi : hey, pearl its really easy.
Pragya; Yeah yeah right…
Ravi: its already going to be 8… go and propose him.
Pragya: it is not so easy.
Ravi: call him and ask him to meet you.
Pragya: but
Ravi: com’on call him…
Pragya smiles and takes her phone out while screen shifts to abhi, who in rage closed laptop, his phone rings
Abhi with rage: oh so Mam pragya is calling me, wow!
Abhi picks up the call,
Pragya: abhi, can you meet me at xyz park right now, i have something to tell you that would beautify our life.
Abhi with mocking voice; okay, I also have something to tell you
Pragya: okay bye, come soon.
Abhi ends call,
Pragya: I am getting nervous Ravi
Ravi: Pearl, just go and tell him, you already know he loves you so…
Pragya: I know but still its not easy…
Ravi: everything is easy.
Pragya hugs ravi : I love you
Ravi: Same here baby
Pragya broke hug; baby? Ahhh i hate that word
Ravi laughs: okay its getting late I should leave now, your husband would be reaching here at anytime
Pragya smiled , ravi waved his hand and went off….
While screen gets shifted to Alka who was walking in the park and waiting for Sam…
Alka: You can do it.. You can…. Com’on You can…
Someone taps her shoulder… she turns and says: Sam..
Sam: what were you mumbling to yourself?
Alka stammers; me? Ha..actually….
Sam: yes?
Alka: how are you?
Sam: i am fine but why did you called me here?
Alka: how is your office work going on?
Sam: you called me here to ask these questions?
Alka: noooo
Sam: So?
Screen shifts to Abhigya…
Abhi: Why did you called me here?
Pragya: I want to tell you something…
Abhi: Now what? About your so called love..
Pragya smiles and nods her head…
Abhi in mocking way: So go on….Tell me about your Love..
Pragya: I…. I….
Abhi: You?
Screen shifts to Sam and alka.
Alka: I want to tell you something, that i have realised today.
Sam: Oh
Alka held Sam’s hands: since the day you have came into my life, I have found new being in me, i thought love is nothing but today i came to know that Love is everything, i don’t know what you feel about me, but i am sure about my feelings, my feelings may be not same as yours but i can not burry them for so long, once in my life i have faced the betrayl but i don’t know why do I want to fall in love once again , this heart looks for the excuses to say no, but this heart doesn’t agree to any prohibitions , I want to rebel against my own self….. I want to say You That….. that I love you… I love you very much….
Sam freezes at the point and screen gets shifted towards abhigya…

Pragya: I want to tell you that I love ….
Abhi laughs and claps…
Pragya with confused smile looks at him
Abhi: Great, pragya great…. You love someone… and guess what I know whom you love..
Pragya blushes.
Abhi goes and with force helds her by chin: Oh so mrs sharma is blushing.
Pragya smiles but abhi’s touch was hard: its paining abhi
Abhi leaves her: Pain…. abhi laughs in mocking way… your pain is your pain , but what about my pain?
Pragya: abhi?
Abhi in rage comes and pulls her hair from back: I loved you more than myself but what you did…
Pragya: abhi its paining ouch…
Abhi: what you did? You betrayed me….
Pragya with painful voice; abhi, what are you saying…
Abhi leaves pragya, and takes his mobile out….
Abhi: wait i will show you, he hands his mobile to pragya…
Pragya gets shocked seeing it.
Pragya; abhi….
Abhi: What happend? Shocked? How did I came to know about you and your love..m
Pragya; Abhi he is Ravi….
Abhi: i know he is ravi and now i know what relation you share with him
Pragya; you are getting it wrong…
Abhi laughs; what? I am getting it wrong? In these pictures aren’t you hugging him? Isn’t he kissing you at forehead..
Pragya: listen abhi,
Abhi with his fullforce took the necklace out of pragya’s neck, the hook got broken down, pragya felt utmost pain.
Abhi: This is the necklace i gave you… and this is the camera i fitted.
Pragya gets shocked, abhi comes to her and again helds her by her hairs with full force, pragya cries in pain
Abhi: okay for once I am not believing in these pics, answer my some questions… Just Yes or No
Pragya in painful voice: But…
Abhi in rage: I said Just yes or No…
Screen gets shifted to Sam and alka…
Sam hugs alka tightly, alka hugs him.back…..
Alka: I love you sam…I love you….
Sam: I love y…… he stops and realises what’s happening, he broke hug…alka felt weird…. sam turned his face…
Alka with restless voice: what happend?
Sam closed his eyes: I don’t
Alka’s heart missed a beat
Sam: I don’t love you….
Alka: Sam?
Sam: No alka, again getting into love is risk for me…. I am sorry
Alka broke down….
Screen gets shifted to abhigya.
Abhi while pulling pragya’s hairs: first question: Do you have any relation with him?
Pragya in Painful voice; Yes….
Abhi expected this answer but still got hurt, he pushed pragya back and pragya fell down at grass, abhi came and stood over her: since when you know him?
Pragya gets up: Since childhood
Abhi: You love him?
Pragya: Abhi actua…
Abhi shouts: You love him or not…
Pragya: Yes, yes i do…
Pragya closed her eyes…
Abhi laughed, he was hurt to extant,: last question… just last….. You Love him more than me…..
Pragya; Abhi….
Abhi in rage: Answer my question damn it!
Pragya: Yes I do love him more…
Abhi was about to slap pragya as he was full in rage but stopped, pragya got afraid…

Screen gets shifted to alka and sam.
Sam: I already have lost myself in love no i don’t want to love anyone
Alka smiled: You lobed ronita?
Sam: I am not sure
Alka: do you love me?
Sam looked at her with helpless eyes: I don’t have courage to get into love again
Alka: Love doesn’t needs courage, love needs trust….
Sam looked at her, while she turned into opposite direction
Alka: Our journey has came to an end, this was our destination, The Journey of Two Souls have came to end today, by forever Samarth
Sam: Alka…
Alka left….
Sam broke down into tears…
Screen shifts to abhigya…
Pragya couldn’t hold anymore and she shouted: You were going to hit me? Com’on hit me, Com’on….
Abhi rolls his eyes.
Pragya: why are you looking in another directio n? I betrayed you right…. Shame on you, shame at your cheap thinking…
Abhi shouts: Shame on you … You deserved to be called as charct….. abhi stops saying further and says You married me but your affair was with someone else.
Pragya gets shocked.
Abhi in rage: I don’t want to see your face, leave my life right now, I always thought you do not deserve me but actually I don’t deserve a cheap person like you… Go from my life…
Pragya wipes her tears: Okay, okay…. Mister abhi i don’t care what you are thinking about me, If you think I am cheap then Shame on your thinking, if you think I do not deserve to be in your life than shame on your thinking, if you think I have betrayed you by loving ravi shame on your thinking, If you think i have affair with Ravi then Shame on your thinking….. you want me to be out of your life right? Then you won’t be able to see me from tomorrow’s morning…. pragya turns to opposite side and says: Bye Mister abhi, Tumahre jindagi tumhein mubarak ( stay blessed with your life)
Saying this pragya left, while abhi broke down into tears….
Screen gets divided into 4 parts , all 4 of them started to cry heavly….
Screen Gets freezed at 4 of them….

Pre recap: 1=Abhi comes to know about the real truth… 2=Abhi tries several methods to cheer up pragya 3=Sam and Aadit meet with accident 4=Sam realises his love

Thanks Guys for the comments…. I hope its super long, if not then sorry… Rithu, Jifi, cute vanshu, prathi, lucky….di, laxmi, priyanka, asmitha, hemu, menu, reshma , sugan.. Thank you so much

Rajesh: There is no sepration of abhigya neither I am going to remove Ravi character because he is really important for this ff…

Thank you souls…. Now ff writers: Asmitha, maya, Prathi, Haritha, suhani, kalaiesai, Trisha,adhya, sritijosee, srimathi, savitavidya… keep rocking All of you are best and Surbhi Di keep rocking with your ff.. all of you are best…. sorry if i missed any of you… Thanks and Cute Vanshu i am waiting for Pyaar ki ek kahani’a next update… keep rocking

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  1. Why always boys easily doubt loved one they don’t have trust for them but they said girl trust them don’t doubt them is there any rules only girl don’t doubt there loved one. In ff pragya also have doubt for abhi but she still trust him and come to now the true herself but abhi easily doubt pragya is really abhi loved pragya 10 years. In case abhi loved pragya for 10 years he didn’t doubt pragya I hate abhi for what he does with pragya????????

  2. Sry for what I said. I overrated for that extremely sry for that guys I didn’t said all boys are like that but one again I sry if I hurt someone

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