KKB….. Journey of Souls….. Episode 25


It was next day everyone was happy, though mansion wasn’t decorated like a wedding venue yet it was looking beautiful because of a small mandap situated at very centre of hall, the priest was already over there, pragya was giving him the things needed for wedding like garlands, vermellion and mangalsutra, Sam was busy in talking to someone at phone, alka was just admiring him, suket and raj were busy in themselves , disha was just looking at the boring sceanrio, this continued for few mins and right after this preet came along with saanvri and geeta, aadesh was already in mandap, preet came in red bridal attire and sat beside aadesh, aadesh looked at her and smiled while she blushed,
Alka: oh ho see nani is blushing ann?
Every body laughs while the priest starts the marrige, one by one all rituals took place, at last it was time for vermillion and mangalsutra, aadesh made them wear preet, preet smiled, alka clapped: wooo hooo! The marrige ended happily….. time passed and the priest left
Alka: so now my nani is pragya’s dadi,
Pragya: so what should I call nani? Dadi?
Sam: Dadi…. ahm it would be better if we call her Nani…
Geeta: so aadesh uncle is not uncle anymore but my father
Suket: and preet aunty is my mother.
Geeta: that mean’s suket bhai is my brother
Suket: That means geeta bhabhi is my sister.
Abhi: hey wait wait wait… if you both will become sister brother, pragya will become by cousin.
Alka: sister cousin
Abhi: Diiiiiii
Alka: i know it was worst joke.
Aadesh: stop merging the relations, the old relations were fine.
Preet: exactly.
Saanvri: but ma ji and papa ji there are some rituals we need to complete them and for that preet nani has to come at our home.
Alka: aa, in all this i even didn’t thought that nani would leave us.
Disha: in all this you even didn’t realised that i will also leave you
Abhi: exactly, disha can’t live without nani so she will also leave us.
Geeta: I will miss you maa.
Aadesh: don’t worry geeta , we will be talking to you everyday.
Saanvri: so let’s leave.
Sam: ahm maa
Saanvri: yes?
Sam: you all should leave for home, i will come after packing my stuff.
Aadesh: so better would be if you take my stuff with you too.
Sam: okay!
Alka thought to herself: he… i didn’t realised sam would leave so soon, the 11 00’s coffee with him was best part , i will miss him….
Abhi: so i will help you sam in packibg stuffs
Alka: noooo
Sam: what no?
Alka: i will help you.
Pragya feels something wierd but smiles
Sam: oh okay.
Suket: okay we are leaving
Raj: take care of my mother in law suket
Suket laughs and says surely.
Suket and all leave for sharma mansion , alka leaves with sam to help him, geeta and raj went back to their room to take rest as they were tired, abhi got a phone call so he left too, only pragya stood their as some thoughts were running into her mind.
Pragya: I should tell him about Ravi……. if i won’t tell him our relation could get complicated and that’s not right, he has full right to know about ravi, about my love for my ravi, i know no one is accepting ravi in our family but i am 100% sure abhi would…. ravi is important to my life, neglecting him or regecting him because of abhi or hiding about my relation with ravi from abhi is also not right….

While pragya was all lost in thoughts, abhi came and saw her, he smiled and hugged her from back, pragya was still lost while abhi said: thinking about me?
Pragya who was lost somewhere replied: about you and ravi,
The smile that was at abhi’s face faded of and he broke hug , while pragya came into her senses and said: i want to tell you something
Abhi faked his smile and said: what?
Pragya: actually…i… I want to … tel..tell you that
Abhi: That…….
Pragya: That…Ra… (pragya was about to continue but abhi’s phone rang)
Abhi: excuse me
Pragya smiled and abhi left, while pragya went back to her room
Here screen gets shifted towards alka and sam, sam was packing his stuff while alka kept admiring him,
Sam while packing stuff: alka…..
Alka who was still admiring him: hmmm
Sam: Am I looking so handsome today?
Alka: yesss…. alka realised what she said and tried to alter it…. Yes? Haha you and handsome, biggest joke of century…
Sam smiled , he closed zip of his back and placed it at ground, he looked at alka and said: your eyes say something else than your words.
Alka: you can also read eyes?
Sam: I can also read what’s in your heart.
Alka blushed…
Sam went to alka and hugged her,
Sam: I would miss your coffee…. and our talks at late night
Alka: I too willl
Sam broke hug and said; Bye…
Alka smiled: bye……..
Sam left while alka sat at bed and started smiling……..
Screen gets shifted to pragya…
Pragya was setting the room while abhi entered , pragya turned and her foot came over a pin placed at ground…
Pragya: Aaaaa… ouch .ouch… ouch….
Abhi quickly came to her and made her sit at bed, abhi looked at her foot and started to take out the pin
Pragya in pain: no no no no… ann its paining
Abhi laughed at her expressions
Abhi removed the pin but still pragya witj closed eyes was saying; annnn its paining, mummyyyyyyy annnn
Abhi laughed at her and said: oh no pragya, the pin went inside your foot , i can not take it outiside, is it paining?
Pragya: Maaaaaa, ah ha its paining very much annnnn
Abhi was laughing at pragya’s acting
Pragya: you are not taking it out instead you are laughing,
Abhi showed her pin, pragya looked at pin and then at her foot
Pragya: you removed it
Abhi: from past 2mins you are screaming for no reason
Pragya: hehe…
Abhi: what hehe, over actor
Pragya: hhhhhh
Abhi: what hhhh?
Pragya: why are you always irritating me
Abhi: because I love you
Pragya blushed
Abhi: your blushing is not answer to my question
Pragya: so?
Abhi: so when will i get answer for my question,
Pragya: soon
Abhi: when?
Pragya: soon
Abhi: soon means never
Pragya: soon
Abhi: i hate you
Pragya: great
Abhi nodded his head in disbelief while pragya laughed…..

Time passed it was evening, Screen gets shifted to alka, who was doing some office work, as her phone rang she picked it up without looking the name at screen.
Alka: hello
Sam: hello alka
Alka: you? I mean any work
Sam: yes actually do you remember that our companies arranged the AWARENESS DAY 2016
Alka: yes it is today
Sam: but there is one problem
Alka: which one?
Sam: the girl who was going to give speech over it has met with accident
Alka: oh no
Sam: so now tell me who would do speech? Its just 10 mins to event…
Alka: I will
Sam: you will deliver speech?
Alka: Yes, i will just be there in 5 mins
Sam: okay just be here in 5 mins, love you see yaaa…
Sam ended call while alka realised something
Alka: did he just say love you? Wait alka may be you are overthinking… love my foot… leave love and go to awareness…..
Alka soon went for a change and left for the awareness day venue…..
Screen gets shifted towards sam who was at gate of venue and was waiting for alka, he was walking from one point to another…
Sam: oh no event has already been started and they must be calling someone for speech, where is alka……
Sam was nervous soon someone taped his shoulder, he looked back and found alka, he smiled and said: Thank God you came…… event has started yaar; come, performances have already taken place.
Alka: calm down, now i am here..

Sam held alka’s hand and the entered into hall, alka looked at sam, sam smiled and soon found a place where they could sit, a speech was already going on, alka and sam started to listen it but soon alka’s attention got diverted to two persons who were just seated behind alka and were talking…
Girl: this is awareness day , just stop your cheap activities,
Boy laughed
Girl: i would just scream out just stop touching me
Boy held her hand: Oh ho. Scream out then
Alka was getting enough angry, her all attention was at the boy and girl sitting behind them, sam jerked alka
Sam: where are you lost? Your name has been announced
Alka: oh yes sorry
Alka smiled and went infront of everyone, the people over there clapped for alka as a sign of encouragement…Alka comes with the Mike and with excited and loud voice says: Hellooooo… what’s up people…. sorry sorry sorry… (she then lowers the voice and bows her head down) what’s up people? I shouldn’t be so forthcoming since I am a women, women should behave subserviently and talk softly , My mom has taught me this……( mein aurat hun na mujhe ek toh jhuk kr baat krni chayh or uper se dheere baat krni chayh, meri mummy ne sikhaya h yaar)
The audience was looking at her while she looked at her left side, uncle was seated over there , alka asked: But Sir what are you looking at?
Uncle nodded nothing
Alka: My legs…?
Audience laughed She with a confident smile said: why are you staring at them, why? (Kyun dekh rahe hain sir kyun?) I really want to understand, I have pair of legs just as you have pair of legs, may be Mine are little better than yours, but its not like it has ATM….24 hours open, written all over it? She smiled and said Correct?! Correct? The audience laughed.
Alka looked at audience and said: I think its better to make these things clear especially where I come from , I am from Delhi….. Yeahhhhhhh! The Captial of conutry (samarth including all laughed at her funny way of expressing it) You can also call it as Rape capital of country…. The audience clapped while she continued: Just month before, I was at the greater Kailash Market, a begger walked up to me and said: Bhen Bhagwaan k Naam pe bees rupaye de de ( Sister, please give me 20 Rs) I immediately gave him 500 Rupees, Ask me why (pointing at audience) Ask me…….. Yaar who calls anyone a Sister in Delhi anymore… (Delhi m behn bolta kon h aaj kal) The audience laughed….
She continued: In India Women can be catogrized in 2 types. ONE is whore and the OTHER one is sl*t. Obviously…… (alka mimicked a boy’s accent) Man….. she refused to sleep with me man, what a whore man! What a whore!

Alka :(back to normal voice) and I agree she must Indeed be whore if she is saying a No……. and there is another one(again mimicks) ….Bro…. you know who she slept with? Ahaaa Meee …. what a sl*t man, what a sl*t ( the audience laughed and clapped)
Back to normal voice: Our society never fails to astround me. Never…… our logic is quite wierd, just out of this world……. let me give an example…. 20 years Old Gunjan from west bengal is fighting death in hospital, why? What was her crime? Alka in mocking way continued: She wore Jeans to college, (the audience laughed and clapped at funny accent of alka) alka continued: who does that? Who does? Was Gunjan completely out of her mind? She should have taken inspiration from all these women whom the men in our country idolize… Katrina Kaif, deepika padukone, Priyanka chopra, they only step out clad in Sarees…. Sarees, wearing a ghoonghat….Correct? And their item numbers…… the ones that you all enjoy so much…. all the heroines do them wearing full sized blouses!!!!!! And this Gunjan, she just left home wearing jeans? That’s the limit.. (Alka with confident and in taunting voice continued) We are the Land of customs, Traditions, values, and for any society: its music and art are a reflection of its tradition and customs, and our songs are like Arz kiya h…. Beedi pee kr nukar per wait tera kiya re (Smoking a beedi, I waited for you at the corner of the street ) Good boy haan, patient boy, nothing wrong in waiting ahh, (alka again sings) Khali peeli attharah cup chai bhi toh piya re (I even drank 18 cups of tea for no reason) , Civilized boy an, he is drinking tea not alcohal, so far so good (again sings) ABCD padh lee Buht… ( I studied A, B, C, D a lot,) wow the girl should appreciate it , he is educated boy, I feel she should appreciate him , please (the audience laughed) again alka sings in her own voice: Abcd padhli bahut, thandi aahein bhar li bahut (I studied A, B, C, D a lot, and even filled cold sighs a lot) Acchi baatein kar li bahut ab karunga tere saath (I have talked very nicely with you, now I will with you)Gandi baat, gandi gandi gandi gandi gandi baat (dirty talks, dirty talks) she stops singing the audience claps , she says: Yaar, someone please introduce me to this guy? He is such a sweet, straightforward guy, he is so directly saying if you don’t agree to be with me , I will Rape you! And what did we do ? as a country what did we do about this? (In taunting way) We made this as our Party Anthem…. Give us a big round of applause , Com’on Com’on…. (alka claps in mocking way, audience laughs and claps)… I think we have been born in hypocrisy.. it is in our blood.. For boys we use so insulting names, very bad… very bad. Like dude , bro, chokra, launda (boy) [Alka in moking way] That’s the limit… (had h) boys should protest over this, and see for girls we use such respectful names, like Tota(item) , pataka (fire cracker) , chamiya( s*xy babe) the audience laughs at accent of alka.. alka continues: Phuljadi (s*xy bomb) oh ho ho ho…… the audience laughs , alka comes back to her normal accent, but we are not used to so much respect.. Yaar This country is beyond my understanding, A house wife, doesn’t matters how much she works,doesn’t matters if she dies while working, you would still say She is not working , She is just a house wife! If a guy is with 6 girls he is stud and if a girl is with 6 boys she is sl*t. I think the boys with some proudness, who want to go out and protect us(girls) and make things safe for us, who are watching out on us, my request is don’t watch over us, just look away (meri request h nazr mat rakho, nazr hataa do) that will be enough to solve our most of problems , This awareness day I just have one advice for you all, leave it guys…. it’s not cup of your tea (rehnr day beta tujh se na ho payega)…
Alka’s speech ended, Sam stood up and started clapping for her, the audience joined sam and they too clapped, alka came to the boy and slapped him.
Alka: If some amount of shame is left in you then leave from here, the boy feels guilty and leaves, the girl thanks her…. while the event continued Alka came out of hall, sam followed her, alka folded her arms while sam hugged her tightly: what a rocking speech, it was enough to make anyone aware about all this…
Alka broke hug and smiled.
Sam was about to continue but a person came to him and said sir your presence is needed in event, sam went with him while alka stood there……
Alka: there’s something…. something is happening to me, a change is coming….. but….. I mean whenever he is near me I feel he should be near to me always, and when he hugs me i feel as if all stars have came down at earth, his hug his closeness…. I…. alka closed her eyes and mumbled: I love him………….
Screen gets freezed at her happy face…….

Pre recap: Pragya and Alka are all set to tell their feelings to abhi and samarth…

A Double treat! I mean Double Episodes! 26 and 27 right at sunday!
And souls the speech by alka is not by me, here you go with the link: Listen it, i bet yo would love this girl! Thanks… by


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