KKB….. Journey of Souls….. Episode 24


It was night and as per condition alka has to make coffee for sam, alka was bit irritated at first but then she thought there’s nothing wrong in making it and most importantly she will be able to spend quality of time with sam, with these thoughts she entered in kitchen and saw pragya over there who was all set with ingredients needed for coffee, alka went to her and tapped her shoulder, pragya turned back and upon seeing alka she said bubble?
Alka: are you making coffee for sam?
Pragya: yes
Alka: well I also want to drink coffee
Pragya: no problem Iwill make it for you
Alka: No i mean, Let me make it
Pragya: But sam bhai doesn’t likes the coffee made by someone else, it is his psychi now what can I say? Even he doesn’t likes coffee of ma’s hand , he just always wants me to make coffee for him
Alka: seriously?
Pragya: when I was 15, it was first time that I made coffee and when bhai drank it , it became his routine that every 11 pm at night coffee is must and that of my hand.
Alka flashbacked:
Sam: 3rd condition is that till I am here you have to make coffee for me daily at 11 00 pm
Alka: what? No way
Fb ended.
Alka: What? He only likes the coffee made by pragya and still he said me to make coffee.
A unknown smile formed at alka’s face.
Pragya: bubble, whwre are you lost?
Alka: No where, actually I will make it myself, don’t worry I won’t let him know that I made it.
Pragya smiled and said; Thanks, now let me go to abhi.
Alka smiled and pragya left to her room.
Screen gets shifted to abhi’s room…..

Abhi was trying to open a drawer but it was not being opend as if it has been jamed, he was trying hard but he failed, pragya came in and at same time with all efforts abhi pulled the drawer and whole drawer box came out, all the things placed in it fell at ground.
Abhi: oh shit.
Pragya was stunned to see the things at floor.
Abhi looked at pragya and said: Thank God you came see everything fell at floor, please help me.
Abhi went and placed the drawer box at bed while pragya bent down to see the things which were at floor, basically they weren’t the things but were bundle of pics , may be more than 75 or 80, pragya collected all pics meanwhile abhi turned to her, he placed his hand at mouth being somehow stunned , he was controlling his smile, pragya looked at him and placed all the pics at bed, she spreaded the pics , and guess what all the pics were of Pragya…
Pragya was stunned, she sat at bed and starting rolling her eyes at pics one by one, she smiled a bit after looking at the pics, abhi was just looking at her face, at her smile , he folded his hands smiled.pragya took a pic in which she was playing basket ball,
Abhi: you won that match.
Pragya came out of her senses and said: yes? You said something.
Abhi smiled: You won that match right?
Pragya nodded her head and smiled, she again took another pic in which she was studying in library, she felt that something is written at backside of pic so she turned pic and saw something written on it, abhi patted his head and said What a romeo i was in college days,
Pragya started to read: She is lost in the words of book and I am lost in her, taking this picture and saving it as a memory, I hope the way she is lost in pics she would also lose herslef in my love.
Pragya smiled and looked at abhi, abhi rolled his eyes in another direction, pragya then took another pic , the pic was of her eyes. She smiled and turned the pic as she knew that something would be written and it was written: Looking into her eyes I turn into crazy person , don’t know how she controls herself while looking herslef at mirror.
Pragya laughed: What?
Abhi: hehe.
Pragya then took another pic, without looking at pic she turned it and saw that it was written: would it be okay if I start to love her without her permission, i guess love doesn’t needs permission, one sided love or two sided love is not the thing that matters the only thing that matters is love should be pious and without any doubt I love her.
Pragya smiled , her eyes started to become wet but then she saw a paper among pics, so she took it and started to read, abhi smiled.
It was written: I thought only heart is involved in love but brain soul body, intensions everything is involved in love, I have feelings for her but sometimes these are more than love, at first i thought she is attractive that’s why I am feeling a kind of attraction but no it was not attraction that made me fall in love with her but it was somethong unique in her, I am not sure whether she will be mine or not , all I know is I love her, she loves me or not that is not the matter, the thing that matters is will I still love her even after her regection? I guess her regection or acceptance won’t affect my love, she was my love , she is my love and always will be, may be….. (pragya looked at abhi, abhi guestured her to read further so she read further) may be tomorrow i get married to someone else, may be i won’t be able to express my feelings to her but i won’t have any guilt , I will be always proud and happy at my love that it didn’t decreased with the time but it is always getting increased. Pragya, the girl of my life, Why are you so beautiful?Why do you take my breath away? How did I get so lucky?
How are you perfect in every single way? Your laugh should be illegal because it’s too cute.
I never want to spend a minute without you. Pragya laughed and looked at abhi, abhi shrugged off , pragya stood up and continued to read: These all poems that i write, these all feelings I write , i am sure that pragya will never read them or will be able to read them , pragya even doesn’t knows me, these all feelings for her are pious and if these are really pious then I know some day , My pragya will read them and would pass a smile at them. I have always been passive, blurting out my feelings makes me uneasy and i won’t burry them too…. someday I will tell her no matter to whom she gets married I will tell her, I will tell her about my love, even in 50’s or 60’s i will still tell her that I love her. No matter how many blows i get at my cheek , i will tell her about my love again and again (pragya laughed) if not in this life then surely in next life I will get my love . Don’t know what innocence lies in her face, i love to watch her silently than watching her infront of everyone. I LOVE HER….

Pragya folded the paper, abhi stepped to her, pragya hurriedly gave a bone crushing hug to abhi.
While screen gets shifted towards Sam playing guitar in Terrace, he was seated over couch placed over there andhe was huming a random tune by looking at stars soon he imagined alka in the stars and started to sing some lines of Ke tera zikr h song:
Ke tera zikr hai
Ya itr hai
Jab jab karta hoon
Mehekta hoon, Behekta hoon, Chehekta hoon
Is it your mention,
or some perfume
whenever I do (mention)
I smell good, I get intoxicated, I chirp..
Sam smiled and rubbed eyes.
Sam laughed: am I mad?
A voice came: Yes , without any doubt,
Sam looked at his left side and saw alka standing there holding coffee mugs:
Sam: Oh you, come sit with me.
Alka gave him a coffee mug and than sat beside him, sam took a sip of coffee: Wow, i love this.
Alka: And I love you…
Sam: What?
Alka stammered: I lo…lov…love you..your voice, wow so cool.
Sam smiled: Thank you
Alka: bestfriends….. Thanks? Does it stuits
Sam laughed.
Alka: by the way , you sang this song by imagining Ronita?
Sam again took a sip: Com’on , looking at her none romatic song comes into my mind.
Alka smiled
Sam: well, today the way you treated Aadit, cool
Alka: what cool? He will surely do something
Sam: let him do it, you know that you are not alone i am always with you.
Alka smiled.
Sam kept his coffee cup at side and said to alka: come, tell me your fav song , i will sing it.
Alka: why don’t you sing any song which comes into your mind after looking at me.
Sam: only one song is coming into my mind
Alka: which one?
Sam: ja khushi se khud khushi kr le ( let’s commit sucide with happiness)
Alka: ughhh it’s not jaa it’s aa..
Sam laughed, he started to play guitar but alka snatched it.
Alka: Give me , I will sing a song
Sam: for me
Alka: mmmm…yes
Sam: so carry on
Alka smiled and started to play guitar, she looked at sky and then at sam, she closed her eyes and started to sing :
Kaun mera, mera kyaa tu laage
|||Alka looked at sam|||| : Kyoon too baandhe, man ke man se dhaage
Bas chale na kyun mera tere aage

Who’re you, who’re you to me?
Why do you tie threads of your heart with mine
Why am I so helpless against you..

Sam and alka both were lost i eachother and alka continued : Dhoondh hi loge mujhe tum, har jagah ab to, mujh ko khabar hai
Ho gayaa hoon teraa jab se main hawa mein hoon, teraa asar hai
Tere paas hoon, ehsaas me, main yaad mein teri
Tera thikaana ban gayaa ab saans mein meri

Now, you will find me anywhere, everywhere, I know
I am in the air since I have been yours, it’s your impact
I am with you, In feelings, in your memories,
Your home has become here, in my breath..

Alka came into her senses and stopped playing guitar so sam also came back to his senses.
Sam: wow you have great voice.
Alka smiled and gave sam his guitar back.
Sam: i think it’s quite late, we should sleep.
Alka stood up and took both coffee mugs: Good night.
Sam: Good night.
Alka left from there, Sam thought: oh ho sam, what is happening to you.
Alka went in kitchen : com’on alka , you sang your favorite song to him, what’s wrong.

Both of them started to feel wierd between them and days passed, it was the day when finally suket, saanvri , raj and geeta came back but something was wrong between abhi and pragya, not really but abhi was feeling as if pragya is hiding something, after Ravi’s call pragya used to go out of house to meet him and that arose a doubt in abhi, abhi used to regect this thought as pragya already said that Ravi is younger than him, while something was wrong between abhi and pragya, everything was getting wrong between Preet and Aadesh, sometimes they were gazing eachother with love and at next moment with hatred, what made them hate eachother was still unclear to alka, and she was the one who couldn’t wait for any suspense, alka noticed that everything between them is crumbled so decided to arrange their meeting at hall, where everyone could listen them, she told her whole plan to everyone, and the plan was that she would manipulate preet against aadesh and aadesh against preet, all of family members hid behind pillars, some were looking them through 1st floor, aadesh in anger came to preet and preet in anger came to aadesh.
Aadesh: how dare you said my flirtyy?
Preet: how dare you said that I have become old.
Aadesh: i didn’t said that
Preet: You did.
Aadesh: so what, aren’t you getting older auntyyyy
Preet: auntyyy?
Aadesh: yes aunty jeee
Preet: I look aunty to you?
Aadesh: Yes
Preet: you cheap person
Aadesh: I am cheap? You are selfish
Preet: selfish?
Aadesh: and cheater too
Preet: I never cheated you
Aadesh: Oh ho, look at madam , the one who betrayed me is saying that she has never cheated me wow!
Preet: Aadu
Aadesh in anger: Don’t call me that, don’t you dare
Preet: But
Aadesh: You never cheated me right? Exactly that’s why you left me, great. Oh yes how silly of me , you never cheated me that’s why you broke all the promises
Preet: aad…
Aadesh in full rage and loud voice: That’s why you married someone else …. (he in low tone said: That’s why you married someone else…… Again her shouted: That’s why You married someone else
Preet couldn’t hold anymore and shouted: I never married anyone.
Aadesh including all were stunned to hear that
Aadesh: What?
Preet: the day i was getting married, i ran away from marrige.
Aadesh: y…you?
Preet: I came to you, to your house but you already left the village.
Aadesh: why should I believe you?
Preet: why would you even belive me? Didn’t you got married ?
Aadesh: I….
Preet: You got married!
Aadesh: Ye….
Preet in loud voice: This was your love, you got married to someone esle
Aadesh in rage: I never got married
Again all family members were shocked including preet.
Preet: Yes yes that’s why Suket is your son
Aadesh: He is not.
Suket was shocked including all family members…
Preet: wow,
Aadesh: why are you judging me? Geeta is also your daughter
Preet: she is not my daughter.
Again it was a shock to all of family members.
Aadesh: so who is she?
Preet: you remember my beatfriend Ayesha?
Aadesh: yes
Preet: Geeta is ayesha’s daughter, geeta was newly born that of 2 months when ayesha and his husband died, so i took her responsiblity. But who is suket?
Aadesh: i don’t know , years before i was coming back to home from office, i saw him at road, he was almost 5 months old that time, so i took his reponsiblity.
Preet; You never married?
Aadesh: How could I? I loved you
Preet: loved…..
Aadesh gave preet a bone crushing hug: I am sorry, i thought you got married….
Preet hugged him back; I am sorry too…
All the members came into hall, and made a circle around preet and aadesh, aadesh realised and broke hug, preet wiped her tears,
Aadesh: suket
Suket: it means i am adopted,
Geeta: I am too adopted,
Suket: we both are adopted….
Alka; No it means we are also adopted,
Sam: I am also adopted,
Pragya : meee toooo,
Disha: I know i am adopted,
Raj(to suket) : I didn’t knew you were adopted,
Suket: i also didn’t knew i was adopted,
Saanvi to geeta: you are also adopted?
Geeta: Oh noooo…. we all are adopted,
Preet and Aadesh: we were also adopted….
Alka: Whole family is adopted yr……..
Raj: oh hello , abhi pragya, alka and sam you all are original piece you are not adopted
Saanvri: exactly.
All of them laughed
Disha: one thing is clear in this mansion I am adopted, suket uncle and geeta aunty are adopted , but nani and dadu you both?
Preet : Yes actually i was adopted.
Aadesh: i was too adopted when i was 7
Suket: and you both never told us
Aadesh: actually i thought, I already have losed so many people and after telling it I will also lose you so …
Suket hugged aadesh tightly: you won’t ever lose me papa, even i was adopted but you never made me feel that.
Geeta hugged preet: I love you maa
All of them smiled
Alka: Now stop wetting your eyes, and start prepration for wedding.
Everyone in chorus: Wedding?
Alka: yes, see dadu and nani should get married, because of their one mistake their love story got breaker so….
Geeta: wow great idea
Aadesh: but what would society think
Pragya: society would think wow what a love story , even after meeting ages you both got married
Abhi: society would say , we wish to have love story like this.
Raj: so what you are waiting for? Tomorrow is the marrige.
Preet: what?
Disha: no what no shot, tomorrow is your marrige.
Aadesh: No problem
Preet: sure?
Aadesh: 100% sure.
Preet smiled and screen freezed at their happy faces.

Pre Recap: (with excited and loud voice) Hellooooo… what’s up people…. sorry sorry sorry… (lowers the voice) what’s up people? I shouldn’t be so forthcoming since I am a women, women should behave subserviently and talk softly……( mein aurat hun na mujhe ek toh jhuk kr baat krni chayh or uper se dheere baat krni chayh)

Thank you souls for beautiful comments, i wish i could reply you all, but sorry i can not, i would reply all of you once my schedule gets arranged till then Thanks to every soul.. may be pre recap is confusing , but it’s eye opener and i hope you will love it.. Till then bye

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