KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 23


The episode starts with alka who is still hugging sam soon she broke hug, sam felt somehow awkward but for alka it didn’t looked as if she felt awkward
Alka wiped her tears and looked around
Alka: I am totally mad, I was just going to sucide.
Sam with annoyed expressions: Damn it, Shit!
Alka: what happend?
Sam: I did such a great mistake

Alka: What mistake?
Sam: I saved you
Alka: what? I mean it looks a mistake to you?
Sam: Yes, see if you would have jumped, then I was going to be free from you, but see how my bad luck is bad that I saved you!
Alka stared him: okay, wait let me free you now , i would go and jump
Sam: seriously?

Alka: Yes.
Sam: Okay go.
Alka: What?
Sam: Go I said
Alka with confidence : Okay i am going.
Alka started moving towards end of cliff, she closed her eyes and started mumbling: Bhagwaan bacha le, bacha le, bacha le, bacha le , bacha le (Bhagwaan save me , save me, save me, save me, save me).
Sam: Stop.
Alka smiled and took deep breath: Thank …God
Sam came to her and said wait: I should give you some money too
Alka: Money?
Sam: Yes, see you would jump down, but you will go up i mean to Bhagwaan , what if they ask you to pay fine
Alka: Fine for what?
Sam: For going there too early and without even asking the permission from God you went to His place.
Alka was getting enough angry, she said in rage: To do hell with Fine, Huh
Alka stepped towards end of cliff and was again going to fall, she screamed: Aaaaaaaaa
Sam held her hand but didn’t pulled her towards himself , instead alka was still at edge of cliff and if sam would leave her hand, she would fall down.
Alka: what are you doing? Pull me up
Sam: Why?
Alka: what why?
Sam: you want to die right so why should I pull you back?
Alka: oh hello mister, you want me to die
Sam: Is it? I want you to die so for me you would even die.
Alka: Yes.
There was minute of silence , the tune of bahara song started playing.
Sam smiled and pulled her back.
Alka kept her hand at chest and said: Thank God….
Sam: won’t you say Thanks?
Alka nodded her head in negative direction and forwarded her hand: Best friends?
Sam: ah? Not friends directly best friends?
Alka nodded her head.

Sam also forwarded his hand: okay then best friends..
Soon someone bashed a steel rod at Sam’s head from back, sam closed his eyes and kept his hand over the head.
Alka screamed: Samm……
Sam turned and saw the person, he couldn’t recognize him instead he fell down at ground.
Alka: Aadit, what the hell is this
Aadit: I thought you would die today but this man, he saved your life.
Alka slapped Aadit hard
Aadit: you slapped me?
Alka: no i slapped a crow
Aadit: What?

Alka snatched the rod from aadit’s hand and said: You like to kill people right? Today i won’t kill you but (she bashed the rod at his legs) i would tell you how much it hurts.
Aadit: Alka
Alka again hitted the rod
Aadit: ahhhh, alka you are my wife
Alka: wife? Alka stepped forward and aadit stepped backward
Aadit; you love me
Alka again bashed the rod: Okay then if I love you let me shower my love in my style
Aadit: alka
Alka again smacked the rod at his arm, while Sam got up and said: some day both of them would lead my funeral. Sam then saw alka beating aadit with rod: Aaj yeh jungleee pakka ya toh mujhe jail karwayegy ya khud ko ( today this junglee would surely get me in jail or would herself go in jail)
Alka again smacked the rod
Sam went to her and said: Stop it
Alka wasn’t listening to him instead she was stepping forward to beat aadit but Sam came in between and aadit ran away
Alka shouted: I would kill youu some day…
Sam: calm down
Alka: Calm down? Because of you he ran away
Sam smiled
Alka: hawwww over acting toh dekho sahab kee( see the overacting) just now you fainted and
Sam: i didn’t fainted actually i sat down at ground.

Alka: ahhhhh
Sam hugged her to pacify her: Com’on Alka , you are my best friend right so promise me that you will never ever get angry to such extent that you end up beating someone.
Alka made annoyed expressions
Sam: Com’on
Alka: fine, I promise
Sam broke hug; so let’s go back to house or still you have to die?
Alka smiled and said: let’s go
Screen shifted towards abhigya….
Abhi: how will she propose me? By some romantic poetry or by romantically decorating something , or by something…… oh God i am so desperate but wait I have never proposed her, shit! This is not right firstly I should propose her and if she accepts my proposal than it would be alright.
Pragya while reading magzine: What happend? Why are your facial expressions so irritated one’s.
Abhi: oh no nothing.
Pragya: See I am getting bored, neither bubble and sam bhai are here nor I can go to office as i have applied for 2 weeks leave
Abhi: so let’s go for honeymoon

Pragya took pillow and threw at him: Go with your so called glamor girl.
Abhi: i don’t mind
Pragya stared him: But I will mind
Abhi was about to say something but someone from back encircled the arms and kissed his cheek, pragya was all shocked, not only pragya but abhi too.
Abhi got up and looked back, there was a girl wearing shorts and Top with diamond earings and her hairs were left open, Th girl came to abhi and tightly hugged him: I missed you baby…
Abhi: Sur…..su…Surak….Suraksha
Suraksha broke hug and pulled his cheek
Abhi: Ahhhh, don’t do that
Pragya went to them and said who are you?
Suraksha: Abhi’s friend ,

Suraksha again hugged Abhi.
Abhi was feeling uncomfartable and irritated at same time.
Pragya controlling her anger: abhi why don’t you just give me list of your Girl friends.
Abhi: She…She is not my girl friend.
Suraksha: Com’on abhi. Well who is she?
Abhi went to pragya and encircled his arms around pragya: My wife.
Suraksha: what? She is your wife.
Abhi: yes.
Suraksha came and pulled abhi towards herself..
Pragya: hawww
Suraksha: Nice to meet you pragya jee
Abhi thought to himself: let’s become suraksha’s boyfriend then.
Suraksha: you know abhi, i missed you so much.
Abhi: aww, i missed my baby too.

Pragya mummbled: Baby?
Suraksha: aww that is so sweet, but you even didn’t invited me to marrige.
Abhi: you were not in India so i thought not to disturb you.
Suraksha: That is so sweet of you.
Pragya: Abhi i have to talk to you about something.
Abhi: No pragya we will talk later , see suraksha has came go and bring something like tea coffee cold drink.
Suraksha: you are so sweet.
Pragya: but i am not , abhi i have to talk to you.
Abhi: com’on pragya go and get her something, and suraksha come let’s sit and have chit chat.
Suraksha: surely
Pragya folded her arms in anger,
Abhi: Go pragya
Pragya in rage went to kitchen.
Pragya was being boiled in anger : How…. ughhhhhh.. now I have to make coffee for that So called Suraksha, not suraksha but chipkuuu lizard, how the hell she was sticking with abhi, leech.
Pragya in anger started to make tea , she was all irritated, in last she took tray and 2 cups , she started pouring tea in it but because she was in anger little amount of tea fell on her hand..

Pragya: Ouch…ahh.. (she started to blow air at her hand) she then took tray and went to suraksha and abhi, she kept the tray at table and the sceanrio she was looking at boiled her anger more….. Abhi’s head was in suraksha’s lap, suraksha was carressing his hairs.
Abhi looked at pragya: oh so lazy you are, suraksha was all set to go back.
Pragya: so?
Suraksha: it’s fine abhi , let’s have tea, come pragya join us.
Pragya: no thanks, i am tired i am going back to my room.
Abhi looked at her while pragya in anger left from there………
Pragya went to her room and started to walk in to and fro motion.
Pragya: ahhhhh how the hell…. he could just keep his head in her lap..
Pragya was at peak of angerness, she sometimes was sitting at bed and sometimes just walking here and there , soon her phone rang, as soon as she saw the number at screen a smile came at her face.

Pragya: hello Ravi , how are you?
Ravi: i am fine but i think mam has forgotten me after marrige
Pragya: it is nothing like that Ravi, actually i was busy you know.
Ravi: busy? Just directly say me that you don’t love me anymore , all your love is for your husband.
Pragya laughs: Ravi…..
Ravi : I love you…
(Abhi enters but pragya doesn’t notices)

Pragya: I love you too Ravi….
Abhi: Ravi? Who Ravi?
Pragya: Ravi I miss you.
Ravi: I miss you too but oh ho i think mam is calling me I will call you back.
Pragya: okay bye take care…
Pragya ended the call and abhi tapped her shoulder, pragya turned back and looked at him: oh so you are here? Why? Your chipku lizard went?
Abhi: who is Ravi?
Pragya: my boyfriend any problem
Abhi: pragya.
Pragya: okay he is just my friend, my bestfriend , my soulmate.
Abhi: why did you say I love you to him?
Pragya: why did you hugged that Suraksha

Abhi: she is my friend
Pragya: so he is also my friend
Abhi: you are saying I love you to him …. as a friend?
Pragya: he is a child mister,younger than me.
Abhi took deep breathe
Pragya: but youuuu, go back to your so called girl friend
Abhi: again jealous?
Pragya: Yes I am
Abhi: awww
Pragya: what awww? How the hell she was sticking with you.
Abhi: pragya
Pragya; what pragya? You can hug her you can kiss her , you can sit together with her.. okay go do whatever you want to, who am I, just a wife Right? Go go with her. She was about to say further but Abhi kissed her at cheek , pragya froze at the point.
Pragya: What the….
Abhi: What the? You need it again
Pragya blushed: You….I hate you
Abhi stepped towards her: you….hate me?
Pragya stepped backward: Yes i do.
Abhi: Okay then I hate you too.
Pragya: you hate me?
Abhi: Yes i do.
Pragya: I already knew you hate me and you love that surkiii i mean suraksha
Abhi: Yes yes i love her that’s why I married you
Pragya: you Loved her .
Abhi: yes.
Pragya: So cheap
Abhi: what?
Pragya: you consummated relation with meera, you love suraksha and married me. Wow
Abhi stared pragya
Pragya laughed.
Abhi: ahhh i don’t want to talk to you.
Pragya: Sure?
Abhi: Yes!
Pragya: Thank God.
Abhi: ahhh i hate you
Pragya: Same here.

Abhi left room.
Screen gets shifted towards alka and sam coming into mansion.
Alka: Still its hurting?
Sam: Yes somehow, i feel like my head is spinning.
Alka: so go and take rest, it would be better
Sam: yeah
Sam was about to go to his room, alka stopped him
Alka: Thanks
Sam: what?
Alka: Thanks, because of you I am here.
Sam: Bestfriends…. Thanks… does it suits?
Alka: Okay fine.. now go and take rest.
Sam smiled and turned back to go to his room but Alka stopped him.
Sam: now what?
Alka: what so ever happend do not tell it to anyone please, they willl get worried
Sam: fine but I have conditions
Alka: Conditions?
Sam : yes, only 3 conditions
Alka: which?
Sam: 1st and 2nd condition are about 2 promises.
Alka: promises?
Sam: 1st: you will never take any step being emotionless or being angry and would share everything with me.
Alka: Okay promise, next condition
Sam: 2nd condition is that We will always remain best friends.
Alka: surely I accept.
Sam: 3rd condition is that till I am here you have to make coffee for me daily at 11 00 pm
Alka: what? No way
Sam: Abhiiiii, pragya….
Alka placed her hand over his mouth: okay fine.
Sam removed her hand: That’s like my girl
Saying this sam left.
Alka smiled: My girl! Haha he is so cute.

Alka then leaves to her room.
Screen gets shifted to abhi doing some work at laptop, pragya comes to him and taps his shoulder.
Abhi: now what?
Pragya: someone is angry.
Abhi: so go and ask “someone”
Pragya: abhi…
Abhi: you can say me i hate you but can’t say I love you.
Pragya: wo…. actuallyy…
Abhi: let me do my work.
Pragya folds her arms and then her sight fells over guitar she goes to it and starts playing it, abhi’s attention gets diverted but he pretends to work at laptop:Pragya: Yeh ladka hai allah kaisa hai deewana
O God, what kind of a crazy fellow this guy is!

Kitna mushkil hai tauba isko samjhaana
O dear, how difficult it is to explain to him

Ke dheere dheere dil beqaraar hota hai
That the heart becomes anxious (lit.loses peace) slowly

Hote hote hote, pyaar hota hai
And only very gradually [lit. happening, happening] does love happen,
Abhi gets irritated and in irritation closes the laptop, he gets up from bed, pragya nodded her head in negative direction and sang:
Ho, yeh ladka hai allah kaisa hai deewana

|She goes behind him, abhi turns and smiles at her, pragya smiles back, they were out of their room and so abhi whispered: I love you.
Pragya pretended as if she didn’t listened and said Whatt?
Abhi in low tone said: I love you.
Pragya blushed
Abhi: Do you love me?
Pragya nodded her head: No….
Abhi in anger turned away and started going downwards, pragya followed him….

Pragya: Humne to itna dekha, humne to itna sikha
I for one have seen this, have learned this,

Dil ka sauda hota hai sauda zindagi ka
That the trade of hearts is a trade for life

Pragya held abhi’s hand and went infront of him, she held him by shoulder: Milte hi kaise koi hota hai deewana
How can someone become love-crazy just upon meeting

Abhi jerked her hands off while pragya continue to sang: Kitna mushkil hai tauba isko samjhaana
O dear, how difficult it is to explain to him

Ke dheere dheere dil beqaraar hota hai
That the heart becomes anxious (lit.loses peace) slowly

Hote hote hote, pyaar hota hai
And only very gradually [lit. happening, happening] does love happen,

Abhi kept his hand over her mouth and said: mera dil dheere dheere bekaraar nhi hua tha or milte hee main hua tha deewana ( my heart didn’t became anxious slowly and I became love crazy just upon meeting you)
Alka listened to it: Oh ho romeo
Abhi left pragya,
Alka: what is happening?
Pragya: ask your brother.
Alka: what happend abhi.
Abhi: leave me but are you fine?
Alka: yes why,?

Abhi; your facial expressions i mean you cried today.
Alka thought to herslef: ragar ragar ke to dhoya apna mun taa k ise pata na chalaye k m royi thy ab poora sabun waste ( I cleaned my face even by soap so that he won’t come to know that i cried but my whole soap wasted)
Abhi: Alkaa diii
Alka: oh yes, i mean no no actually i went to watch The Titanic Film so i cried there
Abhi: emotional fool.
Pragya: hey i love that movie
Alka: we can go to cinema tomorrow to watch it
Abhi: why to waste money when you can watch it at home by downloading.
Alka: oh yeah, i didn’t got that idea, well you both continue your fight i would go and wash my face with soap again
Abhi: what?
Alka mentally slaps herself: I mean… I mean i would go and wash my face so that i could look fresh.

Abhi: oh okay
Alka leaves.
Abhi: and you, okay i don’t need your I love you
Pragya: okay
Abhi: ahhhh
Pragya laughed and screen freezed at them………

Pre recap: it means i am adopted, I am too adopted, we both are adopted…. No it means we are also adopted, I am also adopted, meee toooo, I know i am adopted, I didn’t knew you were adopted, i also didn’t knew i was adopted, you are also adopted? Oh noooo…. we all are adopted, we were also adopted…. Whole family is adopted yr……..

Thank you guys so much, love yaaa, drop the comments, as i m running out of time its reallt impossible for me to reply all the comments but all of you Rock! Thanks , have awesome day.. love yaaa, stay tuned for the twists, hey prediction queen , keep predicting , yup yup i am talking about you, oh see that smile on your face haha love you PH! Love you all stay tuned , keep commeting, keep rocking.

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