KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 22


Episode starts with abhi sitting at bed and talking to someone through video call..

Abhi: Yes , everything is fine here mom
Geeta: and where is pragya?
Abhi: She is in kitchen i guess
Geeta: haw abhi, this is not right everytime she is in kitchen, she is our daughter in law not a cook or maid that everytime she in kitchen.
At same time pragya comes behind abhi and says: Mom, why are you scolding him and not every time i am in kitchen , actually i was making something special for aamir kaka’s family.
Geeta: For his family?
Pragya: Yes actually I thought that he works for us day and night so i should also do something for him and his family
Abhi: but that’s what he is paid for
Pragya: Exactly, but sometimes we need to treat them as friends , always treating them as slaves is not right.
Raj: See how much my daughter is intelligent.
Geeta: she is my daughter too.
Pragya laughed while another call was coming at laptop , it was of Suket
Abhi: Mom dad, let me add papa and maa at conference call
Raj: oh surely…
Abhi attended the call
Suket: Hello everyone!
Pragya: how are you papa, maa?
Saanvri: we are extremly fine what about you both
Pragya: I am fine too
Saanvri: fine? See how much you have lost your weight, i am not there na so no one is taking my daughter’s care properly, and see the dark circles around your eyes, God, and see how dark your color has became.
Abhi was staring saanvri with wierd expressions
Pragya: Mom , i am totally fine, stop your dialouges.
Saanvri: hehe fine
Geeta: Namastey Saanvri bhabhi
Saanvri: Namastey, how are you?
Geeta: I am fine.
Raj: Suket, when are you going back to India?
Suket: just in 3 , 4 days
Abhi: Really?
Raj: we are also coming back just in 3 or 4 days.
Pragya: This is so good.
Abhi: Mom, bubble is also missing you to core
Geeta: Aww, I miss my baby too
Abhi: she is not baby now.
Geeta: for me she always will be.
Time passed and soon abhi ended call and screen shifted towards Samarth waiting for someone at road by leaning at car, he was again and again looking at watch and was looking here and there, soon his sight fell on alka hugging with someone , samarth took off his sun glasses, and saw someone cupping alka’s face, samarth was getting angry to the core, he then turned his face and bashed his hand with car,
Sam: Damn it. How can alka hug someone.. how can she…
Sam took deep breath (usually we take when we are angry)
Sam: wait, why can not she hug someone, what is happening to you sam? She is just your friend, stop being conservative or possesive for her , you are no one to her.
He then turned back and alka wasn’t there anymore neither was the person over there , he then looked at another side and saw alka getting into her car, sam decided to follow her , so he also sat in car and started to follow her.

Screen shifted towards pragya reading magzine in hall, soon she saw abhi entering with a girl and boy aged of 24 to 25, abhi was coming by encircling his arms around the girl’s shoulder , seeing this pragya got enough jealous and so she got up from couch, she went near abhi and said: who is she?
Abhi pulled the girl’s cheek and said: she is my glamor girl.
Girl: awww (pulls abhi’s cheek back) this is so shweet of you shweetuu
Pragya closed her fingers in form of a punch, as she was getting enough jealous while abhi was enjoying it.
Pragya: oh shweetu hoga tera baap chor abhi ko (oh shweetu would be your father, leave abhi)
Abhi: This is not the way to talk pragya.
Pragya: and this is not the way to stick with other’s husband.
Boy: she is not sticking with abhi sir , mam.
Pragya: Now who are you?
Boy: I am Neil, employee from Mehra company, and she is Aradhya who is going to act as model for this company, she is going to act with me for the add of a brand so abhi sir is guiding her.
Pragya: Like this.
Abhi: Com’on pragya don’t get jealous, I am just guiding her
Pragya : Jealous? Then pragya realised abhi’s whole plan.
Pragya to herslef: so he wants me to get jealous so that in anger i can say him I love you, awww so sweet but no abhi babu , your dream won’t come true so easily , just wait and watch.
Aradhya: its just an add mam.
Pragya smied: just advertisement right? Then abhi why you both are far from eachother? Come closer na.
Abhi blinked his eyes and said: Closer?
Pragya: yes closer. And you(pointing towards boy) neil right?
Neil: Yes mam,
Pragya: Come to me, I will show you how to hold aradhya during advertisement.
Neil: Are you sure mam?
Pragya: Yes. And abhi just guide aradhya that how she has to stand with neil during add.
Abhi nodded his head and held aradhya’s hand while his full concentration was at pragya.
Pragya got closer to Neil, abhi got jealous and jealousy was being shown at his face clearly.
Pragya held neil’s hand, while abhi in anger starting to hold aradhya’s hand tightly.
Pragya kept her one hand over neil’s shoulder and avoided abhi, abhi could notice it , he started to burn in jealousy, pragya then asked neil to keep his hand at pragya’s waist, pragya started to look in neil’s eyes, abhi couldn’t hold anymore, he went to them and seprated both of them.
Pragya: What are you doing?
Abhi: I can also ask same question from you, what are you doing? And you oh hello neil and aradhya , Thank you so much now leave

Aradhya: But..
Neil: let’s leave.
Pragya smiled seeing abhi’s jealousy, neil and aradhya left, abhi sat at couch in anger , pragya sat beside him and held his hand, abhi losed his hand from her,
Pragya: Someone is getting jealous
Abhi: so, how closer you were to neil
Pragya: You were also closer to aradhya
Abhi: but you were more closer to neil
Pragya: So what
Abhi: I can not see you with anyone
Pragya: just like you can not see anyone with me, i can not also see you with anyone like this
Abhi: but that was to make you jealous
Pragya: Why?
Abhi: I wanted to know if you love me.
Pragya: So what you concluded? I love you or not.
Abhi remained silent: Nothing
Pragya got up from couch and said: This was arranged marrige for me and that is why i don’t love you.
Abhi in rage stood up and held pragya tightly by shoulders: Arranged marrige for you? Right right, then why the hell you married me? Why the hell you accepted challenge and why the hell you got jealous when aradhya was near me.
Pragya smiled and screen got shifted towards sam, who stopped his car before alka’s car, alka got down from car and was slowly going to edge of cliff.
Some words started echoing in her ears: This society won’t accept you…… You aborted baby, you are criminal, a murderer… You have betrayed everyone ..
Sam saw this and started following her: Alka…. (shouted) Alkaaaaaa
Alka was not in her emotions she was slowly going towards edge of cliff while some words were still echoing im her ears: You are weak……… You are dependant…. Without me you are nothing, just a girl who could be called as characterless….
Alka reached at edge of cliff, with no emotions at her face , she forwarded her food and was about to fall…
Sam shouted Alkaaaa….. and hurriedly held hee by hand, he then pulled alka towards himslef, alka was not in her senses and was saying: let me go, let me …. i don’t deserve to live in this world (she again turned towards cliff) I killed my own baby…own baby.. she was again stepping but sam holded her.
Sam: Have you gone mad?
Alka: I killed my baby, let me go
Sam: what are you saying
Alka was trying to free herself frm sam’s grip continuously and was saying: Let me go to my child, i aborted him
Sam: Alka
Alka: let me die
Sam: Alka , you are not in your senses
Alka: let me die
Sam: alka stop it
(Alka was still trying to free herself)
Sam was continuously shouting as it was being difficult to handle her.
Alka: let me die, i don’t deserve, leave me, i said……
Sam shouted Alkaaa and gave a tight slap to her…
Alka freezed over that point and screen git shifted towards Aadesh who was talking to a lady.. While Aadesh was talking to her , preet came and saw the old lady being frank with him.
Preet: Till this day , every old lady flirts with him, in my young days how irritated i was because of his girl friends and now too… such a flirtyy man! She saw old lady sharing hug with aadesh.
Preet: Sharam waram bachi bhi h iss budhi m ya bhech khai h is ne ( Is there any shame left in this old lady?) See how she is sticking with aadu, hawww she holding his hand too, preet was enough jealous so she went to them.
Aadesh: Oh so you came to spoil our mood
Preet: who is she?
Aadesh: My Life partner.
Old lady: Yess
Preet: What?
Aadesh: She is the only partner in my candy crush game who sends me life so she is life partner, i mean my life partner.
Preet: With growing age you also lost your intelligence?
Aadesh: Com’on preet
Preet: Pratu, you liked to call me pratu
Aadesh became sad: Time chamges preet.
Preet had no words to say further ,
Aadesh managed to have a smile at his face and said to Old lady: just go to your house and send me 5 lives please.
Old lady: Surely
Saying this old lady left, before preet cpuld say anything, Aadesh too left, preet helplessly looked at him.
Screen shifted towards alka and sam.
Sam was about to say something , while Alka broke down into tears and hugged him tightly , Sam was stunned at her sudden action, he didn’t hugged her back
Alka: I lost my child years before, I…(sobbed) killed him, I am killer.
Sam broke hug , and cupped Alka’s face , he wiped his tears and then sam made her sit at a rock (enough big) and he sat there too.

Sam: What happend? Tell me from the very start
Alka wiped her tears and held Sam’s hand.
Alka: You…. (sobbed) You know I was divorced right?
Sam: Yess
Alka: I… I consummated my relation too…
Sam: Yes then?
Alka started to cry
Sam: stop crying, (wiped her tears)
Alka: After I divorced my husband “Aadit” , I came to know that…. (she wiped her tears)
Sam: That?
Alka: That I am going to be mother
Sam was stunned hearing this
Alka: i didn’t wanted to keep any sign of Aadit with me and I…. (started cring hardly) I aborted him.
Sam didn’t knew how to react, alka hugged him from side
Alka: Today, Aadit met me and asked me to marry him again
Sam: so he was the one who hugged you
Alka: yes but i didn’t hugged him back, and evem didn’t accepted his proposal so he started saying me that I am killer of our child, this society won’t accept me..
Alka again started to cry harder while samarth started laughing , alka looked at him with confused expressions.
While screen got shifted at Mehra mansion.
Pragya laughed and said: Mister Mehra in your all questions you have your answers.
Abhi : What?
Pragya: why the hell I agreed for arrange marrige? Why the hell did I accepted the challenge and why the hell did I got jealous? These were your questions
Abhi: It means you love me, but you said you don’t love me, but if you love me how can you not love me?
Pragya: It’s challenge mister, wait for sometime , i won’t propose you in simple way..
Saying this pragya left.
Abhi nodded his head in disbelief then he realised something; what? She said to me that she would propose me… Abhi got over joyed and shouted: I willl wait
Pragya laughed and screen gets shifted towards Sam and alka.
Alka: why are you laughing?
Sam: I am laughing on your stupiditg
Alka: what?
Sam: he came to discourage you, he came to destroy your happiness, he came to blame you for something you never did
Alka was now stunned
Sam: See alka, you didn’t killed your child instead you saved him by aborting him, just imagine what if Child would have grown up and would have asked you where is my father, what answer were you going to give him? And what if because of that child you had to marry that Aadit again? And what if Aadit in near future would have started to torture your child?
Alka was looking at him, Sam cupped her face and said: what ever happens is for our own good so please stop blaming yourslef, you are not a killer but a saviour.
Alka smiled,
Sam: That’s like my girl
Alka hugged him and screen freezed over them…

Pre recap: I love you too Ravi…… What? Pragya who is Ravi?

New Twists are coming soon, so wait and watch, I hope jealousy was in air and every where hehe, drop your comments beautiful Souls…

Myna: your WW always Brings smile on my face. Thank you
Sabeenia, i m his chashmish, maha, shuruti, Aliza , hemusampath, asimtha(hey don’t be sorry) , Haritha(not a connection but connections hehe, prediction queen love yaa) lucky, di, somiya (hehe) , Minu, prathi, Reshma(haha and i m now fan of your commments) laxmi siva (read your reply at last) surbhi(haha so alka is going to be main character then) nini, Sugan…. Thank you so much all of youuuuu!

Laxmisiva: dear i will end this ff after 30 or 40 updates as i really don’t like to drag, i will use all my ideas till limited updates that’s why every update of mine reveals a connection, so there are many upcomg twists so don’t worry….

Thank you all

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