KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 2

Thanks Somiya, Varsha,Rithu,shreeya,vidya, aytac, di, haritha(keep writing haritha ?? you are also my fav) vaishnavi, maya , nini!

I love you pragya I love you, for you my love is pure and pious, i remember the very first day when i met you, its been 10 years to it but still i remember how calm were you , i spoiled your dress by splitting my coffee but you calmly replied to me, your sparkling eyes were enough for me to lost into, I…….

A person comes and intrupts: Enough Crazy lover , how much will you talk about her to yourself….

Oh Dad when did you came?
I came just when you were talking about pragya, i never knew business tycoon Mr Raj Mehra’s son Mr Abhishek Mehra can turn into crazy Lover haan!

Abhi: Dad stop teasing me na!
Raj laughs and says Okay fine i was just here to tell you that within 2 hours we are going to pragya’s house so go and change your dress and wear something attractive!

Abhi: my personality is itself enough attractive Dad!
Raj shooks is head in disbelief and says do what ever you want to, i have some important work i will come back in 15 mins!
Abhi says okay dad.. Raj is about to leave but Abhi calls him: Dad Wait
Raj turns back and says Yes?
Abhi kisses his cheek and says Thanks , abhi rushes to his wardrobe
Raj rubs his cheek, smiles and says Crazy Boy…

Time passes….
Abhi comes out of wardrobe and stands near mirror.. He looks at himself and says you waited for her since 10 years and when you are finally going to meet her , you are confused for what to wear! Its been half hour and still I have not found any suitable and attractive color.. abhi goes back to wardrobe and starts searching the clothes… He gets a green T-shirt, he looks at it and says no way yakhhh its so sharp color, he throws it at bed then He gets a red Shirt, he looks at it and says if I will wear this then for sure a bull will attack at me, abhi you are a business man come on , you are getting nervous just at choosing clothes, abhi then one by one gets a shirt and regects it, finally after much struggle he gets out of wardrobe and looks at bed which is full of different shirts, he says what should I wear? Its getting late yar, Should I wear Red? No way she won’t like it, Green? Oh no no no! He then gets the shorts and says should I wear shorts? Oh No No Mister You have Gone mad! …… abhi with irritated face sits at bed and says what should I wear?

A voice comes What about This Shirt? Your favorite Blue Color…..
Abhi looks at door and says Alka dii oh my problem solver oh my mind reader, oh my helper, oh my lover!
Alka comes to Abhi and slaps him softly, she says Stop buttering me!
Abhi: how can I butter you dii, you seriously are problem solver!
Alka laughs and says Abhi you won’t ever change na…
Abhi says never!
Alka laughs and says here you go with this shirt do wear it and don’t worry i m coming with you to pragya’s house ..
Abhi says Thanks Bubble…
Alka: Finally you called me bubble , so now don’t you ever dare to call me dii!
Abhi okay fine bubble , now let me get ready and you too get ready . Fast fast fast
Alka says Okay okay okay baba! Alka leaves, abhi goes to wardrobe again…
Screen shifts to pragya sitting in her room and doing some important work at laptop at same time samarth enters , he looks at pragya and nods his head in disbelief , he then goes to her and snatches the laptop.
Pragya says what’s wrong bhai? I was working on important project ..
Samarth sits at bed and says important project? Pearl boy’s family would be reaching here any time , you are still in this dress, go and change …
Pragya says bhai i promise i will change my dress but just 2 mins i have to complete project.
samarth says pragya , Marrige is not a game it is a beautiful journey and you are taking it so lightly, papa is very worried for you pearl , you know today it was important meeting which would have beinfited our company but he cancelled it for you…
Pragya says okay fine bhai i m going for change. And please why don’t you make papa understand that getting married is not much important..
Samrth stares pragya continuously
Pragya says okay okay.. fine
Samarth says promise me
Pragya says Promise?
samarth says Yes promise, promise me that if you will find the boy Good and nice in every way , you will says Yes for marrige
Pragya says Pakka wala promise, if i will feel comfortable , I will agree!
Samarth says That’s like My Pearl.. okay go now..
Pragya smiles and leaves…

Time passes….
Raj with Abhi, Alka and his wife Geeta reach at prgaya’s house, they get out of Car, abhi says papa you should proceed, I will come after parking the car, Raj says fine…… Raj leaves with Alka and Geeta, abhi sits in car and says Okay finally Abhi, be confident and talk in proper way with her, you should control your excitement and do not be nervous! Screen freezes at his over excited face and pragya’s happy face!

Pre recap: Hey My name is Raj Mera.. No sorry i mean Raj, ah ha No Mehra Raj, no no Abhi Raj, i mean Raj Abhi, i mean Abhi Mehra Raj, No i mean Mehra Raj Abhi, annnn No I mean Abhi… Abhi Mehra….

Okay so new characters are Raj=Abhi’s father. Alka=Abhi’s elder Sister , Geeta= Abhi’s Mother…
thanks guys for your precious comments! Please do comment and tell me should I go with this story?

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  1. I read your first post di sorry couldn’t comment . But that was Sooo Good ! OMG I did not expect that u would be this fast ! ?????Thanks a Lot for updating !???
    Seriously Awesome Di ! Crazy Lover Abhi ?????….. And Pearl ?, Bubble??? Aww So Sweet Nick Names .?? I am Loving this story so much .????? And The Precap Abhi Raj Mehra is the right way na ??????? He is struggling so much to introduce him to his To Be Wife ! ??????I am sooo exited to read the Upcoming updates !??????? Keep Going Elsa Di !??

  2. superb haha abhi lolz I am dying imagining his expressions ye pehnu nahi ye pehenta hu and that bull one ?????? you nailed it keep rocking dear

  3. super dear as waiting next part as pre recap nice 2

  4. VimalSanjana5

    Superb … Waiting for the next one…
    Update asap..
    All the best

  5. VimalSanjana5

    Awesome dii… Update asap.. Its a fabulous one…waiting for the next…
    All the best…

  6. great job. sorry cudnt cmnt in first epi

  7. Vidhya

    wowwww.. amazing.. sooo cute nick names Elsa.. ROFL nervous abhi.. ur precap is awesome.. really it made my day.. my first job in morning to read ur ff.. u really made it.. tc..

  8. Vidhya

    i wish to call u Buffy.. ll it k 4 u..

  9. Prathi

    Precap is really funny… Keep writing dear don’t question should i continue or not! ! And i am bit busy now i will be a regular reader but can’t comment regularly. . And no more questions from here on ok??

  10. Sabeenia

    Precap is really funny

  11. ????? haha funny update dear! Keep writing!


    Haa… soo funny and lovely dear… keep rocking

  13. Reshma_Pradeep


  14. Monesha

    Wow awesome sorry if i didn’t comment you before bcoz of my school i couldn’t comment many of them plz forgive me. You are rocking…….. i loved it to the core

  15. Super frd……

  16. Superb!!

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