KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 19


Episode starts with alka walking in hall with ear phones on and listening to songs, she was all lost in enjoying the songs, the scenario continued for at least 2 minutes and then she saw pragya entering house , face distorted with rage. Alka removed her ear phones and said to herself :Seems she has came to know about truth..
Pragya was going upstairs while alka called her
Alka: Sunshine..
Pragya turned to her: Yes?

Alka goes to her and says: what happend?
Pragya with irritation: Ask your brother.. saying this she left
Alka nodded her head in disbeleif and said: Now abhi is gone, alka again was about to put on ear phones and then she saw abhi entering home with helpless expressions, alka went to him and said: What happend chillgoze(pine nut)
Abhi making pout said: Pragya is angry over me.
Alka: Of coarse she would be , you hid that you love her for 10 years, she has full right to get angry over you.. mein toh kehti hun divorce hee kr de wo ( You know what, she should divorce you)
Abhi: Are you my well wisher or foe?

Alka: Well wisher in form of foe
Abhi: What so ever, saying this abhi was about to step at stairs but he got shocked as he realised something, alka was about to turn but abhi held her by arm and said: What did you said just now?
Alka with confused expressions: What?
Abhi: what did you said?
Alka: well wisher in form of foe

Abhi: No, before that..
Alka: I don’t remember.
Abhi: You just said that pragya should get angry over me as i hid my love for 10 years
Alka mentally slaps herself
Abhi: how you came to know that i loved her? And i hid that for years?
Alka slowly moves her head in negative direction and says: Nooo
Abhi: Yes, you said it!
Alka stepped backward and hurriedly she ran upstairs, abhi followed her: Bubble, stop there, i said bubbleeeeeee
Alka didn’t listened to him instead she started running fastly.
Abhi: I said stoppp
Screen shifts to pragya in room:

Pragya removed her heels, then she went near mirror and started removing her earings, her mood was totally off and she had immense anger at her face:How … i mean why did he did that? I don’t know about college days but he should have told about everything before marrige but no mister doesn’t trusts me … Now i know why he quickly said Yes for marrige without thinking, now i know why he used to praise me, he loves me(a smile formed at pragya’s lips) she looked herself in mirror and said: Stupid you are smiling? What if I would have called of the marrige or what if i would have created hatred for him in my heart, what if i would have blindly trusted meera and those pics, i should punish him for this , i should…. she was about to continue but turned back as she saw alka coming in and breathing heavily , she went to alka and said: What happend bubble, why has your breathing rate has gone so fast?

Alka while in bend position, keeping her hands at knees , was breathing fastly was about to say something but abhi entered..
Abhi: youuuu, bubble why are you running , i just asked for answer, tell me and everything would get solved.
Pragya being confused: What are you talking about?
Abhi: pragya, actually i don’t know how bubble came to know that i loved you even 10 years before as i have never told about this to anyone.
pragya while looking at alka: bubble? You already knew it.
Alka nodded her head

Pragya raised her eyebrow: How?
Alka took deep breath and sat at bed, okay fine i am telling you..
Abhi sits at couch and pragya continues to stand.

Alka: Actually that day when dad brought your marrige proposal for abhi, abhi got so over excited that he hugged dad tightly, he was so excited and nervous. I was totally confused that how can he be over excited? He was same person who kept regecting proposals because he wanted to marry the girl he loved, we asked him unlimited times that whom does he loves and always his answer was MP, it made me totally confused and when he accepted your proposal without quiries, i started to have doubt over him, he always kept saying that he loved someone in college so i started collecting pics of his college time, i met his friends even, his best friend Rahul , he told me that abhi used to love a girl and to make her jealous he faked about his relation with meera and i was totally shocked that this romeo can go to such extent, (pragya stared abhi while abhi hid his face in his palms, alka comtinued) then i was curious to know that who was the girl! I already knew that shalini was your friend since college times so when you (pragya) asked her to collect pics of college time i smartly sent abhi and meera’s blured picture to her and then you saw it,

( pragya was stunned, alka continued) shalini even told you about dream boy and all as she thought it was truth and then at mehndi day i asked abhi to give me his pics of college time as i wanted to see them, then me and abhi together started watching the pics, i intentionally kept them at abhi’s bed and said to him that i will clean them up afterwards, but i didn’t picked the photoes up and then as time passed you came to abhi’s room and saw the same pic and knowingly i left you alone in room for sometime.
Abhi intrupted: You did that, but why?
Alka: It is because i wasn’t sure if pragya is the same girl whom you loved or you are marrying her for the sake of our parents.
Abhi: You could have asked me directly
Alka: Seriously? You were the one who even kept your love secret and if i would have asked you, you would have made any excuse.
Pragya: leave him, continue about what you were telling.

Alka: So yes, i left you intentionally alone for sometime and came back,
Pragya: That is why you were asking me that is everything fine.
Alka: ahm yes , okay then when you left and kept ignoring abhi, i knew that meera and abhi’s realtion is bothering you, but i was sure that you would never say no for marrige because i knew for your parent’s happiness you can do anything, then after you both got married , i again started my plan to know if sunshine is same girl whom you loved, then at very next day after your marrige pragya was in kitchen and making break fast , to give her sympathy and to remove her doubts that she was havinf over you and meera , I intentionally told her everything..
Pragya was stunned and flashbacked the convo between alka and her..
alka: Still, i can not believe that abhi just married you.
Pragya: Why it is so unbelievable?
Alka: Because, he is 29 this time and all 5 years he kept regecting the girls only because of his “College Love”
Pragya: What?
Alka: Yes, you know he used to love a girl in college, i do not know who is she but he always used to Write “M and P” at his note books, when he came back from london after completing his university, mum asked him to get married but he said”I won’t marry until and unless i do not find her”
Pragya: then why did he married me if he wanted to marry his college love?
Alka: I too do not know pragya but when Dad talked with abhi about you, abhi gave him a bone crushing hug and agreed for marrige.
Pragya with confused expressions stood there.
Fb ends.
Pragya: You did that intentionally
Alka nodded her head: and when i left from kitchen, i hidingly was looking at you when you were saying that you got idea.. i was curious to know that what idea you have got and i already assumed that what so ever you will do , you will do after going to sharma mansion and that’s why i asked you if i can join you for the ritual and to my expectations you said Yes…
Pragya nodded her head in disbelief while abhi kept hand at his mouth, alka continued: then after we reached your house, you took excuse from saanvri aunty saying that shalini is waiting for you outside your house, after you went outside the house , you took transport and i followed you, you stopped at a shop and bought a sim and then i predicted your whole plan, i knew that you were good at dubbing others voice, samarth told me.
Pragya took the pillow in her hands and said: And what you predicted?
Alka: ah i predicted that you would dub meera’s voice and would ask abhi to meet you somehwere and you did same! you shared your plan with shalini and shalini told me everything as i asked her….
Pragya now squeezed the pillow
Alka continued: Then as per my prediction you called abhi at royal palace hotel as i last night heard abhi talking to himslef
Flashback starts

Abhi ends the call and walks in tension
Abhi: Royal palace hotel, tomorrow at 5 30 pm , God why meera is doing this, she knows that i love pragya and this time i will not leave meera for doing this.
fb ends.
Abhi slaps himslef mentally, alka says so this was end of the story, pragya with full anger threw pillow at alka.
(Note: Alka and pragya are much closer to eachother)
Alka: Ouchhh
Pragya with rage: Hurted you?
Alka: Yes
Pragya: it hurted me much when you both kept it all as a secret.
Alka: Now what’s my mistake
Pragya: What’s your mistake? You should have told me eariler about all this , you know every day i used to get hurted whenever i used to think about meera and abhi..
Alka and abhi together they say: Sorry.
Pragya: To do hell with your sorry, keep your sorry with yourslef, i won’t talk to you both..
Alka: but..
Pragya in anger goes to wardrobe and closes it
Abhi: Kar diya siyyapa, pe gayi thand? Or naraz kar diya usko (Ruined everything, now are you feeling good? You made her more angry)
Alka: What? Mee?

Abhi: Yes youu
Alka: Now you would blame me for all this
Abhi: Yes..
Alka: Oh hello chillgoze (pine nut) you hid your love for more than 10 years and now you are blaming me,
Abhi: More than 10 years?
Alka: ok ok just 10 years, and you should thank me for doing this
Abhi: Why ?
Alka: if i would never have done this, pragya would always have hated you.
Abhi: You are right (baat to sahee h)

Abhi: but right now you made her more angry
Alka: But she was already angry over you..
Abhi: list…. he was about to continue but prgaya came out of wardrobe in her usual attire of anarkali kurti with lenggings
Alka: prgaya listen to me
Pragya wore her stole and left from room
Alka to abhi: ab khud hee manna usay(now cheer her up yourslef)
abhi: Help me bubble, she is angry over me…
Alka: I asked you to tell me the thing that is bothering you, now face it yourself.

Abhi: if i would have told yoi the thing that is bothering me, you would have helped me
Alka: No
Abhi: Alka diiii pleaseee help me
Alka without saying anyword left
Abhi stammed his feet and said Damn it.
Screen shifts to pragya going downstairs, she was in full anger mode, and suddenly she bumped into disha.
Pragya looked at her: can’t you see?
Disha: Sorry muffin…
Pragya in anger: don’t call me that , you lost the right to call me muffin since the day you started calling me murderer.
Disha: you know it was just a mistake
Pragya smiled: woah, just a mistake right? Great… and because of that mistake you have lost all your rights to call me muffin or your best friend.
Disha made sad face and pragya was about to leave but came back to disha and in taunting way said : i didn’t expected that you would realise your mistake but i am happy that in these years you realised it… saying this pragya left while disha ran to her room as she couldn’t hold her tears more.

Pragya went in kitchen and pulled her hairs: Oh God… pragya control , you just taunted disha and you were not like that… pragya took deep breath , she wiped her tears and started cutting vegetables… preet came in and saw pragya cutting vegetables in anger, she went to her and said: pragya, is everything fine? These are vegetables not people that you are showering your anger on it.
Pragya looked at preet and said: Sorry.
Preet: i listened to your , abhi and alka’s convo
Pragya with stunned expressions
Preet smiled and said: lucky are your parents to get daughter like you, this much trust you had on abhi, i must appreciate you!
Pragya smiled and hugged preet..
Preet: continue your anger and see in what ways are alka and abhi trying to cheer you up
Pragya laughed
Preet: keep laughing because tears doesn’t suit you.
Pragya smiled and preet left, pragya started to cook food then she heard someone playing piano, she went out to see that and saw samarth playing piano, she smiled while abhi tapped her shoulder, she looked at him, abhi joined both his hands in way of asking forgiveness and started singing: Chalo jane do, abb chhodo bhi
Let it go, now leave it
Pragya was at peak of anger and she left to kitchen , abhi followed her while singing:
Itna bhi kya gussa karna
(Why to have so much of anger)
Abhi held pragya’s hand and said:
kuch apni kaho, kuch meri suno

(say something, and listen to what i am saying)
Pragya didn’t replied and started placing pan at stove:
Abhi with pleading eyes: Yun chup chup rehkar
(being silent like this)
dil hi dil mein kya gutna
(why do suffer from within the heart)
Abhi just took pragya put of kitchen, he went at his knees and while nodding his head and asking for forgiveness he continued:
Chalo jane do abb chhodo bhi
(Let it go, now leave it )
Pragya didn’t replied , her anger was being shown even in her eyes, she went and sat at couch, abhi sat with her , he took out his phone from pocket and acted as he was talking to someone, pragya being angry took a magzine and started reading it, while abhi snatched the magzine and continued:
Tum hi mujhse ruth gaye toh
If you are upset with me then
kisse baath karu main
who do I talk to
Prgaya stood up from couch and was about to go but abhi held her hand and said:
Jee uttha hu tumse milake
I am born again after meeting you
tum jo ho toh hu main
If you are there, I am there
Pragya losed her hand and turned her face, abhi tapped her shoulder but she didn’t looked back, abhi continued:

Mujhase iss pal ho muh phere,
Though you have turned away your face from me,
As he was about to sing next line, he hugged pragya from back:
phir bhi ho tum mere
you are still mine
Prgaya in anger broke hug and started going upstairs, abhi followed her:
Dekho nahi accha hota hai itna chidhna
Look, it is not good to have so much of anger
He again held pragya’s hand and pulled her towards himself, pragya looked in his eyes while abhi continued:
Chalo jane do abb chhodo bhi
Let it go, now leave it
Pragya nodded her head in negative direction, she went upstairs while anhi helplessly sat at stairs, samarth stopped playing piano , he went to abhi and patted his shoulder and sighed him that she would forgive you
, alka came and sat beside abhi, abhi with pleading eyes looked at her, alka whispered something to abhi’s ears, abhi nodded his head in negative direction while alka saw pragya comming downstairs, she stood up and went to pragya, she blocked her way, while samarth hurriedly went to piano and started playing music, alka held pragya my shoulder and started singing:
Haan ho gayi galti mujhe main jaanti hoon
Par ab bhi tujhe main apni jaan maanti hun..
Yes, i have made a mistake
But I still consider you my life

Pragya rolled her eyes, she nodded her head in negative direction and went down , abhi looks at this and hides his face in his palms.. samarth stops playing piano..alka shruggs off , as pragya goes into hall again music starts to play, this time aadesh comes and in loud voice says Hayeee ayeeee… he in slight dancing mode while shaking his shoulder comes to pragya, disha preet alka and abhi comes towards aadesh..
Aadesh while shaking his shoulders, comes to pragya helds his hand and starts to again shakes his shoulder (like up and down) so because of vibration pragua does same,
Aadesh sings: Abcdefghi-jklm – nopqrstuvwx – yz.. Aadesh then twirls pragya , and says I Love you( music was in bg, song is from hum saath saath hain movie)
This time all the members present there make a circle around pragya and together they sing and move around pragya: Abcdefghi – jklm – nopqrstuvwx – yz…
Alka sings: I love you.

The music was on background while pragya who couldn’t control her anger finally said: Stopppp itttt…
All of them were stunned and stopped, the music also stopped..
Pragya: What is wrong with you all? What do you think , you all will sing songs and i will forgive abhi and bubble? You know if they would have told me earlier about all this i would never had got hurt to such extent , and more over i would have never even thought to run away from marrige, but abhi and alka hid it from me , these all days were so hurting for me , can you all even imagine? No but for you pragya is angry just cheer her up is your motive, but i need some time, some time to over come this, please leave me alone.. i don’t want any of you near me.. pragya had tears in her eyes and then she went back to her room.
Aadesh: better would be if we all give her some time.
Preet: Yes, leave her alone.
Samarth: abhi, i know her, she will be alright in sometime, just leave her.
Disha, preet , aadesh and samarth then left from there, alka stood there and after a while said: I am sorry, just give her time.
Abhi gave a slight smile while alka left..

The screen freezed at pragya and abhi’s sad face…

Pre recap: Disha and pragya are college friends? Not friends…but best friends…… Promise me that you will never leave me even if i blame you for insane things or even if i do something stupid… Promise me…

I hope it was super long update, sorry i didn’t posted my ff as sometimes i am getting late response so that makes me think that my story is quite boring… but thanks to all those who comment, that really is type of energy for me.. Thanks

Hemusampath, savitavidya, di, rithu, lucky , aliza, priyanka, madhu, durga, nini, haritha, myna, asmitha(exactly you were right) , prathi, reshma, minu ,
Savita: So sorry, just when I read your comment immediately i just wrote the update,

Sorry for the wait souls! Hope you enjoyed it

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