KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 18


The episode starts with , abhi driving the car, alka at very front seat, disha was sitting at back seat in between of Aadesh and Preet, Preet and aadesh both were peeking out of window, disha was using her phone, suddenly something poped into her mind and she said: Nani…
Preet: Yes?
Disha: do you remember the very first meeting of yours and dadu’s ?..
alka gave a light smile,
Preet: Actually…
Disha: Tell me nani…

Preet looked at aadesh, aadesh gave ignoring look.
preet: is it neceassary to talk about it? It was past and…. she was about to continue but aadesh intrupted and said: We met in college’s library..
Disha: Seriously? How? I mean tell me full incident,
Abhi: Dadu, i also want to know tell…
Aadesh smiled: Actually pratu.. I mean Preet was arguing with librarian at that time, librarian asked preet to return the book that was issued to her a week before but preet lost it somewhere, instead of paying the fine preet was arguing with librarian that she won’t pay fine, Preet was one of the stingy persons in college who hardly spend money…
Preet intrupted: Mister, i am not a cheapskate. At that time librarian was lying I already had returned her book…
Aadesh: Yea. Yea.. You were famous for not spending your money, don’t you remember how many times i paid for your transport, your food, your clothes… You Kanjoos(Stingy person)
Preet in shock opend mouth and said: Haaa
Disha: Close your mouth nani or else mosquito will enter into it.
Alka and abhi laughed at it.
Preet: Whatever…

Aadesh: So where i was?
Disha: Nani was arguing that she won’t pay fine..
Aadesh: Yes, Yes… at that time she was arguing with librarian that she wouldn’t pay fine, because preet’s voice was so loud and annoying..
Preet again intrupted: Annoying? You were the one who used to praise my voice, That how sweet it was
Aadesh: Time changes Preet… Leave it, preet was arguing and her voice was so loud that i wasn’t able to concentrate on my studies, and that time i went to librarian and paid fine from her side..
Preet: Your friend, Raajesh asked you to pay fine.
Aadesh: And still dishu, you know i havn’t got my money back. I paid from her side but she didn’t returned it to me.. How Kanjoos (stingy person)
Preet: I won’t ever return it..
Aadesh: Kanjoos.
Preet: Hah

Disha, abhi and alka laughed at silly fight of Sheet(Aadesh+Preet)..
Disha: And when did you met her second time?
aadesh:. Well i guess in Zaveri Bazar..
Disha: How?
Aadesh: Some goons were teasing her.
disha: And you saved her?
Aadesh: Yes but at first i had no intension to save her.
Alka: Why dadu?
Aadesh laughed and said: I was laughing at goons that why are they teasing such a girl who has nothing in her.. i kept on laughing..
Abhi smiled while driving: That’s rude..
Preet: He was always rude…
Aadesh laughed: Goon’s were teasing her and then smartly I managed to play recording of Siren of Police car, the goon’s ran away..
Disha: Wow smartee…

Aadesh: She even didn’t said me thanks.
Preet: It’s because i directly asked you for friendship
Alka: So that’s how you became friends.
Aadesh: Yes..
Abhi: Cool…
Alka: Abhi..Abhii..stopp
Abhi stopped the car and said : What?
Alka: I have some work in office,and office is near by, so i will come home after finishing work..
Abhi: Okay..
Alka got out of car, and said: I will be back by evening …
Abhi said okay, then he got a call…
Abhi: Hann hello pragya where are you? Should I pick you up?
Pragya: No i am already home, Nani and disha are with you?
Abhi: Yes, they are with me we are reaching there just in 5 mins.
Pragya: Okay..
Abhi ended the call and drove off to Mehra Mansion..
They were still on the way to mansion
Preet: Won’t you drop aadesh?
Abhi: Actually Nani, suket and saanvri uncle have gone to London for weeks or may be months, until they are not back Dadu and samarth would live with us..
Disha: Oh waoh, it would be fun..
Aadesh smiled…

Time passed , they just reached mehra manion, as they entered they found samarth in hall…
Samarth took preet’s blessing and said: Waoh Rocking Nani.
Preet smiled.
Disha shook hand with samarth and said: Sam bhai right?
samarth: Yes dishu.. wait i have seen you somewhere
Disha: i guess i have too seen you somewhere, okay leave it tell me where is my bhabhi pragya?
Samarth: Actually… she might be in her room
At same time Pragya paased from disha’s side but disha didn’t noticed, pragya took blessings of preet.
Preet: So she is my beautiful bahu…
Disha still didn’t saw pragya’s face as pragya’s back was facing her .
Pragya: How are you? And even you didn’t came at our wedding.
Preet: Don’t worry, now i am here.
Disha: Now let me meet my bhabi… pragya’s face expressions were like she has already heard the voice before, she then turned and without wasting a minute ,even without looking at pragya’s face disha hugged her tightly… she then broke hug and held pragy’s arms and both pragya and disha were now shocked to see eachother………..
Disha remained open mouth while some of voices were in background..like Dishu come here, pragya coming….and then I hate you… never show your face.. (these voices were in background)
Samarth came and jerked pragya
sam: What’s wrong? Why you people freezed?
Pragya smiled and said no nothing.

Preet: You know eachother already?
Disha: Ye… but pragya cuts her off: No, i do not know her…
those words killed disha…she hurriedly took her luggage and left to her room while pragya to hers….
Disha slammed the door… and sat at bed…
Disha: Muffin is wife of abhi… she …. how will i face her? These years i have always been regreting for blaming her… I…
Screen shifts to Pragya sitting at bed with full of rage…
Pragya: How dare Disha came back in my life, she was the one who called me murdered right? She was the one who asked me to get out of her life right? Now again fate has made me meet her… What so ever fate has decided, the hatred that my heart carries for her would always remain same, leave it I should call Shalini…
While pragya called shalini , screen shifted towards abhi getting into car..
Abhi: Should I tell it to pragya or not? Should I meet meera or not? Should i tell it to alka di? would she solve my problem? Not really…abhi just go and meet meera, it is already 5 00 and today everything would be solved, Meera was like my sister, and i know her more than she knows herself, she can not do this but still let me meet her, everything would fall into its right place…
Time passed and With heavy heart, shivering hands, face filled up with tension abhi entered royal palace hotel, the waiter gave him directions and he went right there.. in a dark place where just few rays of lights were brightening the place, but not to fullest one person couln’t recognize another person as it was dark….

Screen shifted to Mehra Mansion..
Alka was going into her room but saw disha wandering here and there emotionlessly , she went to her.. and tapped her shoulder, disha turned back
Alka: What’s up buttercup? Why are you so lost?
Disha managed to have a smile at her face and said Nothing bubble, actually i was sad as i missed the Marrige..
Alka: Oh ho, do not be sad , we will surely arrange
Disha: Another marrige?
Alka: Yess
Disha laughed and asked: Whose?
Alka: Nani and dadu’s
Disha laughed: Are you mad?
Alka: I was just kidding, well just check your room i have kept some chocolates there.
Disha: Aww, That’s sweet of you le me go..
Disha left from there, alka shrugged off and said: Everyone has a past, nani and dadu, abhi and pragya, and even disha … but i just can predict what past they are having , i am even not sure!

Screen gets shifted to Royal palace…
Abhi: Why it is so dark here?
The girl standing there seems that she was wearing A-line skirt dress with heels , we can not recognize the color as its dark there.
Abhi: Meera? Why aren’t you replying?
The girl stood there but there was no reply still
Abhi: okay let me start, what happend to you? We were bestfriends, I considered you as my sister right? Then why those calls? Why you called me and you were the one who always helped me to get pragya and now you are pretending like you do not know what was truth… You know we were never commited in any relation so how can we even consummate it? Okay that was me who spread news about our relation but you already know it was just because I wanted to make pragya jealous.. Abhi folded her both hands, the girl moved forward , abhi continued: I know and even you know that i always loved pragya, since the day i saw her.. I have never loved anyone else other than pragya, ( a smile got formed at girl’s face) To make her feel jealous , to seek her attention we did that Right? i know it was wrong, (abhi sat at chair) all of the friends started pointing out your character, but i also made sure that i can proove that nothing such happend, do you remember the day Shalini raise finger on your character, i slapped her… i slapped her and at that time i told everyone that nothing such happend , it was just a rumor and i convinced all of them that nothing such happend… 10 years Meera… its not easy to wait for your love, its not easy! I didn’t told pragya about myself at college time because I knew that she was the girl who never had intrest in boys, if i would have proposed her i would have lost her and now see how fate has played game.. Pragya is my wife, thou she ignores me i don’t know why but i love her.. please… (abhi bends his head down) please don’t ruin my present… I don’t want pragya to know about my past because once she would come to know , it would be hard for me to convince her that i never consummated any relation , for her my love is pious.. for her my love is pure.please do not ruin my pragya’s life… (The girl know has immense anger at her face, she folds her arms, and turns back) abhi’s head was down, the lights suddenly get turned on, abhi looks at the girl and gets shocked…
Abhi stammers….Pa…pa…pa… pragya

Pragya in full anger comes to him and slaps him
Abhi: Ouch, it hurted..
Pragya started beating him at chest.. you lier… you cheater.. you loved me and you did this .. youuu (she held him by collor)
Abhi: pragya? How are you here? I mean meera
Pragya: To do hell with your meera, what you thought i won’t come to know about this full life? You kept hiding it from me,
Abhi: Pragya, listen to me.
Pragya: You know what, you deserve slap
Abhi shows her cheek and asks her: Slap me then
Pragya stepped back: i won’t slap you but yea you like to hide things from me right? You thought that i won’t belive you?
Abhi: its not like that.
Pragya in sharp voice: it is… That day when it was our Mehndi i found your college pics, i came to know about you and meera and even i thought to escape from marrige but i didn’t because you always asked me to have full faith on you.. now answer me if at marrige day i would have said no what would have happend?
Abhi: but you didn’t said No to marrige.
Pragya: everything is game for you right? You know it hurted me to core when i came to know about you and meera?
Abhi: why it hurted you?
Pragya: Haww, you are not realising your mistakes but asking questions. You are fool, you waited for me for 10 years if you would have proposed me at college time i would have even accepted.
Abhi: it means you love me

Pragya got freezed at the moment…
abhi: Answer me
Pragya: No… But i trusted you , even at college time you were always sincere, so even before the rumor i trusted you but not now… You know what I hate you.
Abhi: But….
Pragya: Bye, i am going home now, stay with your meera….
Abhi: Listen pragya..
Pragya took her purse and left from there, abhi followed her and said: Pragya listen to me… but pragya took the car and he left… abhi smiled and tapped his head: Abhi, it means now your past won’t affect your present, pragya knows everything but how did she managed to wear same clothes as meera did? And even she dubbed meera’s voice… leave it but i guess she is really very much angry on me , how to convince her and even she now knows that i love her….
Screen freezed at abhi’s helpess face…

Pre recap: Help me bubble, she is angry over me… I asked you to tell me the thing that is bothering you, now face it yourself… Chalo jane do, abb chhodo bhi (Let it go, now leave it )Itna bhi kya gussa karna (Why to have so much of anger)kuch apni kaho, kuch meri suno (say something, and listen to something)

So how was update? Fine or not fine.. well i tried best and Thanks to all of you, sometimes i am not able to reply every single comment , but still its more than a pleasure to me to read all the exciting comments, Haritha: Now, you know that Abhi loves pragya and pragya called him, these two predictions were extremly right ☺ So Souls best of luck , keep reading keep supporting , waiting for the comments..keep rocking

Thank you all : Aliza, di, hemu sampath , minu, lokha, asmitha , myna , durga, princess(sorry didn’t recognized you) maha, haritha, reshma, lucky, laxmi, nini, somiya, rithu , priyanka..

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