KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 17

Episode starts with everyone sitting in hall, suket samarth and aadesh were busy in talking with eachother, saanvri and alka were busy in gossping with eachother, abhi was lost somehwhere while pragya came with tray of ice cream for evryone. She started serving everyone the ice cream, at last she came to abhi, with a smile at her face she held tray before him, he was not in his senses and was lost somewhere, pragya jerked him.

Pragya: Ice cream?
Abhi came to his senses, and took the ice cream, he smiled back to her and started eating ice cream, pragya sat beside him and asked: Everthing fine?
Abhi: No actually pragya i want to share something with you
Pragya: why what is wrong?
Abhi: Actually, I am sorry the way i behaved in garden, i didn’t wanted to but…. i was already frustrated with something and ended up hurting you.
Pragya smiled: Its fine, i am also sorry , i did worst by replying you with those harsh words.
Abhi: We need to control ourselves,
pragya: You need to control yourself, i am perfectly fine.
Abhi: oh hello, you need to control yourslef, Mrs Panda.
Pragya: I look panda to you?
Abhi: Sorry..No you do not look like panda, but Gorilla
Pragya: If I am gorillia you are a …. you are a donkey.. senseless person
Abhi in loud voice: You called me donkey?
(Everyone’s attention got diverted to abhigya and they stared them shockingly)
Pragya: Are you deaf? Yes i did called you donkey.
Abhi: You are deaf.
Pragya: You are deaf, you should get machines
Abhi: Not me, but you.. Samarth i asked you to take your sister to hospital, she is mad.
Samarth who was eating ice cream stopped.
Pragya: Surely surely, bubble do one thing pack abhi’s belongings we will drop him at asylum.
Abhi: Why will you drop me? I will go by myself, if i went with you then surely i would become mad.
Pragya: do i look mad to you?
Abhi: No, Mantle.
Pragya with irritated expressions: You demon.
Saanvri looked at pragya shockingly.
Abhi: You fiend…
Suket looked at abhi shockingly, samarth went to abhi and tried to stop him.
Samarth: Stop it abhi , pearl!.
Abhi: Why should I stop it? She started it first, she should stop.
Pragya: I started first? You dead fish.
Abhi: You broken egg.
Alka now came and tried to stop abhi: abhi stop it,
Abhi: Pragya.. huh
pragya: Your face is like a broken window.
Abhi smiled so did pragya , they started laughing madly, everyone was stunned that abhigya who were just fighting started laughing.alka guestured samarth: What is this? Samarth guestured back: I don’t know.
Abhi while laughing: broken window?
Pragya while laughing: broken egg?
Abhi: seriously we both are mad, we started using the things that have no meaning.
Pragya while laughing :exactly
Everyone nodded their head in disbelief and sat back at sofa, abhigya looked at them and laughed harder..
Pragya: Sorry sorry.

Abhi: Sorry..
All of them started laughing, while raj and geeta entered house.
Raj: What is going on? All of you are laughing.
Suket: Oh Raj, come please take a seat, well we were laughing at stupid acts of our son in law and daughter.
Geeta: We missed it..
Raj and geeta sat at couch,
Raj: Actually suket, we were leaving for london tomorrow so we thought to come and meet you.
Suket: Well, glad that you came , i have something to share with all of you.
Samarth: Yes dad, what is that?

Suket: Samarth, pragya..You know that we have our business going on in Dubai right?
Pragya: Yes dad.
suket: actually that is collapsing, so to overcome it Me and saanvri have decided to leave for dubai tomorrow.
Samarth: Oh yes i know about dubai’s business, okay dad so for how many days you are going?
Suket: I am not sure, may be it can takes weeks to months to years.
Pragya: What?
Abhi: You are also going? This is wrong? What about us?
Alka: Exactly uncle and aunty, mom and dad are already leaving us and now you too.
Aadesh: Suket, pragya is already now daughter in law of raj, how would me and samarth live alone in this mansion?

Samarth: Exactly, you know maa i was missing pearl so much today and now if for years you would leave us how would me and dadu live alone?
Saanvri: it is important for us to go..
Geeta: I have one idea, in which no one would have to live alone.
alka: What Mom?
Geeta: What if aadesh uncle and samarth live un our house?
Raj: Good idea… It will be better , pragya aadesh uncle and samarth would never feel alone…
Samarth: but…
Geeta: Only for sometime, i mean you can live in our home until saanvri bhabhi and suket bhai are back.
Suket thinks for sometime…… and says: Well i have no problem
Alka: Dadu, it will be fun, say yesss please..
Aadesh: Okay fine.
Pragya becomes happy, abhi smiles.
Samarth: Okay, no problem then….
All of them, had a chit chat for while but as time passed, abhigya , alka , geeta and raj left from there…

At Mehra Mansion:
Abhi was still lost somewhere, he was going upstairs, alka noticed his silence so she went to him.
Alka: Abhi, is anything bothering you?
Abhi : No, No di..
Alka: Okay, share it with me once you feel like..
Abhi smiles and leaves to his room, pragya in her room was setting up all the things that were messed up, abhi sat at couch and flashbacked the convo at call..
Fb starts:
Abhi: Hello
Person: Its not time to se hello, just tell me why did you married her?
Abhi looked around and silently went into garden,
Abhi: What? Who are you?
Person: Meera….Meera Agharwaali.. You forgot me?
Abhi smiled and said: Meeru, how are you?
Meera: Just tell me why did you married her?
Abhi: You know why I married her, and still you are asking same question… Well what happend to your voice it has changed
Meera : My voice…it is same just you have changed and forgot me , we consummated our relation and you forgot me
Abhi: Hello ,hello hello miss i mean Mrs meera, what are you saying?
Meera: Abhi, you know what i am saying…..
Abhi: But you know that we were never in aany relation
Meera: I know it and you know it, what about other college friends? What about the rumor that you spread 10 years before, anyone can witness that yes meera and abhi were in relation
Abhi: Why are you doing this now? What will you get? You were the one who always supported me

Meera: I just want you to marry me
Abhi: You are already married.
Meera: I am divorced, leave it but if you do not come and meet me at royal palace hotel tomorrow at 5 30 pm, i will tell everything to Pragya ….
Abhi: But meera listen to me
Meera: Think upon it and answer me…
Fb ends..
Abhi again became tensed to depth, pragya saw him in tension so she went to him.
Pragya: Abhi is everything fine?
Abhi: Yes, Yes..
Pragya: Sure?
Abhi: Yes…
Pragya gave a smile and left to wadrobe..
Abhi stood up and said: What should I tell you pragya? 10 years before i made a mistake and now…. past is hurting my present… abhi gets a call, he attends it.
abhi: Meera, listen to me .
Meera: I will listen to you tommorow, at 5 30 pm in royal palace hotel.if you won’t come , you better know what can happen.
Abhi: Okay I will….
Abhi ends the call and goes to bed …
Pragya comes out of wardrobe and saw abhi sleeping.
Pragya: What is bothering him? She switches of the light and sleeps…

The next day:

all of them were at airport, after waving bye to suket , raj, saanvri and geeta , they went to arrival section.. Abhi’s Nani and disha were about to come so to pick them up, pragya abhi aadesh and alka were there, samarth wasn’t there as he had important meeting… They all were waiting at waiting area… meanwhile Pragya got a call from her office about urgent work , she regected it but abhi asked her to go.. so pragya hurriedly left from there….
Abhi was wandering here and there , someone patted his back so he looked around and saw a women in t-shirt and Cigarette Jeans, with high-tops…he hurriedly gave her bone crushing hug..
Abhi: Nani, I missed you ..
Nani: I missed you too Rockstar
Abhi broke hug: How are you..
Nani: I am good.

Abhi: And where is disha..
Nani: She …. ahm..(nani looks around) she sees disha meeting alka and a man. She points to her and says: There she is with alka…
Abhi: So come nani, I will make you meet pragya’s dadu…
Nani: okay
They went to alka and aadesh but at same time aadesh got a call so he left… Disha (a girl aged of 28 to 30 was wearing crewneck t-shirt and straight cut jeans) she hugged abhi tightly and said: I missed you bhai.
Abhi: I missed you too dishu..
He broke hug and askd: But where did dadu went?
A voice came: Turn aroun and you will find me..
Alka, Nani, disha and abhi turned back and saw him…

Disha: Prgya bhabhi has got rocking dadu…
Aadesh saw abhi’s nani and freezed at the point , nani also freezed there…
Aadesh: Pratu?
Nani: Aadu?
Abhi looked at alka and said: Pratu?
Alka guestured: I don’t know….
Music of O Haseena Zulfon waali jaane jahan plays in bg and we slowly go into a flashback…
Fb starts::
A boy at bicycle is following a girl… the girl is continuously smiling…
The boy starts singing:
O haseena zulfonwaali jaane jahan (Oh beautiful haired girl, darling).
The girl turns and looks at him(she is preet, abhi’s nani)
Aadesh continues: dhoondti hai kaafir aankhen kiska nishaan (whose presence are your wandering eyes searching for?)
mehfil mehfil ae shama, phirti ho kahan
( from crowd to crowd like a candle, where are you going around).
He gets down from cycle, and helds preet’s hand:
Preet looks around in search of someone and replies: voh anjaana dhoondti hoon, voh dewana dhoondti hoon
( i am searching for that unknown one, for that crazy one)
She loses her hand from aadesh’s hand and comtimues: jalaakar jo chip gaya hai, voh parwaana dhoondti hoon
( the one who has burned and hidden, i am searching for that moth).
The music continues, preet had books in her hands so she continues walking, aadesh goes to her and forwards the rose(proposing her) , he guestures her yes, preet guestures her what? Aadesh guestures her accept it , preet guestures No and continues walking, aadesh goes behind her , he helds her hand she sighs No, he sighs yes in fake anger, preet smiles and loses her hand,
Preet continues: garm hai, tez hai yeh nigaahein meri
( these eyes of yours are eager and sharp)
Aadesh again helds her hand and repliea: kaam aa jaayegi sard aahein meri
( my cool sighs will come of use)
Preet with confidence: are tum kisi raah mein to miloge kahin
(i will meet you somewhere in some street)

Aadesh in double confidence folds his arm and continues: are ishq hoon, main kahin theherta hi nahin
( i am love, i don’t even stop anywhere)
Preet gives a mocking smiles and says: main bhi hoon galiyon ki parchaai, ( she points to two directions and says: kabhi yahan kabhi vahan
(i am an oasis, sometimes i am here, sometimes there)
She holds aadesh by chin and continues: shaam hi se kuch ho jaata hai mera bhi jaadu jawaan
(from evening itself my magic becomes youthful)…

She leaves aadesh and stops a transport and gets in, aadesh hurriedly goes to someone and asks for the bike, he starts the bike and starts following preet…
While following he continues: ae, o hasena zulfonwaali jaane jahan
( oh beautiful haired girl, darling)
dhoondti hai kaafir aankhen kiska nishaan (whose presence are your wandering eyes searching for?)
mehfil mehfil ae shama, phirti ho kahan
( from crowd to crowd like a candle, where are you going around)
Preet while in transport sighs to a boy : voh anjaana dhoondti hoon, voh dewana dhoondti hoon
( i am searching for that unknown one, for that crazy one)
She then sighs aadesh: jalaakar jo chip gaya hai, voh parwaana dhoondti hoon
( the one who has burned and hidden, i am searching for that moth)..
Aadesh becomes happy and gives her flying kiss…
Music was still in background….. where as the flashback slowly ends ….
Present: Preet and aadesh were lost in eachother… Abhi jerked aadesh, alka jerked preet… They get back into their sense.

Abhi: Where are you lost dadu?
aadesh: No where…
Alka: And Nani, you know dadu already?
preet: Yes….
Abhi: Wow, How?
Aadesh: Actually I …. i mean I know her from college time.
Preet: Yes we were in same college…
Aadesh: So you got married ? Nani…
Preet: You also got married? Dadu….
Aadesh: Yes, i got married to one whom i loved..
These words killed Preet, but she managed to have a smile on her face…
Alka whispered to abhi: Something is wrong.
Abhi: Everything is wrong.

Screen gets freezed at preet and disha’s face….

Pre recap: Revelation of Truth…...

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