KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 16

It was next day after marrige, pragya was standing infront of mirror and aplying vermillion, she was wearing a peach colored Anarkali kurti, with lenggings and stole(dupata) , abhi was sleeping as it was just 7 00 pm in morning, pragya turned towards abhi after applying vermillion.
Pragya: He is …. oh God sometimes i think he is all set to betray me and sometimes his words just force me to think that he loves me. Ehhh pragya have you gone mad? Love? Love is nothing, nothing like love exists in relation its all about Trust and Faith.
With these thoughts, she leaves the room and goes towards kitchen, she looks around the new kitchen and says: Ma asked me to make breakfast but Mom dad alka, i think all are sleeping.
A servant comes , pragya looks at him,
servant: Mam, you need any help?

Pragya: No , but just tell me where the spices, spoons, utensils are!
Servant: Surely mam.
Servant shows him all the things needed for cooking.
Pragya: Thank you …. What is your name?
Servant: Aamir

Pragya: Aamir Kaka, you are elder than me so i will call you Kaka.
Servant: Thanks mam.
Pragya: okay , you can leave..
After kaka leaves, pragya starts to make the breakfast, she was all lost in making breakfast and was arranging the plates , spoon, glasses on dinning table too, after that she went near stove where the eggs were being boiled, she started cutting the fruits, and was continously huming song as if she is enjoying while making the break fast, half hour passed, it was 7 36 am now, alka in her night dress with pajamas and t-shirt, while rubbing her eyes entered kitchen and took a jug of water , she started pouring water, pragya didn’t noticed her as she was busy in cutting fruits, alka sensed the smell of food, her mouth started become watery, she turned back and found pragya, she went and tapped pragya’s shoulder, pragya turned back, Alka: Good morning, Sunshine.
Pragya: Good morning bubble, but sunshine?

Alka rounder her both arms around pragya (in a way of hugging her from side) and said: You are the light to my life and warmth to my world.
Pragya smiled
Alka: Well what are you making?
Pragya: I am not making anything, everything is prepared, i boiled eggs, jam and butter are already placed at dinning table, i made some aalu parathas, i made spiced potatoes, and yes finally kheer.
Alka: Wow, let me take bath and i would be first to taste your breakfast.
Pragya smiled: well, where are mom and dad?
Alka: I guess they woke up and went for jogging and would be back in 5 mins
pragya: Oh i thought they are still sleeping.
Alka: Aamir kaka makes our break fast but finally now my Bhabhi would make it.
Pragya: Sunshine is better for me .
Alka laughed and drank water, after finishing water she said: Still, i can not believe that abhi just married you.
Pragya: Why it is so unbelievable?
Alka: Because, he is 29 this time and all 5 years he kept regecting the girls only because of his “College Love”
Pragya: What?

Alka: Yes, you know he used to love a girl in college, i do not know who is she but he always used to Write “M and P” at his note books, when he came back from london after completing his university, mum asked him to get married but he said”I won’t marry until and unless i do not find her”
Pragya: then why did he married me if he wanted to marry his college love?
Alka: I too do not know pragya but when Dad talked with abhi about you, abhi gave him a bone crushing hug and agreed for marrige.
Pragya with confused expressions stood there.

Alka: i just should go and take a bath, i am already feelong hungry.. saying this alka left
Pragya gets confused and questions: Why he married me if he wanted to marry his college love? Every truth is infront of me yet i can mot see it.Meera stammered while telling that they consummated relation, abhi when met me just said yes for marrige even when we were strangers, no we weren’t strangers we were in same college, he knows me before our meeting at my house? Oh my God so many confusions, what should I do… now the answer for this is only with Abhi (pragya smiles) and in exitement says: Yesss! I will do this, let’s see what the actual truth is….

Pragya happily places knife at side, she turns off stove, and says Mr Abhishek now you will face my ignorance and love at same time.

Screen shifts to Sharma Mansion..

Saanvri was serving the food to suket, samarth and aadesh were silently having breakfast, there was pin drop silence, saanvri sat at her chair and started serving herslef, while serving herself the bread, she said: Why everyone is silent? It is first time that at break fast samarth is silent or always he used to irritate pragya.
Samarth: Mom, i am missing her
Aadesh: I am also missing her.
Suket smiles
Samarth: Papa you are smiling? You know I am missing her so much, without irritating her my food doesn’t gets digested.
Saanvri laughs and says: Stop now, she will be here today at anytime.
Aadesh: What? Will she come? I mean why will she come today?
Saanvri: Papa ji why can not she come? It is a ritual.
Samarth: Ritual?
Suket: It is a ritual that after marrige, a daughter comes to her parents house for a day.
aadesh: Oh yes, how can I forget it? So my dolly is coming, I will get her favorite sweet today.
Samarth: wow, it means she will come today, i can not wait to see her.
Suket: Once she comes , i have something to tell all of you.
Aadesh: Anything Important?
Saanvri: Yes papa ji, let pragya come we will tell it to all of you.
Samarth: At what time will she come?
Suket: Samarth… now stop it and eat your breakfast , she will come when she wants.
Samarth: Then i will message her to come now
Saanvri: You won’t do that sam, she will come before evening.
Samarth: But i can not wait, dad please give me leave today, i won’t go to office.
Suket stares him
Samarth: please dad.
Aadesh: I am the owner of company , so i grant your leave.
Suket: But papa.
Samarth: please dad.
Aadesh stares suket, suket says Okay okay fine.
Samarth gets happy and shares hi-five with aadesh, saanvri laughs.

screen shifts to Mehra Mension.
All were having their breakfast,
geeta: My Daughter in law is out of this world, all rounder,
Raj: Exactly, the breafast is so yummy. I wish to eat this breakfast at lunch and even at dinner,
Alka: I loved spiced potatoes, and aalu ka paratha just stole my heart.
Abhi: No body stole your heart, it was that you have gained so much weight that your ribs expanded and your heart fell in to your stomach.
Pragya laughed at this,

Alka: Lame joke by a lame person , no no senseless joke by a senseless person!
Geeta raj and pragya laughed at it, abhi smiled and replied: I am Kindest evilest matured stupid sensible decent human being you will ever meet.
Alka: Everything in this sentence was right except of Kindest, sensible, matured and decent words, cut them off and now you are evilest stupid human being.
Abhi: Same goes for you Miss Senseless.
Alka: Mom, he is calling me senseless
Geeta: You started the fight, now i won’t interfere
Alka: Mom.
Abhi giggled: Oh, mom doesnt even loves you how sad.
Alka was getting irritated so the juice jug that was at table, she took it and poured all the jug at abhi , pragya controlled her laughter while in irritation abhi continued:
Abhi: What the hell.
Geeta: What was this alka?

Raj: Alka , you have grown up now learn some manners,
Abhi: Exactly bubble, learn some manners.
Alka: But papa abhi said mom doesn’t loves me.
geeta: After your this act, surely I am going to say that i don’t love you
Alka: Mom..
Geeta: say him sorry.
Alka: But mom,
Pragya: By the way bubble what you did was right.
Raj: see geeta, here we have got another daughter but same as our daughter.
Alka and pragya laughed and shared hi five, abhi got irritated,
Alka: Awww…someone is getting irritated.
Pragya laughed at abhi’s facial expressions.
Geeta: Stop it alka…
Alka laughed and said okay okay sorry mom.Sorry irritated bhai..
Abhi nodded his head in disbeleif,
Geeta: Pragya, you know about today’s ritual right?
Pragya: Yes, the bride has to go to her parents house.
Geeta: Very well.
Alka: Mom, Can I also join pragya?
Geeta: Why?
Alka: Mom, i just want to go with her .
Pragya: Surely bubble you can come.
Geeta: okay so abhi and alka both would join you.
Alka: Yeaaa
Abhi: Mantle sister i have got.
Alka: Mantle is not a sister but a layer of earth … Core, Mantle, Crust!
Abhi: Bad joke, bad timing.
Alka: Bad brother.

Geeta: Alkaa….
Pragya giggled
Geeta: oh yes well pragya, actually me and suket are leaving london tomorrow, so at night we will come to your house to meet Suket bhai and saanvri bhabhi.
Abhi: Tomorrow, mom i will miss you,
Geeta: Alka is here for you, moreover Ma and disha are also coming just in few days.
Abhi: But who will save me from bubble, nani always takes her side and only you are one who takes my side.
Alka: Com’on abhi, i am not too bad.
Abhi: i was joking, well papa there are some meetings you need to look after, you got schedule right?
Raj: Yes abhi i will manage it, well its getting late so i should leave.
Geeta: pragya go and get ready, you also should go to your house, alka and abhi you both should also get ready.
Pragya: Okay mom..

Time passed…. (at sharma mansion)
Samarth was walking in to and fro motion, so was aadesh , it was like they were waiting for pragya to come, aadesh and samarth were looking at their watch, and then after looking at watch they were looking at door.
Saanvri: again and again Iooking at the door won’t make pragya magically appear.(baar baar dekhne se pragya aa nhi jayegy)
Samarth and aadesh make a sad face , they sit at sofa .
Samarth: I am missing her so much,
Aadesh: I am also missing her.
samarth: I am missing her more than dadu is is missing her.
Aadesh: No i am missing her more..
Samarth : No dadu i am missing her more
Aadesh: firstly she is my grand daughter than your sister.
Samarth: She is my sister first and then your grand daughter.
Aadesh: I am missing her more
Samarth: No I am…

They continued their convo, pragya came in and saw both of them saying: I am missing pragya more.. pragya smiled at this, no one realised that pragya was at door of hall, aadesh and samarth continued their so called fight, but soon they heard a voice.
Excuse me, i have not died that you both are missing me so much.
Saanvri, aadesh and samarth looked at door, samarth without wasting time just rushed to hug pragya, pragya hugged him tightly.
Samarth: I missed you pearl.
Pragya: I missed you too.
Aadesh: Dolly won’t you hug me?
Pragya and samarth broke hug, alka and abhi took saanvri’s blessings, aadesh hugged pragya.
Aadesh: I missed you more than sam.

Pragya giggled and then broke hug, alka and abhi then took blessings from aadesh.
Saanvri: Someone forgot me…
Pragya looked at saanvri and gave her the bone crushing hug, saanvri patted her back, pragya broke the hug , saanvri : So everything fine?
Alka: Aunty, your daughter is best.

Saanvri smiled and pulled pragya’s cheek.
Samarth: What? Haha pragya is best? Abhi why don’t you take your sister for eye checkup.
Alka:: Oh hello mister, you are not best that doesn’t means that pragya is also not best.
Pragya laughed and said: Sam bhai, bubble is extremly right.
Abhi: samarth, why don’t you take your sister to eye specialist, see she is saying that alka di is right.
Samarth laughed at it,
Pragya: Oh hello, why don’t you go to eye specialist.
Abhi: i won’t go because my eyes are perfectly fine.
Pragya: Eyes are perfectly fine? Then go to neurologist because your brain is not perfectly fine.
Alka in sharp voice: Sunshine….
Pragya: What?
Alka: He is already having no brain and you are saying that his brain is not perfectly fine, what would neurologist check, he would say Sorry abhi has no brain.
Alka and pragya laughed and shared hi five.
Pragya: exactly bubble, i didn’t thought that.
Samarth: Abhi, do one thing.
Abhi: Yes?

Samarth: Tear of your skull and show them your brain.(apni khopri cheer kr inhain apna dimmag dikha)
Abhi: Ehhhh, are you mad?
Alka: Sunshine… i thought only my brother is not born with brain but your brother too doesn’t have brain…
Pragya: I already know Sam bhai has no brain.
Samarth: I won’t talk to you pragya.
Pragya: Okay, ba byeeee.
Alka laughed so did pragya. Abhi giggled.
Saanvri: pragya alka abhi samarth just stop your fight, are you here to participate in WWE?
Aadesh: exactly, all of you just stop your talks.
Pragya: Ma, i want to talk to you about so many thingsss, so lets go into your room, bubble come.
Alka nods her head and they proceed to saanvri’s room, aadesh had some work so he left, abhi and samarth sat at sofa and started talking about random things.. as pragya reached at saanvri’s room, something poped into her mind so she took excuse.
Pragya: Maa, bubble i have some work i will come back in 10 mins.
Saanvri: where are you going?
Pragya: Mom, shaalini is waiting for me outside the house, so i will come back.
Saanvri: okay fine…
Pragya rushes to hall and was about to go outside but abhi saw her,
Abhi: Where are you going.
Pragya: for you it shouldn’t matter, saying this pragya left house, samarth felt something weird and these words just hurted him to depth, to normalise situation samarth continued convo………
Pragya rushed to outside house and saw no one is around so she went on road , and took a transport (rishka, riksha (sorry souls i don’t know how we pronounce it) , she took a transport and left……………
Screen gets shifted to Sharma mansion:

Samarth and abhi were still talking , aadesh joined them.
Aadesh: abhi are you on insta?
Abhi: Insta?
Aadesh: Instagram.
Abhi: Is it social website?
Aadesh: how boring, you even don’t know about instagram?
Abhi: ahm No… I know about Facebook, twitter, gmail, yahoo, pintrest, tumblr, but instagram is new to me.
Samarth: Abhi in which centuary are you living?
abhi: 21…

Aadesh: okay leave insta , tell me you user names for facebook and all i would end you.
Abhi: End me?
Aadesh: Sorry, sorry add you…
Abhi: Well at all of them my username is Abhishek Mehra.
Aadesh: cool, i will send you request , you should accept it .
Abhi: You are on social webistes?
Aadesh: Why can not I be?
Abhi: No i mean you are same as my Nani , she is also that modern..
Aadesh: Oh… then make her meet me(setting kar wa de meri)
Samarth: Dadu….
Abhi laughed and said: She has no intrest in boys.
Aadesh: I am not a boy now, i have grown up.
Abhi: You are perfect flirty…
Aadesh laughed!
Time passed soon it was 5 30 pm , Screen shifted to pragya , going to a dark room , she slowly closed the door….. and then screen shifts to Abhi , who was sitting in hall all alone, he was using his mobile when his phone rang, he picked up the call,

Abhi: Hello
Person: Its not time to se hello, just tell me why did you married her?
Abhi looked around and silently went into garden,
Abhi: What? Who are you?
Person: Meera….Meera Agharwaali.. You forgot me?
Abhi smiled and said: Meeru, how are you?
Meera: Just tell me why did you married her?
Abhi: You know why I married her, and still you are asking same question… Well what happend to your voice it has changed
Meera : My voice…it is same just you have changed and forgot me , we consummated our relation and you forgot me
Abhi: Hello ,hello hello miss i mean Mrs meera, what are you saying?
Meera: Abhi, you know what i am saying…..
Abhi: But…
Meera:………… (muted)
For 5 mins the convo was muted, at every next scentence abhi was getting tensed ,,,,finally..
Abhi: But meera listen to me
Meera: Think upon it and answer me,
Meera ended call, abhi was tensed to depth, he started sweating, he started pulling his hairs and stamped feet at ground….
Abhi: How can she do this? I believed her and she betrayed me, i trusted her and she ….. She knows i love her than why is doing this……
On the other hand, pragya came out of that dark room, she was smiling , and just took a round , and was almost dancing….
Samarth saw her and said: Pragya is getting fits mom
Pragya: Sam bhai… do not spoil my mood , tell me where is abhi.
Samarth: I saw him in garden

Pragya: okay, saying this pragya went in garden..
Abhi was wandering here and there… pragya saw him and in exitement she started saying Oye Balle Balle….
Abhi sensed someone’s presense so he looked back, as pragya saw him looking back, she freezed at the moment while dancing.
Abhi: What are you doing?
Pragya: Oh well nothing,

Abhi: Then go why are you here?
Pragya: This is my graden, why can not I be here?
Abhi in frustration: because i do not want you to be here.
Pragya in irritation: If you do not want me around you then Why you married me? You should have married the one whom you loved, why did you came to me? You should have gone to her whom You love.
Abhi in full rage: I am already married to her and i love……..
Pragya smiled a bit but controlled and in anger she asked: To do hell with you, Maa is calling you inside..
Abhi: I am coming, Go…
Pragya left from there and after reaching at entrence of hall she screamed: Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
Screen got freezed at Abhi’s helpless face and pragya’s happy face…..

Pre recap: You are also going? This is wrong? What about us?

Thank you so much guys, its 2 am here and i don’t know what is time in india, i am posting it without replying to all comments as i am really sleepy and i promised that i will submit it by night … So Sorry for not replying and B_Ani so sorry, i just read your comment at 14th update now… Thanks…. and Diwali wishes to all of you..have a safe diwali… Byee see yaa ….
And i hope this update is long enough….

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