KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 14

It was next day , marrige was going to take place in Sharma mension so saanvri, suket, aadesh and samarth were busy in looking at decorations and all, pragya was in room no one really felt weird about pragya as they thought that today is pragya’s marrige that is why her door is locked and she wants no body to disturb her, abhi’s this act was still unbelievable, though 10 years passed to this yet pragya was hurt to much extant, she wanted to slap abhi, she wanted to scold him but only one thing was stopping her and that was respect for abhi in her heart, somehow the respect got lowerd but still she had trust over abhi ,a broken trust .Trust is like a broken glass once it gets broken it can not get its perfect shape , her trust also got broken but she still managed to fix it, today was her marrige , for every girl it is a blissful day in their life like wise for pragya this day was special but because of abhi it was getting spoiled, she wanted to say no to marrige but suket , saanvri and samarth’s happiness stopped her, she didn’t shared this thing with any of family member, last night saanvri came to pragya and made her understood the things she has to take care about after marrige, at that time the unknown happiness at saanvri’s face stopped her from running away of marrige, she thought she will tell saanvri all about abhi and if saanvri didn’t agreed to stop marrige she will run away but the smile at suket and saanvri’s face stopped her. Some thoughts were running in her mind which were disturbing her to core yet she wasn’t sharing it with anyone , she couldn’t hold her thoughts anymore , she took a pen and paper and started to write something.

I don’t know with whom i should share this thing, with shalini? Ma? Papa? Bhai or dadu? No one would really understand may be they would stop marrige but… it is said na sometimes the things you see are not real and the things which you do not see are real. I want to run away from these thoughts i don’t want to marry abhi, meera was his first love and I am.. May be nothing to him but formality, his talks , his acts for me are all kind of formality for him. MAY BE! I mean yes i still believe him but ….. After marrige how will I behave with him, I don’t know, forgetting all this and continuing my life with him without complaining would be stupidity.
Pragya was about to write more but dropped her pen as she couldn’t write anymore, she didn’t had enough courage to write her all thoughts down, she was all lost in her thoughts but a knock at her room door disturbed her thoughts, she hurreidly went near mirror and wiped her tears, she went to washroom and washed face, she then opend the lock of her room door adjusting a smile at her face.

Pragya: Sam Bhai?
Samarth: Hey, you were crying?
Pragya: No actually i was trying eyeliner so allergy…
Samarth: When you know that you have allergy then why did you used it?
Pragya: My life , My rules, My face , My eyeliner.
Samarth: Very bad joke.
Pragya: Well why are you here?
Samarth: I was here to see condition of my room.
pragya: Your Room? Oh hello mister , I am your sister, the room is mine so how dare you said “condition of my room”
Samarth: Pearl, its your last day in this home right after marrige you won’t come here so i will take this room as in summer this room remains cool.
Pragya started to cry after she listened to: YOU WON’T COME HERE AFTER MARRIGE.
Samarth: Oye , pagal why are you crying?
Pragya while crying: You said na after marrige i will not come here.
Samarth: i was joking and you took it seriously.
Pragya while sobbing: promise me after my marrige this room would be in same condition and you will not use my room.
Samarth: Okay baba i promise but stop crying, i was joking.
Pragya wiped her tears , she laughed and said: I was also joking..
Samarth: Pragya….

Pragya laughed and stepped back: ullu banaya bada maza aaya.. ( I made you fool)
Samarth: Wait, today i won’t leave you, samarth picks up the pillow and throws it at pragya.Pragya runs in another corner of room and shows her tongue. Samarth runs to catch her, pragya runs outside of room, she bumps with a person decorating flowers, she says sorry to the person and continues running samarth laughs and follows her. She hides behind pillar, samarth gets idea to irritate her so he starts singing a song which pragya hates to the depth.
Samarth in loud voice: Bhena Oh Bhena teri Doli m sajaunga. ( Sister O sister, I will decorate your Palanquin)
Pragya screams: Bhaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii , do not sing that song.
Samarth laughs and was about to continue but prgaya came near him and placed her hand at his mouth.
Pragya: I said na do not sing it.
Samarth without wasting a minute gave bone crushing hug to pragya. Pragya was stunned as she didn’t had idea that suddenly samarth would hug her, she then patted his back and said: What happend bhai.
Samarth: I will miss you.
Pragya: I will miss you more but every day we can meet at office.
Samarth while breaking the hug: Matlab tuh mera peecha nhi chodegy, mujhe laga mujhe sukoon mil jayega ghar m lekin tun toh office m bhi h yeh toh m bhool hee gaya ( It means you will never leave me alone, i thought i will have some relaxation at home after you will get married but you are also in office , I forgot that)

Pragya: Okay, you want relaxation na do one thing go and take a knife and kill me then for whole life you will get relaxation.
Samarth in teasing manner: Knife? No way i won’t kill you with knife but with axe.
Pragya looks at him angrily and says: Maa i hate this person, she leaves from there.
Samarth turns in opposite direction and wipes his tears that he had held from along time in eyes. Someone kissed him at cheeks, he looked at his left side and found pragya. Pragya said: I will miss our insane fights bhai.
Samarth: I will miss you.
They hug eachother tightly..

Time passed it was 7 00 pm , a normal function that usually takes place before marrige hours takes place was going on, pragya was in her room getting ready, alka and shalini joined her, abhi was downstairs talking with guests, he was wearing White and golden sherwani with Patiala shalwar. Samarth after talking to aadesh was going upstairs but bumped with a girl, the girl was wearing a Pink raw silk cape lehnga, samarth didn’t looked at her face as her head was in down direction, he just asked Sorry from her, the girl looked at him, samarth got rage in his eyes and said What are you doing here?
Girl: Groom’s family invited me Sam.
Samarth: Stop calling me Sam, Miss Ronita Aggarwaal.
Ronita: I m you wife.
Samarth: You were my wife. You are guest so behave as guest attend this marrige and get lost. Saying this samarth left the place. Ronita helplessly stood there and said: My badluck.

Screen shifted to pragya’s room.
Pragya was all ready, she was looking beautiful in Red silk long choli umberella lehnga, she was wearing diamond jwellery with splashes of color from rubbies and emeralds which beautified her beauty. Alka ans shalini were wearing same Blush pink gota patti embroidered long jacket with sharara with light gold jwellery. Saanvri and geeta came to have a look at pragya, they found pragya to be very beautiful , saanvri kissed pragya’s forehead after that shalini and alka took pragya to down stairs , abhi after looking at pragya said: finally, pragya looked at him and gave a fake smile, abhi and pragya both went at stage , all the guests gathered and Vermmala exchange took place. There was still some time in marrige so alka gave idea to samarth that he should sing something to make this marrige more memorable. Samarth smiled , a large piano was placed in corner of hall already so he started to play it, everyone’s attention got diverted to him.. Ronita too looked at him in a hope that he would sing something for her, he continued to play the piano, samarth looked at ronita, he played music and started to sing………
Why did you break my heart,
why did we fall in love, (he stared ronita again and continued)
Why did you go away, away, away, away.

Ronita lowered her eyes, samarth with sad but determined face continued: dil mera churaaya kyon (Why did you steal my heart)
jab yeh dil toDna hi tha (when you had to break it?)
ham se dil lagaaya kyon
Why did you fall in love with me
ham se munh modna hi tha
when you had to spurn me?
(Samarth was trying to tell her that you were the one who loved me and you were the one who betrayed me, i didn’t loved you but you forced me to love you)
dil mera churaaya kyon
Why did you steal my heart
jab yeh dil todna hi tha
when you had to break it?
ham se dil lagaaya kyon
Why did you fall in love with me
ham se munh modna hi tha
when you had to spurn me?
(He was trying to ask her that if you had to betray me then why did you loved me, ronita had no amswer to this and so with pleading eyes she was looking at samarth , samarth continued to play piano and sang why did you break my heart? Why did we fall in love? Why did you go away..away…away…

He stood up and asked a person to play piano, music was in bg and he asked everyone to dance, couples started to dance with eachother and so samarth asked alka if she can join him, alka agreed while ronita helplessly was looking at this… Alka and samarth started to dance with eachother, music was in bg, samarth looked at ronita and again started to sing while dancing with alka:
dil ko dhadakna tu ne sikhaaya
You taught my heart how to beat;
dil ko tadapna tu ne sikhaaya
you taught my heart how to writhe in pain.
aankhon mein aansuu chhupe the kahin
Somehow tears stayed hidden in my eyes;
In ko chhalakna tu ne sikhaaya
you taught them how to brim over.

He twirled alka, a smile gets formed at alka’s face, she places ger hand at his shoulder and he placed his hand at her belly, they held hands of eachother and slowly danced according to music, alka gave him assuring smile so he continued to sing while looking at ronita.
sine mein basaaya kyon
Why did you settle into my br*ast
dil se jab khelna hi tha
when you had to toy with my heart?
ham se dil lagaaya kyon
Why did you fall in love with me
ham se mu.nh modna hi tha
when you had to spurn me?
dil mera churaaya kyon
Why did you steal my heart?

Samarth stopped to sang and person playimg piano continued to sing: Why did you break my heart, why did we fall in love? Why did you go away away away…
The music was still in bg samarth left alka and gave her hand to aadesh, aadesh continued to dance with alka , samarth passing through crowd looked at ronita and sang:
milti thi nazarein jab bhi nazar se
Whenever our gazes met,
uthte the shole jaise jigar se
it was like flames rose from my heart.
saanson se nikla jaise dhu’aan sa
From my breath something drifted out like smoke;
banta tha mujhse jite na marte
it was made from me, neither living nor dying.
aag kyon lagaayi jab
Why did you set me on fire when
bujhaaye dil chhoDna hi tha
you’d have to extinguish and forsake my heart?
(Samarth wanted to tell ronita that why did she destroyed the sweet world if she couldn’t create it) he went near her and held her hand, they both started to dance while samarth continued:
ham se dil lagaaya kyon
Why did you fall in love with me
ham se mu.nh modna hi tha
when you’d have to spurn me?
dil mera churaaya kyon
Why did you steal my heart
Jab yeh dil toDna hi tha
when you’d have to break it?
Ronita’s face was down so samarth held her chin so she could look up while samarth continued:
ham se dil lagaaya kyon
Why did you fall in love with me
ham se munh modna hi tha
when you’d have to spurn me?
After this samarth left her in mid dance , and gave a victorious smile while ronita sobbed in guilt, the guests appreciated samarth’s singing, pragya gave him side hug, alka kept hand at his shoulder to give him assurance that what he did was right, ronita smiled helplessly…
After this , it was finally the time when abhigya were going to get married, burrying all the questions, confusions, complains, Regrets she went in Mandap, The priest started the marrige , pragya looked at abhi with complaining eyes while abhi smiled looking her, it was the time for seven rounds, saanvri held suket’s hand , aadesh smiled. Samarth looked at pragya with sad but happy face, after the rounds finished , it was time that abhi had to make pragya wear mangal sutra and apply Vermillion that he did and finally the marrige ended, now Miss pragya sharma was finally Mrs Pragya Sharma. Pragya looked at abhi and screen freezed at her face…

Pre recap: Why are you crying? I am sorry don’t cry please.

I am so sorry guys actually i just hurriedly got abhigya married, actually i don’t know the proper method of marrige i just searched it at internet and so wrote it, I hope you liked the update, please comment.

Lucky: Thanks NL (Nice lucky)
Di: Well they got married now, so now I can not seprate them haha, Thanks LD(Lovely di)
Myna: I love your name and comments too haha, glad i am that you found my update superb and emotional and yes keep rocking with your comments Thanks AM (Awesome myna)

Rithu: I won’t let you wait for much time, in a very cute way I will expose the truth, Thanks for the wait and comment both SR ( Superb rithu)
Hemu: let me call you by short name CH, Curious hemu haha, because your curiousity gives a smile at my face , i am always curious for your comment, Thanks.

Cute Vanshu: Thanks CV (cute vanshu) well i like your profile pic, cute abhi.

Durga: Pragya will do something that she even doesn’t knows haha, but she will do a very praiseworthy thing.Thanks for your intrest and comment, For you short name is ID (intresting durga) as your comments are always so intresting.

Surbhi di: don’t be sorry , actually i just thought you aren’t liking the epi’s but glad that you read them fully and also gave energetic Comment, Thanks for you egerness ES (Energetic surbhi)..

Sugan: Surely i would. Thanks AS (Awesome sugan)
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Haritha: I missed your name at last update, so sorry , i know these days everyone is busy na but i m happy that you are always reading my updates thanks SH (Sweet Haritha).

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I m sure you guys liked your nicknames, if not then i can change it. Till then seee yaaa!

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  5. Finally Marriage happened!!!I Like every part of the episode especially pragya’s thoughts over belief on Abhi is very practical that she has not jumped over conclusion very easily and I hope the misunderstandings may cleared soon.
    At last nicknames what to say I think your are very much experienced in it Elsa.so I also like to call you as

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