KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 13

Pragya: It’s already 7 pm, and next day marrige is going to take place , still it is unclear to me what really the truth is! I can only know Truth when I meet meera, so better would be if I just go there, I will ask shalini about her number and would call her at some place, that would be great as i can not doubt on abhi!
Pragya texted shalini about Meera. Shalini being concerned called pragya!
pragya: Yes, Shalini.
Shalini: Why are you asking about meera’s number? Everything fine na?
Pragya: Yes, everything is fine , I just..Just wanted to invite her nothing else so can you text me her number?
Shalini: Okay wait I will!

Pragya: Thanks..
Pragya then called Meera immediately after she recieved Shalini’s message..

Pragya: Hello Meera.
Pragya: Can we meet somewhere?
Meera: Oh hello, first of all tell me who are you?
Pragya: I am so sorry, well I am pragya..Pragya sharma, we were in same class!
Meera:pragya? After she realised Pragya, she immediately said Pragya Sharma, Topper?
Pragya smiled: Yes!
Meera: You remember me?
Pragya: May be, But i want to meet you, so can we meet. Please!
Meera: Surely but where are you now?
Pragya: Mumbai

Meera: Great, I am also living in Mumbai currently, so we can meet at Cafe universal at 7 30 today!
Pragya: Yes surely, Thank you so much!
After this pragya ended call, she closed her eyes and mumbled: Thank you!
Saanvri entered pragya’s room and said pragya are you fine? You didn’t had lunch nor any snack in evening time, tomorrow it is your marrige you should take proper diet!
Pragya: Mom, I m going to meet my friend so i will have snack there
Saanvri: Tomorrow its your marrige and you are going to meet your friend today! No way you are not going anywhere!
Pragya: But mom, its really important!

Saanvri says no means no and leaves from there, pragya follows her..
Pragya: please mom.
Saanvri while going to her room:No pragya!
Pragya while following her said Please mom, please!
Saanvri: No!

Pragya: Mom please listen to me!
Saanvri : No pragya I won’t!
Sanvri was about enter her room but backed off as she remembered something and started moving downstairs, pragya was still following her and pleading her!
Aadesh who was looking at all this said: Doll, what happend?
Pragya stopped and went to aadesh: Dadu i want to meet my friend and it is really important but ma is not permitting me!
Aadesh: Why isn’t she permitting you?
Pragya: Because, its my marrige tomorrow!
Aadesh made a sad face and said Oh!

Pragya with wet eyes sat at sofa, aadesh sat beside her and whispered: You can Go!
A smiled appeard at pragya’s face but dissapeard: But Mom?
Aadesh: I will handle her!
Pragya hugged dadu: I love you..Thank you so much! Saying this pragya rushed to her room to get ready!
Screen shifts towards Mehra mensio..

Alka was just going towards upstairs, after reaching at 1st floor , she took right and opend abhi’s room door as she entered she looked at the fully messed up room, towels laying down on floor, she was all shocked to see the condition of room, different perfumes were at bed, different bed sheets were placed at bed in very annoying way, side table was filled up with different kinds of medicines, shoes were all over the floor, abhi’s clothes were just placed at different places of room, different books and CD’s were spread all over the room, in short full room was messed up, alka turned around in stunned expressions, she walked towards side table and her expressions were like what the hell! As she turned towards wardrobe , She Screamd AAAAHHHH , she closed her mouth with hands and with full force she jumped at bed!
She in loud voice: What the Hell Abhi?
Abhi’s hands were filled up with dust , his hairs were covered with cloth, he was wearing sarong(lungi) with undershirt, in short he was looking like a farmer , who has just came from a field and this made alka to scream, abhi had different watches in his hand so he placed them at side table and said What Bubble?
Alka: What are you wearing? And what are you doing?
Abhi: actually bubble, tomorrow is my marrige right? So i thought to clean my Room!
Alka: Like this?
Abhi: These all are unnecessary things bubble, I will ask Veeru kaka to clean this all after i clean my wardrobe!
Alka: You are dumb!
Abhi: Stop praising me..
Alka: You know that you have allergy from dust right? So you should have asked Veeru kaka to do this!

Abhi: How can he come to know that what things are necessary and which things aren’t, its fine bubble I have almost cleand my room!
Alka: You will never change!
Abhi: Never!
Alka: I can not even expect!
Abhi: So who asked you to expect?
Alka: I Me Myself
Abhi laughed and said wrong dialouge at very wrong situation!
Alka laughed: Okay now clean it up fast, as if Mom would see it then tomorrow not your marrige but funeral would surely take place!
Abhi: okay okay fine!

Screen shifts towards pragya sitting at cafe and waiting for Meera, all she was hoping that meera should say these words words “No , I had no relation with abhi” , she looked at her mobile and it was exactly 7 30 pm at same time call of meera appeard at her phone’s screen, she attended call.

Meera: I am near to Cafe’s door , wearing green and blue banarsi saaree where are you?
Pragya looked at door of cafe and found meera there.
Pragya: I m just at table 6, you can see me! I am wearing a black kurtee with tights on, I am waving my hand!
Pragya was waving hand and looking at meera, meera looked around and saw pragya waving hand, she smiled and signalled I am coming, she proceeded towards pragya, pragya got up from table and greeted her!
Pragya: Hey meera, please take a seat.
meera sits and said Wow pragya, you are still same!
Pragya smiled: But you have gained weight!
Meera: Still your habit of teasing hasn’t gone.
Pragya laughed and said sorry!
Meera smiled and said Well why did you just called me, your voice was filled up of tension, everything fine!
Pragya: it is nothing like that, actually Tomorrow is my marrige and I wanted to invite you so i thought personally I should!
Meera: So sorry pragya actually at 2 am today, i am leaving for Malasiya with my family. So i won’t be able to…
Pragya: Oh sure, it is fine, well how is your life going?
Meera: Very happy I am… My husband is loving and more over I have a son “Abhaas” so yes my life is beautiful!
Pragya: So what about Past?
Meera: What Past?
Pragya: Look meera, I am not here to spoil your present or future but I just want some answers because a past is bothering my present and future and only you could solve it!
Meera: See pragya, I am not getting your Point.
Pragya: You ever had relation with Abhi?
Meera: Abhi?

Pragya: Abhishek prem mehra.
Meera flashbacks:
A dark room is shown with a person and girl
Person: Promise me whenever she will ask you about our relation, you would say Yes we consummated!
Girl: But Abh..
Person: Please Meru.
Girl: Fine, I promise..
flashback ends

Meera: Yes I had.
Pragya became numb, she frozed at this after closing her eyes forcefully she again asked: You are joking?
Meera: Why would I pragya, at that time me and abhi used to love eachother and to such extent that we even crossed the limitation!

Pragya again emotionlessly asked: Why he left you?
Meera: I left him and aborted baby, because I realised I do not love him.
Some Words started to echo in pragya’s ears ➡Pragya: have you ever loved someone before our meeting?
Abhi kept a smile at his face and said, yes a girl was there…

Meera held pragya’s hand and said Past was past pragya, let it go, past can destroy present, leave it. It was past and moreover I even do not meet abhi.
Pragya was emotionlessly listeing to her words.
Meera:I accept we did cross limitations because we thought we were in love but now I even do not remember it because at that time we were just 18 or something like that, we were children, I hope this is enough for you. Saying this meera got up and said: Never let past hurt present or future, Bye pragya!

Pragya sat like statue, she remained tight lipped, a waiter came and jerked her and said Mam do you want anything?
Pragya nodded no, she took her purse and went out of cafe, she started to walk towards home with emotionless face , strong wind started to blow that made her hairs dance sadlessly, looking at her hairs dancing sadly leaves that were on road joined them. She flashback abhi’s words..
Fb starts.

Abhi: I don’t know , What you think about me but i m here to tell you the things that i think about you, it’s quite weird but yes I just want to share these things with you because you are the first and last in my life..
Fb ends..
Tears were flowing from her eyes.
She again flash backed meera’s words
Meera: Why would I pragya, at that time me and abhi used to love eachother and to such extent that we even crossed the limitation!
Fb ends.

She couldn’t hold anymore and started crying bitterly and in Loud voice sad Why? Why Abhiiiiiiiii… She sat at road and again started crying bitterly.

Episode ended with Abhi looking at pragya’s pic and pragya crying bitterly at road..

Pre Recap: Why did you break My heart? Why did we fall in love? Why did you go away?

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