KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 12

Pragya: How can he do this to me? I Mean , he is so chea…. Wait a second pragya(while walking to forth she stopped) He can not, but may be he is not dream boy and you are over thinking, but… but this pic it is same as tha…

She was continuously talking to herself but stopped as she heard someone’s foot step, she hurriedly clutched the picture she had in her hand and hid it in choli, as Alka enters pragya pretended to look at guitar of abhi..
Alka: Oh ho still you are here, saanvri aunty and suket uncle are calling you..
Pragya smiles
Alka feels something wierd and says: everything fine?
Pragya: Yes abosulutely..

Alka: Your eyes are giving dull look.
Pragya: Oh yes its because i m feeling sleepy as it was tiring day!
Alka steps towards pragya and says: I know there is something that is bothering you, you don’t know but your eyes can express everything you have in your heart, if the thing that is bothering you is that you have to live your life without your parents then i must tell you pragya or i assure you pragya that after marrige your and your parent’s bond won’t get affected…
Pragya without wasting a minute hugged her meanwhile abhi came
abhi: Excuse me ladies?
Pragya and alka broke hug!
Abhi: Can i talk to pragya for a minute?

Alka while leaving room said: She is all yours now!
Abhi smiled, pragya gave a dull look!
Abhi held pragya’s hand , pragya looked at his face and visualised the same face that 10 years before with long hairs, slight beard, she was somewhere lost! The words were still echoing in her ears!
Abhi jerked her and she came out of the thinking world
Abhi: I don’t know , What you think about me but i m here to tell you the things that i think about you, it’s quite weird but yes I just want to share these things with you because you are the first and last in my life..

Pragya again flashbacked..
Pragya: Abhi can i ask something?
Abhi: for sure..
Pragya: have you ever loved someone before our meeting?
Abhi kept a smile at his face and said, yes a girl was there…
Pragya: so why didn’t you married her?
Abhi: well , i dont know so let’s drop this topic…

Fb ends..
She thinks: Its hard for me to decide when to belive him when to not because always i feel like his words contain immense honesty!
Abhi again jerked pragya and said you are lost somewhere?
Pragya: No I am not, just continue what you were saying…

Abhi started to clean bed so that pragya could sit, he realised that those were his college pics and if pragya would see them she would come to know about everything..
Abhi: You checked these pics?
Pragya: No..
Abhi: Thank God
Pragya: What?
Abhi: No nothing, please sit!
Pragya sits at bed , abhi sits beside her
Abhi: I never praise anyone but when I do i actually mean it, finding you is like finding diamond in the sky, these are some undigestable lines but you need to digest them as its truth! Whenever i see you , i feel like i m losing myslef into ocean of your eyes, i feel like i am world’s most lucky person to get you,

I promise you that i will never leave you, I will always trust you.
Pragya: You would never leave me?
Abhi: Nop but yes only when death comes and hugs me, no one can seprate us except of death,, death is always dancing before our eyes and we can not regect it..
Pragya gave a smile in which hundreds of her questions were supressed..Alka was about to enter room but stopped as she listened to abhi talking something seriously and deeply..

Abhi: Till my every drop does not burn in your flame, Till I don’t travel to the moon with you, Stay close to me Don’t talk about leaving, just Stay with me

Alka while hearing to all this secretly said to herslef: I have listened to these lines before too, i mean…. while alka was thinking to herslef about all this , screen shifted towards abhi, abhi continued saying: What should I gift you that Looks beautiful on you , I shall clad you even in the lines of my palms

Pragya stood like confused person as she was all confused that what is true and what’s not..
Abhi: Till I…. abhi was about to continue meanwhile Alka came in suddenly and said Cheater….
Pragya who was lost somewhere, looked at alka and was shocked her heart missed a beat as she listened to *Cheater* she thought as if alka is saying abhi is cheating on her(pragya)…pragya stood up from bed so did abhi..
Alka continued: Pragya you know what ever he told you, what ever lines he said to you are not by him, i mean he didn’t wrote them instead he has translated the song Jab tak of MS Dhoni movie! Cheater abhi..
Abhi: Hey bubble , just stop it haan , yes i translated the song jab tak but i meant every word of it..

Alka: Oh ho romeo!
Pragya got her life back as she understood that alka was talking about something else but still in pragya’s mind many of questions and confusions were there! Abhi and alka continued their argument while samarth came and said Com’on pearl we need to leave now!
Pragya nodded her head , she hugged alka and gave a fake smile to abhi and said Bye! Abhi in reply smiled back.. pragya and her family left from there, it was tiring day for everyone… Soon 2 days passed, pragya was all lost because she couldn’t believe that abhi who used to admire her can do this, can consummate a relation, she was not ready to believe but the pic of abhi she took with herself she matched it with the pics in laptop and they exactly matched, after much struggle she contacted her old friends, that of college time they told her that Dream boy’s actual name was Abhi.. Despite of all these proofs she wasn’t ready to beleive that abhi can do this but some part of her heart started to believe it, she also came to know about the girl with whom abhi had affair in his college time , her name was ‘Meera’ , she was one of those girls in college who were famous for their bad habits, she just few years before got married and also has a son names *Abhaas* ,

pragya thought she would directly ask about all this from Meera but a thought stopped her and that was “10 years have passed to this thing, meera is living a happy life, going to her and asking her about all this can ruin her happy life” during these days pragya was so depressed and lost that she even started to ignore Abhi’s calls and messages which bothered Abhi.. At very fine moments pragya used to just say him Hi, how are you and then bye! Abhi was too tensed because pragya was not like that, her ignorance was like walking on a burned coal or pieces of glass! It was just one day to their marrige and still pragya wasn’t sure what to do she thought to herself I will run away, I will not marry him, he is not Mr Right! At same time abhi in his room started looking at Pics of pragya.. The pic that was clicked 10 years before In which pragya was wearing a polo t-shirt with seriously stretchy dark jegging and brogues..
Abhi: You are only meant to be mine, you can never run away, I will marry you! You are everything to me 10 years before when I saw you and today when i m seeing you I feel no difference…

Screen gets divided between Abhi and pragya!

PRE RECAP: Ma listen to me. No pragya i won’t..

Okay i will update next epi by 8 pm Sunday! Thanks guys, would reply everyone at mext update! See ya

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