KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 11

Samarth:you know when she left me she said i will find numerous persons like you in my life, i questioned her why does she wants others like me only why doesn’t she wants someone change from me?
Alka: Then we should have saw her face filled up of insult (phir toh uska chehra dekhne laaik hoga)
Samarth laughed and said i wonder how people are two faced? I mean like I can not even see their one ugly face and they carry two faces with them!
Alka: Exactly! I mean its so easy for them to be two faced, i mean okay if you want to be two faced atleast make one of them pretty!
Samarth: it’s life!
Alka: Being two faced never creates life , it destroy’s life!
Samarth: I don’t know what if life itself and you are talking about creation and destruction!
alka smiled: On the invisible stage, God staged a drama, it’s funny however that He decided to call it life, A mixture of tragedy and comedy,people changed roles often too after all!
Samarth: Hey! exactly your words are true!
Alka smiled and they continued their convo…
Screen shifts to abhigya…
Pragya: Will you please now stop praising me?
Abhi:Okay wow! I mean i thought every girl just wants someone who could praise her and now when i m praising you , you are asking me to stop..
Pragya: Yes that is because i m not like those girls who get happiness from fake praises!
Abhi: Diffent Girl!
Pragya smiled
Abhi: wait wait , yes i got it!
Pragya: What you got?
Abhi: Nickname!
Pragya: Nickname?
Abhi: UG
Pragya: UG?
Abhi: unique girl!
Pragya: Again praising me?
Abhi: you want me to insult you!
Pragya: How can you insult me without any reason?
Abhi: So you mean i need a reason to insult you!
Pragya: you do everything without reason?
Abhi: What do you mean?
Pragya: i mean, firstly you are praising me without any reason and now you want to insult me without any reason!
Abhi: i never said that i want to insult you..
Pragya:so you mean , i asked you to insult me?
Abhi: Now you are stretching the topic without any reason!
Pragya: I m stretching? Fine i won’t talk to you.
Abhi: Fine i would die
Pragya: Are you mad?
Abhi: Only for you!
Pragya smiled and looked away,
Abhi: oh so someone is blushing.
Pragya controling her smile: no one is blushing, just stop it!
Abhi gave side hug to pragya and said you are cute…
Pragya broke hug and said will you just stop praising me?
Abhi: Will you just stop saying that?
Pragya: No!
Abhi: So no from my side too!
Pragya: You are unbelivable
Abhi: So are you!
Pragya: please, stop!
Abhi: What?
Pragya: Stop your senseless talks
Abhi: you mean i talk senselessly..
Pragya: I didn’t said that..
Abhi: but you meant that…
Pragya: No, now you are stretching topic..
Abhi: fine i won’t talk..
Pragya: Fine, I would die..
Abhi: are you mad?
Pragya: Only for you…
Abhi smiled and said Okay now stop this!
Pragya: i already stopped it!
Abhi: When?
Pragya: Just now!
Abhi: Totally your screw is loose!
Pragya: I m not a machine!
Abhi: Not a machine but chatterbox
Pragya: How mean!
Abhi laughed at cute anger of pragya and was about to say something further but as soon as he listened to Alka and shalini announcing something his attention got diverted..
Alka: So Thank you so much All of you for attending the mehndi function
Shalini: To make this occassion more memorable, we would play a game!
Alka: Yes a game!
Abhi whispers to pragya: This idea would be of alka, always thinks of games
Pragya: Samarth bhai and Shalini both would have appreciated the lame idea!
Shalini: So the game is simple, and its only for groom’s and bride’s family!
Alka: In this game , every member of groom and bride’s family would be given a paper and pen..
Samarth: And they need to tell what they expect from the next person!
Shalini: For example , bride’s father would list the things he expects from groom’s father and same goes for groom’s father, he would list the things or qualities he expects from his to be daughter in law..
Alka: Exactly! Groom’s family would list the things they expect from bride! Yes only bride.. where as bride’s family would list the things they expect from whole groom’s family!
Shalini: Got it?
Abhi: Only family? Can not bride and groom also take part in this game
samarth:they can, They can!
Alka, so here you go with the paper and pen! Shalini starts to distribute paper and pen within the family members! And says do write name at top of paper! Saanvri starts listing the things she expects from geeta, suket starts to list the things she expects from raj, geeta lists the things she expects from pragya same goes for raj and alka , they start listing the things the expect from pragya! Samarth lists the thing he expects from abhi’s family! Abhi lists the things he expects from pragya and pragya lists the things she expects from abhi after marrige! saanvri and suket list the things they expect from raj and geeta that how will raj and geeta live or behave with pragya after marrige!
(I hope there is no confusion)
Shalini: So everyone done!
“Yes” cheered family members!
shalini collects the paper from everyone
Shalini: so let’s start from geeta aunty and saanvri aunty! Saanvri aunty has listed nothing but has wrote: Nothing just same trust and love to my daughter that they give to Alka! And geeta aunty has written: I need pragya just to think me as her mother not mother in law!
Listening to this pragya emotionally hugged saanvri and geeta!
Pragya: I love you ma and mom!
Shalini: now raj uncle and suket uncle…
Raj uncle: I want her to share everything with me the way she does with her dad!
Pragya goes to raj and gives him side hug
Pragya: Sure dad! Raj smiles!
Shalini: And suket uncle has written: she is my brave daughter , i just need her happiness so hope raj could give the same!
Raj: Sure suket!
Shalini: Now, samarth and alka! Samarth has written: I want alka and abhi to irritate pragya as much as they could!
Pragya in fake anger: Bhai!!!!!!
Samarth laughed and said listen further
Shalini continues: The irritation that could give a smile at her face, i don’t expect anything except from happiness of pearl!
Pragya went and pulled samarth’s cheek!
Samarth: I will miss you!
Pragya hugged him tightly!
Shalini: Okay dadu has written Keep my doll not as a doll but as princess!
Pragya: no matter if i become princess or not but i will be always your doll dadu!
Aadesh gave flying kiss to her, pragya with her hands acted as if she caught it! Aadesh smiled!
Shaalini: Okay now last one! The expectation of abhi from pragya and pragya from abhi!
Abhigya looks at eachother with a smile
Shaalini: Oh wow! I won’t read it out so better stupid and abhi say it yourself that what you expect from eachother, and after my countdown you people would say it at same time!
Pragya: Crazy she is!
Abhi smiles
Shalini: Okay so 1…2….3
Pragya: Faith
Abhi: Trust!
Pragya: I want him to have faith me no matter how difficult life becomes!
Abhi: I want her to trust me at every part of life, i don’t want her to doubt on me, like a bestfriend we should live and behave and like husband and wife we should create understanding with eachother!
Alka: Waoh Romeo
Abhi: You spoiled moment!
Pragya: And you made it memorable abhi!
Abhi smiled..
Alka: Okay okayy okayyy! Fine now, i thought all of us would fill the paper with expectations but to my unexpectation no one expected much from each other!
Abhi: Your expectations are always wrong!
Alka: Very funny!
Time passed and All of the guests left , now only pragya’s family was at mehra mension.. shalini also left!
Geeta: Alka…
Alka while talking with pragya took excuse and went to geeta
Alka: Yes Mom?
Geeta: Pragya has never been to our home, she is here for the first time so go and make her comfartable!
Alka: You mean we need to roam around our home!
Pragya: Yeah alka di , i also wanna see this house, as this hall is itself so beautiful!
Geeta: Go!
Alka: so come pragya! First of all , mom and dad’s room that is on ground floor!
Pragya: Fine!
Alka and pragya leave to have a look around house, firstly they went in raj and geeta’s room, then they went in alka’s room which was quite simple, then they went into another room which was decorated modernly with all the posters of singers actors!
pragya: Whose room is this?
Alka: My Nani’s!
Pragya with stunned expressions : So modern?
Alka: Yes she is!
Pragya: Same as my dadu!
Alka smiles and they proceed to next room filled up with fluffy toys and girly things!
Pragya: Whose room is this?
Alka: I told you about a girl , the girl adopted by my nani at 20 years , this is her room!
Pragya: Aren’t they coming at our marrige!
Alka: Visa issue!
Pragya: oh..
Alka and pragya then proceed to abhi’s room (same as in serial)
Pragya: Wow not bad!
Alka: look at bed..
Pragya: Oh my , pictures all over bed?
Alka: He is still kid!
Pragya: wait let me see them!
alka and pragya proceed to see the pics, they sat at bed and start looking at pics!
Alka: I think , these are his college pics!
Pragya looked at pics: So long hairs?
Alka: Always wanted to be rockstar so…
Geeta calls alka so she again goes to geeta leaving pragya alone in room!
Pragya starts looking at pics, she founded them funny but at a pic she lost all her smile as she flashbacked something:

Fb starts

Shalini: Yes praguu, they are same, he at right side i don’t remember his name but everyone used to call him Dream boy…
Pragya laughed and said Dream boy? Just watch his face, face is not clear it is blur but, i mean slight beard with enough long hairs and a hair band , with some bracelets, how can he be dream boy?
Fb ends..
Pragya with shocked expressions :Dream boy? Same shirt , same long hairs, same face cut.. It means Abhi…. no he can not be! But same….. everything is same!
The words she said to shalini were echoing in her ears: this couple is same na who consummated their relation before marrige?
pragya: I hate him!
Screen freezed at pragya’s angry face and abhi’s happy face…

Pre recap: I can not marry him…I will run away… I will marry you, You can never run away!

OMG ??? i did a blunder by making abhi as dream boy, so what are upcoming twists? Stay connected!

Priyanka: Your comment boosted me up to write this update, Thank you so much and i hope you got answer for your Question who is dream boy..

Minu: Thanks for your very first comment at my update!
Sabeenia: Haha exactly pragya came to know aboyt dream boy but before marrige, so its your prediction was quite right! Thank you!

Hemu sampath: Thanks
Surbhi: haha your comment , always so energetic even you imagine the expressions lol, this is really so sweet of you, Thank you!

Reshma: I m happy that you found it different! Thanks..
Di, Thank you!
Lucky: Thanks, i m glad you loved it..
Abhigya: Alka will always rock, haha Thank you!
Somiya: Thanks soms!
Durga: Your comment ????, totally i am mad for your comment, i m thank ful that you found it cute and typhoon would be in abhigya’s life or slight breeze i also havn’t decided but i m sure that i won’t call off marrige as i can not , hehe Thanks!

Asmitha: I m so sorry but dream boy is abhi, okay so let’s see will love enter their life or hatred, hoping for best.. Thank you

Nini: Thanks
Mukund raj: Thanks

Sorry for late update, quite busy as my neuro session has started! Would try to be regular…

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