KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 10

2 days passed after everyone was back from picnic, in these two days everyone managed to invite guests through cards and everyone managed to complete the shopping, It was next day, pragya woke up as her phone beeped, she saw 2 messages , One from shalini and other from Abhi.. She opend Abhi’s message
Abhi: Wake up, its already 8 in morning, its your haldi and Mehndi today!
Pragya smiled and replied: Okay boss!
Abhi in reply sent a smiley!

Then pragya opend Shaalini’s message..
Shalini: Pragya, i have got just 30 pics , once i will transfer them to laptop i will mail you!
Pragya replied: Surely!
Samarth entered pragya’s room and said: pragya you havn’t even washed your face and you are chatting with abhi..
Pragya: Bhai.. i was jusy replying to shalini..
Samarth: Who is shalini now?
Pragya: oh ho you forgot?
Samarth: yeah yeah i know your friend , who is with you since your college time..now go and get ready as already it is your haldi today!
Pragya:You won’t do any mischeif!
Samarth: Pragya…..
Pragya: what now?
Samarth to tease her: babul ki duaein leti ja ja tujh ko sukhi sansaar mile(TAKE THE FATHER’S BLESSINGS AS YOU GO,,MAY YOU FIND A HAPPY (wedded life)
Pragya hated this song to core and the pillow she had, she threw it at samarth, samarth laughed and ran away! Pragya smiled and took pillow and squeezed it with love..
Pragya: i don’t know what feeling this is but getting married is type of fun!
Saanvri comes into her room and says it is not fun, it is responsiblity!
Pragya got up from bed and said ma ma ma, i understand , now tell me what i have to wear?
Saanvri: the yellow dress that is placed over your bed, till 11 00 am i will ask you to come down!
Pragya hugged saanvri and went to change!

Screen shifts to abhi:
No way mom, no way! Please no..
Alka giving a mischivious smile: Abhi… come beta…come, haldi toh laghani padeghy(you have to apply haldi)
Abhi with weird expressions says yakhhh, i hate its smell, no way i won’t!
Geeta: Abhi no excuses, you have to, it means you have to!
Abhi: But….
Alka: No but, No cut , just apply it fatafat(fastly)
abhi: you just keep quiet bubble (tuh chuph hee reh)
Alka: Chup rehne k liyeah thori na paida hui thy( i wasn’t born to stay quiet)
Geeta: Alka….
Alka: fine mom
geeta:abhi we have to apply this haldi at you, please go and change as we have to send this haldi to pragya too!
Abhi making irritated face: Fine
Alka laughed and said: Murga phans gaya , ab lagani padegy haldi ! (Chicken has been caught, now he has to apply haldi)
Abhi: mein murga toh tun murgi (if i m chicken then you are too a chick)
Alka: No problem!
Abhi: I hate you
Alka: Like i love you!
Abhi said Its impossible to talk with you!
Alka laughed and said exactly!
Geeta laughed and time passed, Sharma mension and mehra mension both were decorated! everyone applied haldi to abhi and now at sharma mension it was pragya’s time! Saanvri came and applied haldi, there were some guests , geeta and alka too aplied haldi, samarth took little haldi in his hand , he applied it at pragya’s face then taking the oppertunity, he took full bowl of haldi and bashed it with pragya’s face, pragya with irritated expressions got up and took haldi in her hand and said now no one can save you! Samarth laughed and started running , pragya followed him, saanvri said i don’t know when these persons will grow up! Alka and geeta shared laugh….screen shifts to garden where pragya was running behind samarth, finally samarth had no way to go , pragya was about to throw haldi on his face but he left from there and aadesh came there, his all face got covered with haldi, pragya kept both her hands at mouth and said: Gayee pragya tunh to(pragya now you are gone) samarth came with hand filled with haldi and said Dadu now throw this at pearl’s face, pragya started running, aadesh follwed her and said Stop, aadesh threw haldi , pragya lowered herself down, the haldi bashed at suket’s face! Suket said Papa while removing the haldi from his face.. As soon as samarth turned his face, the haldi bashed at his face, he closed his eyes , pragya laughed hard, samarth removed haldi from his face and again threw it at pragya and this time saanvri came! Suket and aadesh laughed! Saanvri removed haldi from her eyes and said samarth…pragya laughed and gave haldi to saanvri, saanvri was about to throw it on samarth’s face but alka came in between, pragya and aadesh laughed hard! Alka while cleaning her face with handkercheif said who did this? Pragya shouted: Samarth bhai! Alka said now you are gone samarth, she asked pragya about haldi, pragya gave it to her, Alka then without wasting time threw it on samarth’s face but It bashed on raj’s face! Pragya held alka’s hand and both ran away while all the elders laughed! Everyone then went back inside! Pragya was laughing hard and shared hi five with alka..
Aadesh: it seems haldi function was not only for pragya but for all of us too!
Samarth:exactly… look at me, my face has become all yellow
Alka: ab haldi yellow hogi toh chehra bhi yello ho jayega na, green thodi na hoga( now if haldi is yellow then face’s color will also become yellow na or it would become green?)
Pragya laughed!

Time passed with their convo, mehra’s left as it was already 2 30 pm, and after 7 30 mehndi function was going to take place, it was already decided by everyone that Mehndi function would take place at mehra mension! There were just 2 hours left for function.. abhi was already ready and was talking with alka!
Abhi: oh no i missed the epic scene! You all enjoyed so much!
Alka: So sad, you missed it!
Abhi: yeah very much sad!
Alka:Very much Sad!
Abhi: Very sad!
Alka: Very Very sad!
Abhi raised his eyebrow and said i know its sad but you please stop it! Alka laughed and said by the way we all enjoyed much and you missed it!
Abhi: i know i missed it , now will you please keep quiet..
Alka with fake anger: okay i will keep quiet and won’t tell you the thing pragya asked me to tell you!
Abhi: okay don’t tell me…. after some seconds he realises what alka said… Tell me, alku dii, what message she gave?
Alka: you asked me to keep quiet..
Abhi: i am just mad, i just said that uselessly now please tell me what she said?
Alka: i would tell you but before that 10 times repeat that I M Mad referring to yourself!
Abhi: What? I m not going to do that
Alka:okay then, i won’t also tell you!
Abhi: okay fine!
I AM MAD, I AM MAD ,I M MAD, I M…..(alka laughed harder)
Abhi was confused and in bewilderment he asked: what? Why are you laughing?
Alka: I was joking , pragya never told me any message to pass you!
Abhi: what? Ahhhh you cheater! You….
Alka laughed…
Screen shifts to Sharma mension… a girl of age 26 to 28, with wavy and dark black hairs wearing a simple sea blue color banarsi saaree seems to enter a room slowly..she closes the door slowly and suddenly hugs pragya from back… pragya screams… the girl puts her hand over pragya’s mouth and says Stupid I m here!
Shalini: of corase…
Pragya turns back , there was a small scar at her head but the slight make up beautified it, she was wearing Amethyst and levender mix colored Panel length lehnga with long choli and her hairs were left open!
Pragya hugged Shalini tightly and said I missed you!
Shalini: You missed me but i can never miss your mehndi yaar!
Pragya broke hug and said you missed haldi function!
Shalini: actually amar, my husband he today left for Delhi so ….
Pragya: okay okay but why is this USB in your hand?
Shalini: oh mam, it was you who forced me to bring the pics!
Pragya: oh yes, so let’s see them! Its still 1 hour for function!
Shalini: okay then!

Pragya and shalini started looking at the pictures, they were sharing hi five while remembering about past incidents in college life, it seems that they gad enough fun! It was one picture of shalini and pragya, where pragya was reading book and shalini was eating chocolate , picture was their’s but a random couple also got clicked..
Pragya: hey shalu, this couple is same na who consumated their relation before marrige?
Shalini: Yes praguu, they are same, he at right side i don’t remember his name but everyone used to call him Dream boy…
Pragya laughed and said Dream boy? Just watch his face, face is not clear it is blur but, i mean slight beard with enough long hairs and a hair band , with some bracelets, how can he be dream boy?
Shalini: praguu leave him, you know this girl beside the dream boy , she got married 3 years before, she got married to my husband’s best friend!
Pragya: oh well great! Then what about dream boy?
Shalini: i don’t know about him, i don’t even remember his face, even in pics his face is blurred!
Saanvri steps into room and says now stop your gossips, pragya, shalu come we have to leave now!

Time passed.. all of them gathered at mehra mension…
Girls were dancing on low tune of music, guests were busy with suket saanvri geeta and raj, Pragya was already with alka and shalini, at mehndi section, where the girls were applying mehndi to them, abhi was looking at pragya and said Koi toh rok lo(somebody please stop me)…
Aadesh was there with DSLR, clicking everyone’s picture thou photographer was already appointed but aadesh also continued to click the memories after clicking the pic of small girl, he diverted his camera at pragya…. pragya was smiling , girls were applying mehndi at her hand, alka and shaalini left to meet with guests, abhi came behind pragya and whispered to her something.. Aadesh looking at this scenario flashbacked something…

FB starts:
A small decorated hall is shown, old women are singing something, little girls are dancing, a girl aged of 25 or 24 years is stitting and mehndi girls are applying mehndi at her hand.. there was no such happiness at girl’s face, a boy came from behind and whispered to the girl..
Boy: Pratu, please say no, please stop this!
Girl with heavy voice:Aadu, i am sorry , i can not go against my parents wish, just go from here and just forget me..
Aadu: forgetting you is not like forgetting math’s formula indeed i can never forget you praatu!
Praatu: please go from my life!
Aadu: But…
Praatu: Please….
Aadu: okay then stay happy… i m leaving forever!
Pratu: Go!
The boy with sad expressions left the hall
FB ends……

A lone tear escapes from aadesh’s eyes..he clicks pragya’s pic… screen shifts to samarth drinking water.. alka comes and says i need water..
Samarth: then drink it, why are you asking me?
Alka: stupid i m not asking you but telling you that please fill the glass witj water , i have applied mehndi at my hands so i can not drink it myself!
Samarth fills the glass with water and helps alka..
Alka: Thank you stupid..
Samarth: i can accept your thanks but please don’t call me stupid!
Alka: why?
Samarth: actually …. my wife Ronita used to call me and i hate this word!
Alka: she left you?
Samarth: No i left her..
Alka: you tortured her?
Samarth: oh please! She tortured me..
Alka: it means our cases are opposite!
Samarth: your husband left you?
alka: No i left him!
Samarth: then our cases are same!
Alka: i left him because he used to torture me
Samarth: i left her because she was selfish and used to torture my whole family!
Alka: its good that we don’t have them in our life!
Samarth: pretty good!
Alka: when my husband left me , he said me a little sentence..
Samarth: Which?
Alka: you will come back to me!
Samarth: what was your reply?
Alka: You will come back to me and at that time i won’t accept you!
Samarth: Jhakaas jawab! (Superb answer)
Alka laughed
Samarth:you know when she left me she said i will find numerous persons like you in my life, i questioned her why does she wants others like me only why doesn’t she wants someone change from me?
Alka: Then we should have saw her face filled up of insult (phir toh uska chehra dekhne laaik hoga)
Samarth laughed and screen freezed at them..

Pre recap: On the invisible stage, God staged a drama, it’s funny however that He decided to call it life, A mixture of tragedy and comedy,people changed roles often too after all!
… ……. ……… ……….. …………. ……………. ……..
So far it is my 10th update! Yupieeeee! Thank you all for the support!
So Past is linked with each point of present situation!
10 years before something happend in abhigya’s life, abhi knows it but pragya doesn’t?
There must be a bitter past of aadesh that led him to have tears in his eyes!
Alka and samarth also have bitter past!
Pragya has some bitter past with her best friend!
So many pasts in everyone’s journey of life! So will these bitter pasts give fresh breeze to present or disastrous typhoon? Will this journey of Souls be beautiful or filled up with hatred? To know about this please stay connected to this journey!

Priyanka: Thanks, i m glad that you loved phone convo!
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Krisha: at last update i didn’t replied your comment but yes i will surely accept you as my sister as i have no sister! And keep rocking with your ff…

Thank you silent readers and regular readers who do comment! Thanks

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