KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 1

Pearl Pearl come here yaar “someone shouts*
Yes bhai…. Wait I m coming *said a girl while wearing earings*
Quickly *again shouts*
The girl comes out of room wearing a red kurti and jeans, she sets her watch, and goes downstairs ….

The girl says What’s wrong bhai?
Nothing is wrong pearl! Everything is fine

The girl says then why were you shouting?

The boy says I wasn’t shouting I was just calling you!

Girl says Wow awesome kya tareeka tha bulane ka (what a fantastic way it was to call somone) Proud of you

A women comes with a Man and says Pragya beta i asked Samarth to call you!
pragya: and why did you called me maa?
The Man says Pragya beta ahm…wo…actually
Pragya’s maa says Suket i will tell her myself!
Suket:Then Go on Saanvri…
Pragya: okay wait wait wait ma papa just tell me directly that you guys have again chose someone for my.marrige!
Saanvri says kitni samjhdaar hogayi h ladki humare bina kuch bole hee samjh gayee (how smart this girl has became! She came to know already what we wanted to say)

Pragya sits at sofa and says maa you know since i have became of 28 , you only discuss about my marrige and nothing else….Uthte jaagtay sotay har waqt bas meri shaadi meri shaadi (every time only the topic of my marrige is discussed ma)

Suket sits beside pragya and says pragya we are not forcing you we are just worried for your future beta! You are now enough successful and independant but getting married is something that is missing in your life! As a father its my resposiblity to get you married to someone you like!

Saanvri says exactly pragya beta see if you love someone just tell us we will get you married to him.. Do you love someone?
Pragya says No maa i do not love anyone!
Suket tells pragya look at me *cups her face* for my sake just meet the boy once! I have every detail of him he is very good person by heart and nature he is hard working , a business tycoon! He doesn’t drinks , doesn’t smokes and belongs from a good family!

And and and the very important thing is he has studied with me in London *says samarth* and he is good looking dashing and respects the girls!

Pragya gets up from sofa , suket saanvri and samarth sit at sofa and they keep staring at pragya, pragya stares them back, suket in low tone says meet him, saanvri in low tone says please, samarth says for once! Pragya folds her arms , she takes deep breathe and says okay i will meet him!

Saanvri gets up in excitment and kisses pragya , suket and samarth share hi five, pragya smiles amd says but how does he looks?
Samarth says do not worry pearl i have his picture in my phone i will watsapp you!
Suket gives a side hug to pragya and says I love you beta!
Pragya smiles…..

Time passes pragya is in her room , she looks at phone and says so he looks like this! Dekha dekha sa lagta h ( i think i have seen him somewhere) okay leave it! Pragya places her phone at bed and stands near mirror! She places her both hands at dressing table and looks at mirror…
She continues— So a new journey of my life, a new person is going to enter in to my life! I do not know how is he but…. i hope he will be fine for me! Pragya lowers her gaze and takes deep breathe she again looks at mirror and says So Miss Pragya Sharma Are You ready fo sacrifice your whole life for unknown person? Are you ready to marry someone whom you have never met? Are you ready to become Mrs from Miss! (The refelection in mirror says May Be) pragya smiles she again takes her phone and looks at the picture of boy and says i hope our journey will be beautiful….

Screen shifts to a person holding pragya’s picture and says I will try my best to make the journey beautiful because I love you! I love you……

Pre recap:: oh God what clothes should I wear? Red? No way! Green? Oh ho no! Then? Shorts? Oh Ho Mister you Have gone mad!

Hey people this is Elsa! Elsa is my real name first of all i should give intro of this ff! It is beautiful life journey of Abhigya their love their sacrifices their care and all! I hope i will bring everything in new way! I have brought up new imaginary characters like Saanvri as pragya’s mom Suket as pragya’s father and samarth as pragya’s elder brother! I will give intro of rest characters in upcoming update! So tell me should I continue it?

And coming to My Intro

I m Elsa! Basically I m from pakistan and India both haha i mean My Father is from Pakistan and Mom from India I was born in Australia and currently i m in Australia , i have never been to India or Pakistan but i m all aware of their languages! It means i know both Hindhi and Urdu! I m of 19years and i m to be a doctor! I m not new here as i was silent reader and all the writers are awesome here but as everyone has favorite writer i have my favorite writer in form of Somya, somya has always inspired me through her writings. Her my diary ff. Abhigya destiny , Time changes and all the one shots are amazing! But she is no more writing but if you are reading this dii then i have to tell you something and that is you are my inspiration! Not only Somya but Surbhi dii you are too amazing your Os’s are out of this world! Maya your updates are always so beautiful, Monesha Sarnaya, hawa hawai, Ani, Arshi fan, Roli, Aytac, AHT, rithu and all other writers you all are truly creative! Keep writing and Sochna keep writing please your first one shot was amazng.. I hope this intro is enough so tell me should I continue my first ff or should I drop the idea?

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  1. Hai elsa welcome to ff writing…of course u can continue…but pls don’t stop in middle…because as u r a silent reader u know many of them stopped in the middle…pls pls continue…abd all the best ?

  2. Rithu

    Welcome Elsa please continue

  3. Hello Elsa Di! Welcome to our Family. Your Entry was Perfect. I mean I was very upset that everyone are slowly planning to end their writing… Felt really bad that the no.of posts that used to be is really low. YEAH We hav similar tastes… My Fav is also Somiya Di. Unfortunately due to her work loads she stopped writing.
    But then I would Love to read yoyr writing further. Awesome Start. I love the way u stared it. And the family… Those names are Perfect.
    I am happy that u also belong to my country. all the very best Elsa Di.
    Expecting a lot from this.Plsssssss Do Continue. We all will surely support u.
    Btw I am very very eager to read the Beautiful Story of AbhiGya.
    Awesome Awesome Awesome it was!

  4. wow Elsa it’s super duper intro.. i just imagined myself in 4 a moment.. awesome.. keep going..

  5. Hi…Elsa ..me from Pakistan ….Aytac …And yr ..Ik dum sahi kha ..best writer tu ..ik hi hai ..Somiya ..aur perfect writer bhi ik hai Surbhi …These both are just ..?????????????????????????so u was a silent reader …hmm…First of All …A warm Welcome to u !!!Ab tumhe tu hamre bare mai pta hi hoga….??….Coming to the update …Fantastic …keep going yr … ????….

  6. wow nice strat pls conti dear……………


    Wow nice start.. continue dear

  8. are yaar bahuth mast tha vinti karti hu continue kar they !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Maya

    U should continue Elsa! ?? Its very interesting!?? Thanks for considering my updates as beautiful!?

  10. Hi elsa continue this its seems so interesting

  11. This story seems intresting elsa! Do continue and thanks i m glad that my writings inspired you ☺ sorry i can’t be a ragular commenter but would try to be regular reader ?

    1. Regular****

  12. Awesomeeee Start !??? Keep Rocking Elsa di !??

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