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Like all other days , the rays of the early morning sun wakes up abhi, but he was consiciously sleeping expecting pragya to wake him up. Pragya on the other side entered the room , went near to wake him up, but moved back with the smile, realizing that he was awake. Abhi was losing his patience expecting pragya, . When the droplets of water from the long black hair of his wife gently touched his eyelids..,, he opened his eyes. His eyes refused to blink looking at her beauty, came back to his sense realizing pragya calling him. .”suniye.., what happened , wake up its already time” saying this she went near the mirror to get ready. Abhi went to her smiling and hugged her from behind ‘today smne is looking hot’ P: ‘is it so.. who is that smne ‘ A: ‘oh chasmish..I forgot, where ur chasma first. Pragya fumes and turns towards him..’what Chasmish ??? ‘ and punches him ‘who gave u writes to call me chasmish’ Abhi holds her waist tight , smiling says ..’ why .. u won’t give ur husband even this rights… ‘. Their heart beat echo in each others ears when pragya leaned towards him ,after a minute of silence , she whispers ‘no’ to him. She removes her hands and ran from there around the bed but her wrist was caught by abhi.. she slips and falls on the bed pulling abhi on her..Finally u got caught .Pragya ‘suniye, leave me..I have to go..everyone ll be waiting for us down ..What ll they think.” A:’ what they would think… u r my wife’ P: ‘suniye, please.. kk ,I accept I m lost.. my sweet husband no ‘Ábhi melts seeing her face and let her go. They both came down and dadi asked them to do aarti to the lord.

Pragya took the aarti plate ,with abhi standing behind her holding her hands they take aarti. In her mind, pragya…”God, Help me fulfill my duty as a wife, bahu and bhabi. I wanted to support my husband in all possible ways. Whatever hurdles comes to my this family, give me strength to face it.” and abhi.. ” what can I ask u god, u have given me this sweet family,, please help me fulfill my promise I gave my wife..and keep her happy always..I know that she ll take care of others but will forget about her.” Then ,they get blessings from dadi. Purab and Nakshatra get blessings from abhi and pragya. Pragya smiles and hugs them. Abhi gets happy seeing them. Pragya looks at abhi speaks with her eyes ‘I ll never let them remember their mother.’ A: ‘thank u ‘ .’P: ‘it s my duty’ .They were conversing in their hearts , came back to sense when dadi…called them “arey..please stop seeing each other now. Abhi , now u both have to go to pragya’s home and stay there for some days and come back.., ïts a ritual .A: ok, dadi” Purab and nakshatra argued with dadi to go with them but dadi refused saying only for few days no purab. Don’t act like a small boy, they would come back. Now u go for ur office. Then , they reach sarla’s home . Sarla , greets them. Parikshit and bulbul comes running and hugs..jiju…”Pragya: ” heey..what s this , its been only a day u know him and u forgot me.. Abhi: “someone is fuminng with jealousy, anyway u both don’t care about that ” They shouts “k jiju” . Pragya smirks at them and goes from there. She goes a little far and thinks in her mind that, “I know u don’ t differntiate between both our families. U ll really give them the love my father should be giving., thank u”. Abhi realizes pragya looking at him and turns, and thinks ” I know what u r thinking.. when U can be like a mother for my siiblings , I can do the duty of a father for them” Pragya gets tears in her eyes looking at them. Abhi sees her tears , excuses them and goes near her. He takes her to the room closes the door, looks into her eyes..and says “speak ur heart out pragya”. I can know that something is bothering ur heart…say me” Pragya looks at him for a minute, burst into tears and then hugs him.. .She cries very badly. Abhi can’t look at her crying..tears were rolling down even from his eyes. A droplet from abhi’s eyes touched pragya’s cheek. Pragya who was resting her head on his chest looks up , signs him not to cry…Speak up ur heart pragya..

P: ” I may look silly to u, but I really don’t know why I m crying. My dad left us in a very small age. Seeing my mother suffering alone, none of the relations gave their hand. We knew their true colours only then. I was 12 , at that time. Parikshit was 8 and bulbul was 6.I was able to see an untold pain in them. I can’t blame my mom. She tried hard to bring us to this position. Many of my friends live as a joint family. Whenever I looked at them , I felt very alone. I gave all my love to my sis and bro , to make them not fell like that. But I was not able to avoid their pain. Suniye, U know , I really want to live in a joint family. I want to give such love to my family that they should never be apart and have misunderstandings. Today, the love u gave them.. I could see a different kind of happiness in them.”

Abhi: “see, don’t cry. Family is always created, its not given by anyone. It’s a great treasure to be protected. Who told u that we don’t have a big family. U, me, Purab , Nakshatra, dadi, ma, my sweet bulbul and parikshit. Is this not a joint family for u.
Pragya: “but ma,bulbul…..
Äbhi: ” even they r our family. Marriage is a sacred bond not between 2 persons but between 2 families. Even we r in different places, both the families can always be together. Us with our children can make up a small family amongst this bigger one..
pragya was blushing hearing this..Abhi: “someone is blushing here…come on cheer up”.
They smile and hug each other. There was a knock on the door..Bulbul: “jiju.., di..what r u doing inside..Oh do ur romance afterwards no..”
They together opened the door..Abhi: “…bulbul…what u want now..we were planning for r family and…oops…” and oh what have u said abhi..He turns to see pragya staring at him..Bulbul laughs at them and calls them for the lunch..

PRECAP: Abhi gets pragya’s diary…and..

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Credit to: Annabath Chase

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