Hi guys, I m really overwhelmed with all ur comments. First time, I m trying to write a story, so please forgive me, if there r any mistakes. Ill really try to update regularly, but I can’t assure u guys.
Now coming to the story…

The episode starts with abhi entering the room and calling Pragya with the mix of emotions..
The moment of silence remains in the air with both immersed in the sight of each other, not realising if it was their dream or reality. Tears replaced the unspoken words in their room.. . With the past days flashing in both their minds, abhi took a step forward and then pragya. A smile formed in both their lips when his hands touched her cheeks., a stark realization is drawn upon him noticing the kumkum in her forehead. Wide smile enlighted his face and pragya just blushed and nodded her head in response. They just hugged each other and the moon behind them glowed brightly enjoying their union. ‘U were true that day, Pragya. My love is true . Ur instincts r true. I just can’t believe my eyes . I accepted this marraige for my dadi’s sake. Between all these, my mind was restless but my heart remained at peace. I could’nt understand at that point but now I knew the reason. My dad used to say all the time, that u saved him from commiting the greatest mistake of his life and u r the saviour of my life. Whenever he spoke about u, I missed u a lot. He never knew about our strange feelings to each other. I never told him but I was confident in ur sayings. But after he died, I just lost my mind. Wherever he is , he would be really happy, for u to be my life partner. Say something Pragya, why r u just staring at me..’. pragya: ‘Suniye, I was really sad with the decision, I took that day. But, now I realize that, it was needed that time. I m happy with the way our fate has chosen to unite us. Though it gave us pain , I m Happy now. ‘

Abhi dragged pragya to the idol in his room. (he has kept that since pragya rejected him 6 years back with the hope that her belief would come true.) He just kept the idol there but never prayed. He took her there. God, I never believed in u, nor respected u, but today I accept that my journey of life has relation with the choice of fate. He looked at pragya, and said…” Pragya, though I kept this kumkum in ur forehead, I never did it whole heartedly in the mandap today. I wanted to rectify my mistake.” Pragya just looked at him in a confused manner. Abhi took the kumkum in his hands and then, “Today in front of him who joined us, I Abhishek Prem Mehra accept my love Pragya as my wife. I promise u that I would share ur sorrows and give u my happiness. ” …saying these he filled kumkum in her forehead.. Pragya just hugged abhi..rested her head in his chest. In love, silence speaks better than words. This day, they became one in heart, body and soul..

I don’t know if u would like this episode. True comments r welcomed. I will bring twists in the upcoming episode.


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    1. Annabath ( Samyuktha)

      Hi everyone, I ll really try to do long episodes. Thank u for all ur comments. Thank u guys, I ll do long episodes..don’t worry

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