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Hi guys,,,,, m jiaa
M going to write my thoughts about kum kum bhgya
kum kum bhagya was a good serial,,,, but its become dragged freom 1 year,,,,
from last week ,i was enjoying it really,,, but ,,, todays ep is also show no more interesting story line,,,
tanu is really a clever girl,,, she will also now get escape from pragya’s new planning easily,,
one thing more ,,,, this serial s not showing alia,,,, where is alia,,,
i think there be a new twist in kkb soon as they will show someone help alia in releasing from jail,,,may be one of the enemies of abhi or prgya who will also want to take revenge from any of them,,,
and then alia,,, silently plan something big against them to destroy abhi, or take revenge from pragya,,,
tanu is also planning because she did’nt came to that place where she was going,,, there must be a planning,,,
feeling sad for mthali,, as she is going to good for prgya,,, infact good for her,, but it goes reverse,,,,, she fall herself in problm,,,one thing which i notice that n indian dramas,,,they keep their females in their houses even after they know,they are bad,,,
as like now mitali will keep staying in house , even after this …………… because afterall,,,,,,,,,,,, if they remove her,,,, how drama will dragggggggg,,,,,,,,,,

I will start new page on which I will write a fan fction fiction
So, plz sher share with me ur all thoughts,
Guys,,,,,, you notice that ,that some days before,, a video was uplodded, in which pragya was slapped raj,and said many things,,,, and in yestr day video that did not happened,,, so I guessed,,,,, that raj was just acting in ystrday,and today’s ep…
He is same like before,,, now a new twst will come soon,,, as raj was again planned to take revenge,, because that video was not lacal,,,, so,,, that will must happen,,,

Some of scene from Today’s ep…..
Abhi asks Pragya to stay away from his family and adds that he has taken decision to get married to Tanu with great difficulty and not to ruin it. He will marry Tanu even though he loves his money and not him, as Tanu is pregnant and the baby is his ,,,
Abhi expresses his disappointment towards the Almighty and blames his distrust to be the cause for all the problems of his life. Tannu and Pragya come face to face, and Tannu claims that she does not need Abhi’s wealth as Abhi can easily earn money through his concerts. But Pragya highlights the fact that if Abhi takes part in any concert without her permission, she can file a legal case against him.
However, a key point will see Pragya discover Raj’s involvement in the entire scandal, as he is overheard scheming in a bid to support Alia and Tanu.
Its take toooo much time to write,, a page of 800 words,, I havnt toooo much word ,,, and more words now,,,

Credit to: jiaa

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  1. pls end the tanu chapter.its waste of time to watch the serial..bcos so much of dragging:-[and get very boring to watch…and put some intresting turns or twist in ths serial.

  2. u missed one thing abt purvi……

    1. ya renu u r right

  3. yes purvi will back there is some twist wit purvi nd also bulbul i think so

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