KKB ff Apna Kon Hai Epi 6 (Last Episode)

Episode 6
As their papers were near so both were busy in preparations but the problem which pragya has to faced is she lives in join family.(Family kitni bari hai,kitne log rehtey hai,ye matter nahi krta matter krta hai tou un mai rehney wale logo ka behaviour….Join family mai rehney ke kuch principles hotey hai,justice hona chahiye agr ik compromise kr raha hai tou woh krta rahey…dosra bus ye kahe ke aj hamari waja se hum sub ik saath hai ye kha ka principle hai…..)Actually reason ye hai yha baat kr ne ki ke Pragya is intelligent but she is somehow feels proudness over her success…but now she is in high class and needs extra time but due to circumstances she was unable to concentrate on her studies…
But she tried her best….At last exams date come…And they pass (aisey jaisey humein pta chlta hai ke exams shuru aur khatam)…
2 Weeks Holidays…..
Pragya remains in house…..

Sorry i forgot to tell u…that…Pragya lives with her father from when she was 3 years…6 years…After 3 years her mom shifted too…(because of maa job she lives there)…Pragya lives with her aunty…whole day her dad comes at night in home…
Now the situTion is this that she didn’t know that how much her mother sacrifices for her….And now she is enough to understand everything ……First she always prefers her aunt….From inside this hurts her mother but she never understands……I hope u guys understand the point….

Now she is in home…for 2 weeks….
Holiday 1
Her mom is a lecturer so she goes in early morning and comes in afternoon …
After coming back her mom started to make lunch…clean the room…e.t.c…
Pragya just saw this….and her day ended…
Holiday 2
Next day her mom has to visit some relatives because of some reason someone from their background died…So her mom took half leave and goes there…..Comes at home in mid night….
Holiday 3
Again tommorow when she opens her eyes ..maa was not their….she waits for her…slowly she understands the things…and helps her mom in many small works…
Holiday 4 (night)
pragya: maa u must be tired…i will massage u….Just like this she used to help her maa ….
One day she standing outside her mom and dad room:
mom:See i told u now pragya is not a kid…she wants a separate room…
dad:ok i will do something…
Pragya was dreaming about her room…that she will decorate it like this…..

Actually her father never sees his priorities…Always neglect him and his wife and children….Just to keep his family join …..
And what they both did they leave her with her aunt because aunt daughter will remain alone… And her parents didn”t understand the point…She always wanted to be with her parents but they always left her with them…She never showed them that she didn’t like to stay with them…..
Voiceover says: It is not. like that…She likes them but she wants to be with her parents……This thing always remains in her heart and just because of this thing sometimes she becomes rude with her parents……Till now no one understands….

Pragya’s POV
I never thought my mother is suffering this much…She is struggling and earning money to fullfill my wishes….And what i did… Now i know who is right and who is not… .
Holidays Over…New session going to start…She was excited to meet her friend…..
First day
pragya:Naina..how r u?How was the exams ….holidays…
Naina: Everything went good yr
Now they were back to studies….Again pragya faced the problem but remains quite because she don’t want to hurt her father……as her father never understands…His first priority is his to keep his family join…
(Family join ka mtlb ye nhi ke ik hi ghr mai rhe…Aj kl everyone wants to live like his/her style….jis ki wja se ghr mai fights zaida hoti hai aur rishta khatam ho jata hai…..Tou rishta hamesha ke leye khtam na ho uss se bhetr hai ke ik ghr badal le…alg rehne se rishtey kabhi khatam nhi hotey blke tootne se bach jatey hai…..ye point of view tha pragya ka but no one understands)
Actually she never thought just like this before…according to her …her family was best example of join family…when she opens her eyes then she able to see …who is the reason behind this join family….Her parents are struggling … sacrificing their happiness for the sake of their family…..(This is bitter truth or u can say reality now a days koi apna nahi….no one is sincere with others even brothers and sisters….everyone only see their happiness…their profit.
(.but beleive me i was shocked to see this…as i said reality hai…i thought how is it possible a man doesn’t care for himself ….he never thought he is having this or not he can afford this or not …he just fullfilled this …but i didn’t like that for the sake if so called join family he sacrifice his daughter and son happiness…No doubt he luvs his kids so much…but kids needs their father support …..And do u all know what is the result his own kids now didn’t say anything to him i mean that they want this or not…and never complain about anything…and i am just seeing …..it really disturbs me…Why the hell he didn’t realize his mistake??…)

Pragya is now enough mature to understand everything and sometimes it hurts her as a result she fights with them…
Now her classes are going and she is stuyding hard…One day she gets a hardworking student card from her teacher and she was so happy ….She thinks when she will show this to her mother she will get happy..At last bell ring for school over she runs to home…As she enters she came to know that her parents are out of station due to family problems…She gets angry that why they didn’t go always my parents had to o go….She goes to room and started crying…this hurts her alot…(Even me too faced this situation i also got a hard working student card but my parents were busy and they didn’t even see it once…but they see it next day….but my all excitement was finished)
While crying she says Why GOD why me?Then she stopped for a while and says
GOD …..And wipes her tear..
Her whole day went and she didn’t learn anything as she was depressed…
Next in school when teacher asks a question she didn”t say anything…and for the first time teacher shouts on her (now i am telling about what happens with me teacher only shouts that why i am not replying actually i was ill yesterday so i didn’t learn that’s why and i am less confident person so i can’t tell him and started crying)(From now on i mean yha se agay ye sub kuch meray saath hua tha)
By chance that day her parent”s come to pick her early and she goes she was crying when mother asks she tell her and she tells her that it is my mistake why i didn’t tell him…(i was in 9 th class at that time) And u can”t believe next few days was hell for me…i was crying continuosly without any reason and sometimes i thought that i am having cancer or brain tumour…(????????)My mother says that may i talk to ur teacher and i say no…..
But do u know guys now i wanted to be in this situation for ever ….Because this was just…..I found someone who is mine…who helps me…

Next day..
I went to school and i came to know that today sir is absent and an old man i don’t know who was he…(management team member i think) He took our free lecture… He just explains me the meaning of GOD….and my body shivers my eyes were numb…(wo keh kr chalay gaye pr aj tk unn ka smjhaya hua mtlb meray kano mai gunjta hai)
His just 5 mins change my life…..From that day i and pragya both changed…(actually she was my class fellow)(iss ke baad jo kuch hua na wo mai explain nhi kr skti …that moments that days that time was so beautiful ….)
I went to home and i don’t know how i took one of the Religion related book and started reading there was written if u wants to cry so never cry infront of those who didn’t help u if u wants to take help come to ur GOD and pray to him …I straightly went to him….Just one time i cried infront of him …He i can’t tell u …from that day till now i never faced any problem (problem ati hai pr mai ik awaz lgati hu aur mujhe nhi pta kb kaise uss prob ka naam hi khatam ho jata hai)
Guys,the reason to write this ff is just to tell u guys reality and who is urs …In this ff i have explained many of the girls who lives with me and last is of me….i can’t explain i can’t tell the feeling ….But i just wanted to say if u r away from ur GOD just go too him and friendships with him…U will feel that u r most luckiest person on earth…most happiest person….Just feel one time ….I swear u will never forget him…And Apna kon hai….tou wo hai sirf aur sirf Khuda hai….Bhagwan hai….jo kuch khuda ke skta hai koi nhi kr skta ….Just go too him and don’t tell him what’s ur prob because he already knows…just admire him or look at the sky …ur eyes will fill with tears and u will fall infront of him and he will secure u forever …beleive me he will never leave u in any situation bohat log atey hai bohat daway krtey hai ….pr khuda kuch khe beghair sub kr deta hai….I can’t tell u. …if i will tell u na so this ff will never end…But i just wanted to say Apne bhagwan ke paas jao aur unn se kho jo kehna hai …if u want to luv someone just luv him…if u want to trust someone just trust him…beleive me … i have seen it by myself…
From that my and pragya life is so beautiful..life filled with happiness…joy…i am having everything because i am having GOD….So go too him…….

Thanks everyone for ur comments….And u all know now “Apna kon Hai” i just wanted to share some of the incidents i don’t know how to describe scenes…because it was reality ….And reason to write this is just to inform u that ur’s is only GOD….Ap ka apna sirf bhagwan hai aur koi nhi….ik br yakeen kr ke dekh lejeye…Thank you everyone for reading this…Now i can’t say anything because when ever i remember those moments my trust and faith increases and my tears started to flow so bye…luv u all….Keep laughing and Trust GOD…..Apna kon hai…Sirf GOD…..??

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  1. Riyashri

    This one FF had given me so many experiences of Reality!
    Acty U Rocked each and every update! And I did not expect that this would end soon! Hopefully u come up with another story that will teach me lots more!
    So Superbly Written! Love U Acty! Take Care!

    1. What to do i am busy and it was difficult for me too handle this…So that”s why and FD dear?

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    You R ABSOLUTELY True………I loved it…….

    1. FD….?

  3. nice episode

    1. Thanks….

  4. You are absolutely right! Khuda ke siwa apna koi nhi ? apne log apne hoker bhi apne nhi hote toh paraye log kya apne honge! As Surbhi told in her OS no one is ours and we are of no one! Absolutely! No one is ours Without Almighty ? Return to Him before it gets late! I loved whole your ff aytac ?

    1. But i luv u…..Somiya ….

  5. Awesome! What u have said is so true… Khuda k ilawa apna koi nai hota…… Sab apney faidey he dekhtey haan! Iss liye hamesha Khuda k sab se zada qareeb rehna cahiye….I loved ur all 6 episodes! They were superb! And love u too!?

    1. Fd aliza ….

  6. Really nice n it’s true…

  7. Monesha

    Awesome dear your ff was awesome i loved it but sad that you end this. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤ dear. Going to miss you

  8. Prathi

    Yes it’s only God who will be with us.. I have also experienced certain situations which you mentioned here.. Loved this, Come back with some other reality..

  9. spectacular dumdaar zabardast ek dum mast hai ye ????????????? full of reality and yes bhagwaan hi akhiri sahara hotey hai par jab tak hum kuchh nahi kartey WO b humari help nahi karenge so then must is to help yourself first and this ff ?????????????????????????????

  10. Pinky15

    Awesome!! This ff is full of reality I loved it!! But now I’m sad that you have ended so soon I have request can u write another ff too pls…

    1. I don’t why have time that’s why ended this but surely i will right os..if i get time….

  11. Maahi

    it’s just simplyyyyy amazinggg grear thoughts yaar u rockeddd it

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