KKB ff Apna Kon Hai Epi 2


Episode 2

Dada drops Pragya at home.Maa sees him and came out.Again she gave 100 rupees to u.
pragya:Han..Maa do u know today i completed thousand and now he can take his medicine.
Dada thinks today this girl and me will beaten together by her maa..
Voiceover says:Now Pragya will definitely get a slap from maa….

Maa:Shabash beta…I am proud of u…Today u make me proud…And kiss her on her head.
Dada:u didn’t get angry on her…
Maa:Arrey,why should i be angry…She helps a poor and an old man..And she had fulfilled her responsibilities as a citizen,and my sanskar(my teachings) She has fullfilled them and today i am feeling proud to be her mother..
Dada was stunned and tears rolled down from his eyes…
Pragya signs dada to sit down as she was not able wipe his tears.He sat down.And she wipes his tears and kiss his cheeks.And says
pragya:Dada u said na those cries who r weak but u r so strong then why r u crying?.
Dada:Because beta sometimes in life person cry not because he/she is weak but he/she remains strong for too long beta….
Pragya:Hmm….Leave it dada.Now stop crying.And passes a cute smile.
Dada:Ok,beta it’s time to go….I am going as it is very late…..So u may go now and take care of urself.Because today u has completed ur task so u should have to celebrate…na….
Pragya:We will celebrate together dada when u will be alright.

Dada:Beta,zindagi mai kabhi insan ka intazar mat krna kiya maloom wo aye na aye(In life don’t wait for any person as he/she come or not).That’s why beta go and enjoy ur life.Don’t wait for me as i am also a human.
pragya was just seeing him and trying to understand his words but as she was only 10 so she can’t understand exact meaning.
Voiceover says:(dada itni bari bari batein kyun kr rahe hai ik 10 saal ki bachi ke saath)Why dada is talking high level talks with her.She is only 10.
Dada stands and started walking.Suddenly,he turned around to see pragya.She was just admiring his dada.And he passes an old man smile and left.And she stood there for half an hour.When maa called her inside her thoughts of chain were broken.She came inside and tells her mom about dada sayings.
Maa:Oh..beta when u will become mature then u will understand the real meaning.Ok now.Go and change ur cloths and come for lunch.

Pragya was continuously thinking about dada.When her maa came.
Maa notices her silence.
Maa:Acha beta tell me one thing.How u find ur dada?
Voiceover says:Find dada!Nahi samjhe na(didn’t get it na)So listen
Pragya:Wo maa actually meray dada nahi hai na.(I don’t have dada na)
Maa:Ya,ur dada died when u was 2years..
Pragya:Lekin maa meray dada hai (But maa i have dada)
Maa:Beta kha miley tumhe ye(where did u find him)
Pragya:U always say na we have to respect elders.And he is a old man.His son has thrown him out of his house.Because of his medicine expenses.one day when i was going to school i see a old man begging.I just ignore him.I saw him 3 times.And when ever i saw him i always think about my dada that he may also looks like him.So i thought to help him.I gave my Rs100 to him.And do u know what he did?.

pragya:He says that i am a kid and his age is of my dada’s age.And dada never take rupees from their grandchildren.And he passes a smile.
And maa u know what first time in life i saw myself as a grandchildren and feels a dada_poutte relationship.I just hugged him and says dada.Will u be my dada…As i don’t have dada..
Dada:Beta,who said u don’t have dada.U didn’t consider me as ur dada..
pragya:Ofcourse dada…And smiles and says ye ap ki bahu ne diye hai(ur daughter in law has given u).
Dada:Why my beta didn’t give me?
Pragya:Because he is with GOD and passes a smile.
Dada feels embarrassed of

his question.And says beta agr mai apni poutte se nahi le sakta to apni bahu jo ke meri beti jaisi hui uss se kaise lu.Agr mera beta deta tou mai shaid le leta.(I didn’t take it from my grandchildren so how can i take it from my daughter in law who is like my daughter if my son gave me so may be there was a chance that i will take this)
Pragya:Oh dada i forget actually ur’s son gave this to ur daughter in law to give it u and says please dada take this otherwise GOD will throw my father out of heaven.And acts to be sad.
Voiceover says:This pragya na…..
Maa:Acha,then did he take it.
Pragya:Maa,then we make a deal.
Pragya:Han maa,i said if u will drop me school on bicycle and give me 10 rupees daily.And i ask a one thing more…
pragya:I asks him to teach me daily a good quote when he will pick me from school.
Maa eye’s were filled with tears.

Dada say’s:But why beta?
Pragya:As i have missed all those teachings which we learn from old people.So now i wanted this from u as u r my dada ?
Dada smiles and says u r getting late for school….
Maa hugs her and says u r my favourite daughter.My jan and kisses her forhead.
Next Day pragya went to bus stop but she didn’t find dada.And he was also not present to pick her from school.Just like this 5 days passed and her dada didn’t came.She was extremely sad.
On 6th day

She was coming from school.She thought to ask someone about her dada..
When she asks about him from the near by shops about him so they told her that he passed away 4 days ago…
She was numb and sees towards the sky and a drop of tear fall down from corner of her eye.And she walks away……………
Episode ends here……..I hope u guys like it…Actually these r real incidents as i have already told that this ff is based on reality.In reality there r many incidents just like this……..Sorry for grammatical mistakes.As my english is very bad.
And one more thing as i said these r incidents of real life so in episode 3 a new incident of a girl will be shown according to title “Apna kon hai”.These incidents are totally based on real life…….So i hope u guys like it…….Bye..See u in Episode 3?

I posted 2 episodes together so enjoy….And next epi will be on next saturday….?

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