KKB ff Apna Kon Hai Epi 1

Hi,everyone.Here is ur episode one.So lets see the episode one.
A girl of 9-10 years was laughing and playing with her friends in a school playground.She was cheering her friend to catch her but her friend was tired as they were playing for half an hour.While sitting on ground her friend says:

Common Pragya leave it yr.I accepted my defeat.Fine.Now shall we leave as everyone had already left.
Voiceover says:
Oh…so girl name is pragya but what is her friend name.Let’s see
pragya:Bulbul yr,i am not going any where.And this is not the way yr.How can u so easily accept defeat?This is not fair u should not Accept yr like this at least try yr.
Voiceover says:Hmmm…..Pragya is so determined even when she is only 10 yrs.She is ready to face her life upcoming challenges ……….
Bulbul:Yr,but u r my friend so i think it works in friendship(dosti mai itna chalta hai)
Pragya in anger tone:In friendship this doesn’t work.I am leaving.Bye.U stay with ur so called defeat.
Pragya started to walk

bulbul:Pragya yr atleast listen to me once.
But pragya was gone.So bulbul sadly headed towards her home.
Voiceover says:Now pragya is angry with bulbul because she accepted her defeat easily.What do u think that it was right to angry on bulbul just for accepting defeat.
Someone is crying.But who is crying.I think bulbul is crying as pragya is angry on her.So lets see,
In pragya’s home
Pragya mom:Pragya beta don’t cry dear.What happened?Ur teacher has scolded u.
After 5 mins She stops crying and says
Maa bulbul she accepted her defeat.
Maa:Just because of this u were crying.

Pragya:Maa,why she accpted her defeat so easily….
Maa:beta,that was a game and u both r friends.Right!And u both were playing for half an hour na….she was tired so…she said that she accepted her defeat…….so that the game will be over and u both can go home……………
Pragya:But maa……..
Maa:Ok,now stop crying and go wash ur face and come for dinner…..
Pragya was washing her face and she sees a light reflecting in the mirror and she says
This is the light reflecting from our future…………And maa says beta common now stop talking with ur self…..Come and eat dinner……She says ok maa……..and smiles ……
Voice over says:Our future…..She is talking about whom……..
Next Day:
Voice over says:It’s morning….As usual maa will give pragya 100 rupees and pragya…….See what she will do……
Pragya coming to bus station and runs to the old man and says
Dada,100 rupees see today i completed thousand.Now u can buy ur medicine….and smiles….
Dada says beta it’s getting late….comon let’s go.
Dada helps her to sit on his bicycle….
Dada drops her at school.

pragya:Thanks dada…Now u. go and take ur medicine…
Dada:(kiss her on her forhead)Ok beta….And took out 10 rupees from her pocket and give it to her
Pragya:Kisses him on his cheeks and says thankyou dada….And ran to her class…
In Class:
Bulbul:Hi pragya
pragya didn’t reply
Bulbul:Pragya yr talk to me na….
Pragya:No i am not …
Bulbul:No u r talking to me
pragya:i am talking to u..
Bulbul laughs and pragya hugs her and says …
pragya:Aisa mut kiya kr na yr(yr,Don’t do this again)
bulbul while smiling:ok

Voiceover says:Yesterday pragya was so angry on her and now she is talking to her like nothing happens….
School over.Everyone was going back to home but pragya as usual standing at school gate waiting for someone…
Bulbul:Yr,Tell me one thing.
Bulbul:U daily waits for someone.But with sadness and today u r happy.What’s the matter?
Pragya:Nothing,Actually i wanted to do something and today i done it.That’s why i am happily waiting.
Bulbul:ok,Bye my father has came.

Dada came and runs towards him and says again late..
Dada:Sorry beta but what to do there is alot of work.
pragya:How many times i have to tell u not to do work.
Dada:Beta remember one-thing Never say like that stop working,take rest,not to do any work…
Pragya with cute innocent face:Why
Dada::Because beta if someone is doing work let him/her do his/her work.As While doing work we forget our tensions..
Pragya:Hmmm….I got it..
Dada:Ok now let’s go u got it what u want..
Voiceover says:Pragya got it..What…?There is lot of confusion…Sometime she says our, Sometimes she got angry only on accepting her defeat…What she is up to?We have to wait for upcoming episodes..Till then..Stay Stunned…

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes…And i hope u guys like it .. ?
And i wanted to thanks some one who is the reason behind me to write this ff.She gives me the inspiration and just because of her inspiration i am able to write……..And u will feel that it’s looks similar to her ff.?And this thank you is not for u as u have already a truck a of thanks….Am just giving this thank you to the person who inspires me ?

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