Episode 9

Hello MY Chotis and Didis. And my Diptiman choti I hope you are good!! How are you. I am fine and I hope you are fine too. Last night’s episode was sooooo annoying and cv are taking us back now Aaliya is goin to do the same thing and Abhi is going to believe her, the Pragya is going to cry, then make plans to prove herself, and Purab will help her, then the plan will fail and we are right back to where we started. And this is going to take another three months. I HATE YOU KKB CVS FOR RUINING THE BEST SERIAL I HAD EVER WATCHED!!
Any back to story.
Episode begins at MM and Diwali is going on in style. The members of MM are all outside the house lighting fireworks and crackers. Abhi is chasing Pragya around with a cracker and the rest are laughing and having fun. Everyone is happy.
Raj’s phone then rings and he picks it up and moves away to a hidden place to answer in secret!
Raj: Hello. How are you I hope you are enjoying your Diwali celebration at the temple Bulbul I really hope you were here….…

still on the road with Purab and holding his head in her lap, he is bleeding too much from head wound and Bulbul is holding her Pallu down on his wound to stop the bleeding. Her pallu is soaked through with blood and her white Sari is filled with Purab’s blood and her hands too are blo*dy she is shaking like a leaf and she is talking incoherently as she is very scared!!)
B: Oh thank God….RAJ!! RAJ! RAJ! PLEASE Jethi please help….help me please. I…I… please come here now…I…I need help..please he… he.. accident ..Raj RAJ…i..i…on the road please Raj…
R: (On the side on MM…he shuts up and gets a serious look on face but says urgently) Slow down!! Bulbul slow down and talk clearly I don’t understand what you are saying accident what accident what are you talking about??!!
B: road side….road side Raj Raj….Accident..Blood. much Blood….
R: I SAY PLEASE CALM DOWN!!!! (In a very thunderous voice. Bulbul hears loud voice which makes her calm a little. She is still shaking but manages to say in low defeated voice
B: Purab…Accident….(she breathes out heavy and looks at Purab she is trying hard not to cry as she knows it won’t help.)
R: (after hearing Purab’s name has come out of his hiding spot for phone call and is asking everyone if they have seen Purab. His tension gets every ones attention as he is asking every one if they have seen Purab. Abhi says he last saw him before dance and he must be inside, Rachu says same and so does Akash, Aaliya then comes and says she saw him walking out of house during dance, she says she tried to follow but he went to the road and left…just then Raj also hears Bulbul say)
B: Purab…Accident….roadside
Raj looks like he has seen a ghost and says shit! Damn it!
A: what is it why are you looking like you have seen a ghost what is IT?? (he is now tense too.)
R: I think Purab was in an accident….(Loud gasp and shocked sad faces. Aaliya sits on ground dejectedly and loses all gas)

Abhi then grabs phone from Raj and says
A: Hello Hello please ….Tell me where are you….(he says while running to the car. Raj follows.)
Ak: Go head I will meet you at the hospital with everyone. I will cal his family too…GO!!.( Akash runs to house calling orders)…EVERY ONE CAR NOW!! Robin!! Watch the children we will be back!! …(Pragya following hotly on his heels. Aaliya is still sitting on floor of backyard. No on even notices that she hasn’t moved as they are all running.)
A: (still on phone) ok ok I know were you are….we are on our way…please stay with him and keep applying pressure to the wound as you said..it will stop the bleeding. And please calm down…
He hangs up and jumps in car, Raj jumps in too and they speed away. (too much speed Abhi I am worried you and Raj might get an accident as well)
At road side Bulbul has torn off her pallu and used it as a bandage on the wound on Purab’s head. She is now trying to pull out a piece of glass from Purab’s side, she is successful and quickly fills wound with bandages made from her pallu and ties it too. All the time she is thinking, Lakshmi Mata help me..heal him please. She is NOT crying and she is very determined. Her hair now has blood too. So does her face.
Abhi and Raj reach there soon and see her. They run out of car and see bandage work. they say good job and carry Purab to car immediately. Bulbul follows in car without being asked. And off to hospital. (Again Abhi SLOW DOWN you will cause another accident!!!)

In hospital Purab is taken by doctors and treated. Raj and Abhi wait outside with Bulbul. Bulbul is moving up and down.
Abhi goes to girl and :
A: thanks you soo much. If it were not for you he might have bled out.
Bulbul nods head yes
A: he says he is my best friend and I owe his life we all owe you his life as he is like family.
Bulbul nods head yes. Raj is looking on tense
A: do you have a name
Bulbul nods head yes
A: do you talk haa
Bulbul nod head yes
A: what is your name
Bulbul looks at him like she hasn’t heard
A: miss your name…
Bulbul looks at him
Raj: Abhi let her be, she must have witnessed accident and she is in shock. She called me and I know her. We are friends, her name is is..her name is…iiiissss…uhhh Radhika…yeah Radhika….(He makes side glance at Bulbul…who just looks at him blankly)
A: how did she know to call you does she know Purab too?
R: I don’t know maybe she has seen him with me or she just called me as she knows I live near there I really don’t know but stop questioning her.
A: Sorri miss …I mean Radhika but thanks sooo much. I really owe you. Here is my number if you ever need anything I will provide it. What you have done is for life and I owe you blood debt for life. I will be paying you for this till I die.
Bulbul nods head no
Abhi smiles and says I insist and since you can’t talk. You can’t say no. Dadi and family come in then, too much commotion as Pragya is literally running. Akash asking Rachu to slow down as she will hurt herself too Rachu doesn’t listen she is following Pragya hotly. Dasi and Dadi come in more slowly but also faster than usual. All are speaking at Once. Abhi asks to slow down and goes to hug Pragya who came straight to him. Mitali also heads straight to Raj who hugs her without thinking..
In this commotion Bulbul sneaks into Purab’s room and sits next to him she hold his hand and all the tears she didn’t cry earlier start to flow..she says please come back Purab please don’t leave me..i left you once and I am sorry for being selfish ..but please don’t go. Don’t die. If you can’t do it for me do it for your family. Purab please…she cries harder…

She is still crying she doesn’t hear hospital room open…Pragya enters room and is hearing terrible crying. She thinks this must be girl that saved Purab she must be in shock…she is still walking when she hears Girl say Purab please please come back…Pragya stops dead in her tracks!!! She gets shock face and literally can’t talk. She breathes in and out in and out…she says I know that voice anywhere…I .. I .. I …Know that voice…
She walks slowly like in dream ..step by step…and reaches girl…she touches her shoulder and says..Miss..in a small shacky windy voice….
Bulbul stiffens immediately and stops crying..she makes am dead face but refuses to answer…Pragya then says in a low timid voice….She stammers..Bu… Bul… Bulbul…
Bulbul goes more stiff and thinks how did she know its me….she thinks Pragya can’t know its me and she can’t suspect but what to do.
Pragya continues to say Bulbul is that you…in a small scared timid voice…she is breathing hard.
Girl then turns she looks at Pragya and thinks oh Di how I would love to hug you right now!! But I can’t. Bulbul then says no Mam my name is Radhika I saved Sir Purab
Pragya Opens her eyes wider..like they will fall out of Chasma..and she says loudly..BULBUL!!
Bulbul is now tense and says miss I am not Bulbul. I don’t know any Bulbul. My name is Radhika. Radhika Singhania. I saw Sir’s accident and I helped that’s all.
Pragya doesn’t listen..she just gets Bulbul’s hair and pushes it out of her face..she is shocked to see different face. She says but but but you have her voice. Same exact voice….and and you have her eyes too. And teeth are the same. Bulbul says sorri mam as I don’t know what you are talking about. She says you must be Sir Purab’s family and I will leave now excuse me…
She takes step to leave but..Purab turns then and holds her hand..she stops mid step…romantic song plays in background…Pragya is shocked to see this too…Purab in bed then turns and says is delusion..BULBULSTAY PLEASE…and he falls back to unconsciousness…

Bulbul goes stiff and thinks shit!! Pragya is in shock too looks at Bulbul and then to Purab and again Bulbul and again Purab…she is thinking Purab is thinking same too. She says one person can confirm…and says excuse me… Bulbul thinks I Know Di very well and that is her I am on a mission face..she is going to do something and I have to leave….
She kisses Purab on head and says I will be back. She leaves from there and hides. Pragya comes there with Sarla ma and Beeji and Janki…saying I need you to confirm something who is she….she points and looks in room only to see empty room…. Pragya says in anxious voice while searching the room..she was here I swear she was..Sarla asks who..and Pragya is about to say Bulbul..but thinks better and says no one sorri I must be very tired and confused. The Sarlas are confused but let it go they go to see Purab..who immediately starts saying..Bulbul please don’t go please don’t go please don’t go…..Pragya thnks who ever you are I will find you and find out who you are!!! I promise…I know you are Bulbul. Or I 80% believe you are my Choti as I would recognize her anywere. I know her and know her soul and I can never fail to tell her even if she has a changed face. She says I will find you even if I have to travel the end of the world!!!

Somewhere at a police station… Policemen are quarreling and are fighting to keep a woman out as it is night and police don’t take visitors at night. Woman is saying ..i am not a visitor just let me pass I am not a visitor. I am a prisoner I escaped once now am back. Police think stop being mad. What prisoner escapes and they come back,…you are here to steal. Woman laughs and says steal…I am rich..and I have done far worse than stealing..she laughs….he says I have committed murder before and again I almost committed one tonight…Police men say..you are mad….they fight with her and she struggles saying I belong in prison and that is where I have to stay tonight and for the rest of my life…she struggles…Inspector then comes there and says what is it why commotion at this time of night…Police men tell him what is going on..woman is screaming arrest me arrest me please..i am murderer…Inspector says Lady come with me and tell em why you say you are a murderer..lady follows Inspector…
In inspector’s office they show lady hands moving like she telling story and inspector shaking head like he is listening….Inspector voice then says to you have evidence…Lady thumbs point up in yes form and pulls out a phone plays a conversation inspector listens shocked. She than shows pictures and inspector checks his desk…he brings handcuffs..Lady puts her hands forward they put them in handcuffs….inspector and other police men escort her to a cell. She enters and they close. She holds cell bars and camera moves from fingers..to hands to shoulder to neck to lips to nose to eyes to hair..to whole face….it is AALIYAAA!!

Precap: Someone speaking on phone and saying don’t worry I will come to Mumbai on Friday and we shall get revenge you will marry Abhi and I will marry Purab! You may have failed but I will not. I spent high school being second to and Arora, but now I will get revenge. I will take what is theirs and they will not see it coming. And don’ worry I have back upto ..one they will not expect!!

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