Episode 8

Hello guys. I really hope you are ok. Thanks soo much for your continued comments. They really mean Alot. And I hope you continue to enjoy. Rajesh Bhai…I miss your presence. Btw I enjoyed last night’s episode of real KKB but then I hated it at the end when Abhi decided to continue with Mehendi. I loved how he stood up for Pragya and I wish CVs do that all the time. That is all we ask for!! Anyway that is Ekta Madam, as for Savita Vidya Bhatnagar this is how my KKB is going.

Episode stars with every one screaming and running to Abhi who had fainted after hearing name Pragya. Beeji wonders why Abhi fainted, everyone is fawning over him, Purab explains and tells them all to relax. He says doctor said that if he hears things his mind believes are close to him or have the ability to jolt his memory this will to happen. Sarla asks what to do, Purab says Doctor said they let him be he will pull out of it as new medication reduces the effect of fainting spell. Akash and Purab drag him to couch and make him lean. Pragya is worried and is moving up and down. Sarla tells her to sit as she is even causing the fainted man to faint more with her worrying and moving. Pragya gives her Ma stink eye…but sits down. She then begins moving her feet on toes..up down up down up down..continuously…Beeji says stop you are making me more nervous. Pragya gives her stink eye and upturned nose. But she stops. She goes back to pacing..then sits and moves her feet then paces..then sits and moves feet….till Abhi wakes up..she runs to him
Abhi who has woken up very confused and he is touching his head and messing hair just keeps saying Damn it!! damn it! damn it!!! Damn it damn it damn it. Sarla asks what is it beta? Abhi says girl again. All are shocked! Purab asks very carefully in calm voice. Abhiii what girl? Abhi says girl I keep getting in flashes. Started on Mehendi night when I was sitting next to devil Tanu for hena. Then When Nikita sang and when I fainted girl was all I can see.
They are too worried and Purab ask do you know her, Abhi says I believe I do as in flashes I have deep love connection with her. Purab asks if he knows were to find her. He says he cannot know as he never sees her face.

Beeji asks beta even faint now what did you see, did you see girl again. He says haan, she asks what he saw..he says he saw playing with girl and disturbing her, he says he saw treating girl foot as she stepped on glass, he says he saw pulling girl from building as she wanted to commit suicide..he says he saw being in dressing room with girl…he says he say being in bathtub with girl (he blushes)…he says he even knows girl is his wife but he has never married so it cannot be!!…. then he looks at Pragya…he says girl’s…girl’s name..girls name is Pragya!!!! They all are shocked!! Pragya inside is very happy as she now has confirmation that he remembers her! Abhi asks if she is girl…Pragya doesn’t know what to say she just stammers and thinks what to say..Purab says quickly that Pragya is her name too but don’t mean she is girl in dream…Akash pushes Abhi’s shoulder playfully and says but Pragya here can be your dream Pragya if you want…Akash raises eyebrows playfully!! Abhi pushes him away and stand up. sways a little but gets balance. He rubs his head for some time and the turns to go. He sees Pragya standing there looking at him worried. He looks at her critically and says way you are feeling now towards me is how girl in my dream feels when she is worried for me….Pragya just continues to stare at him as she has nothing to say….he stare back at hr and they stare each other for some time….Allah Waariyan plays….Abhi then sees clock above Pragya’s head and sees time he opens eyes and makes stupid typical Abhi shock face!! He goes to Pragya and drags her she says don’t drag me and pulls her hand away from him, He stops looks at her and then bends to carry her instead. She jumps away in time… and says if you carry me we shall both faint this time….you from overworking me from hitting my head on ground after falling with you!! He makes face and says hurry then as we are late for dewaali. Purab says I will bring Sarla ma and rest and asks Akash to Drive Abhi and Pragya as Abhi can’t drive in condition.

At MM Aaliya has done very good job of decorating but has become a monster due to want to please her Bhabi..she shouts at everyone and Even Dasi who was helping with decoration has run away from her. Robin and other servants are now almost matching and running around to please Aaliya. Aaliya is thinking I should please Bhabi and not disappoint her as she left me in charge. Decoration is looking Beautiful but Aaliya is stresses. Dadi comes and hugs her and asks her to calm down as she knows Pragya will love decoration. She turns with an I don’t know what you are talking about face to Dadi and says what you saying I didn’t do this to please her. Dadi just looks at her and raises eye brows….Aaliya blushes and falls on Dadi in hug to hide embarrassment. She asks in small voice “Dadi do you think Bhabi will love it, she left me in charge and I don’t want to disappoint her.” Dadi hugs and rubs her back and says your Bhabi will love it a lot. It is very very beautiful. Aaliya smiles nicely and Dadi tells her to get to her room and get ready. She says no she wants to see Bhabi’s face when she sees decoration.

They hear car outside and Aaliya runs to hide behind pillar in house. Pragya and Abhi and Akash come in then. They see decoration and Abhi and Akash are amazed they say wow. Pragya though makes face and says it is not nice at all. Its ugly!! Aaliya hears and is very sad, she turns to walk slowly away while hiding….Pragya who saw her hiding runs to her and holds her hand she says your running away after making ugly decoration. Aaliya doesn’t look at her and says sorri bhabi I can make it again..she is hiding tears. Pragya says ha Dadi must have done poor job teaching you manners as she taught you to talk with your back to elders. Aaliya slowly turns but is looking down and wont look at Pragya…Pragya says Aaliyaa….she slowly looks up…only to find big smile on Pragya’s face. She looks at everyone and they are all smilling. Abhi too!! Aaliya says Bhabi why are you smiling if you hate decoration?? Pragya smiles harder and just hugs Aaliya. She moves from hug and says I don’t hate decoration sille. I looove it. Its very beautiful and I am proud. You didn’t disappoint yaar! Aaliya slowly breaks into smile until it becomes big. She Hugs Pragya again very tightly and says thanks Bhabi….she runs from there. Every on laughs and are happy. Dasi says I am sooo happy to meet this Aaliya. Mitali who is back from hospital earlier that day says if she wasn’t seeing with her own eyes she wouldn’t believe!! Abhi then says he is tired of telling Aaliya that Pragya is not bhabi yet.
Dadi is too shocked..she says Pragya..you called Nikita Pragya..Abhi says haa….Sarla ma asked me too as that is favourite name than Nikita. Dadi nods ohhhh. But is a bit disappointed as she hoped Abhi had regained his memory!

It is time for Diwali, The Aroras come too with Purab and are all smart. They exchange gifts. All gift given to Aaliya she give them away. Sarla still hates Aaliya and doesn’t give her gift. Aaliya is not even bothered. Pragya is asked by everyone to do Puja. Puja is done and they all go to area now dance floor. Entertainment begins, Dasi as usual introduces the dances and people dance. However Aaliya keeps politely refusing all gift given to her. She is soo happy and smiling but she keeps refusing gifts given to her. Dadi notices and asks why. She says she cannot take more gifts as it would be greedy since she got best gift of all. Dadi is confused and says who gave you this gift. Aaliya smilingly says Mother Lakshmi. Dadi is more worried. She thinks Aaliya now beliving in Mother Lakshmi…uhh.. She says what gift..Aaliya says love and friendship of my Bhabi!! And she goes. Dadi is left in shock looking at retreating Aaliya.

On other side of house Mitali and Raj are arguing and quarreling. Raj has tied Mitali to chair with very many dupattas and she can’t move or anything..and he is feeding her food. Mitali is complaining and asking him to stop as she is very full. Raj is not listening. He just continues to feed her. She is non the less very happy. she thinks if this is the love I will get from Raj then I am happy. She smiles and opens mouth to eat. Raj says good girl. He says from now on I will feed you myself and if you refuse I will tie you to chair like now. She nods head…Rachu sees and comes and asks what Raj is doing to Bhabi Raj says I have to save myself from heart attack of seeing my wife die from hunger..this is only way I can do it. He turns and makes Mitali drink. She drinks. But says she is full now. Raj pushes back chair and touches on her stomach…he hits on it and it makes sound, he says that sound is for there is still space in stomach and gives her more food. Mitali refuses. He says you have refused she nods head and refuses to open mouth. Raj says ok and says I will feed you again after Diwali…Mitali who is very relieved smiles and opens mouth to say thank you…Raj just pushes more food in her mouth and she shuts up and opens eyes in shock… Raj laughs at her facial expression and Mitali is so happy to see Raj laugh again and at her. A lone tear falls down her cheek. Raj sees tear and thinks ok she is too full and thinks good no more scaring me like that today, he unties her from chair and cleans her face with wet dupatta as he smeared it with food.

Dasi then call all married couple to floor. Akash and Rachu and Mitali and Raj go. Dadi says Abhi to go too with Pragya as they are engaged now. They go. Lights on floor change to romantic blue and red and Dasi tells Dj to play ..Tum hi ho…begins to play..and all couples begin to dance…. All couples dance and get romantic looking at each other. Akash spins Rachu around. Raj and Mitali are first Timid but Raj gets flash of Mitali fainting and eyelock and almost losing her..he holds her tighter and brings her closer. He puts his fore head on hers and they dance. Abhi first plays and disturbs Pragya. He pinches her nose, then cheeks then holds her and begins to jump her around. In jumping her, her Pallu accidentally goes in his face and he looks at her through it, she slowly puts her down while sliding her on his Body, before her feet even touch the floor, he pulls her up and whirls her around. Pragya throws her head back and her arm extends behind..he brings her back and she puts hand around his neck, he dips her and pulls her back..all the while maintaining eye contact… he then carries her and hold her upright while she is looking down at him. Her hands are on his shoulders and she turns around slowly with her in his arms…

Purab on the side is looking happy but is very sad. He is missing Bulbul and he is trying soo hard to not cry. Tears still come and he tries to hide them but they continue. He runs out of MM and goes to street. He walks while crying and in pain. He gets memories of him and Bulbul. He is un aware of where he is going as he is soo sad. He thinks Bulbul I miss you soo much. Why did you leave me. I am a widower now who cannot remarry because I still love you soo much. Please come back Bulbul please.

Purab doesn’t see he is heading in road. A girl in a white Saree has been following him since he left MM. she tries to scream and say please stop but Purab is lost in thought and pain. She runs to catch up with him but she had kept too long distance between them and doesn’t reach Purab on time to stop him being hit by a Car in the road. He falls over and lies there. Girl comes there and her long hair falls over him. She says Purab please wake up. you can’t die now please. She checks him for pulse and calms feeling pulse. Girl Pushes her long hair aside and it is Bulbul(with new face) she says my love I had come to meet you today so as to make special Diwali but don’t die on this day please. She stills her spine and bends to give him Mouth to mouth….romantic song in back ground…..her lips go slow motion and touch his…she moves lips after some time and touches his cheek. Purab slowly Opens his eyes and looks at girl. Girl’s hair is now slightly falling in her face. Purab raises hand and pushes her hair away from her face. He scuints and looks at her more clearly…he then says..BU.. BU.. BUL.. BULBUL??? And faints again…screen freezes on Purab’s fainted face.

Precap: Pragya in hospital sees girl in white Sari sitting next to Purab holding his hand and crying saying Purab please wake up. Pragya moving close to girl touches her shoulder and says excuse me…

Thanks soo much for reading friends. But today I have a question. You know there is common debate of Deepee and Peecee who is better. I had stuck to Peecee is better as I love her but I saw trailer for xXx and Deepee is soo good. So according to you who if these very strong female icons is better, acting wise, s*xy wise and all wise…please leave answer in comments….ISTILL THINK PEECEE IS BETTER!!

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  1. awesome epi dear…………

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Sethi

  2. Superb!

  3. Saranya24

    Awesome dear loved it a lot????

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks soo much Saranya

  4. awesome awesome awesome. the epi was toooooooooooo gud. i felt every scene expressing cuteness and awesomeness. very happy for all the pairs.
    but sad for Purab. i wish pragya recognizes bulbul just at the first sight.

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Choti…

  5. Asmithaa

    Superb episode.

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks Chotiiiiii how you Asmithaa

      1. Asmithaa

        Fine di.. And I have replied u in your 7th episode.. Pls check it na.. And hw r u Di??

  6. Rithu

    Superb dear

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      Thanks Rithu…

  7. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Goodddd!!!!!!!

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks Reshma

  8. Prathi

    Nice epi dear! Hope Purab and Bulbul reconcile… And I don’t mean to scare you dear. It was only meant to scare Tanu

    1. SavitaVidya

      hahah Prathi Tanu deserves it and it was a very good episode ….you can make a career out of creating horror movies…your good!!!. but thanks for compliment..

  9. Aww so sweet your reply was !?? Made my day ?! And again so so sweet of you for such a Beautiful pet name !? Well I love it !? It’s so special to me !???
    Now coming to this update … I guess U like to faint and that’s why ending the epi by someone fainting ???. Yesterday it was Abhi and today it is purab !??? But then everyday U make me faint after readin your updates !??? Superbly Superb ???! Loving it Didi !? And U hav become My Dulari Didi ???(Beloved In sanskrit) short form DD !? Love u Dd !???

    1. SavitaVidya

      hey my diptiman choti. i love the name soo much and i love you more lots of kissesss and hugsss. And about the fainting….i don’t know..its very dramatic and i love drama….hahaha i find it funny when done in movies. but thanks soo much for commenting ..love love love you too….uuummmmmaaaaa

  10. Awesome episode yaar finally purab n bulbul too united… Superb episode

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks Durga..yea Ekta Madam is just stressing our lives but me no stress lets move this thing along

  11. Monesha

    Wow…. Wow….. wow…. Awesome……. Episode. I just loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee……… Million………… Billion………….. Uncountable…………. ????? No words are coming from my mouth. You are always killing me by your rocking and awesome……… Episode……… This will help me to write my fan fiction in better way.✍✍✍ Thank you sooooooooo……. Much my dear darling princess di for giving awesome ff and indirectly helping to improve my writing skill. Plz don’t stop your writing. Keep writing……… And keep rocking…….. ??? Love you a lottttttt…… ????? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa…………. ???? If you don’t mind can i know about your date of birth. So that I can wish you on time with ????????????

    1. SavitaVidya

      Monesha i am soo humbled by the fact that i am helping you indirectly. and sooo thankful choti. knowing that in some little way you are impacting some one’s lfe is Amazing and thanks so much for that gift. i am taking it as my Diwali gift!!!! i love you too Choti sooooooooo much!!! <3 <3 <3. My birthday is August 23. and yours dear?? i would love to wish you too.

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Lucky

  12. Awesome episode just loved it

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks soo much Minu….

  13. sry swt hrt i was stuck with my work thats y not replied u properly…ur ff is too gud…make it some twist…and ur rite not only current track kKb swt hrt they always gave us boring track…itz took time since past 2years…this kind of boring track many ppl lyking…this story is very old story…v always knew that they wil never separate abigya..never marriage hpn abitanu..but dragging this much…KKB for me just lyk dust bin…v know that y we use dust bin…who 1 encouraging and watching KKB they have bad taste..they r making trp to go a 1st place…but i never want to encourage and support this kind of bad storyline i already stopped to watch KKB since past 1year before….swt hrt don’t disappoint me u also atleast gud story….anyway 2day ff is gud make some twist..

    1. SavitaVidya

      ohh welcome come back Bhai. I knoo Ekta Kapoor is annoying too. and i just watch KKb for my love for Shabbir and Sriti. i don’t support Ekta’s nonsense but i support Sriti and Shabbir as i love them too much. other wise KKB is now shit and we writers of FF just try to take our minds off…I promise not to disappoint my bhai as that will make me Annoying Ekta Madam…….Twist is coming soon…i am just trying to low story for continuity…but twist is coming and when it does i hope you like it..

  14. Wow….l’ve no words…just awsome,superrb..wonderful..l just loved it till the core…di…u gave such a rocking epi today…u have also made it very interesting….abhigya scenes were wonderful…bulbul’s entry was also very good…di u r a superstar…and a wonderful writer too…l have seriously becme ur fan now di….and I really love ur ffs…so I must say hats of to u…keep rocking and writing dear…take care and love u loads…. 😀 😀 😀 …..

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Ashika Choti…i hope to keep you intrested always..love u lotsss ummmmaaaa

  15. Vaishali

    Hii dii I have not commented in its first of all sry for that and secondly u r the best writer I have ever seen dii wowww what a writing dii OMG no one can match up to u dii it was a rocking episode dii such a Fantastic episode dii whenever I reaffirmed yours I feel an immense happiness dii what a story dii great dii love you will u accept me as urgent little sister I am eagerly waiting take care and I will try to comment hereafter dii love u

    1. SavitaVidya

      Vaishali my urgent little sister…i accept you very urgently as i have aloot of space for little sisters in my life….and Vaishali…i love you too. btw my real choti is called Vaishali..and i loove that name…so i love love love you too Choti. and don’t apologise for not commenting. and also thanks so much for the complement i appreciate it

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