Episode 7
Heloo Everyone. Hope your Diwali was awesome. Mine was Rocking yaar. So I said I will not be updating on weekend as I use Work laptop to type and I don’t work on weekend. I didn’t post Diwali special but this week episodes ae going to be about Diwali celebration. With some nice events. I hope you enjoy.

Episode begins with Dadi asking Abhi why he called Nikita my Nikita. Abhi says who else owns her. No one so she is mine. Pragya is too happy. She looks at Abhi with love eyes. Abhi looks at her too. They have Eyelock…Allah wariyan plays……. Every one else smiles and looks at them staring each other. Dasi clears throat. Pragya gets embarrassed and runs away up stairs. Abhi does pouting face to Dasi and says I was still enjoying staring why scare her?? Everyone laughs. Abhi all of a sudden turns and shouts NIKKU!! Everyone is so scared they jump. Dadi says “hey Bhagwaan Abhiii” Every one is sooo scared and Shocked. Pragya Jumps on stairs and hold herself to keep from falling. She holds her chest too as her heart is beating fast! Dasi sits down and Tai Ji pretends to collapse on chair. Abhi looks silly and says sorri. Pragya is soo pisced now. She thinks idiot screaming my name!! She folds hands in a boxing mode and walks down stairs purposedly and goes to Abhi, Abhi sees her. He thinks am dead today!! She continues to come and he looks for where to run. He also makes pleading face to Aaliya, she raises hands in surrender. Pragya says
P: I know your mind Mr. Abhishek and you now want to run but don’t dare Mr. Abhishek Mehra because today you are going to learn manners from me.
A: (he makes shocked face) me learn manner from you. Who are you. Uhmm?? (He raises eyebrows)
P: your Fiancé!! Uhmm (she also raises Eyebrows)
A: (gets big smile on face) so your fiancé now haa.
P: (blushes but recovers and makes agry face. Punches Abhi in chest) why did you scream my name. people in London heard it haa!! She punches him again for good measure.
A: (makes pain face while rubbing chest) sorri but I remembered something.
P: Kya??
A: tomorrow!!
P: makes confused face. Everyone in house makes confused face.) tomorrow what is tomorrow
A: ahh sille tomorrow Diwali!!
Everyone makes OHH face. Pragya looks at abhi again, and punched his face. Abhi makes shocked face. She said don’t look like that you Mr. Abhishek. Next time you don’t have to scream like that to remind me of Diwali.
Abhi says I had too as it is special Diwali. Pragya says special why special. Abhi syas its because its first Diwali with my fiancé Fuggiiii!! And pinches her cheeks while smiling. She smiles and is happy. Everyone is happy.
A: I know you are not secretary anymore bu….
P : (very agitated and worried)ahhhhh Abhi abhi abhi (everyone is confused to see her like this)
D: Beta what is it why like this?/
P: no Abhi noo noo
A: Fugii what is it.

P: Secretary am not secretary anymore what did I do. I didn’t resign. I know I cry a lot but I will stop. Please don’t fire me. I swear I will work double. Ok sleep on your floor and do all you want. I will not punch you again I swear please don’t fire me…..i need money for…
(presses on nose….Pragya looks at nose and is shocked but shuts up…they have eyelock..Allah wariyan plays…) Dasi clears throat again. And they break eyelock

A: Nikita I wasn’t firing you. You cannot be my fiancé and secretary, I cannot reduce you to that level…(he comes close and hold face in her hands). You understand me, you read my mind, you know what I need even before I know it, you make my life easy and most important of all, when you are not around I feel sooo lost, but when you come my world is right again. I don’t know why I feel like this, why my heart always wants to be close to you but I do. so you are special to me and special person in my life cannot be secretary but fiancé and wife.

Everyone is so happy. Tai ji is so happy she sheds a tear she cleans it quickly and thinks tear for happiness. This is crying laughing disease. She thinks I should leave here before I infect others too. She leaves very happily. Reaches in door, turns looks at Abhi and Pragya, smiles and leaves from there.
Pragya says I know what you were going to ask before and I will do it. Abhi says you know, she says haa steps to leave from his arms, Abhi holds her face tighter and stops her from going..she looks back at him and asks what.. Abhi stares at her she says Abhi. Abhi is lost in her eyes. She says Abhi softly. Abhi says stay..she says…. Decoration….he says it will decorate its self…she says you scream my name and scared everyone for decoration, now you are saying it will decorate it self..she says you are mad..he says noo..but looking in your eyes is better. They are less sad too!!
Pragya…then thinks Abhi is in romance mood and am embarrassed what to do. she thinks ohh I know..she makes face to Abhi and steps on foot his hard….Abhi jumps screaming and she runs away laughing..everybody laughs. Aalia shouts Shabach Bhabi and they laugh louder. She reaches on top of stairs and rests on wall she laughs sooo hard tears fall. She stands to leave and gets flash back of Abhi calling her special and holding face and staring in her eyes. She smiles while walking and getting flash backs…..Sanam re plays ………….

Decorations are going on in house, everyone is happy. Aaliya is sad. She helps decorate with Pragya as she is sending Pragya thing who has climbed a ladder. She thinks I am so happy right now but sad. She thinks Bhabi is acting and treating me like nothing wrong has ever happened between us. She is too confused and is wondering why she had to get a conscience. She leaves from there telling Pragya to excuse her. Pragya says ok and looks at her leave. Pragya thinks something must be bothering her but what!
Aaliya goes to terrace and begins to wonder what she did. She remembers all the bad things she did to Pragya, the kidnapping, Bulbul, Abhi’s accident, trying to steal Abhi’s money, taking bulbul’s wedding, all the times she slapped Pragya. She thinks am a bad person, so terrible I don’t deserve Abhi’s as my brother and I don’t even deserve Pragya as my bhabi..she says I know if I ask Pragya to forgive me she will because she is a nice person and beautiful at heart. But I don’t deserve the forgiveness and for that I will not even ask. She thinks I don’t even deserve to be in Bhabi’s presence but she is too good she let me hug her and cry with her. She remembers hugging and laughing and crying with Pragya and smiles, she remembers Pragya saying she wants to stay with Aaliya she smiles more and tears fall. She thinks atleast I got to know what love from my Bhabi looks like. She says I have always longed for a real Di and God gave me one, but instead I hated her and ruined her life not knowing I ruined mine too. Now I don’t have a Di or even deserve one. She sits on bench, hugs her knees and cries. SHE CRIES SAYING God forgive me, she says I ruined my own Bhai life because of hatred jealousy and revenge. Instead I ruined my life. Now no matter what Bhabi and Bhai will marry, because fate favors them. She says Pragya I can’t say this to you as I don’t even deserve to be in your shadow but I will say it anyway please forgive me, she remembers Bulbul and cries harder. She cries so hard she thinks she cannot go unpunished for such big crime. She stands from there goes to room and packs her clothes.

Pragya had followed Aaliya and who has heard Aaliya all the while hides as Aaliya passes, then she follows her as Aaliya is walking with too much determination, she thinks what is she upto now. Hope not suicide because of how she was talking. She sees Aaliya throwing cloths in suitcase and wonders what now. Aaliya finishes parking and turns only to see Pragya in doorway…she thinks what to do. Pragya asks where do you think you are going. Aaliya thinks only way to make her let me go is to pretend to be bad to her then she can let me leave.

Aa: Listen Behenji I know we cried together and all but I told you I still hate you. My plans have failed because of you, Tanu my best friend is gone and you are marring my brother it can’t happen I have to go be with Tanu and find ways of chasing you out of this house. She puts tough face and goes to pass Pragya she reaches and Pragya refuses to move from door way. She tries to Push her away but Pragya slaps her hard on the face . Aaliya is shocked and says Bhabi..

P: (with tough serious face) Yes your right. Bhabi I am your Bhabi. Which means I am your Di too. The one you prayed for from God. Which means I know you even when you hide. I know you don’t hate me anymore Aaliya and I know you are feeling guilty I don’t know where you think you are going but I will not stop you. You will go but after Diwali. today you are going to hide your bag and stay, come back with me down stairs and help me with decorations. Your Bhai and I are leaving for my parents in a few minutes and I am leaving you in charge. Don’t disappoint me when I comeback I want decorations done and looking beautiful. Crackers and fireworks are in store. Get them too and keep in dry cupboard make sure they are dry.
Aaliya looks at Pragya and tears flow. Pragya goes and drys them with her hands, she says I am giving you five minutes and you are down looking presentable, I don’t want your brother and family to see you sad as they will all get sad and no sadness in Diwali. she goes from there. In corridor she thinks letting Aaliya deal with guilt alone is only way to help. She did too much. She is genuinely sorry and I forgive her, but she needs to deal with it in her way so as much as I would like to stop her, I cannot. But I hope letting her go is the right thing.
Downstairs Abhi meets Pragya and drags her outside. He says we are late and have to go now. She says don’t drag me. He says ok and carries her. She says put me down. He says shut up you said don’t drag you so now am carrying you. She makes face but smiles. Abhi puts her in car and says Purab and Akash will meet us there.

At Arora house Sarla and Beeji and Janki are all happy to see Abhi and Pragya and Purab and Akash come there too. Abhi says they should come for Diwali as Nikita organized it. They say ok. They are happy and making jokes. Abhi keeps disturbing Beeji and calling her Rockstar. He teaches her how to rock. Sarla and Janki and Akash and Purab laugh. Pragya shakes her head but smiles. They joke and have fun. Beeji then says to Abhi thet she is sorry about Mehendi ruin. He says it is ok as he was just pretending anyway. He says he is glad it ruined and cancelled but if next Mehendi ruins then he would be sad. Sarla then shocked asks next? Abhi says Haa. Janki says when..he says soon. Beeji asks with who…he says Nikita of course. Everyone is shocked. Purab and Akash laugh. Pragya who was drinking water spits it out in sprays. Beeji drops glass. Janki drops tray. Sarla…drops on floor. They all run to her. Abhi says why so shocked. Your daughter is good and knows me very well so I can marry her why too shocked. And you.. he looks at Pragya..why spit water like child your fiancé and you know it why shock? Pragya looks at him angrily and goes to Sarla. She checks her and Sarla says she is fine. Sarla says Pragya when did you decide to Marry Abhi. Pragya says when he kicked Tanu out of house by hair. Purab and Akash are now shocked. They say what. Pragya gives them story they smile. Janki says FINALY. Purab say says FINALLY Akash says Thank God but I missed. Abhi is shocked to see that everyone hated Tanu. He thinks why but he lets it go when Sarla says Abhi Beta.. he says Haa Ma. She says are you serious he says yes. He says he doesn’t know when marriage is to take place, he hopes soon, as Nikita will decide when but he knows he wants to marry her only. They are so happy.

Sarla thinks if Abhis is going to marry Pragya we should get him to Call her Pragya and not Nikita as marriage to Nikita will be invalid she then says Abhi beta come here..Abhi goes and sits next to Sarla. She says you know our Nikita was a nice girl. I gave her name Nikita but her father gave her name Pragya. We all call her Pragya and since she is now your fiance, you should call her Pragya….Abhi says Pragya…and says it again and again..he says PRAGYA one more time and he faints.

Precap: All couples, Abhi and Pragya, Akash and Rachu, Mitali and Raj dancing on stage. Purab in corner sad and trying not to cry. He runs out of house

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