Episode 5
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Episode starts with Mitali hearing girl say how will everyone think I am Bulbul. She thinks she only know one Bulbul who Raj will know too and that Bulbul is dead. She thinks she will go closer to see her face as she cannot see face from her as girl’s very long hair is blocking her and people are too many. She walks slowly and manages with a lot of difficulty to get near girl and Raj who are standing on of bottom stairs. She manages to get near but still cannot see face as girl has long hair and she also doesn’t want Raj to see her.
Fat lady comes there and Mitali walks behind her hiding and manages to stand behind Raj she also sees girl’s face but girl doesn’t look like Bulbul. She then thinks she was happy too soon as girl is not Bulbul but someone else. Meaning Raj has new girlfriend and left her because he hates her. She gets too sad she leaves from there. Raj and Girl don’t see her.

On other side Raj and girl who is actually Bulbul are talking and girls tries to tell Raj that with her changed face now, she cannot convince anyone she is Bulbul, and her coming back as Bulbul will put her in danger. She also tells Raj that if she is going to help Di then she will do it anonymously under a different name as there no one will suspect anything.
R: so miss anonymous will you do this while staying in city or will you continue to stay here at temple were you have been for all this time.
B: I will stay here for time being until plan can progress further naa. I love temple too much to now. City has too much noise. (she makes a face and Raj pinches her nose lovingly)
R: you know I can get you nice apartment for you to stay!!
B: No No, no no (shaking head in noo..strongly) you have done too much for me, you found me when I was lost and didn’t know what to do. I used to live on street because I was too ashamed to go back to family because I tried to kill my self. I also never wanted Purab to see my ugly face. I was sad and ashamed but You worked hard and made good life only so you could pay for my surgery, all cloths I have and wear you bought them, you feed me too. Now I also have a beautiful face It has changed and is strange yaar but it is beautiful. So I will stay in temple forever if I have too but I will not burden you anymore. Now all money from new good job should go towards your family.
R: Bulbul I did wrong to you and your sister, and if I have to spend rest of my life paying I don’t mind.
B: I don’t care, you did more good for me than bad and I forgave you long time now. I understood why you were angry and good is when you saw your wrong, you repented and left it.
R: (He smiles and says..) I hope I knew Sarla Ma when I grew up. she taught daughters well, she would have taught me too to avoid stupid mistakes.
B: (she smiles sweetly but gets serious and says ) I have to stay at temple and think I will help Pragya from temple, it will be easy if she think am holy woman from temple. But if she thinking am pretending to be her sister, I know Di, she will be very had and since many people are causing her harm now she will think bad too.
R: ok…(he thinks for a while and says..) but now ..Purab?
B: (she gets very tense and begins to walk up and down) I cannot see him not now too. I don’t know what he will think. He loved old Bulbul with that face now me new bulbul I have different face. Beautiful yaar, but not as old Bulbul. I cannot even cut hair because I am not used to seeing face all time, but what about him?? (she shakes her head strongly) I cannot see him Raj I just can’t am too scared
R: but he misses you naa. He cries when he thinks no one is seeing. He tries to make your wish come true but he is soo sad. He is actually main reason I want you to come back. You can pretend to be another woman. But please meet him too. He may not know its you because of face, but his heart will know and he will get some peace. Please Bulbul, I love Purab too like a brother and I cannot see him suffer anymore when I can at least help him. And will you let fear make you miss love??
B: (thinks for a moment she thinks Raj Bhaiya is right and she cannot miss love for fear, but she also thinks she cannot meet Purab as Bulbul not yet) ok I can meet him too but no one apart from you can know who I am. (She looks away from Raj as she doesn’t want him to see her sorrow and says) I will be sooo happy to see him, I miss him sooo much and I cry too. But atleast now I can see him and my heart will be at peace too.
Raj looks at watch and sees it late, he thinks he should go now. He says good bye to Bulbul and leave. Bulbul goes back to temple.

In Aaliya’s room crying Aaliya and crying Pragya are together on bed, crying Aaliya telling crying Pragya to stop. And that she is sorry. Crying Pragya says
Crying P: why are you helping me I thought you hate me!! And your sorri???
Crying Aa: haan I am sorri…and I am not saying it again since I don’t know if I am really sorri..and I still hate you ..very much but I love my family and since you are my bhabi you are family so even though I hate you …I love you.
Crying P: (looks at Aaliya with confused funny face and says) Aaliya..tum, tum, love me..noooo Aaliya..you are just crying and mad and making no sense.
Crying Aa: Shut up Bhabi and cry…..enjoy my soft arms before I go back to being bad.
They both laugh and cry at the same time.

Abhi is looking for Nikita and wondering where she is, he goes opening from door to door and banging them but doesn’t find her. He goes outside, no Nikita, he even goes to out house. He is thinking he cannot let her be alone at such a moment He thinks Aaliya took her but Aaliya hates her so they cannot be together. (since Abhi is dumb he doesn’t check Aaliya’s room or even think to ask her). He even calls Pragya’s home and Janki picks the call, he asks if Nikita came home, Janki says no and asks if all is ok. Abhi says haan I just sent her and she not returned. Janki says she will come back. Abhi says ok and hangs up.
He wonders where she could be and goes back to search house…

Also Akash and rest of family who are looking for were crying Aaliya took Crying Pragya come to Aaliya room and hear crying and laughing of two people. Dasi says Pragya is crying and Aaliya is laughing, Dadi says Dasi is right but Tau ji says they were both crying and those are two crying voices and two laughing voices. They are very confused and Dadi says door is locked but I have spare key in room, tells Rachna to rush and bring spare key so we know exactly what’s wrong. She says she don’t trust Aaliya to be with Pragya and not cause her harm. Rachna rushes and brings spare, They open door and are shocked to see crying Pragya and crying Aaliya hugging each other and crying. They are too shocked to even talk. Tai Ji says I told you world must be ending. Crying laughing Aaliya and Crying laughing Pragya look at all shocked faces and they just cry and laugh while looking at everyone, Dasi says, may be they are drunk, Akash says no alcohol any were. The crying and laughing ones just continue while they are hugging. Rachna is too shocked she is frozen, even Robin is frozen. Dadi says Biti are you ok…both crying ones say haan together. Dasi asks then why are you crying, Aaliya says because Pragya is too too too sad. And I caused it. So I am crying and she is crying. Tai ji says and why are you laughing? Pragya says because Aaliya hates me and loves me at same time. Dadi is shocked
Dd: Aaliya? Aaliya? love Pragya?
Crying P: and hate me!!
Crying Aa: At same time!!
They laugh. Tai ji throws hands in air and says world is ending and she has to confess sins, she leaves from there to go to temple to confess! She meets Abhi and she tells him world is ending, Abhi is confused and thinks why is Tai ji talking like that but ignores her as he is desperately trying to find Pragya, he asks Tai ji if she has seen Nikita, she says yes, in Aaliya’s room, laughing and crying….Abhi thinks Tai ji is not making sense and thinks I will find out myself. He leaves Tai ji and goes only to finds everyone in Aaliya’s room, he worry and rushes to room, but is very shocked to see the two crying and laughing ones. He thinks crying and laughing at same time, and Nikita and Aaliya together, world is coming to end indeed. Abhi thinks I will Take Nikita to my room and goes to take her, Aaliya hugs her tighter and says no taking my Bhabi..Abhi says Bhabi are you mad she is not my wife, Aaliya says but she is….

EVERY ONE GASP..they are too shocked …Abhi is too confused and he says Aaliya are you drunk..she says no..she also says I am happy now with bhabi so I want you and bhabi to be happy too sooo I am telling you she is your wife..(she says while swinging hands) Abhi is too confused he looks at everyone who is shocked and asks what is going on. Crying Pragya is also just too happy and she doesn’t say anything she is still crying and Laughing!!!. Abhi says Dadi?? He is too confused. But Dadi who is very shocked that Aaliya said truth after she fought it for long. Abhi is getting more confused and Purab who came there when Akash called thinks it might be too much information and doctor said to avoid too much information as it can cause damage.. he tells Abhi that she must be saying that because of the way he called Nikita fiancé at breakfast.
Abhi is still confused a bit but he believes Purab (Dumb Abhi). He goes back to taking Pragya and Aaliya refuses. Pragya is now laughing and says loudly I am happy..i am fought for by brother and sister. I am celebrityyy.. I am rockstaar…nooo not rockstar but supermodeeeell. I am supermodeeell!! Abhi says not supermodel they have bad manners and you are good. She says ok I am rock staaarrrr ROCKKSTARRR. Everyone is confused and Dasi says Dadi that this is too much, they should go from there as they might also catch crying laughing disease. They all leave confused but can’t help but laugh Tau ji says if this is how I should live everyday then I choose it over sister in law hating her bhabi, they can suffer from that disease but never do bad to each other again. Dadi says it’s sad but I agree. Dasi nods yes too. Rachna and Akash are smiling but they agree that that is better that fights.

Mitali is still walking on road sad. She doesn’t get auto as she doesn’t even get one and road is deserted. She is to sad she is walking and thinking she ruined her marriage because of greed. She says why she didn’t just wait and be patient as now Raj has good job, money but hates her and has another woman. She thinks she cannot even complain as she caused this not him. She thinks she cannot tell anyone to embarrass him as they all know she pushed him to it by being a bad quarrel some and greedy wife who sent her husband to jail. She walks sadly and she is now tired she stumbles and falls. She gets up and walks again, but she falls again. She sits and cries for some time. But she says crying is no use and feeling sorry for myself is useless I have lost him it is done and it is my fault. She stand up but she is tired and sweating, she drags her feet, and walks…
Raj coming from temple sees tired woman walking and tripping, he thinks can no one help her she is tired, he rushes car and as he gets closer Mitali falls again as she is too tired and distance from temple is too long. She also didn’t have breakfast as she just rushed out to follow Raj. Raj rushes and parks car, he wonders why no one is helping but soon realizes road is deserted as it is remote. He thinks in his head why a woman would walk alone on deserted road as if she don’t see danger. he rushes to her and picks her up. he realizes she is too weak and carries her. Her now disorganized hair falls from face and Raj sees Mitali.. he looks at her face..Mitali also opens her eyes slowly to look in Raj’s Face. They have eyelock …nice song plays in back ground…Mitali then faints again…screen freezes on Raj’s worried face.!!!

Precap. Tanu is being thrown out of house with her things by Abhi as she refused to leave. Dadi escorts Tanu mum outside house as Abhi has warned her that if she refuses he will forget his manners taught by Dadi and throw her out too!!

love you all

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  1. B_Ani

    awsm. i love it. crying and laughing at same time. very nice. aaliya behaved too good today. i loved her in today’s epi. and surely abhi is not dumb…i would say. he is made dumb by the writers of kkb. but here…dumb abhi believes every one blindly. ha ha… i loved it.
    great work. can i call you di?

    1. SavitaVidya

      Yes Choti call me Di i would so much love to be your Di. and thank you soo much for loving episode

  2. Awesome !!!!!yaar different thinking

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Minu. i strike be different from real annoying CVs

  3. Im his chasmish

    Very very hilarious n exciting n cute one very nice

    1. SavitaVidya

      IM his chashmish thak you sooo much. btw do you wear chashma??

  4. Di Loved it ????! U rocked it !?????? LOL !!!!???????? Alia Pragya ?????????????????

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Myna. thanks sooo much. and you are very happy from smiley face. hope to keep rocking it. to give you smiley face

  5. Good decision yaar.keep writing in the same way

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      thanks Minu..i will be happy too continue

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Gooddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

    1. SavitaVidya

      thank you Reshma

  7. Hey I was a silent reader if ur ff all this while I can’t control myself from reading this seriously ur ff is so nice and become my favourite too

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Nini..thank you for commenting too. keep reading

  8. Saranya24

    I jst love it yaar i like raj a lot???

    1. SavitaVidya

      i had to develop Raj. he was a genius when he was bad. so i think he an use his brain for good

  9. Super dear, happy diwali

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Di. and Thanks for appreciating

  10. Sabeenia

    Haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa….I love the crying n laughing sequence…….
    Such a sweet shot…..

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      Thanks Sabeenia dear

  11. Asmithaa

    superb sv di!! wonderful!!

    1. SavitaVidya

      Oyyee chotu how ar youu….

  12. Hi i was a silent reader of ur ff but now couldn’t resist myself from commenting ur ff is awesome ????. And today’s episode was rocking ??? pragya and alia lol???? loved it❤️❤️❤️

    1. SavitaVidya

      Abhigya thanks so much for commenting. And i appreciate compliment

  13. I love it to the core

  14. Awesome episode yaar really too cute tat crying n laughing scene really really soooooooooooooooooo cute n funny….???????…

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks Durga dear..happy diwali

  15. Prathi

    Pragya and Aaliya were very cute!! And Mithali and Raj will be together from here on hopefully!! Happy Diwali!

    1. SavitaVidya

      Prathi wish so too for Mithali n Raj they are great actors

  16. Absolutely amazing 😉 brilliant episode!!!loved it… I’m totally shipping the idea that bulbul will come to purab as a stranger!!! So excited!!! 🙂 you are a very talented writer! Keep updating!

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks Anny. And thanks fo appreciating my writing dear.

  17. Awesome epi di…l really loved today’s epi…it was a very sweet and a lovely episode…u have a different idea in every epi…u r also one of my favourite writers di…pls keep writing..take care…love u loads…

    WISH U A VERY HAPPY DIWALI !! 🙂 😀 😛 😉 …

    1. SavitaVidya

      Ashika i love u too…a dewaali dear

  18. Awesome SAVITAVIDYA………. I used to read ur ff as a silent reader……… ur ff is outstanding…………….really THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD BE………correct Name……….. Loads of love n kisses………..and on the day of diwali plz upload triple episode….. Plz…..only on that day………. We want this gift from u…..

    1. SavitaVidya

      Smriti dear tripple epi..hahaha bu will try m best to post tripple!! thanks so much for appreciating

  19. superb.Have a happy and safe Diwali

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      Thanks Maha dear

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks Lakshmi dear….

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