Episode two:

Hello Guys. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and liking episode . Episode two is here hope you enjoy it too!!
Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi to stop smiling and get ready for Mehendi, Abhi says what Mehendi, Pragya says for wedding with Tanu. Abhi says who is Tanu. Pragya says your fiancé. Abhi says he has no fiancé as he is not getting married. Pragya says to Abhi why he is talking like this. Abhi says he had fiancé called Tanu but now he doesn’t have fiancée since he thought she was good person. Now she is devil Tanu and screams like dying cockroach!!

Pragya tries to hide her laughter and tell him not to call fiancé devil and get ready. She leaves from there laughing. Abhi thinks he will not marry Tanu and he gets flash back of all evil things Tanu called Pragya and even remembers slap. He thinks Nikita’s husband who left her should have married Tanu as they deserve each other because they are both stupid. And he should marry Nikita as they are both clever and Nikita has rockstar Dadi and he is rockstar so they match. He falls on bed and pretends to be sleeping. Thinking if he stays there sleeping they won’t call him for Mehendi.

Everyone is ready for function and Tanu comes down Dadi asks Pragya were Abhi is as he is late. (Pragya is looking very beautiful in Saree) Pragya says she left him getting ready, she says I will go and check.

Dadi and Dasi follow her to Abhi’s room. They find him in bed pretending to be asleep and they try to wake him up. He refuses and says go away. Dadi says beta it’s time for your Mehendi, Abhi wakes and turns he sees Pragya and thinks she is looking very beautiful in saree and thinks he should really marry her instead as she is even more beautiful than devil Tanu! Dadi sees him staring at Pragya and calls Beta? while hiding her smile, Dasi too sees him staring and smiles. Pragya blushes!
Abhi says seriously and angrily that he has no Mehendi as its for people getting married and he is not!!. He tells them that if they have nothing more to say they should leave.

Tanu down stairs walking up and down, wondering why Abhi is not coming she thinks to herself that after what she say and him being closed in room with behenji she must have turned him more and now he doesn’t want to marry me anymore. Tanu’s mum comes and says where is Abhi, Tanu says lets go find him as am not beginning Mehendi when he is not there. His name should be written when he is here. Tanu thinks I will find out if he still plans to marry me!!

At Arora house, Sarla says she will not go for Mehendi and refuses but Purab who has come to pick them says they should go and Beeji agrees and says if Abhi is going to marry Tanu and Pragya is going to be there they she will need shoulder to cry on, what better one than for her mother. Sarla says ok she will go but only if Beeji and Janki come too so than she too can cry on mothers shoulder while Pragya cries on hers. They laugh and get ready to leave.

In Abhi’s room Pragya tells Abhi that he has to marry Tanu as her mum is sick. Abhi says if Mother is like her daughter then he will not marry Daughter so that mother can die and duniya will be free of another bad person. He says Daughter can die too. Or he will die but not marry her. Dadi Dasi and Pragya try to hide their laughter because Tanu and her mother are hearing!!

Tanu and mother hears and Tanu’s mum comes and tells Abhi to explain, Abhi turns and tells Her he cannot marry her daughter as she is a very bad person who enjoys making people cry and sad and has bad temper and is mean and he cannot live his life with such a devil. He also says he cannot spend rest of his life listen to dying cockroach voice! He tells Tanu mum that she should find equal devil to marry her daughter. Tanu pretends to be crying and Tanu’s mum asks Abhi to apologize. Abhi says he will not apologize for truth and that they can all leave now as no Mehendi or marriage will take place. Aaliya hears and says to her brother what will press say if you don’t marry.. Abhi keeps quiet for a moment confused but Raj says that press will understand if Abhi doesn’t want to marry a characterless woman like Tanu. And if press wants they can come to him for explanation and he is willing to explain with evidence!! Aaliya asks Raj to shut up but Abhi asks her if staying with Tanu for so long has made her loose her manners that now she talks back to her elders. He tells her apologize and she says sorry Bhai.

Tanu’s mum then pretends to faint and Tanu screams they call DOCTOR. Tanu pleads with Abhi and says at least marry me and divorce me the next day but please save my mother. Pragya says please save her mother. She thinks in her head that God should punish me for pushing my husband on another woman!! Why am I doing this yaar!! Abhi says because of Nikita he will just pretend to go through the Mehendi just for mother but shadi is never happening.

Tanu is happy and thinks I will trap you and your name will be on my hand.
Sarla Purab and Beeji reach and Mitali tell them they missed good entertainment, they ask what happened but she leaves from there going to pick telephone call. She says hello, then says happily hello Rachna Choti how is Akash and baby. She then says she cannot wait to meet them back from US but they should hurry as dramatic Mehendi is happening and they are missing. She hangs up. She tells everyone that Akash and Rachna are on their way from airport Dadi says why they didn’t send for driver, Robin says they called and he answered and sent driver as everyone was busy.

Pragya thinks she can’t wait to see them. Mehendi starts and Tanu’s mum says Abhi to sit next to Tanu and see Mehendi Abhi goes but as he is sitting he gets Flashes of Sitting next to someone in yellow dress and pricking her with pin while they apply Henna. He gets slight headache but recovers.

Tanu is too much paying attention to her hand she doesn’t realize. Mitali only sees and tells Raj Abhi is not fine. Raj says I will watch him. Henna is over and entertainment begins Every one is happy as Mitali, Aaliya even Tanu dance, Babli tells Pragya Chachi to sing which she vehemently refuses, Tanu also refuses her to sing but Dadi tells her to and she sings, on hearing voice Abhi remembers someone singing with same voice in same yellow dress on Mehendi function.

He holds his head and Pragya seeing him stops singing. She goes to him and tells him what’s wrong he says headache and she says let’s go to room, he says no fresh air and they go outside, he sees car and remembers drunk yellow dress girl driving car and causing accident he holds his head and leans heavily on Pragya, she gets worried now and Tanu rushes there asking what happened, he hears Tanu’s voice and he gets more flashes of Tanu refusing to help him look for chashmish as she has shoot tomorrow. He feels more pain, and Pragya massages his head as she made him sit on verandah. When her hands touches his head, he remembers massage in bedroom and someone messing his hair but he still can’t see face. Too much pain also, he faints. Purab and Raj take him to his room, Dadi is worried and they call Doctor.

Aaliya and Tanu try to blame Pragya that her presence caused this, Beeji tells them that they caused this as they are evil, she tells Aaliya she is not ashamed to marry her brother to a characterless woman who had relations with another man and got pregnant. Sarla also says she will not be shocked if Aaliya gets pregnant before marriage too because she is friends with a woman who did it and sees no wrong in it. Aaliya is angry and ashamed. She also tells Tanu that her Horoscope don’t and will never match Abhi and for that whenever she is around harm will happen to him. She says to Aaliya that instead of blaming Pragya blame yourself your lack of love for your brother that you are willing to go to these lengths, she says you and your friend tried to kill him once and his wife brought him back so don’t pretend you care about him now since you don’t even care if he is dead or alive!!!

She says her parents must very ashamed of her and if they were alive they would have cut relation with her! Sarla Beeji and Janki leave for Abhi’s room leaving Aaliya sad and Tanu angry.

Pragya brings doctor, Purab’s doctor as he had given her number and checks on Abhi, he asks for wife and Raj says Pragya, Tanu is pisced!! Raj Pragya and Purab enter room and doctor closes as Patient matters are confidential. He says this must be caused by Abhi memory flashes. They are sudden that is why the headache and he is fainting, he says it will get better though. He gives them medication and leaves. Raj tells Purab and Pragya not to tell anyone about doctor’s information not even Dadi they should keep it secret so Tanu and Aaliya don’t find out.

Abhi in fainted is dreaming and seeing running with girl in bush, celebrating holi with girl, taking bullet for girl, girl taking care of him when he is shot, he sees girl saying I love you in red dress, he see girl modeling, he sees Flashes of him protecting girl and calling girl his Bivi, he also sees telling girl I love you, he remembers seeing moon in girl’s eyes but he still cannot see face….

Precap: Aaliya in her room remembering Beeji and Sarla’s words and wondering if she is doing right by her family and Bhai and dead parents. She is thinking if her parents are proud of her actions were they are and if they are still proud to call her daughter.


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  1. Silent reader

    Nice one… Keep going. I would suggest you in the place of ekta

    1. SavitaVidya

      hahahaha that would be good job. thank you silent reader for compliment

  2. Your story is on key and moving fast..thumbs up! Thank you for not dragging. Enjoying it very much

    1. SavitaVidya

      your welcome and thank you naa i love real KKB but now hate it for dragging track and story so i wuld hate to write draggin too

  3. Sabeenia

    Atleast tis makes us to b relax frm that irritating track…..
    Really happy n enjoyed ya….

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      thanks Sabeenia, two more episode tommorrow

  4. Wow today epi hilarious pls update next soon…..

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      thank you Varsha I know you have read Episode 3 too

  5. super dear…………

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    So cute hw gud if it hpns in real kkb but anyway loved it???

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      i hope so too. Ekta Madam should read everyone’s fan fiction and learn a thing or two

  7. Awesome dear

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  12. It is fantastic ?

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  15. Mind blowing epi di…just loved it till the core….hope that abhi gets his memory back…..u even rocked it today….waiting for the next epi….keep rocking and writing di…love u loads…

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