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so let’s start with episode!

Episode begins with Tanu’s face on inside balcony in curtains, she is feeling bad, angry jealous and very much like taking revenge. She thinks, I hate Purvi for doing this to me but I will kill Pragya with my own hands today!!
Down stairs Sarla ma and Janki and Beeji are so happy for Pragya, they think finally some good for our Pragya. Purab can’t believe Pragya did that and Bulbul too can’t believe she pulled that off. As for Rachu and Mitali, after dancing for their husbands, their husbands can’t just get their eyes off of them, and cannot even let them get away from them even for a second. Mitali is on cloud nine right now.

As for Pragya and Abhi:
P: so am I romantic enough for you Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra
A: Mrs. Pragya Abhishek Mehra, YOU are the most romantic person I have and will ever meet.
P: (softly) you now know what your Kumkum means to me…
A: (holds her cheek in his hand and looks at her adoringly) more than you know. Did you mean every word in that song?
P: (flirtingly tilts her head to the side) what did you think?
A: I can’t think…all I know is all I ever want to do is look at you, my brain is on a freeze
P: well I meant every word. Every single word.
A: (makes his typical Rockstar face) so are going to show me how crazy you really are for me.
P: I can never sing infront of any one without being forced, let alone dance. But here I am having danced for you, I thinks that is crazy enough Abhi
A: so will you dance for me again, in private in bedroom
P: (wide eyes) same. Same dance/ same song?
A: nooo that one was special on its own, I want another special one, but for me only, uhhh like… like…like belly dance yes!!(snaps fingers)
P: (smiles from side) I will Mr. but you will have to work for it! (winks at Abhi and leaves from there looking at him over his shoulder)
A: (to himself) I am enjoying you wife, and I still am….i have to make up for all lost time, and I want to make you feel so loved and wanted it will over run!!

Pragya walks up stairs and is headed to the bedroom to change. Tanu follows her hidingly and Mitali sees someone hiding in curtains he tries to tell Raj but Raj won’t listen as she is busy kissing her neck! She tries to point but Raj pays no attention..
Abhi receives a message from unknown number
“follow your wife Abhi keep her safe, don’t let her out of your sight she is in danger and if you have let her out FIND HER NOW”

Abhi reads message and first thinks what is this, he looks for Pragya and sees her walking dangerously close to balcony rail. And then he sees some one with a veil over face step from curtains and Push Pragya over the rail..Abhi shouts Pragyaaa and runs to her….she is falling over…everything goes still in the house…
Mitali breaks away from Raj and looks at retreating figure..she thinks only way out from there is terrace and runs to terrace, she reaches just in time as Tanu, covered with veil on face reaches the terrace, Mitali slaps her hard and tries to hold her hand, Tanu fights and back and they fight with Mitali, Mitali beats Tanu over and Tanu beats her too, she pulls Mitali’s Pallu and Mitali is exposed, but she doesn’t care, instead she uses Pallu and wraps it around Tanu’s neck and squeezes Tanu looses Grip and Mitali pulls off the veil, she is shocked when she sees Tanu’s face. In moment of shock Tanu bites Mitali’s hand and pulls Pallu from her neck and then shoves Mitali hardly on the wall, she hits her head and covers her face just in time as then Raj steps on Terrace and sees a retreating Tanu, he then sees Mitali and runs to her.

In house when Pragya was falling she landed in time on Abhi, and she fall in him so she didn’t get hurt…Abhi holds her close very tightly and closes his eyes in relief. They are still on floor when Raj comes in carrying an unconscious Mitali. Dadi shouts and Abhi stands up with Pragya, she immediately rushes to Mitali, Abhi tries to hold her back telling her to go slow, she tells him I am fine and they rush to Mitali.
Raj is scared as hell and they ask what happens he says the idiot (that is Mitali) tried to fight the culprit on the terrace, but culprit pushed her and she hit her head. Mitali wakes up then holding her head, they ask her are you fine she says she is. Akash asks her if she fought with culprit, Mitali says haan,

Purab: Shabach Bhabi
Raj: looks at Purab with murder
Prb: raises hands in air in surrender and smiles slowly
Raj: (to mitali)what were you thinking, that you can fight a goon
Mit: it wasn’t a goon it was a woman
Raj: how do you know?
Mit: finger nails and she hits like a girl, I had her, until I got distracted and she got chance on me.
Raj: you are mad and what distracted you…
Mit: nothing I just thought I saw Babli come there then she got me
Raj: ok thank you hero but never scare me like that again and also no more fighting goons got it.
Mit: But Raj..
Raj: (in strong voice) I said no..
Mit: well I tried to tell you earlier but you were very bust with my neck!
Raj: what are you talking about?
Mit: I saw her in curtains earlier even before Pragya went up stairs. I was trying to tell yo but you refused to listen1
Raj: shit am sorry.
A: its ok Raj, no one expected it.
P: but how did you get to me in time, I was far only way you got to me was because you knew earlier some thing was wrong
A; yea I got a text….show as text to Pragya and everyone
They are all confused,
R: only way someone can warn you in time on plan is because they know about it before so who is this, can you track text.
A: I think I will try but I have a feeling I don’t want to, if this person is on our side then no need to scare her off…

In road, Tanu has managed to get away, she thinks I really hope Pragya fell, if she didn’t hit her head and die, then she should have hurt her back or legs and she is lame, lets see if Rockstar can have an invalid wife!
Suresh is driving in car and sees Tanu take off her veil, he thinks only reason Tanu is hiding her face is because she is upto no good. He goes and parks car next to her and rolls down the window
Sur: so what have you been upto

T: Hides veil quickly, and looks at Suresh) do I know you? You look very familiar
Sur: I believe you do know me but, for now what have you been up to Tanu, why were you covered
T: nothing, just change in style.
Sur; you know one of these days they are goin to get you too as they got your friend, how did you survive btw?
T: my friend what are you talking about, survive what.
Sur; you mean yu don’t know? You are some friend indeed, your friend Aaliya, is in prison she was arrested for five months now.
T: what?
Sur. She is in town prison, (he looks at her disgustedly and thinks some friends people have! He drives away. He has a really cool black Mercedes benz!!)
Tanu is left there thinking, I know him, where have I seen him, she has a really pondering look on her face. (this girl is dumb)
At MM. Mitali is in room with Raj, raj is looking at wound on the back of her head..
M: I didn’t tell you everything, I never wanted everyone to know
R: what are you talking about
M: reason I got distracted
R: what? Why did you get distracted
M: I saw goons face, it was Tanu!
R: what? Are you sure
M: yes I am, I was so shocked that is why I got distracted and got hit by her!
R: o why didn’t you tell anyone
M: (pushes his hands from her hair where they are working on her wound and looks at him) look Raj, I know you want to help Pragya, I know you do it as repentance for what you did to her, I heard you pledge to be a slave to her happiness, that day I pledged that if that is what you want then I will do everything to help you.

R: (shouting at her) even risking your life? Are you mad?
M: no am not mad and don’t scream at me! look I didn’t tell everyone because the lesser people know the better, then it will be easier for us to find out what is really going on, and catch Tanu. Do you think she is working with Aaliya?
R; Aaliya is in America and don’t forget she loves Pragya now!
M: is she really because she has ever pretended to be nice before, what is she is not in America for real!
R: look I don’t know and I intend to find out, only thing is you are not helping me
M;( looks at him and shrugs her shoulder dismissingly) fine then I will just have to work on my own!
R; don’t be mad
M: I am serious Raj, we either do it with me or I will do it on my own, that Tanu isn’t threatening only Pragya, but this family as well, my children live here and I am not letting a crazy woman anywhere near then no matter what so work with me or not, I will still do it anyway!
R: (thinks) I have really never seen this side of Mitali before..i think I love it… (to mitali) fine then, but I will have to introduce you to someone, we shall work together the three of us.
In room, Abhi is shacking, his hands are shaking soo much and all he is thinking is I could have lost her, Pragya is in changing room when Abhi bursts in and hugs her tightly.
A; you are never leaving my sight again…clear?
P; but?
A: no buts, from today onwards I will be you shadow, where you go I go and where I go you go, CLEAR?
P; (In her head) I know he is just scared so I will humour him just to calm him down. She agrees and he hugs her very tight again.

Next morning, Pragya is in cell And sees Aaliya, she tells her all and Aaliya is shocked and worried for her. She hugs her and tells her thank god she is fine. At same time Tanu comes to prison and asks to see Aaliya, they take her only to find Aaliya hugging Pragya. Screen freezes on Tanu’s very betrayed face!

Precap: Suresh is woken up by phone call he picks it up says hello and then screams

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