Episode 17

Hello loves. I hope your weekend went well. Mine was OSAMLY full of sleep. Even now I want to sleep and I am at work. today’s episode is packed and is quite long..don’t lose gas just read and hope you enjoy!!
You all failed to guess who benefactor is…but don’t worry we shall find out in a second!!

Episode begins at police station on Aaliya’s shocked face. And showing side face of benefactor!
Aa: (points a shaking finger at benefactor) you’re….you’re… you..(swallows hard and stammers again!!)
Bn: (showing only his raised eyebrow) I guess the word you are looking for is ahh..DOUBLE BATTERY!! That’s what your brother used to call me right?
On saying double battery, benefactor’s full face is shown!! And it is SURESH. However not old Suresh, he has lost the moustache, the chashma and has more angular face now. He looks kempt and handsome and rich. He has lost the tummy too and looks like he has nice Abs. (Suresh must be working out yaar!) Aaliya cannot stop staring in shock. Suresh snaps two fingers in her face and when she doesn’t blink he puts his forefinger under her chin and pushes it up to close her mouth as it is very open in shock!! Aaliya looks stupefied and Suresh looks cocky. He raises an eyebrow at Aaliya and then snaps fingers in her face again, twice this time. When she doesn’t respond, he slightly taps her cheek twice and she recovers.
Aa: (wide wide eyes) Su Sur Suresh, Suresh double battery, Rachna ki bhai Suresh?
Su; haan me!
Aa: but… but… you’re, you’re no..not you’re not..
Su; Rich?
Aa: swallows heavily and deeply..
Su: well I am now, and you are in jail, guess your sins finally caught up with you, btw I heard your brother got an accident and I know you were involved.
Aa: nods head haan
Su: (thinks and says to himself) what, old Aaliya would have denied that one first time, anyway I guess now that she I here she doesn’t need to hide her crimes anymore.
Aa: (still looking at Suresh stupefied.) ahh ahhh..uhmm
Su: so tell me Aaliya, who finally did you in, who reported you and had you convicted
Rano: no one she brought he…(Aaliya quickly holds over Rano’s mouth to shut her up.)
Aa: (to suresh) no one reported me, I was caught and investigated and sentenced here after they proved me guilty.
Su: ( thinks) catch Aaliya? Please! I don’t belive that but I will find out
Aa: Suresh ji, my brother doesn’t know I am here please never tell anyone, not even Rachu! Please.
Su: it’s nice to hear you beg Aaliya really nice. And I will think about it. BTW did you know Abhi and Pragya’s engagement is tomorrow. Will you attend. Oh sorry course not, you are behind bars!
Aa: Please don’t tell them I am here either they think am in America on business please
Su; does Pragya know
Aa: no she doesn’t…. and please don’t stress her either , just let her enjoy her engagement ok
Su: you mean enjoy it before you come out of here because when you do she will suffer
Aa: whatever. Please leave and I am requesting you for last time, don’t tell any of my family members
Su: look it’s non of my business what you people do. all I care about is if Pragya and my Rachna are fine, and I know they are because I watch over them. The rest of you I don’t care and as for you Aaliya you can rot here and I won’t give two craps about it.
Leaves from there and Aaliya is left winded! She thinks SURESH??

Next morning at MM and everyone is preparing for engagement party and decoration is going on. dadi is pacing up and down, Dasi comes there and says
Ds: di what’s wrong
Dd: I am thinking, I don’t think Abhi will enjoy engagement party if Aaliya is not here
Ds: but she communicated, she said she got so busy in America on job she can’t fly out. She said she will make it out for the wedding so what to do.
Dd: Indu I am not convinced but let’s wait and see. Anyway I am glad engagement is going on
Ds: but engagement party ha..Pragya already has Abhi’s Kumkum, instead of engagement, this should be reception.
Dd; no no no. first time I married Abhi to Pragya it was by force and he had wrong intentions. This time around I want the shadi. I want this shadi to happen because Abhi wants it too this time, he is doing it himself and not me! I am glad Abhi is realizing his love and he Even put Kumkum on her already but I want wedding. Abhi is married to Pragya but he doesn’t remember her at all and he also doesn’t remember the wedding. So I want him to have a wedding he remembers that way no one can say they are not married.
Ds: ok di if you say so then engagement party it is!!

At Purvi’s house. Shalu comes and says she is from office and she heard today was Abhi’s engagement. She says party is at MM and she thinks this is a good time to go. And start our plan. Tanu coms from kitchen looking all greasly and dirty. Puri loks at her and
Pur: well now you look like the lowlife you are, and since you are going doing all the dirty work already there is absolutely no need for us to hire goons to do what we want, you Tanu will do it nicely. After all you had no trouble killing your own baby, you will have no trouble killing the people we hate.
T: you mean I will kill with my hands.
Pur: it shouldn’t be hard, after all you have killed before, now you from hence forth will do what I tell you to. Since you have no brains to plan anything sensible, your hands will have to work for you.
T: looks dejected but knows she can’t argue.) what do you want me to do?
Sh: I came up with plan, and Purvi said it was brilliant, all we needed was a way to execute it and engagement party is the best place and time.
T: you mean you are going to kill Pragya
Pur: or Abhi I don’t really care.
Sh: we want Pragya, tonight at her party, but if Abhi gets in the way, he will die too.
T: but but I want Abhi, you can’t kill him
Pur: do I look like I care, I for one am thinking death is kind, too kind, we should do something to cause permanent harm that they will have to live with and lets see if their so called Kumkum bhagya can save them this time.
T: please don’t hurry Abhi
Sh; it will depend on how you do what you are asked.!! And if you don’t mind I need food. I am hungry.
T: looks at her like she is mad
Pur: don’t make that your face, get her food.. NOW!!
T: scrambles to kitchen and brings food, serves it and tries to sit
Pur: (gives her eye) have you ever seen my maids sit at my table with me,
T: oh come on this has gone too far…
Pur: too far? You think this is too far? (gets evil smile on face then) Ram singh? Ram singh?
Ram: yes aunti ji.
Pur; call all house hold staff. Tell them I need them in dining now
Ram: ok Aunti
All staff come to dining
Pur; today I have treat for you, so please sit at the dining table. (they refuse) I am giving you 3 seconds if you have not sat you are fired 1..
They all rush and sit.
Pur: ok so listen guys, today is special treat, you will eat at my table and you will be served by…(looks at Tanu) a super model…AWESOME RIGHT?
All staff just nod at her and smile, Tanu wants to die, even Shalu is shocked. She thinks who knew Purvi could be like this!
Pur: to Tanu who is standing there and looking shocked) why are you still standing there. Go on, bring food and serve them, perhaps then you will know where you stand in this house…which is worse than maid!!
Tanu rushes from there and goes to kitchen. She is trying hard not to cry. She thinks Aaliya where are you, why did you leave me to suffer like this. She brings food and serves everyone. She is too embarrassed and on the verge of tears but refuses to cry. She thinks I will not cry, Shalu tastes food first and spits it out with a disgusted look on her face. Purvi tastes hers too and spits too. House staff look on and are kinda scared for Tanu. Tanu thinks shit!
Purvi has murderous look on her face, she stands up and collects all food from every one and piles it on one plate. She looks at Tanu, walks to her very slowly, pulls her by the hand and forcibly makes her sit on her chair.
Pur: so you wanted to poison us with this cooking, since you think people can eat this, how about you eat it and finish it!
Sh; Purvi..
Pur; shut up Shalu, or else you will help her eat it, (turns to Tanu) NOW b*t*h, GET EATING
T; I will not!!
Pur: what did you say?
T: I will NOT!!
Pur: looks at Tanu murderingly and holds and squeezes her cheeks, which forces Tanu’s mouth to open, Purvi pushes food down Tanu’s mouth!! Tanu struggles, servants runoff, and Purvi still overpowers Tanu and forces her to eat all the food! The food is half way done, Shalu looks like she feels sorry for Tanu but she cannot say anything. Purvi is still forcing Tanu to eat, Tanu has lost her fight, she is weak and very full. She stops struggling but Purvi makes her eat the food till she finishes it!! Purvi uses Tanu’s cloths to clean her hands and tells her to wash up all the dishes and clean the kitchen, and she should be inside MM by 11pm and no one should see her. Purvi walks away from there.

Engagement Party at MM, all rituals are done successfully, Purab is there too but in wheel chair as he can get tired easily(he is not lame, just weak) Bulbul is there too as Radhika and is looking lovely, her long hair is finally styled out of her face. Dadi and Dasi and Mitali and Rachu had the best looks when they had first seen her. Mitali even shouted BHOOT! BHOOT! BHOOT!

Abhi is walking around house looking for Pragya he asks if anyone has seen her, but no one has, bulbul has small smile on her face. Abhi tries to go upstairs but guests stop him, every one is still enjoying when lights dim and song begins to play, and Robin comes in singing and Dancing…
Nabhatun aali apsara
Nabhatun aali apsara
Ashi sundara saaj sadhupuna

Everyone is wondering whats going on, Mitali looks at raj and Raj mouths to her with shock “ROBIN?” Rachu and Akash are shocked too. Dadi stands up to see what is really going on, Abhi who was talking to fans and guests walks slowly and Is shocked too meanwhile Other staff join Robin singing, they are all dresses perfectly and are dancing

Aali Aali Aali
Aali ho Aali
Kesh madhi maadla Gajra
Lokachya najara theedla tichyavar
Aali Aali Aali hey… aha

Abhi is now at the bottom of the stairs, everyone is still looking at Robin and his friends they don’t see Pragya coming down the stairs. She is dressed in a green and red lehanga, her hair is held back in a bun and her pallu is hanging off of it pinned in he hair she is decked in nice golden, red and green bangles and a golden nose ring chain. Her maang however unlike earlier has no Kumkum. Robin is still singing but while leaving….

duniya chi pyaari tu (She is the beloved one of all)
Aga Naari Harni Ga (She is gorgeous like a deer)
Aga Raani Sundara Ha Ha Haa… (She is a beauty queen)
Aali Ho Aali, Aali Ho Aali, Ho… Aali Ho Aali…(She has come)

Robin and his friends leave, Pragya has descended down the stairs and no one has seen her (except Bulbul, they planned together). Everyone including Abhi is still staring at retreating Robin until Pragya leans over Abhi’s shoulder, she holds gently under his chin and turns his face, they have eye contact and she sings while looking him straight in the eyes

Nazar Jo Teri Laagi Main Deewani Ho Gayi (Since my gaze has gotten struck with Yours, I’ve become crazy)

She then steps infront of him on the beats and then sings

Deewani, Haan Deewani, Deewani Ho Gayi (I’ve become crazy, I’ve become crazy)

On beats she walks backwards, Abhi is now in her spell, he just follows her, she stops when they are in center of the room now. Everyone has sat down and are all shocked and watching..she continues to sing..and dances to..

Mashoor Mere Ishq Ki Kahaani Ho Gayi (The tale of my love has become famous)
Jo Jag Ne Na Maani Toh Maine Bhi Thaani (The world didn’t believe in me, so I took this resolve)

Here she has moved to and is standing bodily to Abhi, her back against his front… Here she then sings as she is dropping her head to his shoulder.

Kahaan Thi Main Dekho Kahaan Chali Aayi…(I was someplace earlier, now look where I’ve reached (being crazy in love)

She then stands up steps away from him looks him straight in the eye and sings…

Kehte Hain Yeh Deewani Mastani Ho Gayi (Everyone says that Mastani has become crazy)

She then steps away from Abhi, and sings while turning around… Mashoor Mere Ishq Ki Kahaani Ho Gayi (The tale of my love has become famous)

Jo Jag Ne Na Maani Toh Maine Bhi Thaani (The world didn’t believe in me, so I took this resolve)
Kahaan Thi Main Dekho Kahaan Chali Aayi…(I was someplace earlier, now look where I’ve reached)
Kehte Hain Yeh Deewani Mastani Ho Gayi (Everyone says that Mastani has become crazy)
Deewani, Haan Deewani, Deewani Ho Gayi (I’ve become crazy, I’ve become crazy)

Abhi walks around her looking at her like he too has become drunk on her, he keeps extending his hand wanting to touch her but she dances away from him, he trips and falls sitting on a chair…she rotates and lands on his lap, she sits on him, holds him around the neck then sings while looking at him…

Zakham Aisa Tune Lagaya (You’ve wounded me in such a way)
Deewani, Deewani, Deewani, Deewani Ho Gayi (That I’ve become crazy)

She now throws her head back over his side arm and continues to sing..

Marham Aisa Tune Lagaya (You’ve applied balm/ointment (on that wound) in such a way)
Ruhaani, Ruhaani, Ruhaani, Ruhaani Ho Gayi (That I’ve become spiritual)

Turns on his lap, back to front, throws her head on his shoulder and runs her fingers up her front body s*xily….from stomach to between her boobs to her forehead and then up in air…she is singing…

Pehchaan Mere Ishq Ki Ab Toh… (x2) (The identity of my love)
Rawaani, Rawaani, Rawaani, Rawaani Ho Gayi (Has now become my motion)

She stands up and faces him and then dances this part like deepika did in Bajirao

Ho… Mashoor Mere Ishq Ki Kahaani Ho Gayi (The tale of my love has become famous)
Kehte Hain Ye Deewani Mastani Ho Gayi (Everyone says that Mastani has become crazy)
Haan… Deewani, Haan Deewani, Deewani Ho Gayi (I’ve become crazy, I’ve become crazy)
Mashoor Mere Ishq Ki Kahaani Ho Gayi (The tale of my love has become famous)

Here she runs to Dadi who is smiling at her …she sits on the floor at her feet and rests her head in Dadi’s lap. she then sings

Jo Jag Ne Na Maani Toh Maine Bhi Thaani (The world didn’t believe in me, so I took this resolve)
Kahaan Thi Main Dekho Kahaan Chali Aayi…(I was someplace earlier, now look where I’ve reached)

She looks up at Dadi and Points at herself, Abhi is still in her spell, he can’t stop looking at her…all the while she is singing

Kehte Hain Ye Deewani, Mastani Ho Gayi (Everyone says that Mastani has become crazy)
Deewani, Haan Deewani, Deewani Ho Gayi (I’ve become crazy, I’ve become crazy)

She stands up and goes to Rachu and Mitali…holds their hands and they spin in a circle

Sab Noor Noor Sa Bikhra Hai (Light is spread everywhere)
Ek Tu Hi Khayalon Mein Utra Hai (Only You’re there in my thoughts)
Bas Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Jaata Hai Dil…(My heart is dancing ceaselessly)

They break the circle and they each go to their husbands and dance while rotating around them, Raj and Akash have big smiles on their faces and are following their wives with their
eyes. Abhi is following Pragya with his eyes, his mouth is slightly open…she rotates around him and then dances heading to temple….

Tu Mastani Hai… Tu Deewani Hai… (You’re intoxicated (Mastani), You’re crazy)
Paakeza Hasti Hain Teri, Tu Noorani Hai.. (Your image is that of purity, You are a glowing beauty)

She dances back to Abhi and she sits at his feet. She places her head in his lap and offers up her hand, in its palm she has a vail of sindoor she got from the temple. She is singing..

Sab Noor Noor Sa Bikhra Hai (Light is spread everywhere)
Ek Tu Hi Khayalon Mein Utra Hai (Only You’re there in my thoughts)

Then only beats in the back ground, concluding beats of the song…Abhi holds Pragya’s head in his hands and makes her look at him, a single tear falls down his face…he removes her maang jewelry, gets the vail of sindoor, raises it slowly and pours it all on her maang….

Concluding beats of the song….clapping in back ground. Eyelock of Abhi and Pragya… VERY VERY VERY SAD AND ANGRY FACE OF TANU!! In the upstairs where she is hiding. Screen freezes on Pragya and Abhi’s eyelock. And Pragya’s face all filled with Kumkum.

Precap: Abhi gets text message, reads it and looks up very scared at Pragya who is walking on the inside balcony of house he shouts FUGGI and runs to her….

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