Episode 16
So I am not going to update BY THE MOON. But here is double episode for HOW IT SHOULD BE!!

Episode starts with Dasi and Dadi leaving Abhi’s room. Abhi turns to Pragya who looks very embarrassed. She looks at him and runs to changing room. Abhi follows her quick on her heels
A: ( holds her hand on time and pulls her to him) are you shy now?
P: (looks shyly at his chest) No!
A: (passes fingers in her kumkum) I really like seeing you with my Kumkum, actually I have changed my mind, I will be putting Kumkum on you every morning!
P: smiles shyly
A: do you like seeing yourself with my Kumkum
P: (shyly and softly) haan

A: Prove it
P; (confused) haa? but why, why should I prove it
A: I need to feel it, I don’t feel that you need me enough, I feel like you are holding back, like you are fearing something and I need to know that I have special place in your heart (says this while playing with fingers in her Kumkum and spreading it around) I need to know that my kumkum means something to you and that you are not fighting it or me!
P: Abhi I can never fight your Kumkum, it means much more to me that you will ever know. I don’t need to prove it, I know you can feel it.
A: it is true I can feel it, but I need to see it too fuggi. I just need too please.
P: (smiles and thinks its my Suniye, I will give him what he wants) ok I will show you, but in my own time.
A: (laughs and says) can’t wait though I think it will be very unromantic
P: (pouts and punches his chest) unromantic, I am not unromantic ….you you you are unromantic and kadoos. Unromantic kadoos

A: (smiles smugly) Kadoos ehh? I know you now, when you call me names it means it’s true right? So I have confirmation you are unromantic. Can’t wait!!
P: (points in his face with funny mouth action) I will show you am not unromantic Mehra I will show you.
A: (bites her cheek softly) can’t wait, when will I see it
P: (pushes away from Abhi ) ohh not so easy Mr. Mehra you will not see it coming.
A: (pulls her and bites her earlobe) I can’t wait
P: kisses his chin winks at him and leaves picking Abhi’s T shirt and wearing it and leaving.
In room she thinks am dead, what am I going to do…she bite lip, looks behind at changing room, then leaves from there….
At hospital, Sarla ma and Beeji are taking Purab from there, he has been discharged, they go home. And find Pragya there and Bulbul hiding.
Sarla Ma thinks I will keep Purab here until he too re-falls in love with Bulbul, but he need a push, if he thinks it’s Radhika not Bulbul then we have a problem. Pragya comes and hugs Purab and thinks I cannot burden him with my issue he is just from hospital.

Prb: (After sitting down in chair) I have to tell you something
Sm: what beta?
Prb: Maa, I know this sound bad but I know I saw Bulbul, she saved me. I might think it is dream but I am sure I saw her!
Janki come in then dragging a struggling Bulbul. She stops infront of Purab, she says beta not bulbul, but Radhika here, she saved you and since she was staying at temple, we decided as thank you she can stay with us

Purab is staring at bulbul like he has seen ghost, he holds out hand for her, and says Bulbul! She says no Radhika, am not Bulbul
Prb: but..but…you look.. look…eye…your eyes…even… even voice
Bul: sorry but I am not her, Purab coughs hard and Bulbul runs to him, she makes him comfortable and puts pillows…she takes care of him…Allah Waariyan plays ….All Aroras look on and smiles..

Purab enjoys staring at Bulbul/Radhika..he thinks if not Bulbul then why care like this, why soo close. Why is she getting close if she is not Bulbul. He then all of a sudden pushes her away? She lands on her butt on floor and looks at Purab hurt, then she tries to hide the hurt as Aroras come to her aid. Pragya scolds Purab
P: look Purab I know you are not well but don’t treat her like that, she saved you, if it were not for her, you would be dead!!

Prb: why was she there and what is she doing here, what if she planned it, what if she wants to pretend to be bulbul!
P; don’t be silly Purab, she has been here 5 months and still insists she is not Bulbul, if she wanted to pretend then she would have insisted she is Bulbul. Now instead of insulting her, apologise

B: no need, I am fine, he is just sick, and I wouldn’t want anyone to pretend to be my wife if it were me, (Pragya helps her to stand up)
P: come with me, (she gives Purab, evil eye and takes Bulbul away)
Bulbul and Pragya go to room, Bulbul is trying hard to fight tears, Pragya sees and thinks she should let it out but is scared, but what to do, I know this is Bulbul but she thinks she is clever and she is convincing everyone, but not us. And I know Bulbul, when she is sad and doesn’t want to cry, funny thinks make her cry instead…it’s easy for her to pretend she is crying at something else

P: (talks while making funny faces and hand movements) you know I think Purab is stupid, he is idiot, but not worse than your stupid jiju…I should pound both heads together…best friends indeed…best friend because of empty head!!
B: (laughs and then cries) di your funny
P: looks at her adoringly and goes and hugs her…bulbul cries in pragya’s arms after some time she asks
B: di what did jiju do now?
P: Pragya looks at bulbul and then points at her maang
B: has a very shocked face!!) di, OMG di, did you elope, did jiju elope with you..(squeals in delight, jumps off bed in a totally bulbul way and runs out of room calling) Maaa, Daadi, Janki, Maaa??

P: follows her saying) Radhikaa calm down, relaxxx
Sarla Ma: arey Radhika what is it why are you shouting
B: (Very excitedly while bouncing up and down in a typical Bulbul way, Purab is looking at her shocked because all he is seeing is his Bulbul, Sarla Ma and Beeji all asking Radhika what is it) Maa, Daadi, look, (points at Pragya’s maang)
All Aroras are shocked, they cannot believe,
Sarla Ma; Biti….Pragya… kya huaa, tell now, what is this?
P: Maa
Sm; Pragya whose Kumkum, why have Kumkum on your head, I know you are married but Abhi doesn’t know and what if..what if…
P: (interrupts Sarla) Maa, relax, (looks down and says shyly) Abhi put Kumkum on me!
All are shocked!!
Prb: (shouts) iam proud of you Abhi, good job yaar! (then coughs from over straining, Bulbul rushes to him immediately but Purab gives her death stare, she stops and turns around hurt but smiles to Pragya)
Beeji: but why, why all of a sudden?
P: I don’t know, he came late last night and I fell asleep waiting for him then woke up in morning and I have Kumkum

B: so what now?
P: he says I have to wear all time like real married woman. (she gets smile on her face and dreamy look) he also says he will apply my Kumkum every morning
Janki: (comes to Pragya) beta, your Kumkum bhagya is now strong, your blind trust in it nad belief that it will never fail, you and your devotion to your husband have finally born fruits. I really pray it never stops
P; (makes funny face) I think it’s about to stop
Everyone: haaa, kio

P: tells story of proving to Abhi that her Kumkum means a lot to her then asks) what am I going to do, I have no idea
Prb; do something for him you as Pragya will never do, not even to please yourself or anyone
P: but what/
B; I got it, perform song for him…in public, with people!! Lots of people like at party
PrB: and that reaction is the real reason you should do it, you can never, ever dance for anyone by yourself. All the time you have done it, we asked you to and you always danced with him. Now dance for him. Perform s*xy song with strong love words, be the lead in the performance and make him see how deep you love him!
She looks at Sarla ma and Beeji and Janki, they all say Radhika and Purab are right. Bulbul thinks it’s like old times planning for Di an Jiju with Purab, she looks at Purab who is looking at her too, then he makes disgusted face and looks away!
P: pk what song, I don’t know nice songs..
Bulbul and Purab are shown shouting song at same time….but no volume soo we don’t know song
Sarla ma; Dadi said there is engagement party, you should dance then, it’s in three days, so practice
Beeji; no don’t practice just learn words of song, then when dancing mean every single word, use your heart and remember all memories good and bad, put them in song and Abhi will know how much you mean to him!

Pragya looks on skeptically but she knows she has to do it.
At police station, inspector is running out of his office to go and see benefactor, he reaches common room and says where did he go, where did benefactor go? Constable points in direction of cell. Inspector says no no no and runs in cell direction.
Benefactor is shown walking, feet is shown heading in direction of cell, he has on very expensive sleek classic shoes. His suit pants are black and slacks and look so damn expensive, his watch is shown..rolex yaar!..Expensive cuff links, he walks like he owns place.
Aaliya is shown in cell, she is arguing with cell mate

Aa; don’t be silly Rano. Donald trump is an idiot, but he still won and he might make good president because he is arrogant and so people cannot control him, can’t bribe him too, he is rich already!
R; Aaliya Donald trump is just a doofos and a Kadoos. He is going to ruin America economy and then we shall get affected. He even cheated
Aa: don’t be silly, American election cannot be rigged Rano…. Who gives you this stupid information..
In corridor, benefactor is still heading towards cell, he hears good argument and says one has sense another is dumb. Then he thinks but I am sure I have heard that voice before..
Cell is shown, Aaliya and Rano still arguing…benefactor coming close…Aaliya has now changed and is looking directly in direction of cell door and bars. And is arguing Benefactor comes, peaks into sell, side of face is shown, he is tall, has amazing beard not over grown and well catered for, short level (like for vihaan in kya huaa tera vaada), has nice side bands and no moustache…he looks handsome from side of face. He peaks into cell little and then moves away. On way out he says wait…and turns back to cell…Aaliya is shown still arguing with Rano and oblivious to benefactor, benefactor sees her and comes directly infront of cell, he says in shocked voice
Bn: Aaliya? …AALIYA MEHRA??

Aaliya turns at sound of her voice and is shocked….Inmates run to door and greet benefactor, Aaliya is very shocked to see benefactor, she is rooted into position. Benefactor too is shocked….Rano turns to Aaliya who is still shocked!! She says won’t you greet your brother, benefactor, you said it was Raj. Aaliya is shaking head in nooo… she points at benefactor and looks at Rano..
A: (while pointing at benefactor) bene.. benef..benefactor?
Ra: haan..your brother Raj?
Aa: walks staggeringly to bars and looks at benefactor,..your the bene benefactor?
Bn: Nods head yes(still not showing face)

Aa: but…but you are not Raj….
Bn. Nods head no….
Aa: your..your….
Screen freezes on Aaliya’s shocked face looking at benefactor

Precap: engagement Party…..

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