Episode 15
Hello Pyaaris thanks soo much for commenting. I don’t know why I am very happy today but I am so I wish you all HAPPPY!! Hope happy shows in episode….love you guys!!

Rising sun shown, it morning. Pragya wakes up and is in Abhi’s room, but there is no Abhi, she thinks he didn’t come back and she is sad and worried, but thinks no use worrying, if he hasn’t come yet he will come soon, but also where did he go.

She then looks around and sees cloths scattered everywhere she collects them and takes to dressing room, folds and organizes, her hair falls in her face and she pushes it away, in the process sees her face in the mirror, she looks away then looks back quickly, then her eyes open wide! She has seen the Kumkum, She raises her hand slowly to her maang and touches it to be sure …religious chanting is playing in background….her fingers come away with Kumkum, she lowers her hand slowly only to see Abhi looking at her in the mirror…they have eyelock in mirror while Abhi moves slowly to Pragya with a very determined face…religious chanting still playing…

Pragya turns around and faces him….he raises his left hand and there is Kumkum in his hand, Pragya looks at hand then looks at Abhi, she is shocked, confused and wondering at the same time…religious chanting still playing…Abhi picks Kumkum from his left hand with his right hand and raises right hand slowly and applies Kumkum oh her again, he lowers it slowly while still in eyelock with each other, her whole maang is now filled with Abhi’s Kumkum,
A slight wind then blows and Pragya’s dupatta flies between them, they look at each other through it….allah wariyaan now plays…they start moving closer to each other but then dupatta flies in Abhi’s mouth, eyelock breaks and he spits, Pragya also comes back to her senses,

P: (pointing to her maang) Kya…kyaa….why… Abhi..
A: (holds hand on her mouth) don’t say anything, you are my fiancé so I can put Kumkum on you when I want. Beside 5month engagement too long yaar, too long!! So I have cut it short!!
P: but Kumkum for married, we are not married!
A: (gives her eyelock from side look thinks I know everything Biwi, I know now, but I am going to play with you so you can never know I know) are you sure?
P: (spittles and thinks what is he saying) what are you saying Abhi…of course I am sure…did you get accident and hit your head?
A: (moves close to Pragya and pushes her to mirror, he leans into her very closely, noses are touching speaks softly to her, his mouth on her ear) no I never hit head but tell me, do you not like seeing my Kumkum on your maang?
P: (eyes are halfway closed, she is breathing heavily because Abhi is softly sucking on her earlobe ) I ..i …
A: (runs his tongue down the throat then says) Have you found someone better in 5 months, do you wish to see anyone else’s Kumkum on you?
P: (BREATHILY) Noo…(swallows) noooo
A: so if I ask you to wear Kumkum from today you will wear?
P; But Abhi, we…we are not married….
A: (his hands are moving over her face) My kumkum is on you, you so we are married, from today you will wear Kumkum, if you don’t I will put it on you, no matter where you are…
P: Abhi I ..

Abhi then silences her by kissing her, kisses her real good, Pragya’s hands move up his chest then to behind his neck and she kisses him back. Abhi holds her face in his hands and steps away he looks at her while breathing hard, he says Pragyaa… in a hoarse voice, hoarse from passion, and kisses her again, Pragya is now running her hands all over him he is running his hands all over her, he breaks away again, kisses her neck and down her shoulder, moving lower, he pulls off her Dupatta and throws it away, he kisses her shoulder and tries moving lowers, put dress won’t allow..he steps away from her, looks in the eye and tears top, Pragya looks shocked, Abhi cocks eyebrows, she smiles and pulls him down to grab his lips with hers.

Pragya pushes hands up under Abhi’s shirt, Abhi moves closer and kisses her very passionately, Pragya pushes him away and takes off his shirt, he also pulls off her torn dress. They are now topples Abhi kisses her again while at same time he carries Pragya and she wraps her legs around his waist, he starts moving backwards to room while still kissing her, they fall on bed, and continue hot make out session, Pragya’s legs are around Abhi’s waist.. Abhi is moving his hands all over her body, he pulls up and stairs down at her. He thinks damn I have a beautiful wife.. he moves hand slowly and lowers to Pragya’s boob. She arches her back and closes her eyes, he begins massaging slowly and Pragya moans softly, he is still massaging when…
“ABHII?”..Abhi and Pragya hear and jump apart…”Abhi?” its Dadi, she is calling from corridor out side Abhi’s room, which is slightly opened! Abhi and Pragya scramble off bed and have just stepped off when Dadi matches into room saying “Abhi beta…” words die on her lips when she sees Abhi shirt less, she looks down between his legs and sees female feet, she looks at Abhi very angry and moves to him. She thinks Abhi has girlfriend in house yet he has fiancé I will teach him today…
A: Daadi, daadi uhh uhmmm
Dadi just keeps coming and pushes him aside only to expose a topless Pragya. Who I trying so hard to cover herself, Dadi is shocked at first, then she gets small smile on her face. Abhi and Pragya look like they want to die. Pragya mostly and also That’s when Dasi comes in saying “Di…where are…” she sees situation too, but then she sees Pragya’s sindoor! She says while walking to Pragya.
Ds: Di, I don’t think we need shadi now…
Dd: haa
Ds: haan Di, he brings Pragya to Dadi and shows her Pragya’s maang. Dadi is shocked….

At Purvi’s time for breakfast…at table, Tanu comes to sit,
Pur: what are you doing, sitting for what?
T: breakfast
Pur; what breakfast? Did you make it?
T: looks confused
Pur: in my house I don’t have free loaders, you want food you work for it, you don’t pay my maids so they don’t work for you clear? now ..(she point to kitchen)
T: what? What the hell , I am a super model, I will not work in maid’s daughters kitchen
Pur: (stands slowly and goes to Tanu, she pulls her hand and Tanu stands up due to pain, Purvi twists her arm and says) Listen b*t*h you are not a super model, in my house you work, my maids serve me because I pay them you don’t and I am not your mother to pay for your maids, now I said and will tell you again, if you want food, go to the damn kitchen and cook it now!!
T: refuses to go
Pur: holds her hand tighter, makes screwed up face and drags Tanu towards kitchen. In kitchen she throws Tanu and Tanu falls on floor. Purvi smiles, then goes to Tanu, she squats down to Tanu’s level and says hope you can cook and clean b*t*h coz from today on, you are going to do all chores. You want Abhi, you work for him. And besides think, this way when you finally marry Abhi, you will know how to do wife duties.
She smiles broadly stands up and leaves.
Tanu cries….
Man comes, he is in suit and very expensive shoes, policemen all scamper around, one says benefactor has come without inspector’s knowledge, constable runs to inspector’s office, tells hi benefactor is here inspector’s face turns very very pale…screen freezes on inspector rushing out to meet Benefactor….

Precap: Aaliya’s eyes large as she sees benefactor!

So as we go for weekend, I hope you think about who really benefactor is….today epi is short but am very busy at work so sorry!! But hope you enjoy!!

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  2. wow awesome n enjoy lot dear, short n sweet yaaaaa

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  4. Superb di??…Dadi is frst villan fr abhigya???…awesome to the core di..wow purvi tortured tanu..superb..but tanu deserve more punishment di…who is benefactor??…

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    1. SavitaVidya

      Hehehehe indeed first villain for those two….and Tanu still has morreeee punishment coming, she will suffer soo much just wait and see!!

      Benefactor is someone you will meet in 18th episode i think!!

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  6. OMG…superrrb epi di!!! I really loved it…u r awesome di …and u wrote today’s epi very nicely…tanu really deserves a very good punishment… Purvi should teach her a good lesson…haha I too think dadi is first villain for abhigya…can’t wait for the next epi..take care love u a lot…keep writing!!! 😀 😀 😀 ….

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