Episode 14

Thanks sooo much for comments . I want to thank Prathi Choti soooo much today. I was so un inspired and feeling bored. I had decided to not post today this FF since I never wanted to post boring and I bore you. Then I got message from Prathi!! So Choti you have a deal and you are the best. Love you soo much… . And all commenters love you. Today’s episode is dedicated to my silent readers….I LOVE YOUUUU and KISSES!!

So episode starts in Amritsar, Abhi walks to a house in the neighborhood, he knocks and girl opens door.
A: hello is this Mrs: Sharma’s house?
G: yes sir
A: is she in?
G: yes sir
A: could you please tell her that Mrs. Sarla Arora’s Damad is here to see her.
G: (runs into house spends a minute and returns) Ma asks which Damad, she says I come and tell difference but I don’t know! So which one are you Purab or Rock star Abhi?
A: extremely shocked! he spittles and tries to talk..no words come out (he thinks trick was supposed to work for me, but Purab was married too for sure!! And to Sarla maa’s daughter!!)

G: look sir…Maa wants news, she says if Purab I let him in since his wife bulbul aunti died and if Abhi rockstar then I don’t let him in because he is stupid and doesn’t treat his wife well. And also he lost memory so she cannot tell him! So which are you ha!!
A: (looking like he has seen bhoot) I ..i ..i am Ab…(looks at girl sideways, straightens and says) Purab. I am Purab.
G: ok Purab Uncle come in, (she walks into house and screams) Maa! ITS Purab uncle.
Mrs. Sharma: Mona, what took you so long? But coming now, give Purab uncle drink na, let me come. Cold drink, give cold drink!
Mona: yes Maa! (walks to kitchen and comes with water. Gives it to Abhi and sits next to him she says) so I hear you are rockstar Abhi’s best friend, how is he, is he stupid like they say!

A: (looks at girl and thinks) her ma was Sarla Maa’s neighbor, how can she not tell difference, he thinks I will ask her. (talking to girl) Mona you were Sarla ma’s neighbor till last year, so how come you can’t tell difference between me and Abhi, we used to come all the time!
Mona: I was staying with Chachi since Pragya and Bulbul Aunti got married, I came small time, then we moved. We moved just after Abhi got accident.
A: ohhhh ok.
Mona: sooo how is Rockstar Abhi.

A: You don’t see him on tv too!
Mona; noo Maa don’t like me to watch TV, she says it teaches bad manners says I will watch when…..ohhhh MAAA!! (Mona’s head has been pushed hard by Mrs Sharma)
A: makes shocked face.
Mrs. Sharma: Mona are you mad, I said if Abhi don’t let in?
Mona: Maa, that is Purab Uncle not Abhi…
Mrs Sharma: (hits head with heel of hand) oh stupid me I forgot you don’t know difference…this ia Rockstar Abhi!! (turns smiling face to Abhi) how are you beta?
A: (With big smile) am fine Aunti ji, but now that we both know you can’t lie anymore, could you please answer my questions?
Mrs.S: Abhi you know I can’t!
A: (gets very comfortable in chair, pours more juice and gets sweets and starts to eat) Mrs. Sharma, I know you were friends to Sarla Ma, and I know you know about me and Pragya and Purab and Bulbul So I am not leaving until I have answers. (he chews sweets and he gets comfortable, puts big smile on face)
Mrs. S: (looks at Abhi, realizes she has to tell him and also thinks this is only way I can help my Pragya so… she sits and looks at Abhi and says) where do we start…
A: mine and Purab’s wives….

A very beautiful posh big house is shown. Then inside is Tanu, looking around and staring with open mouth. (this girl is really dumb)
Sh: Tanu, are you sure you were super model you look like you have never seen beautiful house before.
T: I have seen, I am just shocked yaar. I can’t believe daughter to Arora maid owns it.
Sh: she does, just that now she is not maid daughter anymore, she is tycoon’s wife.
T: very old Tycoon I guess
Sh: no actually young handsome hot tycoon!
T: pssshhhh
Sh: jealous!
T: of maid’s daughter please!

Sh: rolls eyes
Pur: (who has just come in and heard Tanu) funny Tanu, I am maid’s daughter and you are super model but you are now going to stay in my house, eat my food and use my bed? So I can be maid’s daughter gladly than be a poor homeless husbandless childless brainless super model. (she looks at Tanu and dares her to say anything back! Tanu swallows and shuts up, she is on verge of tears)
Sh: snickers and laughs at Tanu
T: leaves from there….

In prison
In mate tells Aaliya she cannot believe she has managed to hide from benefactor for five months and he comes ever month. Another inmate says she cannot hide from her brother forever, Aaliya says inspector still has to hide me as he fears what I will do to him. Female constable is hearing conversation and tells Aaliya
FC: I didn’t have to say anything but we are friends now for five months so it’s not your brother that is benefactor.

Aa: (shocked) WHAT!! What do you mean, Abhi’s is only one in my family rich enough to do something like that!!
FC: I don’t know but its not Abhi sir. Its someone else, I also don’t know his name, he never says anything or talk to anyone, only inspector.
Aa: thinks hard..then smiles, says haan, it must be Raj bhai, he is rich now too, rich enough to sponsor police station…..i still have to hide from him too or he will tell family.

At Mrs. Sharma’s Abhi is crying uncontrollably. Mrs. Sharma goes to him and hold him, she says baas baas beta, everything will be ok now that you know.
A: (crying) Aunty ji, don’t you see, I don’t deserve her, not at all, she stayed by me all this time, even when I forgot her, she was there. She is the missing piece of my heart and she has suffered too too much because of me. ohh Aunty I am even embarrassed to go near her, she should hate me aunty she should but my Pragya has a big heart she cannot hate me. this explains why my heart always longed to be close to her, why I always felt like I am complete when she was around. Ohh Aunty what have I done!!
Mrs. S: Beta, it’s not your fault, you got accident and you lost your memory, she knows that and she doesn’t blame you.
A: but don’t you see, I even ruined Purab’s life, he couldn’t even tell me about his wife, I couldn’t comfort him for his loss because telling me is harmful to my health. He even didn’t mourn his wife properly because he was busy trying to make my life nicer…but what I don’t understand, why do they feel like they have to protect me?
Mrs: S: I don’t really know beta, but what I know is Pragya always said you had enemies, enemies close to you child, she said she had to fight those for you and Purab was willing to help. About those I think you will have to get memory back, but just know no matter what you have a wife who loves you very much!!

A; (is crying less now, but still being held by Mrs. Sharma) you know what Aunty, I have always wondered why I felt like sun and moon and stars were all Pragya, I Have always felt like every fibre in me is alive because of her, I have felt from first time I met her again at company that my life started and ended with her, now I realize, it is because I love her, I loovee her sooo much I cannot spend a single day without her anymore, she is the sun of my life and my moon and stars.(he now has a little smile on his face and he is looking off into space, Mrs. S is looking at him with happiness and joy he continues to say) I may not remember her face, but my heart remembers her love, OUR love, and I am going to listen to it and follow it.

I cannot re create old memories for her, they are tainted by me but I will create new ones which are better than olds.
Mrs. S; Beta, memories in love are always there, they are living breathing things, and it doesn’t matter how big or small, what matters is the thought and the love behind them, when with Pragya don’t use your head, let your heart speak, let her see your heart in your eyes, and then the memories will create themselves. And the old ones are tender too and don’t make her forget them and you too try to remember them because they are the foundation of your relationship, they are what made you two who you are son. Create new ones, try to remember the old ones and whether bad or good, keep them close to your heart.
A: thanks sooo much Aunty. I have walked and searched for answers for 5 months. I am engaged to Pragya now…

Mrs. S: (gives him bright smile) even fate wants you to be together!!
A: arey! (huge smile) Hahaha. But I am engaged to her now…but I was having flashes of girl but she never had face, girl was my wife. Then I saw her family in dream I knew it must be Pragya, so I decided to find answers to be sure instead of making mistakes.
Mrs:S: I understand, and it’s a good thing. But something must be blocking your memory of her, may be your mind is trying to block something that is associated with you remembering her, I think your mind feels if you remember her you will remember something that hurt you too much?

A: aunty ji, you are even better than my doctor. They smile and Abhi says he has to leave. Aunty wishes him well.
Mona; Abhi Uncle, I wish to find love one day when I grow up, love like you and Pragya.
A: you will find, but if your husband treats you like I treated my Pragya call him and I will beat him for you you..like this.(he slaps himself hard on cheek)
Mona and Mrs. Sharma smile and tell Abhi goodnight and safe journey back… Abhi leaves

At Purvi’s very posh house, she is in very big well decorated bedroom she is talking on phone, with a man on phone and the man is telling her to never forget and never forgive, he says I know you, you have a big and kind heart, but those people did you wrong and ruined your life so never forgive and never forget until your revenge is complete! Purvi then says but when will you come, you know I cannot do this alone. Man on phone says I will come in three weeks you know I have to do some business. Purvi smiles and says I can’t wait to see you. Man says me too and I cannot wait to make them all pay for what they did to you. Purvi smiles too

At MM: Pragya is very tense, it is late and Abhi is not home, she thinks I will wait in his room. She goes to room and sits on bed. She thinks he said he was coming back soon but now it is midnight and Abhi is not yet back. She moves up and down and sits and stands. Clock shown time is passing, Pragya is still moving. Clock shown, its 3am now. Pragya is now dozing on bed. Clock shown, it’s now 5am, Pragya has slept on Abhi’s bed, he feet are hanging off the side of the bed!

Door opens and Abhi comes in, he is tired too, then he looks up and sees Pragya on his bed, she is half body on half body off, he walks slowly to her, takes of her shoes and puts her on bed very well. A lone tear falls from his eyes. He kneels on floor and holds her hand, he then removes hair from her face and looks at her, he kisses her fore head. He then leaves room and goes down stairs…. he comes back a few minutes later and he is holding something in his hand, he kneels down on floor again, opens his hand picks what he is holding with other hand and applies it on Pragya’s maang…IT IS KUMKUM!!

Screen freezes on Pragya’s face with Kumkum on her Maang.

Precap: Pragya in changing room mirror sees Kumkum on her maang, turns around finds Abhi looking at her.

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    Wow… superb touching and emotional episode… I think it happens because of prathi.. thank you prathi.. and thank you dear.. as I really love this story…

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      yeah she was the reason i became very inspired…..but thanks Haritha chotii

  6. Prathi

    Wow Finally Stupid Abhi Found some Brain! 😀 😀 Love you too!

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