Episode 13
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Episode starts with song playing in back ground and a time lapse is shown, things are moving forward. Tanu meets Shalu all the time and they are still waiting for surprise to arrive from US. Abhi moves house to house asking questions and calling up his old friends, he is frustrated at first, then he gradually becomes happy and happier, Aaliya is still in jail. Her hair has grown out and she looks horrible, Pragya visits her some times, Radhika still stays at Arora House and still insists she is not Bulbul, Purab is still recuperating in hospital…Radhika visits him but hides and sees from a far. Life in MM is happy, Pragya is there all the time, Akash and Rachu are happy, but Rachu is tense, Raj and Mitali get along fine, and Raj never leaves table unless Mitali has eaten.…and finally ..

At the airport and a lady comes pulling her suitcase, her clothes are so damn expensive…Tanu is excited on one side and tells Shalu,
T: I can’t wait to meet surprise

Sh: trust me you should have figured the surprise out by now, but then again..it’s you!
T: (irked and makes her signature pisced face) what do you mean by that?
Sh: nothing Tanu, nothing people don’t know already, I just mean you are Dumb and we all know it, I mean that’s why you failed to trap Abhi
T: (voice raising) Shalu don’t call me dumb, don’t forget all the situations I caused for Abhi, he has ML coz of me!
Sh: (with raised eyebrows and looking at Tanu in a demeaning way) sure, but then you also had Aaliya’s help, and when you lost that you came running to me, why Tanu, it must be because you also know you are dumb and cannot do anything on your own?
T: (screaming now! Remember they are at the airport) Listen Shalu, I will not let you insult me, you may be some how rich na but you are still that Pathetic girl in college always begging for love and scheming to be with rich friends, you wanted me to choose you over Aaliya, please!! Leave Aaliya to be your friend, I may be dumb, but you are still Pathetic, even now you are my friend just coz Aaliya is not anymore, so listen if you are angry with me now leave, but know this only I can get you to Purab and only I can help you with your revenge!!

Sh: (has a nasty angry face, worse than Tanu) I may be Pathetic but you Tanu are nothing, I am rich, I made my money, I can curve my way and btw I am still friends with the people I want to get revenge on so if you think only you can help me think again and about Purab, I have been meeting him in hospital, so I don’t need you!!
T: what you have been meeting Purab? How?
Sh: none of your business, but this proves my point, Tanu actually you are not Dumb, you are plainly an IDIOT
T: Slaps Shalu very hard across the face!!
Sh: holds cheek in shock then slaps Tanu harder!
People are watching..in disgust! And some with interest!
T: raises hand to slap Shalu but someone with perfectly manicured nails holds the hand.

At Police station, Pragya has gone to visit Aaliya, she looks horrible and Pragya tells her so.
Aa: bhabi we don’t have a salon in here so I cannot look nice!
Pragya is let into the cell and hugs her choti. Aaliya hugs her back, they show her fingers and her nails look very! Very! Very! horrible, they are broken and chapped, she has wounds and scars on her fingers and hands. Aaliya though despite everything looks happy.

Aa; Bhahi every time you come here I tell to not come but you just keep coming anyway, so this time iam not going to bother since you will just come again next week.
P: (smiles sheepishly and lovingly) well atleast I no longer come every day!
Aa: (rolls eyes) thank God for small mercies. Looking at behenji everyday was not nice.
P: (smiles) ok you know I can’t slap or punch you anymore, I punch your brother too much, almost every day and now my fingers hurt and I have to save them for him because I am sure I am going to punch him again today!
Aa: (throws arms in air like she is celebrating and shouts) Lucky me!!! (she then begins dancing around Pragya while singing) Behenji, behenji, behenji, behenji…
P: (laughs while looking at Aaliya, who is still dancing and looking sooo happy, she thinks in her head) I cannot believe five months in Prison has brought out the beauty in Aaliya, yes she looks rugged and ugly on top but she is sooo beautiful and I think my heart is going to over flow with love for her. Bulbul, I know you cannot hate me for loving Aaliya because you too are a forgiving person and am sure once you get to know this Aaliya you will love her too.

Pragya then taps a still singing and dancing Aaliya, Aaliya stops and looks at Pragya with a huge smile on her face, she then pushes Pragya’s shoulder and Pragya pushes hers too, Aaliya Pushes again and Pragya pushes back and then they turn it into a game pushing shoulders and chasing each other…they play in slow motion while beautiful song plays in back ground…..in mates join them too…
A Welcome to Amritsar sign shows and a speeding car is shown driving on raod to Amritsar Car drives for some time and reaches a certain neighborhood. Door of car opens and Abhi comes out, he pulls a paper from his pocket and reads it then looks around as if looking for something, she sees something, looks at paper again, and then smiles and heads in that direction…..

At MM, in Raj and Mitali’s room
Mitali is in dressing room, and Raj is on bed, Babli then comes in screaming and Mitali rushes out, she meets Babli and asks what is wrong, she says my brother is the worst, Mitali calms makes her calm down and tells her that brother is always and will always be best for sister, Raj is watching, with a look on his face, Mitali then tells Babli that Her Da is working but he will come for her later and they play, she kisses Babli’s fore head and says I love you biti, Babli says love you more Maa and she leaves from there. Mitali has a satisfied smile on her face and turns to head back to dressing room, she is looking down and pulling her still wet hair to shoulder and then looks up to find Raj looking at her admiringly, her smile dims a bit but she stands there and stares back at Raj. Raj thinks wow, She looks very beautiful like that, hair wet and face fresh with no makeup, she must be most beautiful woman in the world, Raj then licks his lips slowly and very s*xily and Mitali follows action with her eyes, she then smiles at Raj shyly and hurries to changing room.
In room she leans heavily on mirror and puts one hand on stomach one over her eyes and thinks ahh Mitali, you are old yaar, and with two children but acting with husband like you are newly-wed!! She remembers Raj licking his lips and she breathes out heavily and signs, she leans heavily on Mirror, she thinks that is how he used to act when we were newly married, and were in love, but now I betrayed him and I know he hasn’t forgiven me yet but why is he acting like this?

She is still thinking, when she is pressed firmly against the mirror, she screams and removes hands from her eyes to see who, but she only has a split second to see it is Raj pressing her to mirror before her scream is silenced by his lips descending hotly on hers in a hot demanding kiss! She breathes weakly and gives in, she kisses him back urgently. Raj stops kissing her and looks at her, he says in breathy voice, “you are sooo beautiful Mits, most beautiful woman in the world” then pulls her face to his and kisses her again, he begins to undo her Saree top, and he pulls sleeves away from her shoulders, he kisses slowly on her shoulder and moves down lower following the top he is removing….they get it on..IN CHANGING ROOM, ON DRESSING TABLE!!

In Rachu and Akash’s room, Akash is busy kissing Rachu and Rachu is saying, don’t distract me I am telling you, Akash says, you are worrying for nothing, Rachu says no I am not, Akash says relax and lets enjoy each other. Rachu smiles and says we enjoy each other every day, he says I love you too much, everyday is not enough, she laughs and gets serious, she struggles from under him and…
R: Akash really you said you would makes decision about who we met in US, it is five months now and still no decision and for some reason I am getting very worried
Ak: (passes hand in his hair and makes heavy breath) HONESTLY Rachu I don’t know anymore, but we can’t tell them, in US she acted happy but what if she wasn’t happy at all. After what happened I can’t blame her for hating us.

R: so what should we do?
Ak: (shrugging shoulders) wait and see what fate brings.
R: (smiles ) I guess that won’t be long, this house is playground for fate, and we have been free for 5 months, fate is about to come back to play. Very soon!!
Ak: (laughing) you have a way with words wife.
R: (smiling) you proposed me in a literature class husband!
R: ( the raises eye brows s*xily and Akash ) wanna make bedroom play ground?
Akash makes big I-am-going-to-eat-you-grin and jumps off bed chasing Rachu, she squeals and runs around bed, Akash catches her and throws her to the floor. Cloths fly around and they get it on, on the FLOOR!!

Both Tanu and Shalu turn to look at person, Shalu is genuinely happy and smiles, Tanu is shocked and somewhat uncomfortable.
Person throws Tanu’s hand and turns to hug Shalu, then turns to Tanu, and gives her a hot slap on her face and says
Person: That b*t*h is for ruining my perfect little life
Then camera snaps to her face the moment she finishes talking and it is PURVI. She looks amazing, she is looks way too beautiful, more than Shalu and Tanu, AND SHE LOOKS RICH, STINKING RICH!
She cocks a perfect eye brow at Tanu who is staring at her with her mouth open!
T: Pur… pr.. Purvi? Purvi?
Pur: hi b*t*h
T: I am not a b*t*h?
Pur; really coz I know otherwise, I mean from what I know about you, you are actually worse than a b*t*h.
T: (Turns to Shalu) Is this surprise
Sh; yes!
T: I was supposed to be pleased by it!
Sh: if you could stop being dumb for a moment you will!
Pur: (to shalu) she is really dumb. Isn’t she?
Sh: (laughs) Totally!
T: red with anger
Pur: Let me explain it to you this way, enemy of my enemy, is my friend.
T: looks like she is tying to understand something
Sh: raises her eye brows expectantly ant Tanu
Pur: rolls her eyes like OMG!

T: it occurs to her what Purvi meant and she smiles huge smile to Purvi
Pur: oh b*t*h don’t get me wrong, I still hate you for ruining my life so we are not friends, I am just willing to work with you coz we all hate the Arora-Mehra clan. But I also thank you coz if you didn’t I wouldn’t be where iam right now.
T: so I did a good thing?
Sh: (looks at her with ..like seriously?..face, then rolls her eyes) Idiot
Pur: (nods head wonderingly while pouting her lips) MOROON!
T: Shrugs shoulders!
They walk from airport and Shalu and Purvi are holding themselves like BFFs
Screen freezes on Purvi’s smiling face and upper body, what we see though on screen freeze is, Purvi has kumkum on her maang and a mangalsutra in her neck!

Precap: Purvi talking with a man on phone and the man is telling her to never forget and never forgive, he says I know you, you have a big and kind heart, but those people did you wrong and ruined your life so never forgive and never forget until your revenge is complete

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