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So episode starts at a posh hotel. Tanu walks into a very posh hotel. She comes in to the reception and says she is here to see her best friend, Receptionist asks her to say name and room number for direction, Tanu says
T: listen you my name is Tanu super model Tanu and when I ask for something, don’t talk back to me or ask stupid questions. Hear me??!
Receptionist: Madam, the thing is I cannot direct you to whoever you want to see if I don’t know her name and room number. If you would kindly tell me..
She is still talking when she gets slapped by Tanu, manager sees and comes there immediately. Tanu turns to manager.

T: fire this idiot immediately
R: but I didn’t do anything.
M: Please Sonam keep quiet, yes miss how can I help you.
T: fire her first then we can talk.
M: I cannot fire her without investigation so if you can let me assist you then we can deal with Miss Sonam later.
T: listen do you know who I am you idiot. Both manager and employee are idiots. Don’t worry I will find my own needs.
Tanu turns to go from there. She walks into the hotel and presses elevator button however before the elevator opens security comes and carries her outside she goes screaming I am Tanu, the supermodel. The security just don’t care and they throw her out. She falls at the feet of her friend she has come to see.

Manager thinks supermodel Tanu is not a supermodel anymore, and is just causing trouble for people, he turns to receptionist Sonam and says sorry for that, Sonam says it’s ok and Manager leaves disgusted by Tanu.
T: (talking now to her new best friend) honestly I don’t see why you booked to stay in cheap hotel with cheap staff Shalu.
Shalu: (she smiles and her face is shown, she is new as we have never seen her before. She is very beautiful, and very classy, even her makeup looks expensive, she has beautiful big eyes and glorious curly black hair. she looks at Tanu who is struggling to get up and tries to hide her smile) well it’s not cheap Tanu, in fact it’s most expensive classy and luxurious hotel in Mumbai dear, but it just can’t handle cheap people like you. (She laughs wickedly and mockingly. Tanu is embarrassed. Shalu holds her hand and says) come on Super model Tanu. So let’s see you called me and now here I am in Mumbai on Friday like I told you.
Tanu walks with Shalu and they go to her room. Shalu says what made you call me. Tanu gets flash back and tells Shalu her story.
T: and can you imagine after all this, that stupid Aaliya won’t talk to me she won’t even pick my calls!!

S: You see my dear, remember college when I practically begged you to be my friend and not Aaliya’s well you chose her because she was Abhi’s sister and you ditched me yet her an I were al vying for Purab’s attention!! soo…where is she now uhh?? (she makes gloating sarcasm face to Tanu. Tanu fidgets and looks away saying)
T: look Shalu I called you because I know you still love Purab, he is single now (Tanu thinks she hopes Shalu doesn’t know about Bulbul she looks at Shalu evenly but Shalu says nothing so she continues) so I have a deal, help me get Abhi back and I will help you get Purab.

S: oh Tanu you have failed for all this time to get Abhi, so what makes you think I can trust you to get me Purab. Tanu please we all know you can’t do anything soo…
T: (thinking in her head) Shalu is such a b*t*h, I don’t know why am teaming up with her, I will manipulate her for my gain and we shall see who will be mocking who.
S: (thinking in her head too.) uhhm Tanu is really dumb if she thinks I will help her, I hate her for ditching me at university but I am willing to work with her but I am not helping her whatsoever! She turns and gives Tanu fake smile. Tanu gives her a fake smile too. They click their drinks together and tell Partners!
They drink looking at each other over the rim of their glasses.
It’s about midday at MM and no one is awake. Abhi’s phone keeps ringing but he doesn’t pick, he is still sleeping. In dream he sees girl, he sees having fun with girls family and sees Sarla ma as girl’s mother, he see Beeji and she too in dream is called rockstar Dadi, he sees Janki, Purvi Suresh, Rachna. He sees all family gathering and they are there and having fun, he smiles too in his sleep. Pragya wakes then only to find a smiling Abhi but he is still asleep. She thinks madness doesn’t, end smiling in sleep na. Abhi says Fuggi and smiles broader but still in sleep, this makes Pragya smile too.

In dream Bulbul comes and tells Abhi, Jiju Maa asked that you care for Pragya Di…
Abhi thinks Di…bulbul!! Pragya di!! he wakes up by springing up in the bed, he is sweating and it’s like he has seen a ghost. He stares straight in Pragya’s face. He is pisced and says
A: (Snarling at Pragya) who are you?
P: (scrunching face she thinks he was smiling now he looks like he has seen a ghost but says) uhh Pragya Arora, your fiancé you kidnapped and made to sleep in your bed.
A: I am not joking, who the hell are you to me!
P: Listen up Mr. you made me sleep here by force, so if you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, don’t take it out on me. What’s it anyway why are you sweating did a ghost chase you in your dream?

A: (very sarcastically) uhm uhm yeah you are damn right I saw a ghost, a ghost named Pragya Arora without a damn FACE!!
P: (in her head ) well this rockstar is very testy today. Pragya you better leave before weird rock concert begins. (pulls her lip over her teeth in a disgusted snarl and stands to leave)
A: (reflexively grabs her hand and pulls her back to the bed) where the hell do you think you are going, let me tell you this, you are never leaving this room until I have answers. And hell, how on earth do you even think that I will dream about a ghost with your name and you think you are going to run away.
P: (she looks at where Abhi is holding her hand then looks up at Abhi and puts on a very big all teeth showing smile.)
A: (retreats his head backwards slowly and skeptically) why do I not like that smile?
P: (says with a very sunny voice) you should, I am smiling coz I found new hobby.
A: (relaxes) hobby you found a new hobby? What hobby?
P: you really want to know?
A: haan
P: (still with a wide smile) punching people’s faces!!
A: Haa?
P: Haan. Like Punch you know boxing match. Punch. (She makes a punching move with her other hand)

A: am confused?
P: (with big smile) Let me explain, my new hobby is punching and I love doing it to people who annoy me, like you, right now. So if you don’t leave my hand, I will practice punching hobby on your nose!! Understand now? (she still has a huge smile on her face)
Abhi touches his nose and lets her hand go. Pragya goes to changing room.
Abhi in the room soon goes back to thinking, he remembers dream he had, in dream Sarla Ma was girl without face’s Ma. And girl had a Choti named Bulbul. He thinks Bulbul and goes to Changing room door, she shouts to Pragya
A: Arey, uhhh who is Bulbul?

P: (Shouts back from the other side) my sister, why?
A: nothing, I just heard Sarla Maa say Bulbul in hospital. I was just wondering who she is, am sorry I asked, she must be the one I heard Devil Tanu insulting you about.
P: (with sad voice) yes she is. She is dead.
A: am so sorry.
P: its ok.

Abhi goes and sits on bed, he remembers Purab in hospital asking for his wife Bulbul to come back, he also remembers at concert when Purab called Pragya di. He remembers finding Purab at Pragya’s home all the time and he also thinks about, how Purab treats Pragya’s parents. He thinks only a damad can treat his in laws like that.
Abhi then thinks Sarla is ma to girl in dream, and Beeji is her Dadi, Bulbul is her sister, and right now the only person fitting that description is Pragya his fiancé. He thinks of how Pragya treats him and how much she knew about him, he says girl in my dream is my wife, and only a wife could know soo much about someone. He also thinks of all the times she put his life before hers and risked her own life to save him, and he says only someone who did Pheras can do that.

Abhi says all information in my dreams points to Pragya being the girl in my dream, that will explain the connection I have with her. And her care for me. He thinks my family didn’t tell me for fear of something, he thinks if she is girl in dream then she is my wife, she has spent all this time fulfilling her vows and so now I owe her to find out my past. I may not remember but I will gather information and facts. He says I want to marry her soon but I cannot as there is a blank in my life that might cause trouble. He vows to find information about girl and as he is pretty sure she is Pragya, he knows where to start and how to ask right questions.

Just then Pragya comes out of the changing room and finds a look Abhi’s face, she says I know that look, what are you upto. Abhi thinks she knows me so well?? Proving my earlier assumptions. He just smiles and says you will know soon enough. She just looks at him weird pushes her nose up and walks away all straight and stiff. She is trying to show that she doesn’t care but she is dying to know. Abhi realizes and he just laughs at her. He goes to her and hugs her then tells her to go down, he will come and drop her home.

At Hotel, Shalu tells Tanu that she has surprise for the Aroras but surprise is in US and they have to wait for surprise to come. Then they can start but for now, they should lay ground work and plan.
Tanu asks Shalu why she hates the Aroras so much, Shalu says that is story for another day. Tanu’s looks at Shalu skeptically and Shalu avoids her gaze. She turns and looks out side with an evil look. Screen freezes on her evil look.

Precap. A time lapse is shown, things are moving forward. Tanu meets Shalu all the time, they are still waiting for surprise to arrive from US. Abhi moves house to house asking questions and calling up his old friends. Aaliya is still in jail. Her hair has grown out and she looks horrible. Pragya visits her. Radhika still stays at Arora House. Purab is still recuperating in hospital…Radhika visits him but hides and sees from a far. Life in MM is happy…and finally ..FIVE MONTHS LATER….airport and a lady comes pulling her suitcase, her cloths are so damn expensive….

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