Episode 11

Hello everyone..Thanks soo much for commenting. And also I LOOVEE YOU ALLL. Am soo sorry for not updating on Friday but I was soo pisced with real KKB CVs. You know I love tv and I love KKB with my whole heart. I love Shabbir and Sriti sooo much and just enjoy seeing then together..but CVs are just playing with my heart and I am Pisced. I was too angry I lost my creativity. But any I was soo happy with Sarla ma…I want Pragya to move on and Abhi to come running after her. Dadi is just selfish and she deserves Tanu as her Bahu! And as for Abhi..i want Pragya to refuse coming back and he may suffer alone for like 5 months.

The episode starts at the Police station, Aaliya sees Pragya and is to shocked to see her. She hides her face in her hair. Pragya looks at her with shock and goes from there. She comes back with lady officer who opens Aaliya’s cell, Pragya goes to Aaliya and removes hair from her face, she looks at her and raises her eyebrow..(in typical Pragya style) Aaliya ducks her head to hide and Pragya holds her chin ad lifts it up
P: Aaliya look at me!
Aaliya closes her eyes and shakes head vigorously in no.
P: Aaliya look at me.
Aaliya still refuses. Pragya shakes her head wonderingly and thinks what is wrong with her. She sits infront of Aaliya and says ok, don’t look but tell me what are you doing here?
A: listen behenji, leave from here I don’t want to see your ugly face ok. That’s why am closing my eyes. Just go away. I have decided it is better staying in jail than in that house with you! (PYAAA!! Hard slap on face from Pragya!! Opens eyes with shock…) BHABIII!!

P: arey look Aaliya’s eyes can see, they didn’t pluck them out!! Hooey they can open yaar!! Arey ji..(talks to neighboring inmate) when you have blind person, new trick slap face…(makes slaping gesture on Aaliya…Aaliya moves face back to miss slap) and vwalaah..they can see!! (Looks at Aaliya with gloating face) now that slap has put sense in your head …what are you doing here?
A: Look behenji…(Slap!!)….Aaliya stands up fuming..points finger at Pragya which earns her another slap. She holds cheek and says Bhabi….Pragya looks at her like she is waiting for her to start talking… Aaliya thinks I can’t say anything I know bhabi she will think it is wrong and she will get me from here and if I know anything about her now…is no matter what she manages to get what she wants!

A: nothing is going on am just here so that I can stay away from a behenji…SLAP!!…..BHABIII….

Abhi and family leave from hospital and go home. They reaches house and Abhi thinks today was very stressful and only way I can calm down is if I sleep next to Pragya, she calms me down but she wasn’t at hospital when we left maybe she is here? He starts calling Pragya, Pragya. But no answer. He thinks she must have gone with her parents and tells Dadi he will come back. He goes to Arora house only to find that Pragya is not there. Sarla and Beeji and Janki are all worried but Abhi assures them he will find her maybe she went for a walk while at hospital. Janki says she is very good friend of Purab so she may have gone to temple to pray for him. Abhi says I will go and check. He leaves from there, he is too worried now and thinks were are you now…he gets into car and drives away like a mad person. (one day Abhi is going to cause accident!!!)
At the police station….
P: ok my fingers are starting to hurt so if you call me behenji again..i am going to punch you instead..
A: where?

P: in your face…
A: Behenji..
P: (Punches Aaliya’s face)
Inmates in cell all burst out laughing. Aaliya hold her face…then smiles and hugs Pragya.
A: how is he?
P; he is better now, someone saved him well. Doctors say if she hadn’t been there to do what she did, he would have bled out.
A: It’s my fault, bhabi it’s all my fault I killed her, then almost killed him. I deserve to be here Bhabi I deserve it, please don’t ask me to leave. I know that’s why you came but please don’t ask me to leave. I cannot look at anyone without remembering all the wrong I did to all of them. I cannot let Abhi keep treating me like the best sister in the world yet I am the worst. i cannot keep soaking up all your sisterly love yet I killed your sister.. I cannot look at Sarla Maa in the face anymore without dying of guilt, it eats me up inside bhabi and I just can’t anymore Bhabi please am begging you don’t ask me to leave from here please!! Please let me serve my punishment, I know it won’t change anything and it doesn’t even make it better but it’s the only way I have to get punished for my sins. Bhabi I thought of dying but it was too easy if I die then I won’t face what I did, I won’t serve my punishment, I will just be running away so I came here, where I can be treated like the criminal I am!!
P: But Aaliya…
A: No bhabi..no no buts..i am not leaving and don’t ask me to! It will make me just feel worse.
P: ok I will not ask you to leave but tell me what am I to tell everyone, Abhi?
A: I left a note in the temple…I knew you would find it when doing Puja in the morning…but wait Bhabi…if you didn’t see the note means you didn’t go home and since you are not with Bhai and are here alone means you only know about me but how..no one knows?

P: haan
A: so how do you know, how are you here?
P: Female constable is my friend, she heard you and she called me scared requesting me to come take you, away, she knows am Abhi’s wife…but she was too scared, what did you do now?
A: laughs slowly at first, then laughs sooo hard then tell Pragya what she did and they both laugh sooo hard. They sit on jail floor and laugh. Pragya says I missed I wished to see Inspector face!! Pragya also says that she didn’t know Abhi was funding the police station…Aaliya says she didn’t know too and he is coming for visit in 2 days so I will have to hide…

Pragya stands to leave and says I will keep promise and never tell anyone but if you want to leave, let me know I will get you out…Aaliya emotionally says thank you Bhabi…Pragya turns to leave. She reaches door and says
P: you know Aaliya, on the night I found out about why Abhi married me, I found out you were a bad person, that night I should have slapped you like today haa, I should have slapped you and punched you then you would have gained sense like now and you wouldn’t have done all the things you did and you wouldn’t be here, so when you feel so guilty, also think my bhabi would have stopped me but she didn’t which makes her equally as guilty. What I am meaning is we share the pain and guilt. Know you are not alone. (She turns to leave)

A: Bhabi….(Pragya turns and looks at her) Face punch would have worked best. Slaps won’t work, face punch….(touches her face were se was punched) oohh it hurt..would have worked better.
They both smile and Pragya steps out. Constable locks the cell. Pragya turns to leave but is stopped by who Aaliya called her. She comes back and Aaliya runs to cell bars. She looks at Pragya and moves closer. Hold Pragya’s hands on bars and says
A: I love you Bhabi
P: (smiles very lovingly) I know Aaliya. And I love you too choti. Tears are slowly falling down Aaliya’s face. Pragya cleans them and stays for some time, then leaves. Aaliya goes on cell wall and sits and breaks down. She cries too hard. Cellmate comes sits next to her and holds her while she cries.
Abhi is driving, it is almost morning and he is now very worried, he has driven to all temples but nothing at all. No sign of Pragya, and he is too worried…however he sees her walking out of police station and rushes to her. Pragya doesn’t see him until he is pushing her up against the wall and kissing her senseless. He moves lips from hers but Pragya pulls him back and they kiss again vey passionately till they can’t breath.
Abhi breaks kiss and he looks at Pragya and tells her you worried me.
A: I was too worried, I have been looking for you since I left hospital!
P: why?
A: you are my fiancé, I went with you to hospital and..and…he looks at her and just kisses her again. He holds her face firmly and puts her on wall. He kisses her very deeply.
A: Never. KISS. worry. KISS. me. KISS. like. KISS. that!!! KISS. Again.
P: if this is what I get for worrying you I will do it often. She then grabs his face and kisses him again very hardly
Inspector comes and clears his throat! Abhi looks up and sees inspector he thinks inspector, and looks more clearly and sees more constables, he then thinks why so many no crime for kissing. Abhi tells inspector he cannot arrest them for kissing, Inspector then tells him cannot but I can arrest you for kissing at my police station. Abhi then sees poster and remembers Pragya coming from inside, he then looks at her sharply and asks her what she was doing there. She quickly tells him she had come to report accident and bad driver. Abhi tells how, she says Radhika gave me description so I reported it. Abhi asks if she couldn’t wait till tomorrow and Pragya says he hired her to be his secretary not because she sat around but because she got this done immediately.

He kisses her again briefly and they leave.
Pragya begins wondering when Abhi drives to MM not her home, she says Abhi…and he doesn’t answer.
P: why am I here, why haven’t you taken me home? Look Abhi, I am very tired and I cannot do anything now so please take me home and I sleep I swear I will be back early morning.
Abhi Doesn’t say anything he just parks the car and tells her to get out, she refuses and says she is going home, Abhi is too tired to argue with her. He opens her door, undoes her seat belt and carries her out. She kicks and kicks but he just carries her upstairs and to the bedroom. He closes the door and takes her to the changing room. He tells her to change and get ready for bed and closes changing room door. He goes and locks bedroom door and hides the key. He sits and waits on bed. He is too tired he begins to doze. Pragya comes out and sees him dozing, she thinks I can escape now…she tip toes to the door and tries to open. It is locked. She rattles the door but doesn’t open. She turn to look at Abhi, but he is not there she looks around and sees changing room door closing. She thinks I should search for key. She begins searching and searching but nothing…

Abhi comes out of room and sees Pragya searching very seriously for something. He thinks you won’t find the keys miss Arora and smiles to himself. He looks at her while smiling for sometime then walks slowly to her and carries her back to dressing room. He gives her his t shirt and shorts. And tells her wear. And he goes out. He goes to sit on bed.
Pragya in dressing room looks at Abhi’s cloths and thinks I cannot wear this. She also thinks but Saree is too uncomfortable, she then makes face but changes. Shirt is too big, it is like dress on her and shorts keep falling. She tries to tie but nothing, she gets Abhi’s shoe lace and ties the shorts she looks very weird. She makes face but then she smells Abhi’s shirt and then begins to get FB of kiss, and Abhi carrying her to changing room and giving her cloths. She smiles and continues to smell his shirt….Sanam re plays…..

After sometime Pragya is not coming out of dressing room Abhi thinks am too tired but what now…he goes to dressing room and finds Pragya smelling his shirt, he smiles slowly Pragya sees him and makes face, Abhi then looks her over and thinks she must be uncomfortable. He goes close to her, pulls shirt up sees shorts tied with shoe lace, she looks at her and then opens shoe lace, he pushes shirt down and pushes shorts off he steps on them and carries Pragya out of them. He carries her to bed, tucks her in and sleeps behind her, he pulls her closer and says goodnight. Pragya is very stiff. He tells her relax and sleep. He promptly falls asleep, she stays awake for sometime she thinks I shouldn’t be doing this, but he is soo warm and smells nice, she turns in his arms and puts her head in his chest, she cuddles closer and gets comfortable she also soon falls asleep in Abhi’s arms. Screen freezes on Abhi and pragya’s sleeping faces wrapped in each other’s arms.

Precap: Tanu walks into Posh Hotel room

Sorri again I didn’t post on Friday. And if today is not nice sorry too. I wrote quickly as I am tired. And also I got new idea over weekend..i will post story in new FF called BY THE MOON…it will be a five part story. All couples in KK will get a five part story dedicated to them. Abhi and Pragya, Purab and Bulbul, Akash and Rachu, Raj and Mitali, Aaliya will get a love too, but that will come later, Tanu will still be the villain….and Nikhil too. I just hate Tanu too much to make her nice!! Also it will probably be Hot. But I will limit hotness…..since am a Didi to so many here I will limit..but it will still be hot!!

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  1. Awesome di!You are still watching kkb..Great di!I stopped watching it??Eagerly waiting for your new story.Love u❤️️❤️️❤️️

    1. SavitaVidya

      Suhani i am still i was about to give up, but this week’s segments gave me hope, the CVs have twisted plot in new way that has alot of opportunities. i sure hope they develop it well and not ruin it. Pragya leaving is a good thing, i just hope CVs maximise it and change their writing. and i love Shabir and Sriti waay too much to stop. thanks for comment btw.

  2. OMG Wow …. 😀 😀 😀 …really l’ve no words…u r awesome di…u have given such a rocking epi..l loved it till the core…it is simply wonderful…abhigya scenes were fabulous… Pralia scenes were also wonderful… Di u r really a fabulous rocking writer… And as I always say I am a big fan of urs …l seriously love ur writings… Waiting fr the next part.. Take care.. Love u loads… Keep writing… 😀 😀 😀 ….

    1. SavitaVidya

      hey choti…how are you y love. thanks sooo much for keeping me in that very prestigious position of one of your best writers

  3. Really super hit epi dear it 1000 time better than real kkb miss u ff badly dear. Abhigya sce r awesome wonder full lovely etc… Waiting more sce dear….

    1. SavitaVidya

      Sorry di i made you miss it. and am glad you are still enjoying, i hope i never disappoint you. love you loads

  4. Amazinggggggly Awwwwwwwwwwesome DD !

    1. SavitaVidya

      hey Diptiman. i hope you are fine now?? thanks and love love love you dear

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Bhai

  5. Superb episode the conversation is cute between aliya and pragya

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Minu dear

  6. Saranya24

    ??didi its awesome somewat hot too?loved it dii love u??????

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks pyaari Choti. but this is not hot..if you want hot, read my other new ff. KKB BY THE MOON

  7. Trisha

    Totally awesome epi dear???
    Even I think Pragya should run away from him. When he gains some kind of common sense…then he should bring her back to him…but you know kkb writers are really something else lol. I also cant see Tanu as being nice…thats why ive made her evil in my story too lol
    Anyways dear…good job ..take care…love you???

    1. SavitaVidya

      THANKS TRISHA. that Abhi of real KKB is an Idiot. i love FF ABHI. all FF writers make him awesome.

  8. CuteVanshu

    Awesome epi dii… N sry for late comment

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