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It starts in hospital..Purab has woken up and is in the room saying Bulbul, Bulbul! I want Bulbul please come back. Abhi then comes in and rushes to Purab who is now sweating a lot. He takes away some of the sheets and keeps wondering who bulbul is. He thinks I am sure I know the name Bulbul but were have I heard her name?? Abhi then thinks to ask Purab. He thinks I don’t know if he will tell me because he is mad with fever right now but let me just try?
A: who is Bulbul…
Purab: says my wife…please bring back my wife…Bulbul please come back. You saved me I know you saved me I heard your voice, I saw your eyes and your smile I know you saved me please come back!!

Abhi is very shocked! He thinks Purab has never married now he is calling this Bulbul his wife!! What is going on? did he elope and I don’t know? But iam his best friend! Purab then begins fighting and getting seizures..Abhi runs and hold him down while screaming… DOCTORS!! NURSES!! Family comes there and there is too much action to control Purab…they kick family and Abhi out of the room and Doc take over…

At police station Aaliya is behind bars she thinks I deserve this and it was the right thing to do to bring myself. Big crime such as murder cannot go un puished..i did it so I should pay for it…(this girl got herself arrested..seriously…I guess guilt does that!!) she then gets flash back of planning Bulbul’s accident, and Bulbul getting accident..she remembers Bulbul’s suicide..she then remembers Raj saying Purab hit by car. She remembers seeing Purab looking at dancing couples longingly and running out of there..and she thinks I did this..Purab was missing his wife that’s why he run out of the house he must have been so sad he didn’t see the car and now he is fighting for his life because of me. She also thinks I deserve to be here and I need to be here so I don’t cause anymore damage. I have hurt my family way too much and if I am away from them the better for everyone.

In office Inspector thinks how can I keep Aaliya Mehra here as prisoner…I didn’t arrest her and she is relation to our biggest benefactor..I cannot keep her here as if benefactor finds out he will cut funds. I love money and cannot be poor. I am stealing from benefactor and I cannot afford to lose the cash!! I cannot keep her!! I just cannot do it! He calls lady officer and tells her to release Aaliya as benefactor is coming in two days to check facility!! And she is his relation!! Officer goes to cell to release Aaliya, Aaliya refuses to go out of cell!! (Who knew!!) They call lady officers and they try to remove her bodily…Aaliya fights and kicks and says she will not go. She is too strong for Lady officers and they let her be!! They tell inspector…inspector comes and tells her about benefactor…she says

A: I don’t care I know you are talking about my brother Abhi but I don’t care he won’t even come as his friend is in accident and I caused it. If it were not for my actions there would be no accident!! So between benefactor and holding murderer..CHOOSE!! and another thing Mr inspector (Aaliya gets her signature murder face on!! and speaks from between her teeth) if you let me out of this jail…I promise you this…..I will kill everyone in this station and I will go and kill all neighbours and people I meet in the road I will spare you Mr inspector until I have finished killing everyone…then after I will kill you last..i will cut off your stupid stinking moustache which you don’t bathe first and then I will make you eat it…then I will cut up your stomach and make you eat your own intestines!!! And then I will throw your open body in the middle of the road for giddh to eat your remain!!! (she now goes to bars close to inspector’s face and talks while looking him straight in the eyes) I have been in this prison before, you let me out after being paid..then I killed my Bhabi’s choti, simply because the man I loved loved her instead and now I could have killed her husband the man I think I loved too coz of my actions ..and now you greedy idiot want to send me back outside so that my brother your stupid benefactor can give you money???(she is now screaming!!) you are willing to send a murderess out on the street for MONEY!! Mr. inspector (she says this with venom in her voice) it is time for you to choose but know this if you make the mistake and let me out now…I will do what I just told you and no one will be able to stop me for I am Aaliya..AALIYA MEHRA and anger and energy and violence are in my blood…you have seen my brother fight he beat corporate before your eyes and it was ugly and yet he is not as vindictive, merciless and ruthless as I am. He has also never killed before and I have!! So think what I will do to you. So Mr. inspector think and choose wisely inspector…CHOOSE WISELY because a wrong decision will lead to the death of every police person in this station and all station neighbors and YOU my dear greedy man will be responsible…..but don’t worry you will be dead so no one will arrest you for greediness and corruption!!

Aaliya then looks at the Inspector straight in the eye…the inspector is shivering and shaking….but trying to hide it and showing a brave face. He is doing a poor job though! (poor man) One police man is too scared of Aaliya as she looked like she meant everything she said. He has urinated in his pants!!!…All police look at Inspector pleadingly and one asks him not to let her out…..

Inspector leaves very quickly from there leaving Aaliya in jail..Aaliya shouts after him…she says for my brother’s visit you can hide me so he doesn’t see me! She says I know Abhi he won’t over search and he is also pre occupied as best friend was in accident…
Inspector hears Aaliya’s words and thinks Abhi, Abhi she thinks Abhi Mehra is the benefactor? He thinks I should tell her Abhi Mehra is not benefactor but remembers her words and is too scared to even go near her!! He leaves from there hurriedly.
Aaliya turns back to prison and all prisoners in her cell run to opposite direction of her as they fear her now…she looks at the and says..BOO…they all scamper to a corner and hide. She thinks Aaliya you have done it now. Scaring even prisoners..haaa!!!

At Arora house…A lady comes and knock on door…no one opens. She is dressed in normal cloths, not expensive ones. She knocks but no answer…she leaves from there thinking I will come back

A lavish hotel in Mumbai…..a phone rings and ID of caller is SMT. Nice hand with expensive finger nails pick up call

Lady: ohh hello best SMT in the world…or are you still dear…(sarcastic laugh)
Lady quietens and listens. She then says

Lady: (they are only showing her mouth and nose and side face!!)I wonder you only call me in times of need but I warned you!! I warned you while at the university that you should choose me instead of her…but you went and chose her to be her best friend as she was richer and she was sister to the man you loved…you supported her and she took the man I loved..uhhhmmm how did that turn out by the way..(Another sarcastic laugh) any way now where is she?? Uhhm? you are back to poor me…sorry I mean rich me!!…(she blows on her nails)…anyway…..(keeps quiet and listens..in head she thinks wow time has not been good on SMT’s voice she sounds like dying cockroach on phone..ewwww…she pulls phone away from ear and looks at it disgustedly!! then puts it back slowly like she doesn’t want too.)

Lady: (after listening) listen don’t worry sweetheart I will come to Mumbai (Remember she is already in a lavish hotel…in Mumbai) on Friday and we shall plan our revenge… you will marry Abhi and I will marry Purab! You may have failed but I assure you I will not! I spent my high school being second to an Arora, so I will take any Arora for revenge…I have no problem with your Arora but she will serve my revenge plans well and I will get revenge anyway I can take it! And I think it is time my Arora pays for making me feel second best and unwanted all the time, I will take what is theirs and they will not see it coming. And don’t worry I have back up too …one they will not expect! and one that will hit them where it hurts…she hangs up and laughs wickedly while playing with her hair…her gloriously beautiful hair.!
Lady: FINALLY!! FINALLY MY TIME IS HERE!! (she smiles wickedly)

At hospital Bulbul is moving up and down she thinks why isn’t any one leaving it is morning now why aren’t they going!! I need to be with Purab I have to be with him. She thinks I will just have to risk .and runs in the direction of Purab’s room. While running she turns a corner blindly (too long hair covering her face) and she runs into Sarla and she says sorry ma with out even looking and sets to continue to run off…however…
Sarla gasps hearing voice and turns just in time to grab Bulbul by the hand and turns her strongly to face her!! Bulbul’s hair is in her face and Sarla sweeps it away with her hand and sees bulbul’s face…and says in an awed voice BULBUL?

Bulbul who has just seen her ma emotionally says Maa and without knowing hugs Sarla strongly….and starts to cry heavily. Sarla cries too but takes bulbul to a seat in hospital and Holds her and lets her cry. Sarla however is confused. She thinks different face but same voice, same eyes, same teeth and same CRY TOO!! She then thinks if it is Bulbul she sure would have come home, but thinks different face?? but then thinks if she had surgery face can be different as it was hurt and other features can stay same…she thinks but why? Why hide am I making mistake…then she thinks she called me Maa, she then thinks she is soo agitated she can call anyone Ma…Sarla is too confused. She looks at Bulbul crying in her arms and slowly pats her hair..they stay like that for some time….. a lot of questions are going on in Sarla’s head she is confused but still comforts Bulbul she wonders why her heart feels full at this moment with her in my arms!! Why is my mother’s heart too full after seeing her and it is telling me she is my biti Bulbul and a mother’s heart is always right!! I think for now I will follow mine!! As it says this is my bulbul!
Sarla holds Bulbul and removes her from shoulder, she cleans her tears and says to her
S: Biti you are dirty and blo*dy, what is your name?

B: Bul…(she looks at Sarla and then realizes her mistake…she thinks shit and stands up quickly to leave…Sarla however hold her hand in time and pulls her back down!)
S: your name child?
B: Ra . Rad..Radhika…Radhika Singhania
S: You are dirty and very blo*dy Radhika … and thanks btw for taking care of my Damad…my daughter would have done the same thing for her husband. (Sarla keeps quiet to see her reaction she looks at her sidefully…and thinks same expression like Bulbul)…
B: (stammers and spittles and she is soo agitated…her eye are so widely open) thank…thanks Ma..
S: Like I said you are too dirty and a woman doesn’t look like you so come with me to my home I will clean you up and feed you.
Bulbul on hearing this is sooo emotional and happy she doesn’t think to refuse. She just nods head yes and Sarla is happy too so they leave from there…

At home Sarla bathes Bulbul with hands…she dresses Bulbul, and feed her with her hands. they smile and laugh and Bulbul falls asleep on Sarla’s lap ….very beautiful song plays in back ground…. Sarla looks at Bulbul and says..

S: I know you are my daughter…I don’t know how but I do. I know she is supposed to be dead but I believe it is you, if I doubted before I don’t doubt now….my heart can never be wrong about this. I don’t know why you hid for all this time and I also don’t know why you don’t tell us who you are and yet I am sure you remember who we are. I don’t know where you have been this past year but whatever it is I will not force you and I will not push however I vow that now instead I will be your shelter and your Rock, I will be your hiding place and confidant, when you fall my mother’s hands will pick you up, and when you cry my mother’s hands will dry your tears, when you stumble my mother’s hands will hold you up and when you are tired my mother’s love will give you strength I will be strong for you my Bulbul and when all goes away I will be here. I don’t know what you went through but that is past and you will tell me when you want. But you should know that I promise you this, I promise you that you will never leave my sight and when you do that you will never leave my protection, I will protect you from those who harm you and you will never have to go through what you went through….I will be your MOTHER child and who ever wishes to harm will have to harm me first!! I have got you back and I will not lose you again, I will tae you the way you come, and if you want to be Radhika Singhania, that is what you will be until you are ready to be my BULBUL ARORA again!! Till then and even after…let your heart know that you are not alone, and who ever took care of you and helped you change a face, I will take as my son or daughter!..

Slow tears are falling from Sarla’s eyes as she begins to sing a slow lullaby for Bulbul, Bulbul who is sleep feels the love too she doesn’t hear what Sarla says but feels the love and a tear falls from her sleepy eyes too. She moves closer to Sarla and cuddles in. Sarla plays with her hair as tears flow in her eyes.. Beeji and Janki come in too…they had arrived earlier and heard Sarla’s every word. They have teary eyes too!! They come in slowly and sit on either side of Sarla and Bulbul. They are happily teary!! And they join Sarla and sing to sleeping Bulbul.

At police station Lady police woman scarily tells Aaliya that she has a visitor and runs away from there.(everyone at station fears Aaliya now). Aaliya thinks visitor..how come no ones knows and all will think I left country urgently for business as that is what note said…Aaliya looks up only to meet a very! very! Very! PISCED OFF Pragya!! Screen freezes on Aaliya’s extremely Bulging shocked eyes and Pragya’s very pisced biting her jaws face!!

Precap: Lady comes to Arora House she says she is Bulbuls friend from high school. She has been in Sri Lanka all this time and has just come back…Sarla and Beeji tell her Bulbul is dead…lady falls on ground and cries very hysterically and horribly…Radhika opens her eyes and thinks she didn’t know I was dead…we were best friends? Then thinks me dead? And gets a funny smile on her face..Janki looks at her with funny face…

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