kkb drabble(Coakroach ki shakal mein bhooth)

Sorry for mistakes and Thanks in advance
Pragya (Jumps on Bed) Coakroach, Coackroach
Abhi: What? Where?
Pragya: On Your Pants!
Abhi: Kidher, Joke mar rahi ho.
 (Abhi sees the cockroach, He throws the  pants he is holding and jumps on bed)
  ( They both were screaming while hugging each other)
Suddenly they hear a voice: Arre Rockstar How can You throw These Pants. You forgot that You are emotionally attached these pants.
 (Abhigya look around, There is no-one there and even the door is closed)
Abhi: Did You also hear what I heard?
Pragya:Yes Maybe.. Who do you think It is!
Abhi: Booth, Who else can It be!
Pragya: Please Don’t say that! I’m afraid of Bhooths.
Abhi: As if I have GrownUp With Bhooths!
Before Pragya could say anything they heard some voice again: 
Voice: Not with Bhooth but You have Grownup With Chudails.
Abhi: Hey, Who are You? 

Voice: Cockroach..
  ( Abhigya looked at the Cockroach)
Voice: Finally, You guys saw me.
Abhigya: Bachao, Bachaoo, Cockroach Ki shakal mein Bhooth..
Voice: Stop Screaming, Haan Hon mein Cockroah ki shakal mein Bhooth!
Pragya: app ki hamare se kiya dusmani hai, Plz Let us Go
Abhi: Haan, Plz Let us go!
Voice: Can You both Plz Stop ur BakBak. I don’t have enough time and I have to tell you something Important. 
Abhi: Aap ki train Miss Hori hai?
Voice: Rockstar, You talk too much don’t You… We know that You have a nice voice but that doesn’t mean You should Talk 24\7. Let Me talk.. A bhooths life is really Complicated…They have no Time.. So plz Let me say.. I have only two more mins after that I will vanish..
I just Came here to request You Plzz Don’t marry My Girlfriend. Don’t Think about me but think about Yourself, How can You marry a chudail?
Abhigya shocked, Coackroah vanished
Abhi: Hawa-Hawaii We both are dreaming kiyaa?
Pragya: We can’t have same dream..
They Both look at each other and scream
Bhagooo, Tannu Chudail hai!

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  3. ???????????? OMG???? hahaha … Awesome hawa hawai… keep writing ?

  4. Bhagoooooo Tanu Chudail Hai! ROFL seriously Superb. Pls come up with more such writings Maria sis. Enjoying it.

  5. It’s very funny yaar superrr……ya

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    lol, very funny?????????
    loved it. tanu is really a chudail. ugly witch. please come up with more

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  10. Tanu chudail ?????? lol??? this was awesome!!

  11. it was funny! cochroch is absalutely correct. seriosely thanu is chudail! i really love ur writing! give more updates

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