kkb current episode {os} part 2

soory i am late its last part

episode started with abhi he was thinking deeply about pragya . he say himself now i understand y she know everything about me my favourite coffe my favourite pillow nd my stuff . today how easily she find . nd ask her how u know she lied me tat robin had tell me?? idea he say himself nd take his phone…
pragya was crying she was just sobbing she was seating down . she recall everything wat has happened today then aliya give her warning . nd all . hamari adhuri kahan play.

pragya phone ring . she not picked . once again rang then she take nd see abhi number. she think should i pick or not . . phone cutted she feel relif . abhi say y she is not picking my calls is she is k or no no dont think anything bad. i should try once again. then once again phone rang she decide to pick up call ahe get up from down nd come to her balcony .
pragya, hello .she wiped her tears

abhi while listening her voice understand she had cry then suddenly he cut call nd come to his cars nd start driving|

pragya think y he cutted call hmm?? calling only he nd cutting he only .
nd was about to go inside she see car nd think y i think i have see this car befire after few minutes she realized its abhi car nd went inside immediately . abhi come out of car nd stand down side of pragya balcony nd start calling in slow voice . chashmish , fuggy , pragya, mogamboo, nikhita, hawa hawai . pragya listen everything nd think how he remember my name fugGy nd mogamboo nd come outside before koi come to him she ask , y u came her. nd this much late . abhi, i will say but i want to come there . pragya, y u want to comE here.abhi, i will tell but let me come . pragya think for sometimes nd ask him to come up . abhi try to climb nd he successful too because “try try but dont cry”? .

he directly hug pragya nd tightly tears were rolling from his eyes. pragya was shocked nd try to push abhi but she cant. after sometimes abhi break hug nd say hey y u leave alone u promise me na tat u will never leave . pragya dont no wat to say she ask only one thing . which thing r u talking i am not able to understand nd turn to other side . abhi co.e infornt of her nd say u very well no wat i am talking correct. pragya, plz i really not understanding.
abhi, really . pragya nod . nd tgink if he remember everything or came here torture me .

abhi, no i not come here to torture u i have come here to meet my life my wife . pragya shocked nd ask means u rem …emb…er ev… ery thing . but h.o.w abhi cupped her face nd say i have just remember everything from starting. revenge marriage, torture then mss drama, pregnancy drama , mogambo drama nd this memory loss from there to here everything i remember . she hug hi. tightly . abhi too hug her . while hugging. u know wat i was waiting for this day only i am so soooooooo happy .today . abhi, more than u i aM happy . pragya, no mee.abhi, no me. pragya, noooooo meeeeeee . abhi smile nd say ok u nd mee botb r hapoy . ok happy . pragya, more happy .pragya, hw u remember everything .

abhi, ohh tat i listen your nd dadi talk tat is y . pragya was stunned nd say really . abhi with puppy face nod. she was about to ask abhi to go home at this is late. but before she complete abhi pinned her to wall nd kiss her lips . pragya was shocked then she too reply passionately. abhi hands were roaming around pragya back nd waist nd pragya hand were roaming on in his hairs .they broke kiss nd abhi picked pragya nd keep her on bed . abhi remove pragya dupatta . nd throw . he was about kiss pragya say abhi its my house not yours . abhi , but fuggy its your or mine i cant mind. pragya, but maa wat wil she think .abhi, wat she wilk not think as we r husband nd wife nd we r not divorce yet pragya, but . ….. abhi interrupted nd say no but nd if . nd taped her nose.pragya kept quite . abhi, my button is working. . then he started to kiss her neck lips .thry consummate their marriage …

in morning its 6 am
pragya get up first nd see her hand were on abhi chest . she were keeping her head on abhi hand they were covered with blanket till there chest.
she get up nd think to send abhi before all wake up .she get fresh up nd she wake up abhi . abhi, soney do na fuggy. plz . pragya, listen go now before everyone wake up . abhi wake up nd say i will take u with me . pragya vl, ok but u go na .abhi see clock now its 6:30 abhi say is fuggy u r waking ke uo early i will not leave wen u will comev. pragya , ok but now go . abhi nod nd wores he dress nd went from there . he come to his room nd sleep on bed thinking about night nd here pragya too sleep coz of tiredness

its 11 clock

abhi wake up nd get fresh up nd went bring pragya. he come to house nd sarla see him nd say how r u betaji after so many days u com{they dont no about abhi memory come back} abhi, fine maa i came here take my wife so your wish . sarla understand everything nd nod her head abhi take pragya to mm . she was getting fear to go inside once again. they rwach nd abhi stopped car nd see her he cup her face nd say fuggy dont get fear i am gere for u . nd cOme toward her nd kiss her lips tanu come meet abhi nd see abhi car nd was shocked to see abhigya kissing she went from there angrily .. abhigya broke kiss nd abhi hold pragya hand bring her inside . dadi see tat nd ask abhi y u bring her here. . abhi , cox she is my wife. nd went from there with pragya . dadi feel happy nd think my abhi memory come back .

os end
.thanks for your comments .
tell me how was it

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