KKB… Changed Destiny-Teaser

Hi and hello all. This is a teaser of my new story. Hope u like it. (for the first part imagine kkb’s initial promo).


A carefree heart that aims the sky…

A silent heart that has its own language…

The worlds of these two hearts are different, but destiny had built a new world for them.

Now…time has changed and destiny also changed.

A pleading heart that aims the flower…

A loving heart that has its own family, goals and aspirations…

Did destiny really change? Or, Can it really change? Has their new world transformed or got destroyed?…

Tuesday, Friday and Sunday…on telly updates.


So the same thing goes again. I will start only if u want me to. And will continue if u are pleased wid this. So, do comment and share ur views. Do u really want to have this guys? Let me know. Negative views most welcome.

And Happy Diwali, my dear friends. May this Diwali light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered joys, everything bright and beautiful and fill your life with pleasant surprises and moments. Have a blast guys. Be happy and also SAFE.


    • B_Ani


      happy diwali to u too dear. wish all the same. my ss is completed dear. i think u didnot see it.
      have the link:
      thanks for commenting dear

  1. Myna

    Ding chika dink chika !😃😃😃 Happy happy diwali to u Ani didi !😊😊 Thanks for the teaser !😉 Hoping for more and more updates from u !😊😊 Love u !😘

    • B_Ani


      he he he…making me smile dear. lovely comment. meet u in epi 1 dear.
      wish you the same dear. happeeeeeeeee diwaliiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! dear. rock it.

    • B_Ani


      thanks kristy. i kind of didnt get what u said in the first line dear. thanks for liking mu OS. so u are a silent reader of BATB. happy to know 🙂 🙂 🙂
      keep reading

  2. Ashika

    Wonderful yaar di…promo was really good…pls continue…l love ur ffs…waiting to read this story…keep writing ani di…

    Wish u a very happy and peaceful diwali !!!

    Take care and love u……

  3. Ashika

    Wonderful yaar di..l loved the promo…pls continue….l really love ur ffs…waiting for the first epi…keep writing…

    Wish u a very happy diwali !!!

    Take care and love u

  4. Ashika

    Wonderful promo di…l love ur ffs…pls continue….waiting for first epi…keep writing di…take care and love u…. 😀 😀 …..

    Happy Diwali !!!

    • B_Ani


      oh, i am confused…is this u choti??
      anyways thanks for that lovely comment.
      happy diwaliiii!!!!!! to you to. enjoy it safely.

      • Ashika

        Yes it is me itself di….the comment got repeated by mistake….sorry for getting u confused…happy diwali di…take care…

    • Ani

      no need to be sorry. i thought no sorry btw friends…but i never follow it ;P ;P but i wont wish u 2 tell sorry 😉
      any ways…thanks for the comment. will get ur epi on tuesday dear.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..