KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 9, Part 1.


Straight to the epi. bak-baks later…

Abhi goes straight to his room. He is humming the song that is to be performed next.
Arv, hey…you didn’t even tell me dat u are singing in tamil. Great job man. Ineme unkitta tamizha pesalam (hereafter i can talk to you in tamil) and someone is there to meet you. (he whispers to the person) nalla moodla irukkan pola irukku. Gadagadannu pesittu vaa. (he is in good mood it seems. He will not meet ppl in mid. So talk soon…and come)
Ab, (smiles) thanks for ur compliment man. And who is that?
Ar, u will know it yourself. I am leaving. (He leaves)
Girl, i just wanna say you a thanq sir. The singer was changed at the last minute and still you did a great job.
Ab, OH…who was it?
Girl, it was me sir…
Abhi, ok bye…leave the room.

Abhi is thinking of what the girl said for one more time. He clearly registers each and everything in his mind and suddenly opens his eyes. He runs madly out of the room. He sees her. She is facing his back. He tries running to her but suddenly gets surrounded. The girl turns and Abhi is stunned to see her. Its none other than PRAGYA!!!

Guys i know this was tooooooo short. but part two is in stall. pls wait for part two. i am in a hurry now. so i will post part two in the evg.
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  1. superb episode yaar as I guessed last part is not dream eagerly waiting for the next episode

  2. Intresting dear..pls upload nxt part soon…

  3. Superb epi di…plz post next part soon n sry I didn’t commented in previous epis

  4. Hai ani dear… it’s astra… that was an awesome epi….

  5. Tooo short dear .but its okk we will wait becoz it is osum and intersting.but unnoda updates nee daily post pannuviya illana athuvathu specific day la ya becoz i dont know when u r posting…please say me that in the next update….

  6. I am waitingg !

  7. super dear

  8. shabana (crazy about abhigya)

    hi after all i am a silent reader just thought to comment once a while the episode was just fabulous i love ur way of writing it was just amazing…

  9. Very short epi but it Nice’s ani I waiting for your ff

    1. B_Ani

      thanks akka. now only i saw the msg. sry…keep supporting

  10. Wow!!it’s fabulous sweetie☺☺☺.Remember me? ?sorry for not comment in previous. Be cos of my personal issue. I can’t able to comment. ???.now only I read all episodes. It’s awesome. Waiting for the next.

    1. B_Ani

      woowww….lokhs u r back…my frnd is back…my friend is back…its ok for not cmntng in the pre ones dear…i can never forget you. love u loads and loads. keep reading dear. u made my day 2day ☺☺☺☺

  11. Prathi

    What happened Ani?/ Busy?? Will read the next part

    1. B_Ani

      hi akka….nothing much akka. just stuck coz of lot of xams….i will try to be reg from now on…
      love u☺☺☺

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