KKB… Changed Destiny: Episode 28

Abhi looked around. The green field was turning into shades of blue, violet, indigo… finally fading into black as time seemed to slip by. It was dark; the evening sun had already set and the cold biting wind started blowing gently.

“Pragya…” Abhi called in his deepest voice.

“Hmm…” Pragya could only make that sound.

She was lost… lost in the silent yet beautiful space around her. This place has filled almost every empty void in her life. She has to be thankful to Abhi… Abhi? Oh! The one man, whose presence has just made her as lively as ever, has brought yet another happiness to her… one evening, just one evening they had been spending time with each other and Pragya had already been surprised of herself… she was very free and on top of it happy and comfortable with a complete stranger… well, not complete. She knew Abhi! Oh, Abhi called her! Pragya turned to him, her smile still on her lips.

Abhi held her hand. “I am sorry for what happened that night. *the night when Abhi and Pragya fight in the park and Pragya says she doesn’t even know who he is; The next day they get to know about Pragya’s memory loss and two days later happened the concert (previous epi) now, he brought her here to ask sorry again!* I’m sorry for fighting you and I’m sorry for all troubles I caused”

“We sorted things out morning itself Abhi. Why are you telling me sorry again? It’s waste of time!”

“I still am sorry”

“Oh! I told you to shut up!” Pragya screamed and Abhi placed his finger on his lips and folded his hands standing like a Kindergarten kid!

Pragya laughed and ruffled his hair.

“Tell me you forgave me” Abhi said not looking at her.

“Ok… you will not stop it, will you? Think nothing like that happened. OK VA?”

“Adhu eppdi… (How…)?”

“So, I am a stranger—
you are not stranger. I know you… you are prags!”

“Stupid! Listen to me…” “Hmm…” Abhi nodded his head, in the same position.

“So we both are strangers to one another. I don’t know you…you don’t know me! OK?”

“Hi… I am Abhi…” Abhi forwards his hands, smiling.

“Romba fastaa irukkiye… paravaala po! Enaku pudichirukku… (U r pretty fast man… anyways, I like it) So, I am Pragya”.

They shake their hands telling “Friends”.

Pragya gets a call that time…instead of attending it, she whispers to Abhi…
“Sari Sari…yaarukkum theriyaama Inga vandhenla…Arvind adhanaala dhaan phone panraan. Naa ippo poren…appuram paakalam friend…bye” (I came here without informing anyone… that’s why Arvind is calling… I’m leaving now… let’s see later friend… bye) Pragya runs away smiling.

“Dei Arvind… un saavu en kaila dhaan da!” Abhi clutches his fist and curses him…

But his anger vanished as soon as he turned to look at Pragya who was running away. He smiled. The evening had really gone well, just the way he planned. After the concert was over, much against Pragya’s protests, Abhi had convinced her to come with him without telling anyone. Pragya agreed, unable to bear his pesters. Abhi and Pragya simply sneaked out of the venue and Pragya was thrilled as soon as she was out of the venue. Never having done something without Mishkin or Arvind getting to know about it, Pragya felt a new rush within her. He made her drive a motorbike—which Arvind considered extremely very dangerous and never even let her try—and Pragya in result hugged him in excitement! Abhi was flattered! Then, he had taken her to a horror movie! He knew Pragya hates horror films *he planned it just to take advantage of her fright and to frighten her more!* but he didn’t realise what was going to happen! Well, he too feared horrors, but he didn’t mind that, because he only wanted to have fun at the moment. So, he did not let Pragya know of his fears. He was waiting for Pragya to start screaming. But, Pragya in other hand… was enjoying the movie, coz horrors had turned to her favourite genre, since it was Arvin’s favourite too *how many horror movies they would have watched together, in the four years?* His plan became an utter flop, and now Abhi was shivering, without any company to soothe him! Unable to sit there, he found ways to get out but Pragya never let him go *unknowingly or purposely? He didn’t know* so, finally in half way of the film, Abhi had actually fainted! Pragya had helped Abhi out with some other men and spent half an hour mocking Abhi. Though Abhi was going red everywhere, he was happy to see Pragya happy. They then had gone to Pragya’s favourite restaurant to fill their stomachs. And finally, he blindfolded her and brought her to these green fields. And you know what happened after that. Abhi was more than overwhelmed. He felt as if he was starting something new and afresh. Great feel isn’t it?

Abhi’s phone beeped. It was a message from Pragya. It read… ‘Reached home… thanks for the evening… was never happier than this’. Abhi smiled. He messaged back ‘Felt even happier than you… gud night’. And then he too went home as Aaliya and rabul will be searching for him *it was almost midnight!*

In Abhi’s home, *well, they brought a home in TN!!!*

“Enna Anna (What bro…)? Night outing, eh?” Aaliya sniggered.

“Nee Vera… Aaliya! Kaathu varalannu veliyila… garden la dhaan irundhen (thum bhi naa Aaliya… went out to get some fresh air… in the garden only)” Abhi bluffed something that came to his mind.

“Ada! Ippo dhaan Naan, Bulbul anga irundhu varrom! Invisible you are?”(Only now I and Bulbul came from there. Are you invisible or what?) Purab joined, clearly enjoying the way Abhi was blushing!

“Mch…I am sleeping. Naan thunguren. Gud night…” he stammered and rushed into his room while everyone laughed out. They then got back to their beds.


The next day…

Abhi is sitting in his new office… OK, 1 day old office!

He goes through some files but then his mind was keep on, nagging him. So he opened his table drawer. Lying in it, was a beautiful picture which had a smiling her in his steady grip. His hands were wrapped around her as she rested her head upon his firm chest. Abhi smiled. He relived the moment once again, and cherished those times, when they were together… for one another… he made a sad smile and placed the picture back. Another picture lay beside… it only had his angel, his and only his beautiful angel… his Pragya.

He talks to her *to the picture* ‘I am glad that you forgave me… you might have changed in your looks Pragya, nevertheless you still are my Fuggi by heart… always kind, always considerate. I know you forgive and forget everything, but I still cannot sleep peacefully until I get your forgiveness for all that things I did to you… anyways, whatever it is… I love you Fuggi… I love you so much’

He kissed her… but then his smile faded away… ‘You belong to someone else now Fuggi… I know I cannot have you back in my room, I cannot make you sleep in the couch by winning the bet, I cannot fool you by shouting COCKROACH, nor can I feel to be the luckiest man on earth anymore… but still I will do anything and everything that can keep you safe’ he smiled and placed the picture back in the drawer after one last kiss. He then locked it safely and dropped the keys into his coat pocket.

Just then he hears someone heavily banging the door.

Abhi opens the door and gets shocked… or rather AFRAID.


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