KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 2


Straight to the story…

…Abhi is happily driving the car.

He parks it somewhere and takes a lot of things in his hands, hides it behind him and starts walking.

His face clearly shows how happy he is. He goes in and opens a door. He peeps in smilingly.

Abhi, where is my Payal? Oh…i cant see her. He opened the door fully to get in. Suddenly a bucket of water fell on his head. He wiped his face and looked up and another sweet surprise was waiting for him. Now it was the bucket itself. It fell on his head with a thud. He kept his hands on his head and says “oh, no. Payal…u are becoming more naughty girl. But no…my Payal cant do this to me. Who is this then? Booth…booth…booth poured water on me.”

Suddenly a small girl jumped in front of him from nowhere shouting rrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhhh…mein booth hoon…

Abhi too did the same and caught the girl and hugged her. Payal was giggling all the time. Almost half an hour he spent with her and gave her some of the things that he bought.

Then he went to Ritesh, Sooraj, Eeshwar, Sonia, and many others’ room. He spent half of the day playing with them. Then he came out and all children including many others gathered in the common hall of the orphanage. Yeah, it was an orphanage. He visited it almost every day.

He gave them all the things he brought. He bid them adieu and starts to leave.

As usual, That day was no less than heaven for him. Everyday his life would be peaceful, except for the reason that his soul was not with him.

He then had a talk with the orphanage management and ensured that the children were provided with everything they need.

He then left the place, satisfied. He gets this satisfaction every day.
However small it might be, an act of kindness never goes unnoticed. Whatever you give is returned. You may not be rewarded, but satisfaction is itself the best reward you get. Abhi knew this very well.

He went to his home. Abhi saw his Dadi, Aloo, Purab and Bulbul having their supper. The dining table was calm. Everyone had finished and were about to move. Just then Abhi got a call.

Abhi, oh no. I will come immediately.

He rushed out saying he will be back soon.

It was almost 1 in the morning when he returned. Everybody had retired to sleep but Bulbul was waiting for Abhi.

As soon as he arrived…

Bulbul, Have this jiju. What happened and how many did you save today?

Abhi, a car crashed with a truck dear. Dont worry, nothing happened to them.

Aaliya (coming from left), how much blood did they suck out of you today, bhai?

Abhi, Aaloooo…

Aaliya, sorry.

Bulbul, ok its time lets sleep.

Abhi, i want to ask Purab sth.

Aaliya, i know what u want to ask bhai…we dont know where she is. We are trying our best…dont worry…bhabhi will be back soon.

Abhi went to his room.

Everyone drifted back to sleep. Abhi sat on bed, resting his head on the headboard peacefully, as he does every day. Today he did two good things. Helping the orphanage and donated blood…saving lives of four people. It gave him more peace. But only one thing haunted him the most.
But he knew nothing could be done. He took out a photo from his draw. He talks to it saying what all he did that day. He then keeps the pic on the table nearby and slept with a lot of thoughts but he is happy.
The screen slowly moves and settles on the pic. It shows PRAGYA!!!!!!

Precap: A loving family…

Thanks for reading guys. I will give a small intro of myself here, some know me but many might not.
So, about myself…
I am Loshini. Call me Ani itself coz i love to be called so. Dont ask me why. I kept it for myself. I’m too younger to many of them here…just studying 11th std. I am from Chennai, TN. But basically telugu…Its my mother tongue. My B.D is 27 March.
This is enough for a brief…i think. Ask me if u want to know sth. I too wish to know abt u all. So do tell me abt urself guys.

And…I dont think i will be able to reply individually, here after all means of replying will be by updates itself. Btw…i will try to reply if i can.

Nasima: thanq so much dear.
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I will try not to be too boring. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dont forget my request guys. Do tell me abt urself.

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  1. Rithu

    Very nice ani chellam. . My full name is rithanya and I’m also from TN and u knw wat my b’day is also on march.

  2. Saranya24

    Hey ani darlu iam so hapoy tat u r frm chennai coz iam also frm chennai can u telll whr r u frm in cgennai loved today epi yaar waiting to knw pragz love u?????

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    Next time long episode please

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  5. Superb story line Ani….U just Rocked ..episode is awesome..Keep Rocking…All the best..waiting for next epidode

  6. SavitaVidya

    Ani nothing more thanks for replying my question and yes you gave good suspence today..cant wait to see what happened to Pragya….and also Please i know the world is tough but never lose that sense of goodness you have, yes always do good as you wrote and the world will reward you one day but even if it doesn’t just do good!! i love you more for that insight in one so young. and more i loove how you have brought out Abhi, its an image CVs might want to borrow instead of showing us stupid dumb Rockstarr all the time

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  12. Episode was superb dear..I think u know about me right.?if u say no.then i tell about myself.i’m sivaranjani from chennai.studying 11 th.my d.o.b is 19 september.Waiting for next

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  15. Awesome episode yaar really today s somewat cute somewat interesting somewat sad somewat curious to know wat hpn in abhi’s life on short it’s full of bunch of emotions bt except angry n hate… I really felt so it’s really interesting eagerly waiting for next part…

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    Awesome epi di..

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