KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 15

Pragya had nothing else to say…she just hugged Arvind…
Arvind was out of thoughts…when he heard a scream…

(guys still we are in FB…the part where Pragya and Arvind speak is Arvind’s thoughts)
Arvind ran upstairs to see a crying Ayush, standing out and crying badly, while from inside the room he heard glass break. After much effort, he managed to open the door. He found Pragya half conscious, lying on the floor with her hand bleeding and the room a shabby mess of broken glass, fallen curtains, torn spreads and blood stains….he made Pragya’s first aid and when she was finally conscious, Arvind started sobbing quietly. Pragya wiped his tears.

Pr: I am sry…i was so tensed and disturbed…sth happened to me…sry. it was just fear. If u r wid me, I will never be under any fear. Promise me that u wont leave me at any cost.
A: shut up. How did u even think I will do that?

He wiped her tears. He knew, he was used to this. Everytime, sth like this happened, it took life out of him. But still he wanted to assure Pragya…so, “promise” he muttered.

FB over.
When Arvind was out of thoughts, he found a bed spread dragging itself and came to Arvind. With much difficulty, the spread moved away to show a sleepy Ayush. But the instant he saw Pragya, sleeping on Arvind’s lap, he went to her and slowly tucked her hair behind her ears and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Ay: appa, amma sari aagiduvaangalla? (papa, mumma will get fine naa?)
Ar: of course chellam. Amma ezhunthavodane, neeye avala thittu (after she gets up, u urself scold her)

Just then the doorbell rang. ‘I will go papa’ Ayush ran to the door.

He opened the door and found four familiar faces sadly smiling at him.

Arvind raised his hand high to his friend, desperately wanting to be carried by him. How much he loved his papa, that much he loved his friend. Abhi smiled and took Ayush in his arms. He handed Ayush a choc and placed a kiss in his cheeks. Ayush also did the same. But they heard a sound form inside.

Ar: who is there Ayush? should I come?
Before he completed the statement, Ayush came in running and followed by him came the four. Arvind wanted to get up. But Pragya was still on his lap. Abhi burned in jealousy, but hid it so well.
Arvind slowly placed Pragya’s lap on a pillow and took them to the garden. Ayush was sitting next to Pragya, silently, waiting for her to get up.
Here…Arvind started to talk.
Ar: I don’t know how Bulbul is Mishkin uncle’s daughter. But since she is his daughter, there is no doubt of her knowing Pragya. Purab is Bulbul’s husband…so he also kind of should know Pragya. But how are you and Aaliya related to her, Abhi?

Abhi was lost for words. But somehow he had to talk. He opened his mouth, but then Ayush ran to Arvind.

Ay: papa, amma is waking up…

He said in almost frightened tone. Arvind got up soon and ran to the living hall followed by the others.

Pragya was just waking up, after a tiresome night. Still lying, she rubbed both her eyes with her hands. Arvind saw her— admiring—he wanted to immediately have her in his lap but he coudnt do that in front of them.

Arvind ran to the dining hall was had its place in an edge of the hall. He took a bowl with cooked oats and transferred them to a cup. Porridge! He was making porridge for her. He sprinkled so finely chopped nut mix—most probably cashews, pistas and almonds—and placed a lump of it in the middle. He didnot forget to place the spoon with it. Ayush was waiting for his mum to get up, while the other four hid themselves in a corner…not to spoil Pragya’s mrg, later Ayush joined them. Pragya woke up, seeing no one around her she opened her mouth to scream, but when she found Arvind near the table, she gasped. Then, slowly drifting to him, he hugged him from back.

Abhi became a burnt chicken. His eyes narrowed, showing utmost jealousy. He hit the pillar hard. Finding nothing to hold on, he placed his hands on the pillar and squeezed it hard. But he found it shaking so badly…so he looked at it. It was Purab’s shoulders he was pressing and Bulbul had shut his mouth so that he doesn’t shout. When he released his hand Bulbul also released hers and Purab was choking and writhing in pain at the same time. Abhi gave a sheepish smile and when he looked back, Pragya was nowhere. He found Arvind still dng sth and later Pragya came back. They were feeding each other within moments!!!

Precap: “forget??? Him??? That is inpossible. How can i forget all the pains he gave me? That wont occur in not in my life.”…“i am sorry for all that happened wid u”… “Sorry…go to hell wid ur sorry. How dare u come here again? Go away”…”no, listen to me once…i can explain it”… “OH…go on exp…what more can u do? can u erase the pain that u gave?”

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