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Hey guys… I don’t know how many are shocked to see this. Well, I don’t know how many even remember this. Coz, I know this is an update of CD after a long time… a very long time. I guess it’s been some ten months since I posted part 26! So, all I hope is that you didn’t forget this. I didn’t want to simply abandon this story, that’s why… and as far as I knew, I guess this story had a good readership. I know things might have changed… and yet I posted this, to see if anyone remembers this. Fingers crossed! So here goes the recap of the story… and let’s meet at the end.

Story till now:

Abhi is, as usual, the ROCKSTAR of Mumbai. He is arrogant and carefree but many do not know his soft side. His relatives…are according to the show. He is living his happy life except for the void created by the absence of his Fuggi…his wife. All the way down through India…in Chennai, TN, lives our heroine Pragya. She has her own family…Arvind (*played by Harshad Chopra*), Ayush, Mishkin (father), Ranveer (*played by Shakti Arora* brother) and Ishani (*played by Radhika Madhan* veer’s wife…Bhabhi). She is a music composer cum fashion designer. Somehow Abhi gets an offer to perform in Chennai and it is given by none other than Arvind. After he comes to TN, he gets close to Arvind and therefore his gang of Aaliya, Purab and Bulbul comes to TN. Abhi comes to know that Pragya is Arvin’s wife (on the day when Arvind celebrates his company’s silver jubilee). Then a fight happens where Pragya tells Abhi that she doesn’t even know who he is (Abhi thinks she told so coz she was angry). Only the next day, Arvind reveals that Pragya had met with an accident four years ago and lost all her memory. They sort all problems. Two weeks later *the gap was supposed to be explained later. It will be continued*, the group goes to an amusement park where Ayush is kidnapped. After bringing him back and the conversation that happens after that, everyone gets to know that Pragya and Arvind are unmarried and Ayush is not their child. (Hope this is enough!) The rest is continued…

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So here goes the teaser…


“Abhi, I think I want to tell you something” Pragya stood in front of him, her heart praying to make him understand what she wants to tell. She couldn’t gather courage to tell anything more. Her cheeks were a slight shade of pink, while her full lips, quivered in nervousness. But she was clear and unconfused. She finally realised what she wants… and is ready to undergo any kind of jitters coz, there was only happiness ahead.

“I think I also have something to tell you” Abhi said, smiling. He was finally so happy. Something he had been longing for… for almost four years, is right in front of him. How could he not tell her the whole truth and confess certain things to her, if their life is finally going to turn according to their wish? Things are going to come back to normal… he cannot let this opportunity slip by.

Abhi takes a step forward when suddenly a childish voice reverberated everywhere.

“Mamma…” it squeaked. Ayush runs to Pragya and hugs her while Pragya reciprocates the hug happily. She doesn’t notice Abhi stepping back.

“I guess I have something to tell you…” Arvind walked forward. “Let’s get married” he says, holding Pragya’s arms in his.

Pragya looks shocked her gaze only towards Abhi, who fumbles back and vanishes into the dark.


So, here it is guys. I don’t know if I should continue this or not. It all depends only on your response. If you think I should continue, please drop in a word. And, for those who had followed this story *yeah, once upon a time* I am sorry to make it this late to post.

And thanx fr all those who commented in the previous episode… thanks di, abhigya, suhani sweeto, saran akka, prathi akka, reshma sis, priyanka sis, lucky dear and disha dear…

and a special thanks to Saran akka who supported me and advised me to write again, if not for her, I wouldn’t have conitnued this. Thanx again akka… love u so much.

So, yeah, do comment and let me know what you feel. See you all soon…

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  1. ImRagela

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    1. B_Ani

      thanx reji… will try to stand up to ur expectations…

  2. Saranya24

    Tat was too good and iam so happy tat u wrote it love u?????dnt say thanks to ur sissy buddhu iam happy tat iam also a reason fr u to continue tis beautiful stry nw eagerly waitng fr nxt love u loads??????

    1. Saranya24

      And i hope u remember wat i said dnt wry abt cmnts many are silent readers here they ll surely gve thr like u can see the count evn nw so pls do continue darling??????

      1. B_Ani

        thanq so much akka… as i said u r always my support nd i am really glad… will continue soon…

  3. Rithu

    Please do continue dear. I’m waiting…

    1. B_Ani

      wow sissy! i am really happy to see u back akka… thanx for the cmnt. will post now.
      and long time no see, how r u?

      1. Rithu

        I’m fine ma how are you dear

      2. B_Ani

        i am also fine akka??…

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    1. B_Ani

      its ok di… no need to tell sorry and all.
      nd thanx so much fr the comment. missed u a lot too

  5. Chuchuus

    It’s really interesting sweetheart, just have to read the other chapters, I was really never active until a friend pushed me. Nice story.

  6. B_Ani

    thanx buddy…
    and i hope u saw my cmnt in pure love and do tell me if u post the next part of ‘to be loved by him’
    waiting fr that!

    1. B_Ani

      to u ChiChi!

    2. Chuchuus

      Sure, I will definitely let you know.

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    Go Ahead Buddy….It’s Interestingggg & Am so Happy that You R Back with This One……I know I’m late to comment but held up with some works…that’s why…

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