KKB-abigya ff (epi4)

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The episode starts pragya waking from her sleep and see that she in the bed then she see abhi sitting in chair nearby and drinking coffee/tea abhi after drinking: good morning baby pragya: good morning….why….why I’m in the bed she see her dress and she is in abhi dress! And she ask: and why I’m in your dress abhi keeps the cup on the table and sits beside pragya on the bed and ask: u don’t remember anything? Pragya: no what happened abhi cups he face and says: yesterday is a memorable night on our life pragya moves back and ask: what do you mean? Abhi: you were so wild yesterday pragya starts crying and says: no I won’t cross my limits and cries abhi laughs pragya: why are you laughing? Abhi controlling his laugh and says: I was joking pragya: then how I’m in your dress abhi: don’t worry…u pour the juice on your dress and bulbul only changed your dress pragya: what kind of joking is this? I will not talk to you hereafter abhi: hey fuggi I’m so sorry pragya: no I won’t forgive you and went to the washroom abhi: fuggi…fuggi….fuggi but she close the door abhi to himself: oh shit I made her angry now I have to convince her but how? Idea!! He calls bulbul and tells the idea bulbul: jiju super idea I will do what you say abhi: thanks bulbul bye bulbul: bye jiju

Pragya comes out from the washroom and looks for abhi but he is not there whole day she didnt see him then bulbul comes and gives her a red saree bulbul: di u have to wear this and at 7.00pm you have to come to apple restaurant pragya: for what bulbul: before marraige im giving u treat thats why come there at 7pm pragya: ok bulbul comes out of the room and calls abhi bulbul: jiju my work is completed abhi: thank you bulbul: what about there abhi: the work is gonna finish bulbul: jiju after work is done u have to give me gift ok? Abhi: i already gave you na bulbul: what gift! Abhi : i gave u my dearest brother purab bulbul: no i need something else abhi: then u dont want to marry purab? Ok i will tell dadi bulbul: no jiju its ok purab is enough bye abhi: bye

The time is 7pm pragya goes to the apple restaurent and she see everything dark suddenly someone closes the door pragya gets scared and shouts: bulbul i know u r playinv with me pls come out you know na im scared of dark somebody closes pragya eyes with their hands and yes its pragya’s hero its abhi pragya: bulbul I know its you abhi removes his hand and stares at pragya pragya: aap abhi: yes pragya: why are you staring me abhi: am I looking like a girl pragya: why? Abhi: because your are calling me bulbul and bulbul is a girl pragya laughs abhi smiles by seeing her pragya: what is this decorations? Abhi: pragya I have to tell you one thing..I’m trying to tell this to you from a long time and I can’t but now I can pragya gets confused abhi: I love you so much than any one in the world…will u marry me? Oops we are married na…will you love me? And he turns and looks at the moon pragya became surprised and so happy she hugs him from the back and says: yes I will u to the moon. And the back abhi become happy and turns to her side and see pragya smiling and he hugs he tightly then he breaks the hug and kisses in her forehead abhi: come I have arranged a dinner for you pragya comes and they eats dinner together

Bulbul and purab went for a dinner date and Neil n aliyah comes to the same hotel for planning something aliyah: Neil now our plan is failed what is our next plan neil: I don’t know aliyah: idea!! I have a plan and tells the plan which is muted neil: suoer idea then he see rabul their neil: see aliyah bulbul and purab is here aliyah: then can we start our plan neil: sure they acts like a lovers rabul see them purab: so aliyah love someone aliyah: yes bulbul: so u r loving pragya di’s friend so congatulations to both of you aliyah hugs purab and neil hugs bulbul and they break the hug purab: why dont you tell this bhai neil: actually purab im scared of u r bhai purab: dont worry i will manage bulbul: y dont you marry with us aliyah: good idea

Nikhil comes to mehra manision and ask robin: robin did u see pragya anywhere robin: no sir nikhil: thanks and he goes upstairs tanu comes and is about fell but nikhil holds her tanu: leave me…you are that chashmish’s brother only na? Nikhil: who is chashmish? Tanu: that pragya who snatched my boyfriend nikhil: excuse me miss tanu: i will not leave your sister…she can not live happily nikhil: how dare you are saying like this about my sister tanu: what you will do? Already she snatched my boyfriend nikhil: boyfriend? Tanu: yes he is my boyfriend and im his girlfriend… I will not leave that pragya nikhil:u cant do anything when her brother is her tanu: so u r challenging me nikhil: yes tanu: lets see who will win? And she left nikhil to himself: how dare that abhi betray my innocent sister i will not leave him and he went to his house

Abhi and pragya are watching the moon abhi: do u know fuggi? Pragya: what? Abhi: i like u more than the mooN pragya: why? Abhi: because your more beautiful than the moon pragya blushes and hides her fan in the chest of abhi abhi: fuggi show me your blushing face i want to see because i know u look more beautiful pragya: dont make me blush more abhi: ok pragya: suniye abhi: hmm… Pragya: can we go to our home abhi: why? Pragya: because im missing dadi, dasi and everyone abhi: fuggi u r too unromantic pragya: its ok it is enough that you romantic now come lets go home abhi like a child: no im not coming pragya stares at him abhi: dont look like that the ultra violet rays are attacking me pragya gets angry and says: you… Abhi: ok im coming pragya smiles and says: thats like my good boy

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  1. Nice yaar…. Tat proposal s tooo cute n abhi ask pragya vl u marry me thn he SD oops tat part s soooooooooooo sweet n cute

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